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Sri Vathsa Medical Equipments
Private Limited
10 Employees


Flat No. 110, Arjun Block, Krushi Defence Colony, Patancheru, Sangareddy 502319-Telangana

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Business Summary

Sri Vathsa is the leading organization in India which is well known for manufacturing and supplying Medical Equipment.

Business Description

Sri Vathsa Medical Equipments - It is common knowledge that Sri Vathsa is the most successful company in India when it comes to the manufacture and distribution of high-quality medical equipment. 

Sri Vathsa is famous for its status as the firm with the best reputation in this industry. 

We have been in this business for more than 22 years, which has allowed us to carve out a specific market space for ourselves and build our brand as one that is synonymous with quality. There is potential for our services to be utilized by a number of different communities, including the sizable urban areas of Hyderabad and Bangalore. Since the day we opened our doors for business more than twenty years ago, we have been catering to the needs of the medical industry by delivering machinery that places a strong emphasis on quality. 

Sri Vathsa Medical Equipment

Our satisfied customers come from all across the country, which is a testament to the quality of our work and the good fortune we have in having them as customers. In the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka, we supplied a number of medical facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes, with high-quality medical equipment that met or exceeded the highest conceivable industry standard. When deciding which vendors to work with, we take into account their place in the market, their credibility, and the amount of expertise they have in the industry in question, in addition to the financial requirements and the packaging criteria. Our comprehensive product base includes a wide variety of products, some of which include hospital furniture, equipment for operating theaters, equipment for intensive care units (ICU), a central sterilizing and wards medical gas pipeline system, and many others. 

We would like to take advantage of this occasion to introduce ourselves as a company that places a strong emphasis on service and has been catering to the needs of the medical community for the past 22 years. We are really proud of the fact that we are able to provide high-quality hardware that is accompanied by first-rate customer service. Over the course of the past two decades, we have had the good fortune to supply medical equipment to a number of hospitals and nursing homes located within the Indian states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Karnataka.

The development and marketing of high-quality medical equipment is Sri Vathsa's primary business emphasis, making it one of the most successful companies in India. After more than 22 years in business, the company has solidified its reputation as a reliable brand that is well-known for its dedication to providing products of the highest possible quality. This dedication has earned the company a reputation for being well-known for its dedication to providing products of the highest possible quality.

A wide variety of medical equipment, including as hospital furniture, equipment for operating theaters and critical care units (ICUs), equipment for central sterilizing, and pipeline systems for medical gas distribution in wards are all part of the company's product base. These products have been produced in order to meet the requirements of medical experts as well as patients, and great care has been taken to ensure that they are risk-free, dependable, and effective.

Not only is Sri Vathsa committed to manufacturing items of the highest possible quality, but it is also dedicated to providing its customers with service that is second to none. Customers who have questions or concerns can contact the support team of the company, which is made up of experienced and friendly employees who are standing by to assist customers with their questions or concerns. Over the course of its existence, the company has been able to amass a legion of committed customers thanks to the unyielding dedication with which it has approached the provision of first-rate customer care.

The manufacturing plant of the company is outfitted with the most recent technological advancements and the most cutting-edge pieces of equipment, which enables it to produce medical equipment that is of the highest possible quality and does not in any way present any potential health risks to the user. Additionally, the facility has been granted the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, which validates the company's commitment to achieving and sustaining the highest possible levels of both quality and performance.

Overall, Sri Vathsa is a pioneering company in India that is committed to giving exceptional customer service in addition to providing medical supplies of the greatest possible quality. As a result of the company's unwavering commitment to delivering first-rate customer service and its impeccable track record in terms of the superiority of its offerings, it is in a fantastic position to maintain its quick expansion and ongoing success in the years to come.

Products / Services


Our wide product base includes products like the ones listed below:

  • Hospital furniture
  • Operation theatre equipment
  • ICU Equipment
  • Central Sterilization & Wards  
  • Medical Gas Pipeline System etc.

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