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Greetings from Siachen.com – ‘Your business needs a page’, a global business profile directory!

Message to the public visitors:

  • The content published is vetted as closely as possible while we edit it. Yet, we make no in-depth investigation to understand the operations and conditions of the business posted on the site, their commitment or their forthrightness.
  • We will not be responsible for any damage resulting from your business with the concerned organization whatsoever, resulting from you finding the business through Siachen.com.
  • Review or comments posted by the visitor can not be scrutinized by us for its truth and value. We only go by the face value of the text of the visitor. The profile owner or platform visitor may do the same. Determination of how good or bad a business is, need not have any bearing on the review or comments published in either support or against the business. If a visitor agrees with the business profile or review published on Siahcen.com and they take an action based on such an agreement, we will not be responsible for any damages arising out of such an action.

Message to the profile creators / business owners:

Please understand that your entry may be rejected due to any of the following reasons without intimation.

  • If your content is detrimental in any way to the general public or does not maintain the standard that we strive to maintain as a professional business directory host. Examples for such content is escort agencies, online pharmacies or any such businesses.  
  • Substantial portion of the content that you have used to create your profile is a copy from some source, including from your website.  
  • You have only created an ID and no business profile has been created yet either due to technical or other reasons.  
  • Kindly refer to the ‘profile creation guide’ section for the mandatory word length and uniqueness requirements of your profile.  
  • We are confident that you can write five unique (original) sentences about your business; a small business story about how you built and operate it. Please create a piece of content that is not a copy from anywhere (including your own site). Lack of such an original text in your business profile is the most likely reason your business profile entry has not been accepted.  
  • As already mentioned, we request you to create a business description for the profile at least in four or five sentences with unique content.  
  • Please follow the ‘profile creation guide’ on Siachen.com top right corner and prepare the business profile data as fresh and unique as possible. Only profile that follows our content standards will be helpful to you and us.

Remember that the quality, uniqueness, and quantity of your profile content will ultimately determine the search engine rank your profile page will receive through Siachen. Siachen dash board provides you plenty of opportunities to write a detailed, long, and unique profile. Please note that search engines or their visitor are not interested in any copied content irrespective of its source. Please make use of the opportunity to write a detailed profile to achieve a mutually beneficial organic search engine rank for your page through content SEO.

Please consider this communication as a humble request from our end to create / edit your business profile at the earliest and resubmit it to us.

Also, please note that the properly written profile will be published after review / edit on a First-Cum-First-Served basis at this time in Siachen platforms progress.

We may take a few days to ten days to publish your profile in Siachen Business Profiles Directory.

We may or may not intimate you about the progress of the publishing of your posted profile. We may also trash it directly based on the profile contents state and its adherence to terms and conditions.

Regarding most standard business profiles, in order to make sure that your profile is indeed published quickly, kindly ensure that the content has quality, quantity, and uniqueness.

Best Regards,

Siachen Team.

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