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Suland Lighting – Supplier of LED and Induction Technology – Sydney, Australia.
Privately Held
40 Employees


Unit 53/9 Hoyle Ave Castle Hill NSW 2154 Australia
(02) 8850 7772
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(02) 8850 7772

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We are an Australian owned and operated company delivering all-round Industrial & Commercial Lighting Solutions and based in Sydney, NSW.

Business Description

As a supplier of LED and Induction Technology of our own design, we source all our key components from industry’s leading brands, including Meanwell, CREE, Philips and other long standing relationships in China and manufacture and assembly carried out at high standards to aiming for the long trouble-free operation.

Also we utilize local expertise, such as lighting design and testing experts from LEDLab to ensure quality control and suitability for the Australia market. Therefore we confidently back our products with a full replacement warranty of 3 or 5 years for our LED range and 5 years for the Induction range.

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