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Ultreze Enzymes
Private Limited
Praful Prajapati


D1 17/18, Bhagwati Nagar Industrial Estate, Bhestan, Surat-395023, Gujarat

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Business Summary

Ultreze Enzymes is one of the leading Detergent Enzymes Manufacturers in Gujarat, India.

Business Description

Ultrez Enzymes is a pioneering biotechnology company and one of the most successful enzyme manufacturers in India. 

We are the most significant enzymes manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in the world, and we provide the highest-quality enzymes to a variety of industries. 

We develop enzymes that are custom-tailored to meet the requirements of specific industrial applications and usage patterns in Gujarat, India, and around the world. We are the leading enzyme exporter in India thanks to our years of experience in the manufacturing of enzymes and our ground-breaking research in the field of biotechnology.

Ultrex Enzymes

Ultreze enzymes is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in the United States as well as all over the world thanks to the fact that we engineer and export various enzyme types in response to the requirements of our clients.

What we manufacture;

  • Enzymes for the industry of breweries
  • Digestive enzymes for use in animal feed
  • Detergent enzymes
  • Enzymes for the textile manufacturing industry
  • Pharmaceutical enzymes
  • Food enzymes
  • Enzymes found in paper and pulp
  • Enzymes involved in the processing of starch
  • Enzymes for distillery
  • Enzymes involved in the processing of sugar

The foremost manufacturer of detergent enzymes in India is none other than Ultrez Enzymes. The exhaustive research and development that we conduct at ultrez enzymes helps the company to develop environmentally friendly detergents in India. Ulrez Enzymes is the primary supplier of enzymes to the textile industries in Vadodara, as well as the exporter of these enzymes. We are the suppliers of food enzymes for the industry thanks to the robust engineering mechanisms and rapid technological development that we have implemented. Food enzymes and textile enzymes are both products that Ultrez Enzymes is an industry leader in manufacturing in India. It makes the processes and applications that textile industries engage in more environmentally friendly.

We Produce Enzymes of the Highest Quality, Including Alpha Amylase Enzymes, Papain Enzymes, Bakery Enzymes, Bromelain Enzymes, Dextranase Enzymes, and Numerous Others!

Ultreze Enzymes is one of the largest exporters of enzymes not only in India but also in other countries thanks to our extensive dealer networks across the country. We are able to fulfill the demands of our customers by delivering enzymes that were produced in-house in both small and large quantities at the most competitive prices. There is no need to look any further if you are looking for the most reputable enzyme manufacturers and suppliers. Get in touch with us right away!

Products / Services


Alpha Amylase Enzyme Manufacturer
Alpha Amylase Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Bromelain Enzyme Manufacturer
Bromelain Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Cellulase Enzyme Manufacturer
Cellulase Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Dextranase Enzyme Manufacturer
Dextranase Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Lactase Enzyme Manufacturer
Lactase Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Lactase Enzyme Supplier in India
Lipase Enzyme Manufacturer
Lipase Enzyme Supplier
Lipase Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Lipase Enzyme Supplier in India
Xylanase Enzyme Manufacturer
Xylanase Enzyme Exporter
Xylanase Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Xylanase Enzyme Exporter in India
serratiopeptidase Enzyme Manufacturer
serratiopeptidase Enzyme Manufacturer in India
transglutaminase Enzyme Manufacturer
transglutaminase Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Papain Enzyme Manufacturer
Papain Enzyme Supplier in India
Pepsin Enzyme Manufacturer
Pepsin Enzyme Manufacturer in India
Protease Enzyme Manufacturer
Protease Enzyme Supplier
Protease Enzyme Exporter
Protease Enzyme Manufacturer in India

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