About Siachen

Siachen Business Profiles – for business owners and customers!

We are primarily a web based Business Profile Directory where an owner of a business or an employee can create an elaborate profile of their business.

They are encouraged to create as much unique content as they want in their profile. This step is to ensure that the directory stay popular in search engines and other inbound sources through respected content so that your profile get ranked well resulting in a constant flow of visitors to your pages.

Each business that registers with us gets a unique ID for their organizations page such as Siachen.com/yourbusiness. The same URL can be used in your marketing material especially in situations where you do not yet have your own website.

On the other hand, our common visitors visit us to do a search on the above mentioned profiles created by business owners or employees and various kinds of other organizations including freelancers. They will also have option to have an account for recording their search history and rating the profile owners business.

While the above mentioned two functions remain our basic tenets, we set out to achieve greater usability for our esteemed visitors by first making it easy for our visitors to connect to our clients and furthermore by developing serious business inquiries form the visitors culminating in vital business.

Our first objective as business enthusiasts is to create a platform of exceptional value for the layman in search for a decent business to place an order for a product or a service. Our second goal is to help the entrepreneurs across the world that is in an incessant search for potential clients in the Internet era of global marketplace.

An office has been opened in India for all kind of technical and business support and an association with a technology company has been formed in the Middle East to cater to our clients’ needs in that region.

At Siachen, we mean serious business. We shall not rest until we achieve phenomenal value creation for our common visitor in search of a product or service through our directory of business profiles and thereby placing our business owner client’s in a position of advantage through decent business inquiries and conversions.

We will make sure that rather than developing and leaving the site in a standstill at some stage, both our effort at creating better platform and scrutinizing the content that we receive for utmost quality and quantity so that this content delivers the intended result, will remain our constant endeavor.

We would like to assure our visitors and clients that we shall never turn complacent and become stale as a platform and as a business content hub.

We always remain conscious of the fact that without value, we do not stand to sustain in the crowded web. It is our promise that we will always deliver to our visitors qualified and easy to access business content and our client’s decent business conversions.

You are welcome to contact us for any inquiry with regards to the website or any other aspect of our service through our contact us page.

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