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Angel Air Ambulance
Private Limited


Pillar No. – 61, Opposite of IGIMS Hospital, 14, R.K Estates Building, Axis Bank Floor, Raja Bazar, Patna – 800014, India.

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Angel Air Ambulance Service in Patna provides remarkable patient transport with all top medical facilities for emergency and non-emergency patients.

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Angel Air Ambulance - Affordable Air Ambulance Services; Delivering Transparency and Honest Booking Procedures - Patna, India.

Welcome to Angel Air Ambulance Magazine, a premier provider of Air Ambulance Services based in Patna, India. Our journey began with a commitment to saving lives, and over the years, we have become a trusted name in the field of medical transportation!!

The expense of the medical transportation service is the single most important consideration, and having more affordable options significantly improved the selection process. In order to ensure that the patient's family is provided with the medical evacuation service while maintaining a cost-effective budgetAngel Air Ambulance is now providing their Air Ambulance Service in Patna at prices that are favorable on the wallet. We take measures to ensure that the entire evacuation procedure is presented in an honest manner and that no fraudulent tactics are suggested in the course of the booking process for our service. We are able to move patients without any discomfort thanks to the wonderful environment that we provide on board!

Angel Air Ambulance Service in Patna is now providing a medically equipped flying service to patients, with the goal of ensuring that the patients experience no difficulties or discomfort as a result of the voyage. When transporting patients who are in a severe condition, the medical aircraft that we use feature amenities that are deemed life-saving and important. These amenities ensure that the sick folks do not experience any discomfort during the course of the flight. We have been reducing the amount of time clients have to wait in order to accommodate their desire for rapid booking, and we never accept bookings for extended periods of time.

Medical transportation, which we at Air Ambulance Service in Patna provide, is widely regarded as the safest and most effective method for moving patients. This service does not put patients in danger. Our group of highly trained caregivers stays with the patient during the entire trip and provides the necessary medical attention to them up until the point where the trip is finished.

You've reached the online publication of Angel Air Ambulance, a leading provider of air ambulance services with headquarters in Patna, India. Since we first set out on this journey with the intention of helping people, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a reliable brand in the world of medical transportation. We have established a distinct place for ourselves in this important sector of the economy by putting an unrelenting emphasis on the accessibility of our services, the openness of our operations, and the health and safety of our clients. In this company profile, we will walk you through the most important components of our organization, including a description of our services, our firm's mission, and the undying commitment of our staff.

Angel Air Ambulance

Angel Air Ambulance: Picture is Business Representational.

Our Purpose Here:

We, at Angel Air Ambulance Magazine, are keenly aware of the crucial significance of prompt and effective transportation of medical patients. By offering high-quality air ambulance care at prices that are reasonable for customers' budgets, we hope to fulfill our purpose of bridging the gap between patients in need and medical facilities that can treat them. We have the firm conviction that every person, regardless of their economic circumstance, ought to have access to potentially life-saving medical transportation, and we are dedicated to making this a reality for as many people as possible.

The Aspect of Expense: Patients and their families frequently have a considerable concern regarding the cost of transportation for medical purposes. We are aware of the financial strain that comes along with unexpected medical needs as well as the requirement for prompt and reliable transportation. In response to this issue, we have prioritized the provision of reasonably priced air ambulance services in Patna as one of our primary business objectives. Because of the way our pricing is structured, high-quality medical care may be obtained by everyone without breaking the bank.

Practices of Transparency and Ethical Conduct: Our approach to doing business is predicated on being completely open and honest. At Angel Air Ambulance Magazine, we are pleased to announce that there is absolutely no tolerance for deceptive practices or covert charges of any kind. Our dedication to being honest and maintaining our integrity is unshakeable. We make sure that our customers are aware of exactly what they are paying for by providing a detailed and itemized rundown of the services we provide as well as the charges associated with those services. Because of our unwavering dedication to being open and honest with our customers, we have won their trust.

Comfort and Attendance During the Flight: When it comes to medical evacuation, the care and comfort of the patient are of the utmost importance. To ensure that our passengers have a safe and comfortable trip, we take extraordinary measures to ensure that our aircraft are stocked with the necessary medical supplies. When transporting critically ill patients, our medical planes are outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology that is widely regarded as potentially life-saving and absolutely necessary. The safety of our patients while they are in transit is our number one concern, and we take great satisfaction in the level of comfort that we offer on board our aircraft.

Booking That Is Both Quick and Effective: In the event of an emergency, every second matters, and waiting too long to make a reservation could mean the difference between life and death. We have simplified and streamlined our booking process in order to fulfill the demands of our customers for speedy bookings and to cut down on wait times as much as possible. Because we are dedicated to providing a prompt response and service, we can guarantee that important patients will get the care they require without any delay.

When it comes to patient care, the air ambulance sector places an absolute premium on safety. Here at Angel Air Ambulance Magazine, we are committed to maintaining the greatest possible level of security. Our aircraft are kept in impeccable condition, and our crew of highly qualified medical professionals is well-prepared to respond to any unexpected medical situation that may happen during the flight. Because we eliminate all potential causes of death, we are the company of choice when it comes to providing medical transportation.

Angel Air Ambulance Magazine's strength and character come from the people that provide care to our patients. They are the ones who make certain that our patients get the best care and attention throughout their trip, and we are grateful to them for that. Our team, which is comprised of medical experts, paramedics, and support staff, is committed to going above and beyond to ensure that our patients have a trip that is as stress-free and relaxing as is humanly feasible. In the following sections, we'll tell you a little bit about some of the wonderful people who make up our team.

Provision of Services:

Angel Air Ambulance Magazine provides a broad selection of services in order to fulfill the numerous requirements posed by our customers. These services are tailored to meet the needs of patients with a wide range of medical problems and requirements, ensuring that we are able to provide assistance to a diverse population of patients. Our most fundamental offerings are as follows:

1. Services of Ambulances Flying Within the Country: Our domestic air ambulance services are the best option for patients who need to be transported to a medical facility within India in the quickest and most effective manner possible. Patients can be transported to the location of their choice in a timely manner and with the highest level of care thanks to the availability of our network of fully-outfitted medical aircraft.

2. International Air Ambulance Services: Patients who require medical evacuation to or from India can rely on the assistance of our international air ambulance services as their only hope for survival. We take care of everything involved in transporting patients internationally, from obtaining the appropriate medical clearances to organizing the essential travel paperwork.

3. Transportation of Patients Requiring Critical Care: Patients who have significant medical requirements are the focus of our critical care transportation services, which we provide exclusively. Our medical crews are trained to treat a broad variety of life-threatening medical illnesses, and our medical planes are outfitted with the most cutting-edge life support technologies currently available.

4. The Transportation of Organs: In addition to this, Angel Air Ambulance Magazine is dedicated to making organ transfer easier. We are aware of the significance of the timely and risk-free transportation of organs for transplantation. Our group makes certain that these potentially life-saving organs arrive at their destination in a timely manner.

5. Escorts for Medical Purposes: We provide medical escort services for circumstances in which a patient's condition is not life-threatening but in which the patient nonetheless requires medical treatment while being transported. Patients are accompanied on commercial flights by our medical escorts, who provide them with the necessary care and assistance.

6. Transfer from One Bed to Another: Our bed-to-bed transfer service is a comprehensive solution that assures the continuity of care for the patient from their current location to the medical facility that will be receiving them. Patients who need to be moved from one medical facility to another can benefit tremendously from utilizing this service.

Our Navy's Ships:

Our dedication to the health and safety of our patients is demonstrated by the medical aircraft that we have in our fleet. Because we are aware that the state of each patient as well as their requirements might vary greatly, we have designed our aircraft to be fully adaptable to accommodate these various specifications.

1. A plane used by an air ambulance service: Patients may rest assured that they will receive the highest level of medical attention throughout their flight on one of our specially designed air ambulance aircraft, which features cutting-edge life support technologies. These airplanes have medical personnel and paramedics on board who are trained in critical care and can provide treatment in flight.

2. Learjet 45 aircraft: When it comes to providing air ambulance services, the Learjet 45 is one of the key aircraft that we use. Because of its reputation for both speed and comfort, it is an excellent option for the transportation of patients across considerable distances. The Learjet 45, which is a representation of our dedication to superiority, is outfitted with the most cutting-edge medical technology available.

3. The King Air 350 4: Our fleet also includes the King Air 350, which is an important component in its own right. This aircraft is particularly well-suited for the transportation of medical supplies and patients within India. It offers a way of travel that is both comfortable and effective for our patients. In addition to that, its medical facilities are on the cutting edge of technology.

4. Helicopter Transportation Services: We also provide helicopter services for those times when patients need to be transferred to or from areas that are difficult to reach, such as rural or mountainous areas. These helicopters are outfitted with everything necessary to provide patients with medical care, assuring that they will receive prompt attention at all times.

Our Commitment to Maintaining a High Level of Quality and Safety:

When it comes to the transportation of medical patients, there is no space for error in terms of either safety or quality. We are fully aware of the enormous responsibility that comes along with the work that we do, and as a result, we have made a firm commitment to upholding the greatest standards at every stage.

1. Preventative Maintenance on Aircraft: Our airplanes are put through stringent maintenance and inspections to ensure their safety. We take precautions to guarantee that every piece of equipment is in peak operating condition, hence reducing the likelihood that any issues would arise during the trip.

2. Strict Instruction for All Employees: In order to be ready for any emergency that may take place during a flight, the medical professionals and paramedics that we employ go through thorough training. They are knowledgeable in the treatment of serious medical diseases as well as handling emergency emergencies.

3. Observance of All Regulations: Angel Air Ambulance Magazine is committed to operating in a manner that is in complete accordance with all applicable legislation and norms. We have obtained all of the essential certificates and licenses to operate as an air ambulance service in India as well as in other countries.

4. The Assurance of Quality: We are committed to providing the highest possible level of service to our customers, thus we have developed and executed a comprehensive quality assurance program. We make it a point to ask for input from our customers and consider it when making improvements to our procedures in order to give them the very best service.

Participation in the Community:

At Angel Air Ambulance Magazine, we feel that it is important to give back to the community that has been there for us throughout our journey and helped us get to where we are today. We take an active role in a variety of community outreach activities and initiatives that are aimed at promoting health and well-being in the local population. The following are examples of our involvement in the community:

1. Medical Checkups at No Cost: We raise awareness about a variety of health concerns while also providing essential medical treatments at no cost in underprivileged communities by way of organizing free medical camps there.

2. Education Regarding Health: We implement health education programs in local communities and schools to foster a culture of health consciousness and disease prevention and to encourage healthier lifestyles.

3. Aid in Times of Crisis: In the event of a natural disaster, we contribute to the relief efforts by offering individuals who have been impacted access to medical aid as well as transportation services.

4. Scholarships in the Medical Field: We provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to students who aspire to pursue careers in the medical area and are committed to make a good contribution to the field of healthcare.

Plans for the Future:

As we go forward into the future, we are just as dedicated as ever to enhancing and extending the scope of the services we offer. These are some of our long-term objectives:

1. Extending the Scope of Our Influence: We intend to broaden the scope of our network and services so that we can assist a greater number of people who require medical transportation, both in India and elsewhere in the world.

2. The Progress of Technology: We are committed to making continued investments in state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology in order to provide our patients with the highest standard of treatment.

3. Outreach to the World: Our long-term goal is to build a strong global presence in the sector of air ambulances and to make our services available to people all over the world.

4. Investigating and Developing New Methods: We are dedicated to making a contribution to medical research and development and are now working on innovations that can further improve the quality of care that is delivered during medical transportation.

The final word:

Angel Air Ambulance Magazine is more than simply a business; it is a lifeline for people and families who are struggling during difficult times. We stand apart in the air ambulance sector because to our commitment to provide care that is both safe and affordable while also prioritizing the health and happiness of our patients. We are extremely appreciative of the faith that our customers have placed in us and we continue to be dedicated to our aim of preventing the loss of life through the safe operation of aircraft. 

We are grateful that you have decided to travel with us on this adventure, and we look forward to being there for you when it counts the most.

For more information, please call us on phone +919264440085 or visit our website here: Angel Air Ambulance

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  • Air Ambulance
  • Train Ambulance
  • Ground Ambulance
  • Home Nursing Care

Platform Enhanced Sections and Articles

Article by Siachen Editors to aid the customer in decision making

A Customer's Guide to Evaluating Medical Transportation and Home Nursing Care Vendors:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


In the critical realm of medical transportation and home nursing care, choosing the right vendor is of paramount importance. Whether you're in need of air ambulance, train ambulance, ground ambulance, or home nursing care services, the decision-making process should be thorough and well-informed. This guide aims to equip customers with a comprehensive set of considerations to evaluate potential vendors, ensuring the best care and service for you or your loved ones.

1. Vendor Reputation and Experience

1.1 Company Background and History

Evaluate the vendor's background, including how long they've been in the industry and their experience in handling various medical transportation and nursing care scenarios.

1.2 Reputation and Customer Reviews

Seek out customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the vendor's reputation. Positive reviews and high customer satisfaction are indicators of reliable service.

1.3 Accreditation and Certification

Ensure the vendor is accredited and certified by relevant healthcare and transportation authorities. These certifications indicate adherence to industry standards and regulations.

2. Service Offerings

2.1 Range of Services

Evaluate the range of services offered by the vendor. Do they provide air ambulance, train ambulance, ground ambulance, and home nursing care? A comprehensive suite of services is beneficial for different medical needs.

2.2 Geographic Coverage

Consider the vendor's geographic coverage. Are they equipped to provide services in the areas where you may need them? A vendor with a wide reach is crucial for emergency situations.

2.3 Specialized Care

If you or your loved one requires specialized medical care, inquire if the vendor has the expertise and equipment for these specific needs.

3. Medical Team

3.1 Qualifications and Training

Investigate the qualifications and training of the medical team. Ensure they are certified and experienced in their respective roles.

3.2 Availability and Responsiveness

Inquire about the availability and response times of the medical team. Swift response is vital in emergency situations.

3.3 Patient-to-Staff Ratio

Understand the patient-to-staff ratio on transports. A lower ratio typically means more individualized care.

4. Safety and Quality Standards

4.1 Aircraft and Vehicle Maintenance

For transportation services, assess the vendor's maintenance practices for aircraft and vehicles. Well-maintained equipment is a sign of commitment to safety.

4.2 Medical Equipment

Verify the quality and reliability of the medical equipment on board. This equipment should be up to date and in excellent condition.

4.3 Infection Control Protocols

Inquire about the vendor's infection control procedures. Particularly in medical transport, these protocols are vital to prevent the spread of infections.

5. Cost and Billing Transparency

5.1 Pricing Structure

Understand the vendor's pricing structure. Ensure it's transparent and that you have a clear understanding of what you're paying for.

5.2 Hidden Costs

Be vigilant for hidden costs that might surprise you in the billing process. Ask about any potential extra charges.

5.3 Insurance and Payment Options

Check if the vendor accepts your insurance or offers flexible payment options. This can significantly ease the financial burden.

6. Emergency Response Time

6.1 Response Time Commitments

Request information on the vendor's guaranteed response times. Knowing how quickly they can arrive in emergencies is crucial.

6.2 Dispatch Protocols

Understand the dispatch protocols in place. This includes how they prioritize and manage multiple calls.

6.3 Backup Plans

Inquire about backup plans in case of unforeseen circumstances or technical issues. Reliable vendors have contingency plans.

7. Patient Comfort and Care

7.1 Patient Advocacy

Evaluate the extent to which the vendor advocates for patient comfort and preferences. Your well-being and comfort should be a priority.

7.2 Comfort Amenities

Inquire about the amenities available during transport, especially in air or train ambulances. These amenities can make a significant difference.

7.3 Continuity of Care

Ensure that the vendor offers continuity of care, meaning that the same medical team stays with the patient from start to finish.

8. Logistical Support

8.1 Communication and Updates

Verify the communication and updates you will receive during the process. Knowing the status of your loved one's transport is reassuring.

8.2 Documentation and Legal Compliance

Ensure that all necessary documentation and legal compliance measures are followed. This includes permits and authorizations.

8.3 Customization of Services

Evaluate the extent to which the vendor can customize their services to your specific needs.


Choosing a medical transportation or home nursing care vendor is a significant decision that can impact the health and well-being of you or your loved one. By thoroughly evaluating potential vendors in each of these areas, you can make an informed decision that ensures the highest level of care and safety in times of need.

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