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SS Driving School
Educational Institution
Roseleen prasad
20 Employees
Bexley, NSW


236 Slade Road, Baxley NSW 2207
02 95545074
04 05646189
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Sunlight Driving School is the best driving school in Rockdale. We provide driving at most cheap rate.

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Sunlight Driving School in Rickdale, Australia.

Do you want to learn driving? The Sunlight Driving School is located at Slade Road, Baxley NSW.

Actually learning of driving depends on driving instructor. We provide most qualified driving instructor Rockdale. Our lessons are of a high standard and whether you are sitting behind the wheel for the first time or just looking to sharpen your driving skills before the test, we offer lessons to suit your specific needs in manual or automatic vehicle’s getting behind the wheel for the first time is a stressful experience for some, but it doesn’t need to be.

Sunlight Driving School offer most qualified driving instructor, Rockdale. We are a team you can trust to help you get your driver license and declare your independence. Your instructor from the Sunlight Driving School will assess your driving competency level in the first lesson and develop a plan to work towards your licence test. Your parent or driving supervisor can be present for the first lesson, which will help them work with your instructor to help you pass first time.

An hour driving lesson with an accredited Sunlight Driving School driving instructor counts for three hours towards your 120-hour logbook requirement. Show confidence in using the controls of the car

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