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We are a team of highly experienced professionals in the field of computer repair and maintenance. We have built a specialist organization with high quality infrastructure that can support your computer repair requirements end-to-end. It is our promise to every client of ours that we will make every effort in repairing your laptop, printer, plotter etc to the best of your satisfaction.

Business Description

We are established in the year 2011 in Dubai, UAE. Since the inception, we have serviced thousands of equipment and thereby helped our valuable customers in the area of Laptops Notebook tablets Server Desktop Data recovery.

Whether you want to repair a laptop computer that fails to boot, performs poorly or shows erratic issues, we can handle your equipment with great efficiency and return it to health with speed and efficiency.

At Technocure Dubai, our high quality service center can handle your equipment with unparalleled care and efficiency. Although based in Dubai, we work across the country in equipment repair, service, and extend annual maintenance support contracts in the area of our expertise.

Our support process:

Contact us through email, website or phone. (Step 1)

Provide your inquiry details. Ask for a pickup and drop of the equipment if needed. Depending upon mutual agreement, such pickup and drop can be facilitated.

We pick your PC, Laptop or other Equipment (Step2:)

Once we are in possession of your PC, Laptop or printer, we enter the phase of identifying the issue so that we can provide a cost of repair. This process will be expeditiously done and usually take 24 hours or less.

Repair estimation and order confirmation: (Step 3:)

In this step, we determine the best price we can offer for your support requirement on the basis of our preliminary findings.

In case you are a corporate customer requiring equipment support such as servers, plotters, and large printers, the process will be undertaken in your offices depending upon the viability. Sometimes due to the need for extensive repairs requiring the support of our technical infrastructure, in Technocure offices, this cannot be undertaken in your premises.

We start the remediation process of your laptop, desktop, printer or other equipment (Step4:)

Once the previous processes have been completed, we start the repair process immediately and you will be notified up on its completion. As previously agreed, we can either deliver the PC, laptop, printer or plotter or other such equipment to your premises or wait for you to pick it up once the repair process has been completed successfully.


Products / Services


Along with our core services offering repair and technical support services, we also have a dedicated team for your product purchase needs.

Our sales team has access to an elaborate array of IT equipment such as PCs, Notebook computers, tablets, Servers, Network Equipment, and all type of software.

We will quickly offer our proposals on receiving your IT requirements. We are always ready to prepare quotations and arrange the procurement and delivery of any hardware, software, or consumables that you may require in the quickest time possible.

Proposals can be sent you quickly once the requirement has been received by us.

Our well established vendor relationships and brand independence allows us to provide customized solutions at competitive prices.

A core service of this division, together with the Outsource department and Repair Centre, is its ability not only to supply equipment, but also to manage service and support it throughout its life cycle. Technocure is proud to announce that we work differently from “box movers” of the IT industry by adding value to the products we sell, and thus providing clients with solutions to best fit their particular requirements.


Our services include main board repair, up-gradation, replacement, and refurbishment as well as support services along with Warranty option. Our services include:

  • Laptop repairs: We give you up-front fixed-fee pricing, through which you will know exactly how much it will cost to repair your laptop. We are well-equipped and skilled to repair all kinds of problems associated with laptops of all brands.
  • Hard disk data recovery: We know how important your data is to you. Therefore, we ensure to help you recover all of your data, be it from your laptop, the hard disk of your server, your desktop or from any other storage device that may be connected to your network.
  • PC Repairs and Maintenance: We have all the expertise to repair all components of PCs including mother board, hard disk etc.
  • Plotter and printer repairs and maintenance: We know how important your plotter or printer is for you. We undertake emergency repairs and offer maintenance contracts in the most affordable way to make sure you face no problems with your plotters or your printers.
  • POS machine maintenance: With help from IBM, we offer effective maintenance of all kinds of POS machines
  • Touch-screen integration: We help you achieve display excellence through our high quality touch-screen integration services
  • Virus and Spyware removal: We offer antivirus software installations and firewall installations to make sure your systems are free from viruses, Trojans, malware and spyware. We also help you in preventing any kind of malicious application from entering your network.

Major Customers

Gloria hotels Dubai, UAE

Sofitel hotels, Dubai, UAE

Al Mayalal Super Market, Dubai, UAE

Mouawad – Jewellery group, Dubai

Intertec systems, Dubai, UAE.

Article About Business

The Electronic Component level repair – where the expertise counts: 

This is a field of expertise where you need unique skills to be able to go in-depth into the electronic circuitry and find fault.

The article aims to describe what type of specific skillset would be required by a professional for venturing into this innovative field of technical support that ultimately cut the cost to the customer in owning his equipment by making new purchases unnecessary.

There are three steps involved in resolving an issue that affect a printer circuit board (PCB) of a laptop, desktop, printer or similar equipment.

  1. Identifying the exact problem – the component causing the fault.
  2. Isolating the component causing the issue – going more in-depth into the exact problematic component.
  3. Remedying the issue – once the cause has been found the rectification is rather easy provided the necessary components are available for purchase from manufacturer, OEM, or other sources. 

In order to carry out the above mentioned steps, the technician on the work needs to possess the following abilities through his qualification and experience. 

  1. Be able to diagnose the equipment’s electronic circuit schematics.
  2. Make use of diagnostic equipment and test equipment to assess and validate fault failures.
  3. Be familiar with tools such as multimeters and oscilloscopes used in the troubleshooting of electronic circuitry in component level.
  4. Be skilled in both SMT and through-hole soldering practices following IPC standards.
  5. Be skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in troubleshooting methods, documentation, and reporting methods in a well-organized and logical manner using best practices.
  6. Use of office packages such as Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint and other applications as required for documenting and communicating information whenever necessary inside the service organization and when it is needed to the customers.
  7. Be able to work in a dynamic team environment with critical stakeholders to identify problems through root cause analysis in a timely manner and report findings for preventative measures.
  1. Troubleshooting circuits, installing new components, and repairing the printed circuit boards (PCB) need mastery in this profession backed by enormous experience. It takes less time for a capable individual and experienced technicians to exercise this skill.
  2. Ability to adjust or replace defective components or improperly functioning circuitry or electronics components, using hand tools or soldering iron.
  3. There will be a need for assisting other team members and educating customers for the purpose of skill enhancement and continuing education. There is also a need for skill in working with users to identify needs, determine sources of problems, or to provide information on product use as necessary.
  4. Reasonable communication skills in order to report findings to the service quality team and assist in the development of corrective actions to prevent reoccurring failures.

Other skills, expertise, and interpersonal skill set needed.

Successful technician will be able to demonstrate the following abilities in order to ultimately aid the business he is working to support.

  1. Align with the organizations core values and enhance the principal standards that the company is pursuing.
  2. Understand the business well so that the ways and methods to improve the business to serve the customer well can be always targeted.
  3. Be customer focused. This means that the customers’ needs are always understood.
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction and service. Customer has been king, customer is king and will continue to be king. This needs to be well understood as part of the services business you are in.
  5. You must want your employees, customers, and suppliers to enjoy working with your company. While we set our goals on such ideals, we believe that ultimately such goals can aid bring more business.
  6. Innovation is defined as a mind to think differently. To question the status quo. Innovation means questioning the current methods. It means staying foolish and staying hungry as the great Steve jobs has said. It means constantly asking the question ‘why’? You must encourage creativity in an environment in which new ideas build on successful platforms and continue the evolution of integrated product offerings. We believe this is how we truly delight our customers.
  7. Fanatical Excellence – You must strive to pursue excellence all over your business. You must endeavor to achieve the best in all that you do. Our responsibility to customers and ourselves is to adopt a sense of healthy fear in which quality must be proven and never assumed. You must hold yourself accountable to the highest standards of passion in your business.
  8. Ethics – You must be honest and fair with employees, customers, and suppliers. This creates an environment of mutual respect and trust which is very important in achieving excellence.

Customer Impression

Prestigious Projects


Customer Testimonials

“I really like your support and commitment. The price is great, too! I’ll be requesting for support in the future also - Gloria hotels Dubai – Janeesh.

“Thank you for your support. You have always been efficient and honest” - Sofitel hotels, Dubai – Ahmed khamis.

“We are forever greatful for your quality tech support for our printers, desktops, and laptops. We will be happy to recommend Technocure to our friends and contacts - Prakash preman , Al Mayalal super market dubai, UAE.

“The kind of support we experienced from you in the past has been top quality. We expect the same in the future and shall not hesitate to recommend you to your new customers” – James, Mouawad – jewellery group, Dubai, UAE.

“It has been a great pleasure to enjoy your technical support in the past” - Jacob Thomas, Intertec systems, Dubai, UAE

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