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Thetechlive, New Delhi, India.
Private Limited
Ashish Singh
Digital Marketing
15 Employees
New Delhi
Lucknow Noida


A block, Near City Shine School, New Ashoknagar, New Delhi, 110096

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Thetechlive provides to there customers a high quality website and SEO to grow there business.

Business Description

Thetechlive Provides SEO services and web development. It is India base company started in 2011 by three young energetic software engineer, started through a small business company who deals in software development.

Today thetechlive offer many services like android application development, website development, software development, iOS application development, WordPress customization, plugin customization, SEO services. Thetechlive is india leading website development company, currently company have 15 plus employee and they deliver there best to there customers. Company have also win several awards for 'Best Digital Marketing' and Best Web development company in Delhi.

Company deals in several country like USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, UAE, Russia, China, Australia and Japan. Company have clients like Searchind, Autowala, Holyland Group, mybusineess listing, edorium papers and many mores.  Customer of this company given a high rate for there work which they completed. Company offers there employee work from home to reduce there developer headache, environment and culture of the company is awesome. Recently company starts there Lucknow branch in Gomtinagar where all SEO works handled by an individual team.

Web Development and iOS application, Android application related works are done in New Delhi. Company is growing continuously in the field of information technology, company is planning to open a new branch in Dubai.

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Web Design Solutions  - A Guide to hiring your developer.


Web Design Solutions – An introduction:

Here’s why Web-designing is important:

  1. First Impression:
  2. Boosts your SEO Strategy:
  3. Edge over competitors.
  4. Bridging Trust with the Audience.
  5. Makes your business appear consistent.

How does a business owner accomplish having both- a great web-design and SEO?

What more after Web-design and SEO?

Digital Marketing

How does a business owner do Digital Marketing?

Advantages of Mobile-App Development:

  1. To cultivate consumer loyalty:
  2. Strengthening brand value:
  3. Raising awareness of the brand:
  4. Customer base expansion:
  5. Reaching to consumers on the go:

How should a business owner accomplish all of the above mentioned: Web-design, Digital Marketing and Mobile-App Development?.

Following are the advantages of hiring a professional company:

  1. Customisable-design.
  2. Latest Information Technology
  3. Time-Saving
  4. Not Expensive
  5. Reliable Website

Following are the things one should consider before hiring a web-design firm:

  1. Budget:
  2. Past-Record.
  3. Estimated Project Time
  4. Customer service.
  5. Customizable Designing.

Web Design Solutions – An introduction:

Web design is the mechanism by which content intended for the Internet is designed, conceptualized and organized. Modern web design moves beyond what things look like (aesthetics) to incorporate how they work. Web design is not confined to web-pages, as it covers other purposes such as web services, smartphone apps and user interface design.

Web Design Solutions – An introduction

How you design your website can go a long way in popularizing it

With the introduction of modern technologies, the respected opportunities available are very easy to skip. This condition is much worse if one lacks the skills to capitalize into these shifts. This is the case for businesses that have limited understanding of the development and design of websites. Website services have made major improvements to the way the business market operates. These days almost all business make use of web-designing, either they do it themselves or hire a web-designing services. Web-designing is more than just creating a website for your business, it is much more. Many businesses even generate a huge amount of revenue just from getting likes or hits on their websites. There are plenty of reasons (other than just getting likes) on why one should get into the digital game.

Here’s why Web-designing is important:

1. First Impression:

This gives them their first experience of your company as your audience visits your website. They'll be evaluating your company in seconds. You want to have a positive impression on the audience in these first few seconds.

If your website looks unattractive or obsolete, your audience/customer will give out an instant negative opinion of your company in the form of comments or posts. You 're going to miss out on leads or the number of hits because the customer is going to leave your page to go to a competitor 's page. You can either make an impact on them to continue on your page and learn about your business, or quit your page and turn to a rival.

2. Boosts your SEO Strategy:

Many web design features and standards impact how you post content on your website which in turn influences how your website is crawled and indexed by search engine spiders.   If the fundamentals of your on-page SEO are not up to the mark, you will be battling an uphill battle for exposure from the outset. Apart from the way material is written on the website, other aspects of web design may have a significant impact on SEO itself. Web design can be hard to grasp if you don't know how it works so, to put it clearly, the application needs to be SEO-friendly. One can accomplish this by going for professional web-designing services.

3. Edge over competitors

If you need a explanation why web design is important, here's a major one: Web design is already used by your rivals. You will use web design for your platform if you want to stay in competition with them. You would like to see the website stand out from the crowd. If you have an old, outdated and low-quality website, you'll be outranked by your competitor's. Their platform should do better than your website. It means you are going to give out leading to your rivals. They would draw more leads to their website, because their profile becomes more enticing. The design of your Website is an opportunity for you to distinguish your business from the competition.

4. Bridging Trust with the Audience

People don't like websites which are poorly built. If they see your bad design or the content seems old, they will have no faith in your platform. They may view your website as seedy or shady because there's no updated web design. Building trust with your audience is important, so that they stay on your site. When tourists linger longer on your platform, you build more chances for your organization to catch those leads.

5.  Makes your business appear consistent

You want to build up your brand while you are trying to get new leads for your market. You want your customer to familiarize themselves with your brand and when they are about to switch they prefer you. Web designs online are important because they help to build consistency across your page. You need to use the same fonts, designs, and templates on your website on every page. That will make the site appear unprofessional if you have a different style on each side.

If your website isn't good , people will bounce from yours to a more friendly looking one. By building continuity, you hold the leads longer on your page and familiarize them with your market. You’ll get more leads.

Many people often end up relying on the business that pops up first in front of them. This is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) kicks in.The SEO and web design work more well together than other people would know. SEO consists of different strategies, exercises and best practices, all of which have the common objective of improving the website's position in search engines-that’s why it’s called "search engine optimization."

How does a business owner accomplish having both- a great web-design and SEO?

Since web design and SEO are so closely linked to each other, you need to make sure they fit together well. That is why it is important to escape at all costs the all-too-common method of recruiting a designer to plan out and build a web, then to pull in an SEO expert as an afterthought. The early stages of the project will include both a designer and the SEO. This will help the designer build an SEO-friendly site architecture, which will also allow the SEO expert the chance to see the intricacies of the site design.

[caption id="attachment_152461" align="alignnone" width="650"]How does a business owner accomplish having both- a great web-design and SEO? Search Engine Optimization is key to any website promotion:[/caption]

You may think the best way to ensure that the design and optimization fit well together is to employ one person who does both web design and SEO — so be very cautious if that is what you are thinking. Those are two distinct areas, so it is easier to recruit people who are excellent at both than one person who is good at both. Hiring a full service Internet marketing firm is a safer option. By having an existing team of designers, engineers, and SEOs to work together on your web, you can be confident not only that the final product would be unified, but that a qualified specialist has done every aspect.

What more after Web-design and SEO?

Now that the business owner has built and developed its business’ web-design and created SEO to ensure it gets more hits, what should the business owner do next to maximise their profits?

The answer is simple, digital marketing. Digital marketing should be done to ensure that all possible channels which the audience use to get more hits.

[caption id="attachment_152462" align="alignnone" width="650"]What more after Web-design and SEO? Digital Marketing is key to the success of today's websites.[/caption]

Photo Courtesy: Transmedia Newswire

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing covers all marketing campaigns using a mobile computer or the internet. Businesses exploit new platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. to communicate with existing and potential future clients through platforms such as search engines , social media, email and other websites.Although conventional-marketing may exist in the form of print advertising, telephone-contact, or physical door-to-door or business-to-business advertisement, digital marketing may occur both online and electronically. It means that there are countless options for companies, including potential for email, video, social media or website-based marketing.

Digital media is critical to the company and brand recognition at this level. Any other company appears to have a web line. And if they don't, then they have at least a voice in social media or a digital ad campaign. Digital advertising and promotions are so popular that customers now use it as a way to learn about products and focus on it. You may get creative and play on a budget with a range of marketing approaches because digital marketing has so many choices and techniques that are synonymous with it. You may also use digital marketing resources and analytics dashboards to track the campaigns progress and ROI more than you do for conventional advertising material — such as a billboard or print ad.

How does a business owner do Digital Marketing?

Digital marketers are responsible for increasing brand recognition and leading development across all the digital platforms-free and paying-open to a client. Such platforms include social media, the company's own website, listings for search engines, email, promotional shows, and the company's blog. For each platform, the digital marketer typically relies on a specific key performance indicator (KPI), so that they can better assess the output of the business in each platform. For example, a digital marketer who is responsible for SEO tests the "fresh traffic" to their website — with that traffic comes from website users who find a website of the company through a Google search.

Businesses are using any available technique in the new digital marketing environments that can help them get on top of cut edge rivalry. Getting a smartphone app will aid a lot in maintaining existing consumers and attracting new ones at the same time.

The creation of mobile applications has become a norm and basic prerequisite for a productive enterprise. They take care of the needs of both client and company owner, by offering an efficient communications platform for them. A smartphone app will make it easy for a consumer to purchase products, with secure payment channels and user-friendly features. But it guarantees a customer-friendly environment.

Advantages of Mobile-App Development:

Mobile apps are increasingly crucial to reach your customers today.

1. To cultivate consumer loyalty:

Since the advent of smartphone apps associated with a specific company, the business owners have an ability to create an immediate and direct link to their client base. Business owners should add online promotions, discounts and deals that are reflected readily in the App. It continues to improve retail profits, as well as create brand loyalty.

2. Strengthening brand value:

The secret to success with a successful marketing strategy is getting the full interest of the consumer. Developing a smartphone app will help maintain the brand identity with a lasting impact that is helpful for consumer retention.

3.  Raising awareness of the brand:

Smart phones and other related devices are among the most-used apps of our daily lives. This presents advertisers with a fantastic chance to use such tools as a tool to broaden their brand identity. Through exploiting the daily use of mobile computers, smartphone applications help keep the company's brand fresh on the consumer's mind.

4.  Customer base expansion:

Once the business acquires potential clients, smartphone apps will do something to support. Seeing that most applications are available on almost all smartphone devices, it implicitly expands the targeting reach. The goods are gaining more visibility as the number of future buyers increases exponentially.

5.  Reaching to consumers on the go:

Phone- apps are a smart way to deliver updates, news announcements and promotional offers to traveling consumers. Mobile apps are among the most commonly used gadgets in everyday human life and use this as an asset for smartphone applications to offer a higher response rate than email marketing. A reliable company that produces a smartphone app should tailor an app to meet all of your unique needs.

These days, a smartphone app is a requirement for marketing and forms a vital aspect of customer interaction.  The process of developing a smartphone app will be helpful to both the company owner and the consumers. This is why most businesses currently tend to employ creators of smartphone applications in order to stay competitive in the global market today.

How should a business owner accomplish all of the above mentioned: Web-design, Digital Marketing and Mobile-App Development?

The answer is to hire a professional company which has expertise in all of the things. Today several businesses provide numerous services such as development of android apps, website creation, software development, development of iOS applications, modification of WordPress, modification of plugins and SEO services. Their staff will adapt their web design services to suit your company and its particular needs. That's why you can customize every feature of our services to your company, goods, services, and goals.

Following are the advantages of hiring a professional company:

1.  Customisable-design

You know when you employ a qualified web company that your website will be built to match your company. The web designer will analyse your company and goods, and collaborate with you against the website's target. Want to produce the revenue online? Advertising walk-in? Is your website intended for information purposes only? If you answer these and other questions your account will be designed to suit your unique needs. DIY web designers limit their platform resources and often restrict text and graphics. A competent web designer isn't prisoner to these constraints.

2.  Latest Information Technology

The Internet changes daily. Every day new technology, new machine code, new ways of drawing traffic to the site happen. When employing a skilled web designer, for maximum performance, you can be confident that the site is being built using the latest technology and according to the latest trends.

3.  Time-Saving

Web Design is more than just throwing up a pretty website. These days websites support amazing features that can save you time and increase your revenue-automatically.   Online scheduling of appointments gives both a benefit to your clients and prevents you from having to schedule the appointment by phone. Follow-up thank you for being able to seamlessly send emails and add a nice touch to the service. There are literally thousands of possibilities for using your website to automate parts of your business. You will boost service to consumers, through repeat business and most significantly save time

4.  Not Expensive

Don't make your website as an unnecessary expense. This is an opportunity that when done well will make you a lot of money. But the cost is still not as expensive as you would expect. CMS platforms and plugins have taken down the expense of recruiting a skilled web design firm these days, but because these sites have more impressive features the ROI has been growing even further.

5.  Reliable Website

If you're designing the website yourself, it might not be a reliable one. When you're not an expert in web design, you do not know that your website is unstable until it's too late. Your website could be up for several months, and operate well. Yet the second you 're about to change it, it turns down, or it starts getting other problems. A bad website is bad for business, and you've got to spend a lot of time on finding someone who knows what they're doing to resolve a problem. Yet the website continues to be the same website, so can crash again.

A web design firm will automatically build a stable website that you don't have to think about crashing, failing or otherwise behaving weird.

Many of the elements on the current website should work seamlessly from the outset by recruiting a professional web design firm. A typical website is much more than just a piece of code with a few words and some photos. A professional web design firm provides all the tools you need to excel at a smaller cost than you would imagine, and less time. Most people don't know how critical web design is, nor do they understand the harm a badly designed site can do to their company. If professional website design is cost-effective and readily available there is no need to take such a gamble with your company.

While hiring a professional company is clearly a good decision, there are many things one should consider before hiring a web-design solution providing company.

Following are the things one should consider before hiring a web-design firm:

1.  Budget:

Decide on what your budget is before setting on one developer. Find out what the amount of web design work is going on in your field before talking to prospective designers. To find out about this stuff, the best way is to ask other local business owners in the region who they hired to build their website and the overall cost involved. If you find yourself in love with a certain website that isn't nearby, email the owner and ask if they'd mind sharing their designer's contact information.

2.  Past-Record

Any Web firm who has been in operation for a while should be proud to give their clients their portfolios. A selection of the websites they built from the past should show you a idea of what to expect. Take your time to go through them, decide whether they have what you want. It would also allow you to learn their job expectations. Don’t hire a business that hesitates to give you their previous work; this is an indicator that they are more impressive than they can offer.

3.  Estimated Project Time

This is one more important element: How long does it take for the web design agency to get the website up and running? In order to take advantage of the huge online market, a business wants its online presence soonest possible. Hence, providing an approximate timeframe to finish the job is crucial.

4.  Customer service.

It's a method of creating a website and it takes time. Go for the business providing outstanding customer service and being competent in its approach. You do need to find a way to connect with the other employees because they are instrumental in making a website that is nice and reliable. They need to be impeccable and consistent in their contact skills too.

5.  Customizable Designing

Your company is special and it should also be your website to create a solid, favourable first impression and a consistent user experience. Customized  Design solutions give your website more visibility, versatility and scalability as your business expands.

It can be daunting to try out a web design firm that suits your business needs. They can all look the same on the surface and provide the same facilities, but when you start digging deeper, it's only then that you can appreciate the true worth of the skills of a successful web design business. You’ll be happy with the increased success of your business.

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