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Youth Helping Trust
Gaurav Kumar
New Delhi


A-70, Block A, Pandav Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, India.

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Welcome to Youth Helping Trust, a nationally recognized non-governmental organization located in Delhi, dedicated to uplifting communities.

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Youth Helping Trust - We would like to use this opportunity to introduce Youth Helping Trust to you. 

Youth Helping Trust is a well-known non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Delhi that is committed to elevating communities through a variety of different welfare programs. 

Our organization currently oversees more than one hundred active projects that address issues related to education, health, safety, food security, reaction to natural disasters, empowering women, improving the lives of poor children, animal welfare, and the environment. By giving people and communities the tools, they need to lead more fulfilling lives, we hope to have a positive influence on society as a whole. Our group of hardworking professionals is putting in a lot of effort to determine the most important problems facing the community and come up with workable ideas to address those problems.

We at Youth Helping Trust are firm believers in the efficacy of working together and participating in group efforts. We collaborate closely with the communities, governments, and other stakeholders in the area to design and implement effective, long-term projects that are both sustainable and meaningful. We have won the trust and support of our stakeholders, including funders, volunteers, and partners, as a result of our commitment to excellence, transparency, and accountability. We would love for you to become a part of our team and contribute to our goal of making the world a better place. If we work together, we can make the future better for everyone.

The Youth Helping Trust is a non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Delhi that is well-known across the country for the many charitable initiatives it has undertaken. The mission of the organization is to better the lives of people by concentrating its efforts in key areas such as education, health, safety, food security, response to natural disasters, empowerment of women, means of subsistence, impoverished children, animal care, and environmental protection. The group is now working on more than 100 active projects, all of which contribute significantly to the community.

The organization is motivated by the conviction that individual efforts combined with those of others can have a major impact on the larger society. The group of skilled experts puts in a lot of effort to determine which problems are the most urgent for the community and then come up with workable solutions to address those problems. Additionally, in order to guarantee the viability and effectiveness of its programs, Youth Helping Trust maintains tight relationships with the communities, governments, and other interested parties in the areas in which it operates.

The dedication of the organization to quality, openness, and accountability has gained it the trust and support of its stakeholders, including funders, volunteers, and partners. These relationships would not be possible without the organization's commitment to these values. This trust is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that the organization will continue to have a good impact on the community in the future.
Particularly noteworthy is Youth Helping Trust's commitment to improving the lives of children and animals in need, as well as protecting the environment. The organization is of the opinion that these topics are extremely important to the general health of society and as a result has committed a large amount of resources to tackling them.

In conclusion, Youth Helping Trust is a non-governmental organization with the mission of bettering the lives of people all over the world via the implementation of a wide variety of social service initiatives. Because of its dedication to excellence, openness, and accountability, it has acquired the trust and support of its stakeholders, which has enabled it to become an organization that is contributing significantly to society's development.

Our Aims and Our Perspectives:
At Youth Helping Trust, we adhere to the philosophy that each and every person should have the right to chances, basic necessities, and the possibility of living a life that is deserving of respect. Our objective is to work toward the holistic development of communities, with an emphasis on education, health, safety, food security, disaster response, women's empowerment, livelihood, economically disadvantaged children, animal welfare, and the environment. We will do this by addressing these issues. We imagine a world in which everyone has the same access to opportunities and resources, so that they can flourish and make a constructive contribution to society.

Key Areas of Activities:
Education: We are aware that education is the cornerstone of both individual and societal progress, and we place a high value on it. We hope to close the achievement gap and give children from disadvantaged backgrounds access to a good education through the various educational projects we support. In order to guarantee that children obtain a well-rounded education, we create learning centers, offer financial aid in the form of scholarships, and use cutting-edge instructional strategies.

Health: We believe that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status or location, should have the opportunity to get quality medical care, and we are working hard to make that happen for underserved populations. Our health initiatives focus on raising awareness, offering help to medical professionals, and developing healthcare clinics in outlying regions of the country. We work along with other organizations and professionals in the medical field to put on health fairs, vaccination campaigns, and other preventative healthcare programs.

Safety: It is critical for both the well-being of individuals and the well-being of communities to cultivate surroundings that are safe. We strive toward the goal of ensuring the safety and protection of vulnerable groups, such as children, the elderly, and women in particular. Our programs include teaching people how to defend themselves, running awareness campaigns against child abuse and domestic violence, and pushing for the creation of safer public spaces.

Ensuring Food Security:  It is unacceptable for anyone to be hungry. We address the issue of food insecurity by putting into action long-term solutions such as the establishment of community gardens, nutrition initiatives, and collaborative efforts with food banks. We are strong believers in enabling local communities to become self-sufficient by supplying them with the resources necessary to cultivate and obtain wholesome food.

Disaster Response: In the event of an emergency, we are available to provide prompt assistance and support to the communities who have been impacted. Our immediate aid and shelter programs, as well as our rehabilitation and long-term resilience-building initiatives, are the primary focuses of our disaster response efforts. In order to guarantee a well-coordinated and successful response, we cooperate closely with the relevant local authorities and organizations.

Empowerment of Women: We believe in giving women the tools they need to become agents of change in the communities in which they live. Our programs designed to empower women seek to educate and train them in a variety of skills, encourage them to start their own businesses, bring attention to issues of gender equality, and provide assistance to women as they work toward achieving economic and social autonomy.

Means of Supporting Oneself:  It is essential to work toward the elimination of poverty by developing viable means of supporting oneself. Individuals and communities can enhance their economic prospects with our assistance by participating in the vocational training, skill development programs, and microfinance initiatives that we offer. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty through the encouragement of entrepreneurship and the promotion of behaviors that lead to sustainable livelihoods.

Children from Low-Income Families:  We are unyielding in our dedication to helping children from low-income families. To ensure that individuals have equal possibilities to be successful in life, we provide comprehensive support that includes education, healthcare, nutrition, and emotional well-being for each individual. We feel that it is important to cultivate their abilities, goals, and potential.

Concern for the Well-Being of Animals: Our organisations core values center on the humane treatment of animals. We do everything we can to educate people about animal rights, encourage ethical pet ownership, and give stray animals access to veterinary treatment. The creation of a caring society that recognizes the value of all life and acts to preserve it is the ultimate goal of our animal welfare efforts.

Environment: The conservation and protection of the natural world are of the utmost importance to the long-term health of our planet. We work on programs to help the environment in a variety of ways, including reforestation, waste management, and the management of renewable energy sources. We hope to make the world a more sustainable and healthy place by teaching people in communities all over the necessity of practicing good environmental stewardship.

Approach Based on Collaboration:
Here at Youth Helping Trust, we are firm believers in the effectiveness of working together on a project. We collaborate closely with the communities, governments, and other stakeholders in the area to design and implement effective, long-term projects that are both sustainable and meaningful. We are able to have the greatest possible influence and reach by cultivating partnerships and putting our resources to good use. We ensure that community members feel a feeling of ownership and empowerment over the projects we undertake by actively involving them in the design, implementation, and evaluation of those endeavors.

Excellence, Transparency, and Accountability:
The trust and support of our stakeholders, including funders, volunteers, and partners, has been won through our dedication to excelling in all that we do and maintaining the highest levels of transparency and accountability. Our governance, financial management, and ethical procedures are held to the highest possible standards at all times. We are committed to maintaining open communication across our business and provide regular updates on our projects, impacts, and financial statements. The accountability systems we have in place ensure that our resources are utilized in a manner that is both efficient and effective in order to meet our objectives.

Donations & Getting Involved:
We would love for you to become a part of our team and contribute to our goal of making the world a better place. There are a variety of ways in which you can contribute to our cause, including the following:

Your monetary contributions can assist us in growing our projects so that we can assist a bigger number of people and have a better overall impact. We take measures to ensure that every donation is used effectively and that it has a positive impact on the lives of those who are less fortunate.

Participating as a Volunteer & Partnerships:
 If you are interested in actively participating in our programs and making a direct impact on the ground, you can do so by offering your time and skills. Your actions can bring about positive change, whether they are focused on teaching, providing healthcare, engaging the community, or responding to natural disasters.

We are interested in forming partnerships with businesses, organizations, and institutions that have a similar mission and share our core principles. Together, we have the ability to pool our resources, skills, and networks in order to tackle difficult societal problems and develop solutions that are sustainable.

Advocacy and Awareness:
Help us get the word out about our organization and the causes we fight for by raising awareness about them. You can help us amplify our effect and reach a wider audience by promoting awareness of our cause, campaigning for change, and rallying support on its behalf.

The Youth Helping Trust is a non-governmental organization that, in conclusion, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of people all over the world through its many different charitable endeavors. With a strong emphasis on education, health, safety, food security, emergency response, women's empowerment, impoverished children, animal welfare, and environmental protection, our mission is to make a constructive contribution to society. We have won the trust and support of our stakeholders thanks to our collaborative approach, which, when combined with our commitment to excellence, transparency, and accountability, has earned us their confidence. 

Come along with us on this adventure as we work to make tomorrow better for everyone. We have the potential to have a tremendous impact on the world if we work together.

For more information, please call us on +91-941-1948783 or visit our website: Youth Helping Trust

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  • Educations for Child
  • Health
  • Women Empowerment
  • Vocational Training
  • Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

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