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Shri Venkateshwara University
Educational Institution
Rajabpur Gajraula


Rajabpur, NH-24, Venkateshwara Nagar, Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh 244236, India.

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Sri Venkateshwara University (SVU) Gajraula is the brainchild Dr. Sudhir Giri who provides ‘affordable education & healthcare for all’.

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Shri Venkateshwara University - Premier Educational Institution in India Offers a Tranquil Setting for Comprehensive Education; Delivers Exceptional Instruction and Research Amenities via Cutting-Edge Infrastructure – Gajraula, India.

Welcome to Sri Venkateshwara University (SVU), an institution dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence, innovation, and inclusive education. Located in the picturesque town of Rajabpur Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh, India, SVU has consistently striven to redefine the boundaries of higher education, fostering an environment that combines traditional values with modern approaches!!

Act No. 26 of 2010 of the State Legislature of the Government of Uttar Pradesh established Sri Venkateshwara University (SVU), Gajraula as a State Private University. It was subsequently notified under section 2(f) of the University Grants Commission Act of 1956 by the Government of India. We provide degrees in accordance with Section 22 (1) of the UGC Act of 1956.

The Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) is known for its outstanding teaching and research facilities, which are made possible by the university's cutting-edge infrastructure, which includes laboratories and workshops for comprehensive education. The Top University in India has a campus that spans 60 acres and is covered in beautiful greenery, creating an atmosphere that is ideal for holistic education. The teaching style assures that students will be able to find employment by combining theory and practice. To provide its students an advantage in the real world, SVU makes internships an essential component of the educational experience there.

In addition to this, the Guru-Shishya doctrine ensures that they will root us in our culture of respect and care, which helps to make our university the greatest in the state of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.).Dr. Sudhir Giri, the group's esteemed chairperson, had the goal of realizing his vision of affordable education for all people, combined with academic brilliance, innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to learning, to create an experience that was unmatched.

As a result, the greatest way for us to achieve our goal of being the top university in Moradabad (U.P.) is to produce graduates who exemplify qualities such as competence, leadership, personal integrity, ethics, and empathy for those who are weaker and less privileged. To improve the employability of young people, the university offers more than 150 undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), doctoral (Ph.D.), diploma, and certificate programs in a wide variety of fields, including Applied Sciences, Medical Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Languages, Design, Agriculture, Engineering & Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Paramedical, Commerce & Management, Law, Library & Information Sciences, Mass Communication, and Journalism.

Because thousands of those millions of Indian youth who were denied education due to economic, regional, and other discriminations are now getting skill based, professional, employment based education with us and ensuring their contribution in strengthening the nation, making us the Best University in Gajraula (U.P.), our vision "to educate every Indian with no discrimination at any level" is now being fulfilled. Our vision is "to educate every Indian with no discrimination at any level."

The purpose of SVU, the best university in India, is to produce talented professionals who can synthesize conventional and modern ways of thinking, have a global perspective, and have the ability to adapt to changing requirements. This goal is pursued with the intention of unleashing the entire creative potential that lies dormant in each and every individual.

In order to achieve this goal, it has recruited the most qualified teaching staff. Academics and professionals with experience in the business make up the teaching staff, and they make sure that the students learn all of the necessary skills. SVU encourages faculty to take part in FDP to broaden their knowledge base & add value to the university. The majority of our teaching members hold doctoral degrees, and their years of professional experience provide them the ability to help our students expand their skill sets.

In order to foster a culture that values research and genuine education, the teaching staff at the Best University in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) participates in several research projects. The College places a strong emphasis on students obtaining internships. The top University in Moradabad has partnered with industry-leading companies to provide internship opportunities for its students. Because of this, students are certain to gain hands-on experience, which increases their marketability. The curriculum that we offer sets us apart from the competition. The Course Committee adapts the course outline to reflect changes in the industry.We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Sri Venkateshwara University (SVU), an institution committed to the promotion of inclusive education, academic innovation, and academic success. SVU, which can be found in the scenic village of Rajabpur Gajraula in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has made it a priority to push the limits of what is possible in terms of higher education. They have done this by cultivating an atmosphere that embraces both traditional ideals and contemporary methods. In this extensive company profile, we will go deep into the heart of SVU, investigating its mission, vision, infrastructure, academic programs, academic excellence, and its commitment to developing the youth of India.

Shri Venkateshwara University

Shri Venkateshwara University: Picture is Business Representational.

Our Narrative: An Epic Quest for Perfection:

The passing of Act No. 26 of 2010 by the State Legislature of the Government of Uttar Pradesh in order to establish SVU as a State Private University marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our institution. After that, the University Grants Commission, Government of India, granted us recognition under section 2(f) of the UGC Act 1956, and under section 22(1) of the same Act, we were given the authority to grant degrees. Both of these provisions can be found in the same Act. We are well on our way to become a preeminent institution in the area thanks to this official recognition as well as our unrelenting drive to achieve excellence in everything we do.

An ideal learning atmosphere is fostered by our vast campus that spans 60 acres and is covered in beautiful greenery. Our campus, which is peacefully situated in the middle of Gajraula, serves as an inspiration for education that encompasses the whole person. We are aware that the atmosphere in which a student learns plays a significant part in their overall educational experience, and we are pleased to provide a setting that encourages both academic and personal development in our students.

It is clear that we are dedicated to delivering infrastructure that is up to date because of the well-equipped laboratories and workshops that we have. Our students will be able to develop their practical experience and hands-on abilities thanks to the facilities that have been built to make comprehensive learning more accessible. At SVU, we recognize the significance of bridging the gap between theory and practice in order to ensure that our graduates are well-prepared for the problems that they will face in the real world after graduation.

Educating Students in a Manner That Ensures Their Employability: Our dedication to generating graduates who are employable is reflected in the instructional methodology that we use. In our opinion, theoretical knowledge, despite the fact that it is necessary, is not adequate on its own. As a result, the theory that our students learn is directly applicable to the work that they will do in the future. As a result, our students receive an education that is comprehensive and that prepares them for successful jobs. We are fully aware that the ability to find gainful employment is one of the most important outcomes of a higher education, and we are committed to instilling this vital quality in all of our graduates.

The importance that SVU places on internships distinguishes it from other universities. Because of the conviction that we have that experience gained in the real world is extremely beneficial, we have made internships an essential component of our instructional methodology. Our students leave not only academically prepared but also prepared for the workforce because to the hands-on experience they receive here.

Ideology of the Guru and the Disciple, Based on Respect and Care: At SVU, the Guru-Shishya doctrine, which emphasizes the significance of the relationship between a teacher and a student, is held in the highest regard. This way of thinking helps to develop a community based on respect, care, and the promotion of each other's growth. We are recognized as the premier educational institution in the state of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) due to our unwavering dedication to the intellectual and personal growth of our student body. Our pupils do not only obtain an education; rather, they are welcomed into a wider family, which provides them with support, direction, and encouragement throughout their educational journey.

Dr. Sudhir Giri: A Pioneering and Influential Leader: Our esteemed Chairperson, Dr. Sudhir Giri, is a forward-thinking and influential leader who is largely responsible for SVU's ascent to its current prominent position. His vision of education being accessible and affordable to all people, combined with an emphasis on academic excellence, innovation, and an entrepreneurial approach, has been the primary impetus behind the establishment of our institution. Dr. Giri's unwavering dedication to education as a tool of societal empowerment has been an important factor in the development of the ethos that guides SVU's operations.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders with Our Mission and Values: At SVU, it is essential to our work that we cultivate individuals who are capable of leadership, personal integrity, ethics, and empathy for others who are vulnerable and have less opportunities in life. Our goal is to educate future professionals who will not only be successful in their chosen industries but will also appreciate the significance of making positive contributions to their communities. This mission is a manifestation of our dedication to establishing ourselves as the preeminent educational institution in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Our academic programs cover a wide variety of fields, and they include more than 150 undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), doctoral (PhD), diploma, and certificate courses. These classes are offered in a wide variety of subject areas, including Applied Sciences, Medical Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Languages, Design, Agriculture, Engineering & Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Paramedical, Commerce & Management, Law, Library & Information Sciences, Mass Communication & Journalism. Some of these fields are listed below. We provide a wide variety of programs with the goals of increasing young people's employability and giving them the tools necessary to make a positive impact on the nation's development.

Education for Everyone Constitutes Inclusivity:

At SVU, our mission is absolutely clear: "to educate every Indian with no discrimination at any level." We are dedicated to removing the obstacles that, throughout history, have made it difficult for people to receive an education. In accordance with this vision, we have made it possible for thousands of young Indians who had been prevented from receiving an education in the past as a result of economic, geographical, and other forms of prejudice. SVU is helping to level the playing field and empowering the younger generation to contribute to the strength of the country through the provision of education that is skill-based, professional, and employment-focused. Because of our dedication, people in Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh, consider us to be the most prestigious university in the area.

Unlocking the Potential for Creative Expression:

SVU is committed to the idea that every person possesses unrealized creative potential. Our method of instruction is not limited to the use of textbooks and lectures, but rather encompasses the cultivation of inventiveness, originality, and critical thinking as well. Our objective is to cultivate highly talented individuals who are able to combine traditional and contemporary modes of thought with a global perspective, as well as adapt to shifting standards and take the lead in the fields in which they work.

The Superiority of SVU's Faculty Is the University's Mainstay:

The eminence of our teaching staff is of the utmost importance to the achievement of our academic goals. Our teaching staff is comprised of academics and professionals with extensive experience in respective fields, and they work together to guarantee that our students learn the fundamental knowledge and abilities essential to succeed in their chosen careers. Since we are aware that the caliber of our teaching staff has a substantial impact on the standard of the education we provide, we have made it a top priority to recruit only the most qualified candidates available.

The majority of our teaching staff members have earned their Ph.D.s and bring with them years of relevant professional experience to the classroom. Because of their extensive experience and knowledge, they are able to efficiently pass on their knowledge to our students, laying a solid groundwork for the students' future professional endeavors.

Dedication to Academic Study: At SVU, we place equal importance on both the receiving of information as well as the production of new information. The members of our faculty take an active role in many research projects, which helps to foster a culture of research and genuine learning. This commitment to research is a testament to our desire to maintaining our position at the forefront of academic developments and contributing to the expansion of knowledge in our respective areas of specialization.

Possibilities Available for Internships: The SVU experience is not complete without participating in a relevant internship. Our students have access to internship opportunities through partnerships that we have developed with renowned organizations. These internships give our students the opportunity to obtain practical experience in their particular professions. This hands-on experience not only boosts their employability but also gives students the opportunity to apply what they've learned in the classroom to situations that actually occur in the real world.

Curriculum That Is Adaptive To Change: Our curriculum is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition. In our opinion, education ought to develop so that it can keep up with the ever-shifting requirements of the business world. As a result of this, the committee in charge of the course continually examines and modifies the curriculum so that it is in line with the standards set by the industry. This ensures that our graduates are armed with the most up-to-date knowledge and abilities, giving them a significant advantage in the extremely competitive job market.

The final word:

The Sri Venkateshwara University is not merely a place of higher education; rather, it is a shining example of education, innovation, and inclusiveness in the world. Our journey is one of commitment to academic achievement, holistic growth, and social empowerment, and it is driven by a leader with a visionary perspective. Our campus, faculty, educational approach, and core values all reflect our commitment to developing future leaders who will make significant contributions to the development of both our country and the rest of the globe.

We are proud to have earned the reputation as the top institution in Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh, and we make it a priority to consistently exceed the standards we have set for ourselves. At Santa Clara University, we encourage all of our students to take the plunge into a life-altering educational experience that will provide them with the information, abilities, and morals they need to have a prosperous and meaningful future. If you come to study with us at Sri Venkateshwara University, we will help you discover the limitless potential that is within you and turn your aspirations into a reality. 

We are excited to have you join our family and look forward to being a part of your development both academically and personally. At SVU.m and, your journey's beginning can be found here, with us.

For more information, please call us on phone +918859500707 or visit our website here: Shri Venkateshwara University

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In the field of Medical Sciences, Paramedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, Applied Sciences, Commerce & Management, selecting the right vendor is a critical decision. Whether you are a healthcare institution, research facility, or an educational establishment, the products and services you source have a direct impact on patient care, research quality, and educational outcomes. To assist customers in making informed decisions, this article delves into essential considerations for evaluating potential vendors in these domains.

Medical Sciences

Quality of Medical Equipment

Product Reliability: Ensure the medical equipment is reliable and meets industry standards for accuracy and performance.

Certifications and Compliance: Verify if the equipment complies with regulatory standards and is certified for use in healthcare settings.

Warranty and Support: Assess the vendor's warranty and post-purchase support to minimize downtime in case of technical issues.

Service Contracts: Investigate available service contracts for regular maintenance and repairs.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

Quality Assurance: Confirm that pharmaceuticals and supplies meet good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards.

Storage and Transportation: Evaluate the vendor's storage and transportation protocols to prevent product degradation.

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Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

Testing Capabilities: Assess the range of tests and diagnostics offered and their accuracy.

Turnaround Time: Inquire about the turnaround time for test results and reports.

Accreditations: Check for relevant accreditations or certifications from governing bodies.

Research Collaboration

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Innovative Products: Investigate whether the vendor offers cutting-edge products to support research endeavors.

Paramedical Sciences

Accreditation and Licensing

Educational Standards: Ensure the paramedical training programs adhere to national and international educational standards.

Licensing and Certification: Verify that the programs lead to recognized licenses or certifications for students.

Clinical Training Facilities

Quality of Facilities: Assess the clinical training facilities provided for students.

Clinical Partnerships: Investigate partnerships with healthcare institutions for practical training.

Faculty Qualifications

Instructors' Credentials: Evaluate the qualifications and experience of the faculty members.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: Consider the ratio of students to instructors to ensure personalized learning.

Pharmaceutical Sciences


Comprehensive Program: Ensure the program offers a well-rounded curriculum covering drug development, regulations, and manufacturing.

Relevance to Industry: Evaluate how closely the curriculum aligns with industry requirements.

Research Opportunities

Research Facilities: Assess the availability of research labs and equipment for students.

Industry Partnerships: Inquire about collaborations with pharmaceutical companies for student research projects.

Career Support

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Accreditation and Licensing

Accredited Programs: Ensure the nursing programs are accredited by relevant nursing boards.

Licensing Exam Pass Rates: Check the pass rates of graduates in nursing licensing exams.

Clinical Training

Clinical Rotations: Evaluate the variety and quality of clinical rotations available to nursing students.

Preceptorship Programs: Inquire about preceptorship programs for hands-on experience.

Faculty and Resources

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Learning Resources: Verify the availability of resources like simulation labs and libraries.

Applied Sciences

Program Curriculum

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Practical Learning: Evaluate the inclusion of hands-on, practical learning experiences in the curriculum.

Research Opportunities

Research Labs: Assess the quality and availability of research labs for students.

Faculty Research: Investigate faculty involvement in research and opportunities for student participation.

Industry Connections

Internships and Placements: Check for partnerships with industries offering internships and job placements.

Alumni Success: Explore the career success of program alumni in applied sciences.

Commerce & Management

Program Offerings

Program Variety: Assess the range of commerce and management programs offered.

Specializations: Check for options to specialize in areas of interest.

Faculty Expertise

Faculty Qualifications: Examine the qualifications and industry experience of faculty members.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio: Consider the student-to-faculty ratio for personalized attention.

Industry Engagement

Corporate Partnerships: Inquire about collaborations with businesses and industries for internships and networking.

Placements and Internships: Check the track record of the institution in placing students in reputable organizations.


Selecting the right vendor in the fields of Medical Sciences, Paramedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, Applied Sciences, Commerce & Management is a critical decision with far-reaching consequences. The considerations outlined in this article can serve as a valuable guide in evaluating potential vendors and making informed decisions that align with the goals and requirements of your institution or organization. Careful assessment and due diligence in vendor selection are key to ensuring quality, reliability, and success in your respective field.

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