Premium Services

We offer content writing services as premium services, if you need help:


We have several years of experience with web content preparation and how to garner the best rank on the search engine results (SERPs) through keyword optimization, quality, and quantity of content.

The premium profile content creation service aims to make the best efforts to edit your profile in such a way that it elicits maximum benefits as a publicly listed business profile by securing place on top of search engine results and to provide the best picture of your business to Siachen site visitors.

The common problem resulting in poor search engine rankings come from the fact that the content is ill prepared. It is also a consequence of content not prepared in great quality and sufficient quantity and with targeted keywords in mind.

Who needs this service?

  1. Those who lack adequate command of English language to create a profile in rich and strategically prepared language.
  2. Those who cannot formulate words and phrases that rivets the reader to your profile, forcing them to take an action to order your product or service by reading your profile or to contact you for further information.
  3. We are specialists in copywriting and content preparation that involves tactically delivering words that get people to take some form of action such as contacting you.
  4. Who has lack of time and energy to put the right focus on creating a good business profile.
  5. Inability to update the content according to the changing business profile.
  6. Those of you who do not understand how search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing work and rank the web content.

The price:

Price variations: You have own website No website
Freelancers: ₹350 per 500 words. ₹350 per 500 words.
All other businesses: ₹700 per 500 words. ₹900 per 500 words.
Full profile creation (All sections): ₹1500 per 1200 words. ₹1900 per 1200 words.

What we will actually do:

  1. Once you confirm the order and process the payment by contacting us, we will call you and gather how we can work together.
  2. We will develop an understanding of your business through the web (if you have a website), and by direct interaction whenever necessary.
  3. Subsequent to learning about your business, we will quickly begin the process of content drafting.
  4. The work will be specifically focused on the ‘Business description’ section of your profile. No other sections will be prepared by us as part of the premium services unless you chose the Full profile creation option.
  5. Cost is higher for those who have no website as this incurs additional cost of communication In order to understand the nuances of the business during the content creation process.

Who can join and the next steps?

Whether or not you have already created a profile with us, you can opt for this service at any stage by calling our offices or filling up the contact us form.