Profile Creation Guide

Business Profile Creation Guide: Important instructions before you proceed.

The section has the following two guides.

1. Profile Creation Guide – to guide you with the most important steps and information on profile creation on Siachen.

2. One Page Profile Guide – an Advanced Guide to help you create the Best Business Profile in One Long Page with the search engine ranking in mind.

TWO VERY IMPORTANT REQUESTS; A must read, before you start.

  1. Your time and our time is valuable. Kindly note that we only accept original and unique text (not yet published on the web including your official site), content for the business description field in your new business profile on The intent here is to earn a good search engine rank for your profile and thereby for the platform.
  2. As soon as you are a member, kindly ensure that is whitelisted on your mail account or system. This is especially important if you are using Gmail. This will ensure that our critical communication about your profile reaches your inbox.
    Help on whitelisting : How To Whitelist An Entire Domain In Gmail

Table of Contents

Profile Creation Guide:

Introduction: Advised for compulsory reading.

This is an instructions and advice section on preparing your global business profile directory entry. With this section, we intend to help you focus on your content creation in a way to get the best benefits out of your profile. Hence, please read this help section thoroughly before you proceed to create a profile.

If you do not create the profile without thoroughly understanding the steps involved in preparing the content, we may have no option but to reject the profile.

Mandatory requirements, conditions, and some important advice:

It is our endeavor to follow a strict set of editorial guidelines for your profile to help you create a unique and respectable profile which will be beneficial to you and this platform. The guidelines given below are steps in that direction.

  1. A minimum of two hundred unique words is mandatory in the ‘business description’ field alone. You are free to leave all other big fields blank once you have created the main unique text content for the business description field. However, as you will agree, communication details, postal address, and all other small fields are required as you can imagine their importance.  
  2. It is our sincere advice to add another three hundred words in business description field at a later stage by going back to your profile owner dash board. Together, these five hundred words alone will help you gain a good standing for your page in the major search engines. It will also save this platform from being considered for any adverse effect due to duplicate content at the same time.  
  3. No copy whatsoever including from your own website will be permitted. Such copy is not only likely to penalize your profile page or this platform by search engines due to duplicate content, it will add no value to you, your potential client visitor, or the platform. We will be doing a google search to find duplicate text prior to publishing your profile and using Copyscape solution post publishing to spot duplicate content. Depending on the gravity of the duplication, there is every likelihood that we will send the listing back to you requesting rewriting.

You will agree that it is in our mutual objective to rank well on the search engines. It may be most likely realized if you simply follow the above three guidelines.

A Quick Guide: Your Profile in five steps.


If you are pressed for time and want to quickly know what to do to create a profile, just go through this section. Alternatively read the other two guides, when you find time, now or later.

At the outset, please note that you need to write a new, unique, original two hundred words profile. This is the crux of your Siachen business profile and a mandatory requirement. We have used three similar words in the previous paragraph but it is to just drive the point clearly.

Step 1: Sign Up / Create an account.

In this step, you input your business name, choose a unique ID. Unique ID offered by the system can be changed and made shorter. We would like to advice you to keep this unique ID sweet and short.

Sign Up

Step 2: Activating the account.

Subsequent to the registration, you would receive an email. At this stage, please click the link received in the email as instructed and activate the account.

Important reminder: Please remember to check your SPAM / junk folders if you do not find the email in your inbox.

Step 3: Login to your dashboard and provide details.

In the third step, you will be logging in and filling up the details required in you business profile through your own Siachen dashboard.

Critical areas to consider while filling the dashboard fields, have been given below.

  1. ‘business name’ field must clearly state your business name.
  2. Choose the most appropriate business categories. If none are suitable, please choose any. We shall correct this while editing.
  3. Business Summary field has a limitation of maximum 20 words. Idea is that this field quickly and effectively explain what your business name is, what you do, and where the main the business is headquartered. An example is given below.
    “Majestic Photos – Luxury photography company that specialises in Asian weddings – London, UK”
  4. ‘Business description’ field must carry two hundred words of unique, originally written text content. This is a mandatory requirement. Please avoid a rejection by not doing copy from any source whatsoever. Original content on your business profile is a newly written (not yet published anywhere on the web) text or a text that is a variant of the existing profile. In any case, it needs to be different from the profile text already published on the web. Importance of writing original content on web pages can be also understood from this link The importance of original content for SEO at Yoast who is a world leader in SEO. Further reading of other sections of this guide can also help you understand various aspects about importance of writing original text for your business profile content.
  5. Filling the ‘contact name’ field will instill confidence in your potential customer.
  6. ‘Nearest Major City’ field is meant for smaller towns and cities to be understood easily.
  7. Fill the ‘branch location’ field only if you have branches other than the main office address filled in the ‘postal address’ field.
  8. ‘postal address’ field is meant to provide your head office physical address and it is a determiner for us to decide whether you are a legitimate business. Otherwise we may assume you are freelancing.
  9. Please fill the land line and mobile phone number fields in the following format
    91(country code), 495(area code or mobile provider code), 6464647(actual number).
  10. Please fill the ‘website’ field without the https:// part.
  11. Remember to fill the WhatsApp and skype fields as this will help your potential customer contact you instantly as they are viewing your profile.
  12. Please fill the ‘Preferred method of contact’ field with options such as phone email or web.
  13. If you have already created 200 words in business description, there is no need to fill the other large fields. However, please remember the fact that quality and quantity of the original profile text content you provide through a single or multiple large fields, will decide the fate of your search engine rank attained through a Siachen business profile entry.

Step 4: Our Review:

Once you save the business information in the dash board, we review the content for its unique text, postal address, and all other details. Once we are through, we will publish the profile online. If we are not satisfied with the information it may be dropped immediately or dropped after intimation. Most rejections happen because the profile text is found to be a copy from some source such as your own website or other already published online sources.

Step 5: Your review:

After the profile has been published, you will receive a notification email and you are expected to check the veracity of the published profile.

Why we impose mandatory content length requirements?

It is respect that we are trying to build for your page. Who needs to read the text repeatedly, they (major search engines and your customers) would like to see your business in a new light through your unique description of your business. Look at your business in a new angle and reach our five hundred words milestone to achieve our mutual objective of ranking well in the search engines.

We understand entirely how search engines rank examples of which are given in this page. Kindly help us help you and in the process this platform. Kindly search for a term ‘Kerala Disaster Management Review’ on Google. You can see that the article on our blog has achieved the top rank. This is an indication of our in-depth understanding of attaining search engine ranks through content focused search engine optimization (Content SEO).

Search engines are known to evaluate our content to the level of vocabulary and style. It is better we realize these changes and accordingly. Hence please spend meaningful time writing your business profile content well and in a comprehensive manner.

Be Unique on content: The most important instruction:

Write your own mind. No copy whatsoever is advised while creating your profile. Create your profile in a way that you are writing an essay which is exclusive and from scratch. If you are a business owner, you are obviously excited about it and love to write about various aspects of your business. You are very likely to find a lot of interesting facets of your business to list.

Begin the process earnestly and genuinely and in good English without any errors whatsoever with regards to grammar or subject matter. Google and other search engines are smart enough to find out whether they are reading serious content or copy done from somewhere for the sake of finding a better search engine rank.

“The art and science of direct-response copywriting involves strategically delivering words that get people to take some form of action”. Let that be your motto while you are creating your profile page. Focus on getting the visitor to take the action of communicating with you based on quality and quantity of your profile content.

No copy and paste from any online source whatsoever.

Internet is full of duplicate content and that creates no value for you or our platform. Search engines will be in no hurry to give your duplicated content page any rank.

Most important thing to remember as we said before when you are creating your profile page is to write an original, so far unwritten story about your business; right from your mind. Any copy will be disregarded in the benefit of you, us, and to ensure that you are ranked well for your profile page on popular search engines.

The value of your listing with us comes from you being lead to us through search engines visitors who are looking for a certain service or product that you may be offering. Your well written content is the ultimate key to lead the visitors to to find your product or service that may result in a potential order for you.

Whether it is from your own company website or from any other directory listing you have already carried out, do not create a profile in with the same content that is already populated in the search engines. This cannot be accepted as such a content will be considered plagiarism by search engines and are likely to be immediately rejected by us as it does not help the search engines, you, or our free profile directory.

Hence make a sincere effort to write a fresh, new, unique business description content which we will be mainly focusing on while reviewing your business profile entry and content you present.

The two hundred words ‘business description’ field challenge:

Kindly allow us to state unequivocally that our only interest here is to earn respect (understand a decent search engine rank) for your page and through your page, this platform. We are in no way trying to push you to an avoidable challenge.

We are aware that writing original two hundred words can be intimidating to some people. Whether the visitor who is creating the Siachen business profile entry for a business has the requisite authority to write a fresh-looking brief business sdescription may be another issue. But this can be tackled by requesting the higher management intervention.

Coming back to the challenge for those who are inexperienced writers, we would like to recommend the following options.

  1. Refer it to a friend or higher ups in the organization who has the best writing skill, to help create a fresh business profile content for your business.
  2. Approach any professional content writers who have the knowledge of your business subject matter.
  3. If you wish, you can contact us and we can arrange to write a professional looking brief business description as explained in the premium services section. Our experience is that more content you host for your page, in quality, the more it helps the search engine rank and helps impress a potential customer.

We urge you to explore and expand the topics listed below to reach the two hundred words and more for your profile content. In the process of your writing, if you reached a thousand unique words of fresh content that you can publish on web, that’s only going to be a miraculous achievement towards success in search engine ranking.

  1. Your company’s Inception & Goals – the challenges you faced and overcome when the organization was established. Also include a sentence on where you want to reach, your goal with your business.
  2. Milestones – how and when you stepped on to an innovation, an improvement, a significant business association.
  3. Your people – their brief bio and talk about anyone with specialized skill, experience, or achievements.
  4. Products or services – how exactly they are differentiated from the competition.
  5. Customer testimonials – building trust is the key in business and this step helps.
  6. Location – advantages of your easily accessible location of business.
  7. Your cost advantage – emphasize that for the same products or services, how your prices are reasonable to the customer.
  8. Standards you maintain – explain the process, procedures, and systems such as ISO, ITIL standards and their compliance.
  9. Give a glimpse about your future plans – customers want to know that they are engaging with a dynamic, futuristic organization. Explaining your future plans will give them the necessary confidence they are trying to garner before doing business with you.
  10. Write about the next steps – customers want to know the best way for them to interact with you. Give them a lead in this area.

A sample business description to help you create your Siachen business profile.

Let us produce a sample profile exceeding two hundred words from the above list of items using a fictional company name called ‘Patnitop Corporation’. Let it be a fresh lease of life to the words that you are currently using as your company profile.

We strongly urge you to spend an hour or two (that’s the time we took to write the sample below) to write a fresh story about your thriving business at the same time achieving a decent search engine rank for your page.

By the way, we were able to write 430 words in our effort to show you a sample, with our limited knowledge of running businesses. We are confident that it should be a breeze for business titans who are visiting us, like you, unless you want to devote no effort to an important piece of your digital marketing effort, which is your well written, original piece of business profile content in quantity.

Part 1 (Inception & Goals) – 50 words:

Patnitop Corporation was established in the year 2005. By now, it has become a formidable giant in the real estate property management services sector in Ahmedabad, India. Our traditional business model is based entirely on customer satisfaction. We employ honesty, commitment, and hard work in order to achieve your objective.

Part 2 (Milestones) – 47 words:

In 2011, we introduced online property management portal for our clients. The clients (tenants) can easily register issues for which they will continue to receive a correspondence till a resolution. Our clients (property owner) will be given a read only access to the portal to see our performance.

Part 3 (people) – 33 words:

We have qualified professionals who have five years or more experience in the property service business. They have the honesty and commitment needed to ensure that the tenants remain satisfied and adequately serviced.

Part 4 (products & services) – 54 words:

We have set the highest standard for the quality of our services and defined process that includes a proper and legally valid contract, tenant screening, tenant support, and monitoring the regular payment of rent, once they are contracted. We also include a regular inspection of the property whether the contract includes renting.

Part 5 (customer testimonials) – 39 words:

Kevin Johnson, (include appropriate contact info) – I had the opportunity to enjoy the services of Patnitop Corporation. Their commitment and service quality are par excellence and I have no hesitation to advice you to take up their services.

Part 6 (Location) – 17 words:

Our office is conveniently located in down town Ahmedabad if you ever wish to visit us personally.

Part 7 (Cost advantage) – 39 words:

We have positioned our services in an affordable manner understanding the sensitivities of all type of customers whether you want support for renting or maintaining an unoccupied property. You will agree on this promise from us during our interaction.

Part 8 (Standards you maintain) – words: 39 words.

Our contracts, process, renewal discussions with the clients, regular property inspections, and reporting to the owner on a periodic basis are all system driven and you can be rest assured with our adherence to these standards that you will appreciate.

Part 9 (future plans) – 66 words.

We have formulated a plan to introduce new systems that will improve our online software that’s currently a big blessing to our overseas customers or even Indian customers who can not take the time out to make even rare site visits. We also plan to carry out an ISO quality audit of the systems to find the gaps and improve the experience of our valued customers.

Part 10 (Next steps) – 46 words.

You can contact us through phone, email or web as you prefer. We will go for a site visit as soon as you ask us to do so and we are confident you will be convinced enough to engage us judging from our thorough initial response.

Focus on Search Engines:

We get lot of entries from both businesses which have a popular website and from those which does not have a website. However, whether one business has a website or not, most who make an entry with us often have a problem with the search engine results. That means they could not attain good search engine rankings through their site or page.

This is often because the page is ill prepared, structured, or ill linked internally or externally. If you like to get advanced information on how to prepare your profile page with us or your own website for search engines, please do not hesitate to contact us through our phone or email address as already mentioned.

Coming back to listing with us, the problem we find is that, even though our members have made a nice-looking website, they haven’t kept the search engines in mind when they were actually preparing content, building the sites structure, and hosting it.
Due to this, their sites do not carry good ranks with Google, Yahoo, Bing or other popular engines. Hence, our main effort will be always to lift you upon the search engine ranks pyramid through the profile page you create with us. However, our success in this effort again goes back to your presentation of genuine, useful, original content in your profile.

Your Unique URL with us:

One of the main features of is to offer you a unique URL such as which you can both use for access to your profile from the Internet and to distribute this URL to your friends and business associates as a single page destination to find the information about you, your products and services on the net.

While choosing this URL during registration, remember to keep it short and sweet so that others can easily remember it. For example, if your business name is Usha Fans, create your unique id as ushafans which will give you a URL such as

Remember that you can always change what comes during the registration process as prompted by the site to a shorter one.


Your profile has a Skype button for the client to contact you instantly.

A Skype integration has been setup for those of you who have entered a skype ID as part of your profile. As your potential client is browsing your profile page, they can click on the ‘Chat with us’ icon and start a chat with you. Once an initial discussion has been undertaken it will be easy for you and the client to continue the conversation.

Hence, please ensure that you have included your Skype ID in your business profile.

Keywords – write around keywords.

Keywords are the words and phrases that Internet users type into search box of a search engine, such as Google, to find what websites match what they are looking for.

This means that if you are in the business of ceiling fans write your main business description by including the word ceiling fans wherever appropriate and try to mention your expertise on it. As much as you can write about ceiling fans in original, unique text, your search engine ranking is likely to be elevated. As you update the content in future with more such quality content, it will stay elevated for the search in the search engine for the phrase ‘ceiling fans’.

However, never try to senselessly repeat the keyword in your business profile. Use it in as many places as you can in the text only if it is appropriate.

This gives your written content authority over other sites hosting the same type of content. This is one of the main areas of focus in any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effort. If your business is web design services, write to express your skills in this area by including the word of phrase that people may search for finding your business. This ensures search engine ranking as well as helps potential customer build confidence in your effectiveness as their service provider.

Some keywords get hundreds of thousands of unique searches a day while others get a couple of hundred. At the same time, some high trafficked keywords are very competitive online because as many businesses are trying to get referrals and traffic from users when they search for those keywords while others are not. You can do some research on keywords before beginning to create your Siachen profile earnestly.

Benefits of a Siachen listing and business profile listings in general;

This is an introduction as to why you must do the Siachen business profile directory listing; in fact, it deals with the importance of any business directory listing.

    1. Get found on the Internet – even if your business is currently doing great, there is no harm in getting more customers from that ever more increasing customers on the Internet.  
    2. Everyone is fighting for the search engines top spot – The key here is search engine ranking. Our very focus on this critical area will help you to be found on the search engines more easily. The only catch that we are announcing is not to make copies of your sites text when you create a Siachen profile entry but to sit down and write a business profile for your business in a new light.  
    3. Your website gets more exposure – Because most major business profile directories such as Siachen, list your website and link to your site, your site gets more external links and there by even better search engine ranks.  

  1. Ease of updating your business information – while small business owners often depend on website developers to keep their business information updated, it becomes easy with a business profile listing where you get a dash board for easy updating any time.  
  2. Business directory owners handle SEO (Search Engine Optimization) well – In the process, your page can get better exposure through their skill, understanding, and effort.  
  3. You can avoid own website altogether – If you have done proper study and thereby listed in major business profile directories in detail, you can altogether avoid creating a website if you chose to do so. At Siachen, on our part, we encourage you to write as much detail as you want to publish while our only condition is that the text must be original as copies of text already on the web, may be detrimental to your ranking through any business directory.  
  4. Siachen gives you your own unique address – as already explained elsewhere in this guide in detail, you get your own unique address through a Siachen listing such as a business called ‘Usha Fans’ can get a simple address such as This makes it truly possible to ignore creation of your own website and publicize your unique Siachen address, instead.  
  5. An additional source of marketing – the listings in business profile directories such as Siachen act as an additional source of lead for your business through their stronger search engine presence and own direct visitors.  
  6. Importance of consistency in contacts and uniqueness in text – ensure that the phone number, address information etc. are consistent across different directories. However, ensure that the description text that explains the business is unique across directories and quantity and quality of content is ensured. The idea is that you ensure accuracy of data such as communication details and ensure variety of business description text.  
  7. Customers use directories to compare businesses – directories list large number of local, national, and international businesses. They use the listings to compare businesses very often. It is important to ensure that your presence is strong with authentic written text and information while you are listed.  
  8. Multiple directory entries improve your authority – It is a signal to the search engines about your trustworthiness and legitimacy.  
  9. Helps with your marketing strategy – make it part of your strategy to create a strong presence in directories. It is not a bad idea to hire a digital marketing strategist to manage multiple entries to ensure consistency, quality, and quantity of written text and information.  
  10. The perks from the listing – Most online business profile directories provide the location maps, reviews from their visitors about their experience at your business. This type of data is a great help and guide to your potential customers who are probably trying to zero down on a business to place an order.  
  11. Positive and negative reviews help – people write good and bad reviews about your business. Some businesses avoid a listing to not be exposed to such reviews. But a mix of reviews may in fact be good for your business since the customer is more likely to consider the business as trustworthy as a result of such conflicting reviews.

Do your listing now, to not waste an important opportunity to grow your business as part of your digital / Internet marketing strategy, something that’s unavoidable in the era of smart phones and mobile apps.

The Top of a Sample Siachen Business Profile:


One Page Profile Guide:

Introduction: This section has a search engine rank focused guide.

Here we will go more in depth than profile creation guide section on the following subjects.
• How to ensure the best search engine ranks.
• Ensuring that your business profile is useful to the visitors.
• Benefits of creating a business profiles in business directories.
• Our Premium profile creation services:

How to ensure the best search engine ranks:

“Of all those arts in which the wise excel, Nature’s chief masterpiece is writing well.” – Andre Breton

If you want a great business profile created through Siachen business directory, that will help you get to your clients, the simplest piece of advice, I shall give you will be the quote above. It means to write well. To add to that I will say, write well, write in quantity, and write unique.

First, a little example on receiving good ranks.

This whole story below may discuss other matters. But it is being written solely with a goal to prepare you well for your Siachen business profile preparation. As mentioned earlier, we are going in depth here. Kindly pay your full attention.

Recently, I (the founder of wrote an article in Siachen blog about the disaster management preparedness of Kerala state in India, overcome by the emotion during the great flood that happened in Kerala during August third week of 2018. I wanted to say something that someone in the administration will hear so that we have some cover for future disasters.

A genuine interest in responding through writing:

When it comes to recognized web content creation, what you need is a little bit of the following.
• A genuine interest in writing well.
• Ensuring that errors are eliminated.
• Do not ever do a copy of even a piece of content whether it is from your own website or others.
• Search engines are looking for unique piece of content in every site your business represent.

Back to the example on receiving good search engine ranking.

I wrote a piece of the great flood disaster of Kerala that you can read through the following link. Great flood of Kerala and a review of our disaster management preparedness.
The story above is currently (28-Sep-2018) ranked on very top of the Google search results for the following two key phrases.

  • Kerala disaster management review
  • Kerala disaster management preparedness

The screenshots of both search is inserted below.


How did the article achieve this search engine rank?

Now, you may wonder, what’s the deal? How was this achieved? There is no trick here and no so-called SEO. The number one reason the rank came about was because Google who obviously field some of the smartest guys in search ranking to deliver the best to their visitors, found my piece as the most genuine and sensible for the key phrase visitor searched for.

I am sure you are again asking why Google thought it is genuine and gave the rank they gave. I can only give you the following reasons. Understand that the same reasons apply to creating a great business profile for your business on Siachen business directory.

1. Sport a sincere objective. (In your case it is your business profile creation)
2. Study the subject well and prepare the content accordingly.
3. Write in a fluent, error free, and using the best words and phrases.
4. Writing in quantity and expanding your subject topics as much as you can.
5. No copy of content whatsoever. (Including from your site)
6. Be unique. If all the above conditions are met, your business profile will be unique.

Whether you can achieve top ranks?

Of course. “What one man can do, another can do”

There are no tricks here, be assured.

Yet, if there is one trick, that’s a genuine quest to create a lot of original content around the main title of the page. In this page’s case, the main title of the page is ‘profile creation guide’.

It is the same fundamental principle that we are encouraging you to employ while creating your Siachen business profile that you want to rank well in the major search engines and against your competition.

It may be possible to achieve top ranks just by using your site which will help you not share your painstakingly written original content. However, most company sites can’t easily become a popular internet search result destination due to limited number of content creation possibilities and hence attain a top search engine ranking.

One option before you may be to experiment. If you are planning 1000 words of content, divide that into two. Host 500 words on your own site and contribute 500 words to your business profile directory of choice to see how the pages or sites rank.

Writing and writing well in quantity can be terrifying to a lot of people. To such people we agree that it is easier said than done. However, we can suggest no short cuts if you are trying to earn respectable search engine ranks. Approaching professionals may be worth the cost in this crucial area of your digital marketing posture.

These days when digital or Internet marketing has become the crux of the marketing itself, there seems to be no way, we can ignore the fact of importance of well written content. We are providing such a profile creation service if you wish to make use of it, as explained in the premium services page.

However, our services can be your last resort. We encourage you to write your own content. The key again is quality, quantity, and uniqueness of the content. Never stop writing if you think you can write more. The more you write in authentic and perfect language, more your page will stand tall in search engine ranking. That’s our experience.

Achieving Search engine ranking for your business profile page is a battle using two primary weapons of content creation.

  1. Writing a lot about your product, service, and business genuinely and originally.
  2. Writing content that is looking like an authority on the subject.  

Suggestions of key components of a Siachen business profile:

    1. Brief summary – we have a mandatory 200 words requirement for this field. But sometimes even after reading first few sentences of your submitted profile entry, we have no clue what your business is about from which we have a to construct a neat title for your page. Hence, please make sure you make it clear to us and through us, the visitors to your Siachen page, what your company is doing simply and clearly in the first one or two sentences of business description field.  

  1. Postal address – we are asking the postal address often to know whether you are a genuine business. Hence, please provide your postal address clearly. If you do not provide one and still write the profile well, we will treat your business either as a self-employed one or an online one and publish it accordingly.  
  2. We provide plenty of opportunities for you to write – You have multiple ways on your profile creation dash board to write in detail. Make use of those opportunities. It may be time consuming and difficult. But understand that the more your write, more prominent your pages standing will be in the search engines.  
  3. Skype contact – the internet calling is becoming more ubiquitous by the day. It is reasonable to expect that, in not so distant future, your clients will call you by a direct click on your skype contact details of your business profile page. We are also trying to program the page around this idea. Hence, please try to include your skype contact in the profile.  
  4. Maintain the information as fresh as possible – Please keep your Siachen site credentials safe and come back to Siachen to update it as and when information change. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulty logging in.  
  5. Keep the focus on what makes you different from your competitors – Value addition is what the customers often look for. Your business profile text needs to reflect that value addition, clearly and accurately. Living up to that commitment is another important matter. But to make your visitor take his or her first step to contact you, your text must force them to act.  
  6. Introduce your core team – You may include a short bio and a photo of each person. People build an organization. Most often you earn business because your people are honest, committed, knowledgeable, humble, or because they possess all these qualities together. Hence writing about them will surely impress your potential customers and lead them to take the act of contacting you. Currently, Siachen platform does not let you upload images other than logo and banner. However, you can email any appropriate images after initiating a contact us communication to us and we shall upload it on your profile from the backend.  
  7. Customer testimonials: In Siachen, you may not find the exact field for items as explained in this section. But you are welcome to put your story in one long page and we shall happily publish it. As already reiterated, the qualities we are looking for is clear as given below.
  • Understand that we hate copies – any copy including text in your site and understand that search engines do not respect it much also.  
  • Focus on quality of your writing – accurate grammar, great style, and most appropriate vocabulary must be the emphasis.  
  • Focus on quantity of your text – write as much as you can. A minimum of 200 words and a maximum of infinity. Web and the search engines love unique content in quantity. The appetitive for such content is limitless.  
  • Be unique. You are unique when you write straight from your mind, doing no copy from the web or other sources, whatsoever.

Kindly refer the below link for more ideas on a great profile creation.

How to Write a Business Profile  

75% of the entries we receive contain text from own website or they are keyword stuffed.

We loath both above (copied content and keyword stuffing).

Keyword stuffing means senselessly repeating some words or phrase. It could be either about your service or product. How can such text make interesting reading to a reader? They have come to understand what you do and how you do it. Not to read some word or phrase repetition.

The main reason we loath these are, they make no sense and they make your page and our platform some sort of junk target; and search engines loath them too. You know that we are trying to rank your page and help this site earn respect in the process. Our respect and your page rank are interlinked as you will agree.

If you are copying an entire page from your site for a profile on our site, how does it make a fresh reading of your company’s business, achievements etc.? How does a search engine add value unless they lead the search visitor by showing variety information about your business?

It is a fact that a company’s profile does not always change, and a copy sometimes make sense. However, it is the products and services that does not always change. A profile can be still made using fresh words, a profile can be still written around from a new angle. There are aspects of a business and its outlook that always change.

Even writing about the challenges being faced by your sector can make the search engines think that you are an authority on the sector and draw you more audience. There are those of your clients or visitors who want to learn more about your line of business or sector, writing about which makes you an authority in the eyes of the search engines and thereby your visitor. The point is, your written text is always your ally, on the web at least.

Since the time of your business’s inception, your journey has crossed new paths and faced new challenges. You can always write about it with a new perceptive. Importance of such content creation is paramount on the web. You must always write about the journey your business is taking. It is imperative for your digital marketing success, to be an authority for your product or service through the written text.

Everyday we struggle with entries which are true copies. The same content can be seen in multiple places on the web if you do a search starting from your site, if you have one. We fail to understand if a person visited your site and goes and sees the exact same text in your LinkedIn or Yelp page, what new idea the visitor gets from the text he read already?

Any story can be written from a different angle. A company profile also can be always written in a new light in the light of emerging facts and experiences about the product, service or sector. Target to become an authority and your written text is the key to that authority.

In Siachen business profile, we have made a 200 words business description section mandatory to complete the profile. These 200 words must be unique content and not a copy from any source including your website.  

Steps you need to follow to prepare quality content for your profile.

In Siachen, our preparation of this page followed the following steps and it includes instructions too. It is the same process we encourage you to follow in preparing your business profile page.

  1. Keyword or key phrase (multiple words) is most often the same as your page title. Deciding your key word is the step one. In this guide page, the key word is ‘Business Profile Creation Guide’. This is the phrase that you are trying to rank for in search engines and one that you think your search visitor is likely to type into the search field for their search. Hence you keep this word in mind as you prepare your text and remember to insert it in your content and in places only where it is appropriate.
  1. Planning the page title is the step two. Page title will be mostly made up of the keyword you have decided in step one and some additional words. In this page’s case it is “Business Profile Creation Guide: Important instructions before you proceed.” The same becomes the page title HTML tag also. If you move your mouse over to the browser tab, you will see the title tag. If you are not technical, please ask your web developer, he will understand. Understand this is like a title of a books page. We will prepare an appropriate page title for your profile page in the following method. It will be constructed from the profile provided by you by including the following. ‘Your business name, Your business type in two or three words, Your location’ based on the content provided by you.  
  2. Next step or third step is the actual writing, once you have zeroed down on your title and key word or phrase. Here, you need a writer’s skill. The thoughts, subjects that relate to your title around your business, needs to be first decided. In fact, your thoughts can keep changing. There is no harm. The idea is that the reader (also understand smart search engine crawler) which will keep coming to your site or your Siachen page for frequent inspection of the text, is kept in mind as you prepare the main body of your content ensuring great quality, quantity, and uniqueness.
  3. Do not under estimate the power of search engine crawlers, we have come across advice that says most modern search engines check the vocabulary, grammar, style, and take note of the duplicate nature of the content which we explained, before assigning a rank to your page.
  1. A step that is crucial and not really a step but a process because of the continuous nature it can take by you frequently updating it, as already mentioned, is the actual act of writing quality content. Here, you must write your mind. Absolutely original thoughts, ideas and when it is a company profile you still have a great deal of thinking to do to choose the right words, right style, and ensure correct grammar etc.  
  2. As we have already repeatedly emphasized on this guide, the key is writing unique content in good quality and as much quantity as you can. This guide extends to about fifteen pages of genuinely written text and that gives it an authority provided the former criteria of quality and uniqueness is maintained. Write as much as you can to show the engines that you and your business is an authority on the key phrase, most often your sector and location of business.  
  3. You can always use the Internet as a reference, research, and learning tool to create your content. But do not copy. Arrive at your own sentence after the reference.

The SEO (search engine optimization) considerations.

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results” – Wikipedia. However, this is probably one of the most abused topics in the search of getting ranked in the web.

There are just few technical matters search engine still value as part of the SEO.

1. Your usage of the keywords or phrases in your business profile. Please refer to the web or our profile creation guide in the page for more on this topic. Please note that usage of keywords or phrases does never mean you mindlessly copy content from your site or other to build your Siachen business profile. It also doesn’t mean you mindlessly copy the words and phrases again and again here and there in your business profile content.

2. Your usage of the title tag. Again, kindly refer to the web or our guide cited above for more on this subject as it is beyond the scope to discuss it in detail. However, just understand that just like the title of a book, your profile page must have a proper title. Here in Siachen, we will make sure your title is proper and apt.

What is discussed above are probably the only most important two things to consider as part of the SEO when your business profile content is prepared. Besides, content quality and quantity are the most important aspect of any SEO effort as discussed already.

Ensuring that your business profile is useful to the visitors.

Draft, review and review again so that your content is error free. You get a user id and password as part of the Siachen profile entry ownership. Maintain this with you at all times so that in case you want to make changes in future, it is easy.
It is important that you review the content and its search rank position periodically so that search engine visitors find your page easily.

Contact numbers, product and services section needs to be updated as often as needed.

Adding photos to your page:

You may first send us a contact us communication, if you wish you to add pictures of your business to your page. We do not currently have a facility on the platform to upload the photographs.

However, after the contact us communication mentioning that you would like to add photos, we can do it from the back end, if you send it to us.

At this stage, we would like to limit the number of photographs to a maximum of five.

Always write to us if you have any other concerns:

We shall do our best to alleviate any other issue that may be affecting you. Please feel free to write to us at any time.

Benefits of creating a business profiles in business directories

You may be wondering what the special benefit of is hosting a profile on business directories when you have your own site.

Problems with own site:

Most of the SMEs and corporate businesses are likely to be hosting a static pages-based website which is unlikely to be of much interest to the search engines and their scope of giving a good rank and sometimes even any rank is limited.
This creates a problem for your business because your intended purpose of creating a website is not easily reached.

Other well-known business directories:

Twenty of the most well-known business directories or local services featuring similar services as Siachen has been listed below.

• Facebook
• Apple Maps
• Google My Business
• LinkedIn Company Directory
• Bing
• Yelp
• Better Business Bureau
• Foursquare
• MapQuest
• HubSpot
• Yellow Pages
• Angies List
• Yahoo! Local
• Manta
• Merchant Circle

A well created unique profile:

It is an easy route to better search engine ranking. However, as already explained in detail. Please focus on the following pillars that help you achieve good ranks for your profile.

1. Content quality – understand grammar, vocabulary, and style of writing.
2. Content quantity – Matter needs to be substantial. Go for giving detail to ensure quantity.
3. Content uniqueness – duplicate content is everywhere. Copying the text in your site in hundreds of places will help no one.
4. Keyword rich content (never do senseless repetition of keywords. Use only where the word is appropriate in the text).

Our Premium services:

Alternatively, for whatever reason, if you are unable to create the profile that you wish to create, on your own, we can assist you with this process for a small charge. Kindly refer our premium services section that is mainly to do with original content creation for your profile for more details.

If you are still not convinced with our ability to rank you well through your own unique text or through our premium services content writing options, if you chose to hire us, this very own page is another example of us achieving the top ranks in search engines.

Content SEO in action; another example of our top search engine ranks:

Picture taken on 16-Nov-18.

Please take a look at the snippet of the Google Search Result Page’s picture posted above and see that the guide you are reading has also achieved the top rank on Google if the previous example wasn’t enough.

As seen in the above screenshot, currently we hold the top position for the key phrase ‘business profile creation guide’

We would like to reiterate the points that we have already discussed multiple times in this page, again below. Kindly understand that the key in achieving good search engine ranks on top search engines is your content quality, quantity and uniqueness. That’s all that matters.

  • Prepare your profile description genuinely and originally.
  • Uniqueness of content is the key.
  • Any copy is a copy which search engines always scorn for genuine reasons. They are trying to provide the searcher different perspectives through the content and meaningful information and not hundred copies of the same text.
  • Some ideas for subjects to write about are given below if you are suffering from lack of original writing ideas for your Siachen business profile.
    • Your business inception and the challenges you might have faced as a startup.
    • Your businesses value addition, distinct advantages compared to the competition.
    • Write about your people.
    • Write about the future.
    • Write about quality of your product or service delivery.
    • Obtain and add some customer testimonials.
    • Write about your specific advantages your business processes and procedures.
    • Show that you are a leader in your field of business by writing authentically on the subject.
    • Produce an article on the business subject. Siachen dash board provides a separate field for writing articles.

All the above writing ideas have been given just to impress the smart search engine crawlers with unique content in quality and quantity which will ultimately determine your search engine ranking against your competition.

A letter rejecting the profile publishing:

It is not with joy that we often end up rejecting several new business profiles. It is a fact that we are trying to receive as many new profiles as possible, so that the platform ultimately is increasingly accepted by the general public who come to find your businesses. However, what use is a platform that is built on copied text even if it comes from your own site? To earn respect for the platform from search engines, business owners, and general public, we must carry a business profile with variety of text. Hence, we are doing deep scrutiny of the text you submit for your profile for any sign of a copy, to maintain unique profiles, starting 2019. Due to the situation as mentioned, we do reject many profiles. This letter has been posted just to let you know what might happen beforehand so that you can start planning to write original text for your Siachen profile.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly write your profile with an original (not yet published on web) text. In other words, the text in the business description section with mandatory 200-word requirement must be original, unique and new.

As we have mentioned in the help section, one of our requirements to earn a good rank for your profile page, is to publish unique content in quality and quantity. Please be clear that a profile created through copy even if the information is from your own website is unacceptable to Siachen platform. This communication is most likely sent because we found the text you submitted through a simple web search, to be already published on some web site.

Your profile will be moved to a holding area for you to come back and edit and correct the nature of the content as required by us. After a few days, it will be reviewed and either published or deleted based on the status of the required original content at that stage.

You will be intimated through a mail notification if the profile got published. If you do not hear from us, when you do have original business profile text for this platform, kindly do resubmit.

Kindly refer the below URL if you need some guidance on preparing your Siachen Business Profile.

Best Regards,
Profile Editor,


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