Best Indian and Global Business Directories!

Written by Kirupakar .S (KOVAI KIRUPAKAR), resident of Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu, India, for


In this article, my objective is to share my insight on the BEST BUSINESS DIRECTORIES OF THE WORLD that has been offering business directory submissions internationally. Every business entity should be aware of the importance of these Business Listing Directories that come in handy at times from various unspecified reasons such as Publicity, Awareness, Brandings, Marketing Activities, and Presence beyond Boundaries for various specified reasons such as Generate Leads, Business Expansions, Promotional Offer Campaign Awareness, Network Building, Distributor, and Channel Partner Engagement etc.

Ensure that you use the Business directories to strengthen your Digital Marketing campaigns.

Well, Let‘s begin with few Queries?

● What Business are you in?
● What is your plan for Expansion?
● How would you reach your vendors on a Global Level?
● What Type of Channels would you consider to Reach Out and make your presence visible enough among the crowd?
● What are your Access, Pricing, and Service plans for the customers?

Great to know that you have the answers for many of the above questions and happy that you are in pursuit of the Digital Expansion plan to move your business further across the Globe. Trust me when it comes to International Business Listing you may need to focus on a bunch of limited directories that can provide you with the expected revenue outcome (Inquiries – Lead – Sales and Repeat Orders/Referrals).

Now, let me guess; what in an International Business Directories, you may consider?

1. User-Friendly Platform
2. Free Vs Paid
3. General or Niche Category of Users
4. Any Value Ad Service or Support
5. Presence – International Business Directories

A small pinch of suggestion that I would like to propose for your business directory listing is that, apart from the known bigger names of the international directory, you shall consider few niches ones that can offer you better reach-ability and flexibility on your industrial space in the Global Business Directories.

Let us take a short tour on the Best Business Directories of The World that shall ideally fulfill your determination to reach better and grow higher on a Successful Business venture that you have planned.



In this time of uncertainty, many of the Individuals, Proprietorship Firms, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, MSMEs, SMEs, Medium Corporates, Large Corporates, and Conglomerates are facing difficulty in reaching the right set of target audience they wanted to, because the entire world seems to move towards the online presence.

As a Business Entity, you consider getting your Business Name to be available with at least a minimum set of information such as the BAST-PACT (Business Name, Address, Service & Support, Technology Adoption, Product, Accessibility, and Communication & Trustworthiness). Information listed on directories, online business listing sites and citation sites helps to improve visibility, but backlinks from these sites can also have a benefit to SEO

Your business journey is an unstoppable venture and that is why it needs a reasonable space in the Top and the Best Businesses Directories Internationally. However, primarily you need to understand that we cannot make this happen overnight nor by nearly just posting in these Business Directories.  You shall as well look for strong CRM Tools that can consolidate and provide you with credible leads to track them and engage them towards conversion.

I get your voice heard, and frankly speaking, I am not in race to promote or woo you towards any of these International Business Directories. I am sharing what I have gone through in my search for the Best Business Directories of the World. However, I am sharing a ranked approach based on the Traffic Ranking made available by one of the credible source WooRank (SEO Audit and Digital Analysis) that shares SEO and Web Site Crawl Analysis done by the Digital Citizens around the Globe.

So hope you are ready for a small peep into these self-verified Business Directories and consider your thoughts to consider before listing your Business. 


Google My Business

Google My Business is almost a leader of this business directory sphere. I know if I miss this name, many would start calling me names. Google My Business has become a popular name in the Business Directories of the World. Hence, let me start to consider this one of the well-known brand across the world of Business and Information Technology in the Internet era and Digital Times.

Google My Business – Default entry and a must entry for all businesses.

Google My Business is a part of Google LLC, an American multinational technology company along with its World Wide Subsidiaries.

Google My Business Directory listing has a reputation that is unmatched with its new patch of Business Directories that come in handy. Catering to All type of Business entities from Products based to Service needs to Street Hawkers with support and boost from Local search listing as well.

Available as easy download from Google Play Store Android App as well it becomes a single source for all Information, Technology, Engagement and Marketing activities that a Business needs even Customer engagement tracking. It has in-built Google Website Builder, Product Listing, Marketing Engagement interface that provides a complete feel for the Business owner.

Google Map engagement comes with the Google My Business directory listing as an advantage for a one time authenticated mapping of the Business presence in one or multiple locations. This aids the business from bringing in the customer, guided to the doorstep. On top of all it is been offered Free of Cost and Highly user friendly.

Google with its bundle of products & services such as Google My Business, Google AdWords, Google Map, Google Analytics and Google Artificial Intelligence Interface, Google Search Console, Google Web Apps, Google Play Store, etc. is dominant in its own way, every businessperson has to step an entry ticket here for any or all his needs.


Facebook Pages Yeah! I am aware this needs no introduction, however more than a Social media profile it become an extended hand as a Business Directory across the Planet. Every Businessmen and your employee are proud and believe to display your brand identity in the World of Interconnected web.

Facebook has made-it to the optimum usage during this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown all over the world as everyone aspires to become a Digital Marketer. This helps effortlessly and smartly achieving your business presence felt in the Facebook Pages and Market Place tagged with your personal profile that promotes your Product, Service, Idea, or Experience at ease.

Facebook – The Social Media Titan’s business pages are very popular and helpful.

Thus, once that started as a Social Networking platform is now making its key effort into becoming one of the Best Business Directories of the world. While your access to Posting and usage with subscription is free. Promotional and other Services such as Payment gateway and ad impact needs a premium service at charged basis.

Facebook alone does not make a huge impact, but when it combines with its bundle of digital friends such as Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp (Repeat Mentions) with Business Account Paid you are unstoppable. Facebook now has become a full-fledged Marketing and Business Dynamic tool for rapid branding, Marketing lead Generation, Fund Transaction, Operational and promotion of Business to all parts of the world.

Yahoo – Small Business

Yahoo-Small Business is a part of the Verizon Group, and its other International subsidiaries help fuel the Nurturing, Growth, and Success of businesses on the Digital Media. Yahoo has been one of the Local business favourites when it comes to Small and Medium Business friendly Directories. Yahoo Small Business is one such that makes a perfect value addition for the corporates or businesspersons to establish and move up the ladder of change. 

The grand old Yahoo has still its strength on the net

Yahoo offers part of the directory listing subscription services with free access and other paid services such as Web Page, Support, and Online Store and much more as a package. These services can be used and customised based on the needs and wants of the customer and their vision and mission towards the Business journey.


Instagram has made its own mark in the business directory arena. Initially people believed that its priority purpose was to share status update of personal postings, Videos, Pictures, and visits to know about the whereabouts of a person and your activities.

Instagram has gathered slowly and steady momentum to cover the Millennials and with the outbreak of Selfie and the craze for picturesque smart phones with variety of Photo editing application became the trend of the century.  The ripple effect continued when the #HASHTAG trend as it picked more attention to attain popularity and reach the niche crowd in making and sharing your Picture and Videos over Public and Private Network.

Instagram along with its Digital friends WhatsApp and Facebook have made this social platform to the Best Business Directories Internationally by providing #HASHTAG branding and Visual presence felt for your product that has been offered.

Instagram may not be necessary for all kinds of Businesses to spend time and resource on but it’s been turning the tide across the ocean of industries such as Fashion, Garments, Digital Media and Content, Automobiles, Personal Care, Hospitality, Tourism, Education, Medical, Hotels and Restaurants, Real Estate, Electronics and Accessories to name a few.

Instagram has its particular space in the business directory world with its focus on images!


LinkedIn, which I have seen as a Social Networking Platform for Business Professionals now, has become a Professional Networking platform for Socialising Businesses. LinkedIn suits people who know to focus on reaching the right person at the right time.

LinkedIn offers Registration on Free Basis. Value ad such as Jobs & Internship Search, Learning new Skill, & Marketing Ads at pay if required. LinkedIn has grown to the level of International Best Business Directories with its every growing corporates and professionals who buzz around with anticipation of Creating Profile, Establishing Contact, Skill development, Follow the Leader, Watch Competitor moves, Business Listing, Vendor Search, and Business-to-Business connectivity.  

LinkedIn with its professional network focus has its won importance as a business directory.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business has its own uniqueness when it comes into the Business Directories listing and is not a standalone platform. However, when it comes to engaging with customers and vendors it has a strong foothold to keep its space.

WhatsApp is one of the three musketeer with Facebook and Instagram to provide a huge impact as it attains the peak of Customer Engagement, Product and Service catalogue sharing, Tools for Automate, Banking Payment, BAST-PACT information sharing and responding.

The influence WhatsApp has built in both our professional personal lives are probably unmatched!

WhatsApp has been in wide usage by industries such as Hospitality, Insurance, Medical, Automobile Service, Real Estate, Education (now a days for E-Learning), Banking Apps, Internet Service Providers, Boutique, Jewellery, Ornaments, Watches and Electronics Sales and Service centres, NGO’s, Pet Shop, Rental Agencies etc. & the list goes on. These features makes it undoubtedly into the space of International Best Business Directories.   


Alibaba is an Owned and Operated Subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holdings Limited. Alibaba is more than an E-Commerce portal that delivers product at your doorstep; it in fact provides a strong and transparent platform for Businessmen across the world. Seen as the Dragon’s giant from China it has widespread network attracting from and catering to many world regions thus making it to the International Business Directory.

Chinese Giant is one of the Titans of the commerce world while acting also as great business directory.

The uniqueness of Alibaba lies in its commitment to serve the Business–to-Business connect with integrated Supply Chain, Trade Shows, Affiliate and Channel Partnership opportunities and Logistics that takes care to be rest assured for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) suppliers.


Yelp has its roots from America has grown into a Business Directory in the due course of time primarily which publish crowd-sourced reviews about businesses. The company develops, hosts, and markets the website and the Yelp Mobile App.

Yelp has focused on the restaurants on the earliest stages of its Market venturing and now it has broadens the reach across Home Services and Products, Personal Care, Automobile Service, Spares & Supplies, etc. There by it has increased its reached in United States and slow footing towards the International Arena.

Yelp Reservation (Online Reservation System for Restaurants) is from Yelp that help its Restaurants and Dine In clients to help their customers to facilitate the ease of Online Table Reservation at their favourite restaurant.

Yelp is one Giant American Business Directory with numerous excellent reviews on each profile by its visitors!


One of India’s best known and popular business directory is listed in the financial market and growing exponentially!

IndiaMart is one of India’s best and growing online Business–to-Business directory that acts as a marketplace connecting Buyers with Suppliers from all walks of Life. It caters to major share in the search of online Business-to-Business-to-Customer Classified space in India Sub continent.

Free access for enlisting into the platform attracts Individual Businessmen, Entrepreneur, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises (MSME), and Large Enterprises as well.


Tripadvisor is a Giant of the Travel space with numerous Hotels and reviews listed.

TripAdvisor, as the name suggests, is one of the World’s Leading and Largest Travel Business Directory focusing majorly on Travel, Tourism, Attraction Points, Rentals, Restaurant, Spa, Entertainment, Shopping, Insurance, Ticketing, Airline, Cruise, etc.

TripAdvisor is Free for enrolment for Business and provides verification of the entity thus making more Travellers to flaunt for searching and listing into this International Travel Directory.

TripAdvisor supports Multiple Region and with Multi Lingual Support across the Globe that is provided by its Subsidiary and Affiliate platforms;


Justdial is another Indian financial Market listed Giant Business Directory. They have a special focus on supporting clients on phone hence the name.

Justdial’s promoted by Just Dial Limited from India is one of the best Business Directory that bridge the gap between Consumers, Users, Merchants, Entrepreneurs,  Small Time Enterprises, MSME’s, SME’s, OEM’s and Multinational businesses by helping users to source relevant products and services providers at ease, while assisting businesses registered in Justdial’s database to expose their Business offerings.

JD Social (Social Sharing Platform) from Justdial serves in engaging user experience with vast range of features like Messenger, Video Upload, Status Update, Photos and others Shares a feel-alike of Facebook.  

JD Omini (Business Management Solution for SMEs) from Justdial that efficiently supports to run every business online and have adequate online presence via their own Website and Mobile App.

JD Pay (Quick Digital Payments) from Justdial that provides Online Wallets, Cashless transaction either via a Debit or Credit card, Net Banking payments.

Bing Places – Microsoft

Bing places is yet another best product out from the Top brass of Information and Technology is the giant Microsoft and its Subsidiaries around the Globe. Bing Places has its own unbeatable space as one among the Best Business Directories Internationally. Once your presence is been made to the list of Bing places, you are in the Local and International SEO rank listing as well that puts you to the fore front of the customer just like its close peer (Google My Business).

Bing Places accounts to be a major contributor to Local Business Directory listing when compared to Google My Business that is where they stand out in distinction. Facebook seamless interface with Bing places accelerates your business presence felt for Local promotion. Bing Places differentiates itself with Google in this way as its prime focus is on Social Sites that help them in carving a niche in this Best Business Global Directories.

The word GLOCAL – Go Local suits apt for Bing Places as the Business may grow and expand globally and yet has a strong foothold of action and thought focused Locally. 

One Minute Please, Hope you have your BAST-PACT and CRM tool ready so that you may complete your Business directories listing while you complete reading down to the last page of this posting.

Another star business directory from the global technology leader.


Yellow Pages – AT&T

Yellow Pages is a part of AT&T, an American multinational conglomerate. Yellow Pages is seen as one of the single stop Business Directory listing solution that had made a huge impact across Local and Global Best Business Directories is still been on back of the minds of many. To say something special about yellow pages, it had provided places for not only Small businesses but also for Local Micro and Street hawkers too for making their virtual presence felt in the digital arena.

Blue Collar jobs workmanship and Minor business entities such as Barber Shop, Vegetable Merchant, Fruit Vendor, Plumber, Electrician, Bakery, etc. gave Yellow Pages a long list of business vendors to the platform that thrived the internal Business–to-Business connects.

The Giant of the American telecommunication has its own mark in this domain

Thrvy, an inclusion to the Yellow Pages that has given an innovative makeover above the others for a business continuity process from Customer Interaction, Operations, Delivery-to-Financial Transaction.  Offered at Free of cost on listing and access, it is one of the best suited for any new start up and small time players to make it big with your presence felt in the Local market in this COVID-19 period.

Global Sources

Leading Business-to-Business Online Business Directory

Global Sources is a Leading Business-to-Business Online Business Directory that provides a dynamic Business Integrated & Interaction platform connecting verified Buyers and Sellers from China & Asia.

Global Source shares information on Trade Show, Industrial, and Electronics Market Suppliers, Events around the World, Top Searched Products, Trail Shipping Support, Export, & Import Suppliers etc. Basic registration is processed Free of charge and Valued Ad Services (Commercial Exchange, Online and Offline Marketing, etc.) and support are charged at a premium.


TradeIndia is an online forum for Global Business Community in a single platform to promote your Products, Technology Innovation, and Services to Buyers and Sellers from across the globe.

TradeIndia provides an adequate ambience for its members in the Digital Market space with Payment Protection Plans, Collateral Free Loans, and Supply chain Support. The Digital Market includes Services and Solutions like Domain Page, Secure Socket Layer Certification (SSL), AdWords Campaign, Social Media Optimisation, Marketing, and Promotional activities.

One of India’s popular and fast growing Business Directory Platform


Sulekha, One of the E-Business platform that primarily focuses on local service businesses in India and rapidly moving towards International Digital Business space. Sulekha focuses on expert services clustered around Home, Office, Personal Space, Life Style, Travels, Transport, Hospitality, Education, Training, Jobs and much more.

Another major Indian Business Directory that has remarkable business and public followers!

Sulekha uses Digital Research, Integration Technology, and Domain intelligence in the platform to seek and understand the user needs, requirements and matches those expectations to verified service Professionals and Business entities. Sulekha also extends its wings with requirement specific domains such as Sulekha Property (Real Estate Property, Builder, Rent, Sell, Etc.), Sulekha Wedding (All Wedding Needs at One Place), and Sulekha Education (Education, Training, Skilling, Sports, Etc.) that provide a niche focus on the customer needs.

Crunch Base

Crunch Base is a unique Business Information Directory that not only provides you scope of being  on the Business list,  but also shares much more insights on Funding Information, Revenue, Future plans, Articles, Market Research, etc.

A directory for professionals looking for financial and business performance data!

Crunch Base offers free business listing and other services offered at a premium that can benefit the Business to move ahead. Businesses from across the world are being sourced on day-to-day basis for Professional, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Market Researchers to Process Requirement and Sourcing needs. Unlike other Virtual Business Directories, optimal usage of the powerful tool Application Programming Interface (API), which gives an edge over other Business Directories of the World.


Kompass is one of the key players among the world of Industrial Traders in the beginning of days and yet gradually they moved to cater to other spaces of the market to bridge the needs of the ever-growing customer demands. 

Kompass customers know what they look for in the Directory search and with built in intelligence and information sourcing internally it shares a list of corporate data to make ease of the Business-to-Business connectivity.

Kompass – A key player among the world of Industrial Traders

Kompass Provides basic listing, product info and catalogue to look on free of charge basis. Services such as Target marketing, Supplier or Buyer Verification & Analysis, Tender Evaluation & Facilitation, Digital Promotion, Content Management, SEO, Lead sharing are been charged at a premium.


Ezilon allows listing, web searches, and Business connectivity based on region specific information in its platform. Ezilon a key player with its emphasis on Trade Associations with reference to Promotion of International Trade and Commerce that associates with The Greater Houston Partnership, World Trade Centre Association, and Houston West Chamber of Commerce

Ezilon allows listing, web searches, and Business connectivity based on region specific information

Ezilon is a premium category Business Directory because of its Trade Association and links. Hence, it follows strict procedures and policies with fees to get your business listed. However, if you are someone looking for such directories to get yourself into such market and get some acquaintance across the world, no doubt this is one of the Best Business Directories of the World.

HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council)

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) as the part of the name suggest its purpose is to promote Hong Kong as the largest Trade Hub. HKTDC is being seen and vigilantly watched my millions for eye-catching news and breath-taking innovation exhibits as a Mutual Global Investment and Business arena in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. Though seen as a Lead Business hub in Asia Pacific region it attracts a congregate of Business Executives and Traders to have a Technology driven Hand Shake for Business Relationship. 

Aiming to promote Hong Kong as the largest Trade Hub

An extensive effort has been shown by the HKTDC governing body in establishing and developing the International Trade and Investment by creating and engaging all type of businesses making it to be a part of Best Business Directories of the World.


Such as Yelp, Manta is one of Americas most popular business directory.

Manta is an online Business-To-Business resources information-sharing platform dedicated to Small and Mid-Size Business for a Global reach. Manta focuses on Multifaceted Industries and Businesses communities offering Products, Services, Support, to Own and Customize their online presence to improve online visibility and marketability.

Manta platform offers educational opportunities, Knowledge, Advices, Analytics, Promotional Suggestion and Tools that are Effective, Reasonable to help business owners to become more competitive in their respective industries and empower to be inspired by their significant impact on an Individual, Local and International standards.


Expat once started as a blog now is being noted for its point of contact for Businesses to Business, Export Import Agencies, Tourism, Travellers, Rentals Accommodation, Insurance, Experience Visits and Professional people who look for Services and Offerings with variety of information desk at one place.

Originated from a European country focused with multiple cross-cultural visitors and tourist across the world. Expat is one of the Best Business Directories that help people to travel and explore the world around with a thirst of Business idea. 

The challenge in such multifaceted geographical location is Culture and Language. This has been addressed by such directories which make these places look more familiar with multilingual support.

Point of contact for Businesses to Business, Export Import Agencies, Tourism


Hotfrog is one unique Multi Regional Business Directory catering to different International regions with domain specific identifications. The content customization for each region with reference to ease of access for any Business entity is its success.

Catering to different International regions with domain specific identifications

Hotfrog offers its international sites with regional information, Multilingual, Currency Exchange, Web Based Marketing, and Promotional activities, SEO, AdWords, Customised Local search. Hotfrog also delights your with support requirement for regional virtual web presence and management across regions such as England, France, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa etc. to name a few.


GlobalSpec’s is supported by IEEE Association (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) that connects industrial Business entities with your target audience of Engineering and Technical Professionals, Entrepreneurs,  Executives, Merchants, Distributers for the purpose of Generating Awareness, Leads, Technology Adoption, Research, Projects, Internship, University Incubation, Demand and Engagement opportunities for all stages of Economic Demand-Supply phase.

GlobalSpec connects industrial Business entities with your target audience of Engineering and Technical Professionals, Entrepreneurs,

If you are an ardent engineer by profession or into a business of direct or indirect connection, you definitely need to have a quick look on this arena. You shall not regret for the same.


CYLEX is a Multi-Domain Business-to-Business Regional E-Market Search Directory listing that operates focusing on European Businesses and reaching out to Vendors and Customers worldwide.

Offers listing at Free of cost with Profile Page Creation, Google Tag maps, Business Contacts

CYLEX offers listing at Free of cost with Profile Page Creation, Google Tag maps, Business Contacts, Opening hours, Price lists, Products and Services Catalogues, Leaflets, Brochures display etc. The Premium services include Review, Cost offer, SEO, Promotion, Online Marketing Support, Multilingual Support, Mobile Application Support, and Customer Support, etc.


BizVibe is a platform that offer Business Suppliers from Local and International locations to connect via the Web. Multiple filter across the search engine ensures that you receive the best supplier for the search requirement as recommendations for you.

The updated feature of this Business Directory is that you can save the Search and Create alerts, set price reminder, Target Specific Suppliers, Real Time Interaction Tool, Create, and Customize Request for Proposal and Information. Making your presence is Free for access and few services are at a Premium.

BizVibe is a platform that offer Business Suppliers from Local and International locations to connect via the Web

Euro Pages

Euro Pages is promoted by Visable (an Online Marketing Strategic Company), which owns another regional subsidiary Wer Liefert Was (Europe Specific E-Market Place).

Euro Pages has a huge International Business Network comprising of Companies, mainly Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Service across all Industrial Market providers that has been accumulated in its platform.

Euro Pages has a wide usage in the European Business market catering to various Business Segment to offer your focused Business-to-Business services with Trade Shows, Events, Expo, Export, and Import requirements. Euro Pages subscription and listing is offered at No Cost but its Business Intelligence, Multilingual Search, Content Management, and others are offered on cost basis.

I may not be able to include the entire subsidiary Business Directories from a Group; however, I shall include at least one prominent among the Best Business Directories of the World.

Euro Pages has a wide usage in the European Business market catering to various Business Segment


Siachen is one of the Global Business Directories that provides free profile listing with a large number of categories in the platform offering scope from Independent Businesses to Large Corporates across the World.

Siachen is expanding its Digital footprints from Middle East & Asia towards its mission for making every Business successful, as we understand your purpose that is to Delight Customer, in the world of Digital Information; Siachen provides you information on the right Digital tools that has become a vital component for every successful Business.  

Support your Digital Marketing efforts with an entry with us.


AussieWeb is an extended Web Based Business market supported by Aussie Web Conversions a leading Online Marketing Strategic Company.

AussieWeb is one of the prominent Business Directory that offers free listing and paid offerings that connects all size of Business on a common floor to display your Profile, Product, Service with Built-in Business Analytics, Google AdWords & Analytics, SEO, Marketing Promotion, Application Programming Interface, etc.

offers free listing and paid offerings that connects all size of Business on a common floor


AustraliaPlanet is one such Business Directories that serves the entire continental country Australia with multiple categories to search options across the region and get connected for any type of Business, Product Based Industry, Experiences, Tourism, Hospitality, Medical, Supplies, Education, Home Needs, Construction, Real Estate, Professional Services, etc.

Serves the entire continental country Australia with variety in business categories


VirtualExpo Group is a Collective and Connective Business directory that includes Six Business-to-Business platforms Designed, Developed, and Deputed by VirtualExpo Group that front faces other linkable World Web Business Directories.

VirtualExpo Group also provides specific search requirement based on the needs and wants of the Business entity that they focus to serve along with multilingual support and extend E-Market solutions to all their (VirtualExpo Group) Business Directories.

VirtualExpo Group includes E-Market subsidiary places that includes DirectIndustry (Industrial Supplies, Manufacturing, Devices), ArchiExpo (Construction Equipment, Building Supplies & Real Estate), NauticExpo (Marine & Shipping), MedicalExpo (Medical Supplies, Drug and Pharma), AgriExpo (Agriculture, Farm Equipment, Livestock Supplies), and AeroExpo (Aero Industrial Products, Devices, Software and Supplies).

Business directory that includes Six Business-to-Business platforms Designed and Developed


TradeKey a leading name in the Online Business Directory platform that offers free registration around the Globe for multi categories. Small and Medium Business ventures line up this space to Exhibit, Meet, Greet and Build your Business relationship for a longer run.

TradeKey like many others offers Certified Provider, Verified listing, Marketing Support, Leads sharing, Logistics, SEO, Alerts, Web Site Designing, Content Management, Portfolio Upgradation, Trade Show, Expo Access, Data Access, and other services at a premium. It has Multi-domain capability pages catering to various regions of the World alongside Multilingual features making it to one of the Best Business directories of the World.

Offers free registration around the Globe for multi categories.

Best of The Web – BoTW

Best of The Web, Yes! That is the name of this Business Directory, No confusion! It is been named so.

BoTW is one of the oldest Business Directors globally in the digital web world since 1994. BoTW has acquired its own space in the minds of International Businessmen for its Trust and Reputation built over the years. It has one of the largest bundles of unique categories that has no space for leaving out any section of Business or industry vertical untouched.  This uniqueness makes every Entrepreneur, Professional Service, Small Time Independent Businesses, and Medium Size Industries to Large Corporates, Big Conglomerates with regional categories covering most of the Towns and Cities of Countries around the Globe.

BoTW shares the listing of any business for Free but yes, you are charged for services such as visibility on the top search, Verified listing, Discount Coupons and Offers, Customer Support, Lead sharing, Traffic boost to your site etc. BoTW has other related offering towards E-Market catering to specific needs through its subsidiaries BoTW Blog (Blog Directory), BoTW UK & Ireland (UK & Ireland Directory), BoTW New York (New York Local Directory) 

Best of the Web is one of the oldest and most respected business Directory.


IndustryStock is a Digital Business Directory Listing platform that has free listing and a small Premium for the dynamic Usage and customised requirement. Based on the Industry and Business Service that they cater to varies forms of SEO, Analysis, Company and Product Ranking, Project queries,  Internship, Innovation, Online Advertising, Articles, Magazine, Key Word Monitoring, Translation, Lead Generation, etc. are shared focusing the global audience on charged basis.

IndustryStock majorly focuses on Machinery Parts and Spares for the needs of every industries, which Produces and Supplies to various regions spreading your relationships to Small Businesses, Large Corporates and Merchants for OEM Equipment requirements arising around the globe. 

free listing and a small Premium for the dynamic Usage and customised requirement


Please note that this data on the Business Directories might have changed  at the time of the viewing. Please treat this only as an indication of the ranking and overall position as of 02-Aug-20.

The file can be uploaded from the above ‘Download’ Link

Importance of A Business Directory In Digital Marketing


Since the end of March, 2020 it is about five to six months now we are all in this tough time of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. You must be aware of the continued struggle that is challenging the globe by everyone not only health distress but also mental depression and stress.

We are aware of few information that sadden us around due to this CORONA virus spread. Some have lost their life, some lost their jobs, some lost business, some lost clients to competitors, some lost their wealth, some are starving for food, some lost their families, some lost their friends, and some lost their loved ones.

I get that it is a pain in our heart and dark days in our memory!

Let me put a small request to you before I start with this very purpose of us getting here. A small thought I wish to share with you all that keeps the belief and faith of our spirit alive.

You can join with me in saying these;

  • I am Alive, I am Blessed To Live,
  • I am Strong, I am Blessed To Work,
  • I am Confident, I am Blessed To Support my Family,
  • I am Self-Sufficient, I am Blessed To Support My Society.

Great! Now close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Welcome back Strong Soul!

We shall move ahead to know more on the purpose of you being here. This article importance of business directories in digital marketing shall provide you with information that you may need to understand.

I wish that you get a break through in the Post-COVID era, start up a new venture, get your business house listed, receive more opportunity for growth, and achieve sustainability.  

Why Is This Topic Important Now?

At this very moment, we live in a world of digitization around us; everything that we touch for our routine living has begun to change from what we have used sometime back. Technology, device, materials, instruments, appliances, gadgets, interior and exterior amenities, services, experience, sophistication, luxury, medical care, treatment, health care, fitness, and the list goes on.

By now, we should have used items, plans, packages, or bundles of offerings under any of these or most of these either products, service, or experience segments directly or indirectly in forms or means in our daily life.

Do you agree with me?

This rapid change has led to competition, consumption, innovation, imitation, and many special challenges that may offer service to use or exploit any consumer.

The ongoing lockdown globally during this COVID-19 (CORONA virus) pandemic has caused a major shutdown on logistics, supply chain, hospitality, textile, education, training, consumer durables, airline, tourism, transport, and many more organisations.

This situation has compelled a trigger towards Technology and Digital Driven World (TDDW) that acts as means of providing scope and hope for business sustainability, continuity, expansion, and new audience reach with tonnes of churning thoughts and ideas for exploration.

I stop here to put forth a small insight that can turn your spark around the Importance of a business directory in digital marketing. Business Directories (BD) and Digital Marketing (DM) are International Twins (Two to Tango) in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 arena that can lend an extending hand for any type of business houses like your individual business, entrepreneurial entity, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SME), and even large corporates.

It is imperative that you use them wisely and optimally with respect your own business needs, offerings (product, service, and experience), vendors and end customers’ requirements and expectations.

Quest Mode

Let me weed out to provide you clarity and better understanding on the required and vital information in such a way that it is much more effective and helps in your business decision-making process.

A.Preparation of BAST PACT for your organisation or business
B. Knowing digital marketing
C. Importance of listing in business directories
D. Know the Best business directories that are available around the world

Your key purpose is to know the above key topics as take away that I shared on early written articles.

I shall decode the topic C for a deep thought and understanding perspective. However, I will partially debrief topic B with few links that shall provide you further information and is available in plenty.

Let us cut the cake into consumable limits so that it is easy for the chew…

Knowing Digital Marketing

Let us get into an understanding!

I shall not go into the vast ocean of digital marketing and its ocean floor to explore all in its environs but shall take you to a shallow space for an enjoyable sea surfing.

Digital Marketing Outline

Digital marketing in simple term means an ecosystem of interconnect internet-enabled devices, mobiles & systems, etc. in a cloud environment for the Technology Driven Digital World (TDDW) that helps you to market your business offerings (product, service, and experience).

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It helps and enables the business houses & its representative members to complete the cycle of activities that include identify audience, reach target contact, engage, communicate, customise, transact, deliver, exhibit, serve experience, etc. by all of these or part of these in by virtual, digital, internet or electronic means.  

Inevitable Need

In this era of pandemic, it is wise to reach your customers “The E-Market way” rather than the conventional way of mail, fax, face-to-face, and printed documents. In this fast changing world that would require quick decision making, faster process, low lead time, reaction to competition, quick to innovate, prompt engagement, ease of labour and resource management, transparent transaction, ease of accounting, tax compliance, logistics and delivery.  

What we would see in the future? In addition, what we are going through in this phase of life?

Yeah! You guessed it right the evolution called “Industrial Revolution 4.0

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is on rapid phase of progress and if we are not keeping the phase off we would nearly miss to aboard the cruise ship on the shore.

Industry Revolution 4.0 is undergoing an expected but non-anticipated preponed reality that sprouted debate among Analyst, Technocrats, Business Tycoons, Multi-Millionaires, and Economist around the world.

This IR 4.0 is capable to turn the table of human intervention in the name of modernisation to create faster, reliable, secure, yet cost effective means to cater to the needs and requirements of your business and its consumers.

Business Directories & Digital Marketing – Two to Tango

Digital marketing comes with an arsenal of benefits that are easy to use, dependable, affordable, accurate with detailed analyse, predictive report and helps in suggestive decision making and measured strategic initiative for organisation of any size & scale.

Business directories acts as a Consultant, Mediator, Facilitator, Agent, Adverting, Marketing agent, and an Advisory member for your business houses to take prompt action and enhance the feasibility of identifying to serving to financing to logistics to managing customers across the world. 

Getting your business house listed is one part of the story, but it is not complete when it does not solve the purpose of your business entity until its get its Return on Investment (RoI) for sustainability and growth. This is where the true support entrusted on the business directories to help your business house in nurturing them for better decision making.

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Every time and again, your business needs analysis, requirement, trends in market, research siting information, competitor strategy, tracking information, data flow that helps you plan further action on your business policies, products, service, experience, resource, cost and planning.

However, having all these done with an in-house team needs a huge budget, large resource (infrastructure, technology, and skilled work force), and understanding of the right channel and tools to withstand the experiment permutation and combination in tactics and research learning.  

A few of the benefits enlisted below:

  • Ease of market reach (via social media, e-campaign, messaging channels, video, etc.)
  • Faster return on investment
  • Optimal usage of technology and tools
  • Real time analysis
  • Quick decision making
  • Ahead of market trends
  • Proactive competitive measure
  • Low investment in infrastructure
  • Optimised skill training
  • Manoeuvring cost and time challenges
  • Higher efficiency in operational & marketing

Usage of Tools & Technologies

I have enlisted few tools that digital marketers use to attain the purpose of every business goals;

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Web site, portal support, landing page
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation (includes lead generation, conversion optimization)
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • E-Mail and Text marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Forms
  • Optins
  • Help Desk, Message Bots
  • Designing
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

In addition, many more like these are on the way of innovation, exploration, and creating exciting experience through the clouds of the TDDW. The user across the world are increasing in large scale and your customer shall be one among them as well.

Hence, there is no doubt on the importance of business directories in digital marketing. Its domineering to say that digital marketing has made the herculean task bit easier but also you need to understand that expertise and on ground market reality will be effective with real human in the front end.

Along the year’s business directories data mine to accumulate information in their portals and search engines to see the demand–supply gap meet consistency and satisfaction.   

Some Awesome Reference


As a simple lesson, a person like me sitting in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India noticing adequate pop up with information every time when I log into the web world on my search for pet adoption. I receive calls, mails, and messages frequently regarding this from various sources even IVR (Interactive Voice Response) bots this shows the height of web-linked interfaces that work in accord and real time with interconnected internet world to help the related business houses to identify and connect with me.

“The world is a place that is so interconnected that what happens in another part of the world will impact us.” – By Anthony Fauci

To sum up, I hope you have now understood the requirement of BAST PACT business essentials for your business house, digital marketing and its necessity, business directories importance, and Best Business Directories of the world.

What is your Next plan?

Knowing and learning alone cannot make you a Swimmer or an Artist.

Boosted with the knowledge and information now let us put those knowledge, learning and tools into practice.

Keep moving one-step ahead at a time. Get your business listed in our business directory and couple of others as well; start using the virtual tools to experience better fruitful results. 

Start sharing and get others to explore the endless virtual world filled with possibilities and opportunities.

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