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Shinewell Innovation Softech Pvt. Ltd
20 Employees


#12, 1st Floor, Krishna Housing Society, Lane Next To Yes Bank and Axis Bank, Dhole Patil road, Pune 411001

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Pradhyot is a Multi-user School Administration Software; All Administrative, Managerial, and Instructional Functions based in Pune, India.

Business Description

Shinewell Innovation Softech Pvt. Ltd - Pradhyot is a multi-user school administration software that is utilized by millions of educational institutions across the globe for the purpose of performing all administrative, managerial, and instructional functions. 

Pradhyot was developed in India and is currently available in over 30 languages. Modules such as a timetable, an attendance management system, exams, news, the library, the hostel, the fleet, and events and calendars are included in the enterprise resource planning software used by the school.

Pradhyot is a cutting-edge and all-encompassing school administration software that connects all of the departments that comprise an educational institution. These departments include management, finance, office, fee, transport, and libraries. Pradhyot also includes a fee management system. By utilizing this software, the user will be able to take advantage of the various management facilities, including those for attendance management, exam management, fee management, and library management. The administration and computation of each and every transaction is a piece of cake for it.

Shinewell Innovation Softech Pvt. Ltd

The software is simple to install, learn, and maintain up to date with all of its latest features. a web-based system for the management of academic matters in higher education that includes data pertaining to registration, students, applicants, and professors, among other types of information. Software designed to help schools manage their operations and provide parents with online access to information about their children's academic performance in school, including grades, homework assignments, attendance, and extracurricular activities.

It is for the purpose of handling data pertaining to students that the Pradhyot Educational Institution Management Software is deployed. It is able to make the dependable software facility that is required for recording the data of students that are enrolled available. We are able to modify our application so that it can cater to the specific needs of each individual user. 

By implementing this Software, we are able to give the customer with the services of Attendance Management, Exam Management, Fees Management, and Library Management. The administration and computation of each and every transaction is a piece of cake for it. It is comprised of a Total of Four Modules, all of which belong to the General Mode Attendance/Exam Timetable Library classification.

For more information and to take next steps, please visit our website: Shinewell Innovation Softech Pvt. Ltd

Products / Services


  • A Software for the Administration of Educational Institutions
  • Software that provides the user with the ability to manage Attendance, Exams, Fees, and also Libraries is something we are able to provide.
  • It is quite simple for it to manage and compute each and every transaction.
  • Not only does Monitask have its own employees use the time tracking software, but it is also available for use by independent contractors and other freelancers.
  • Maintains a constant watch over the computers that are being used by employees and based on the collected data, presents the findings.

Article About Business

What is special about a good school management software? 

A number of important aspects that might contribute to the smoother and more productive operation of a school's administrative processes should be included in any decent school management software. The following items could be considered examples of some of these features:

Student Information Management: This should make it possible to easily store critical student information such as contact data, grades, attendance, and more. It should also make it possible to track that information and retrieve it when needed.

Tracking Attendance: A decent piece of school administration software should have the capacity to record each student's attendance and produce reports that can assist in recognizing recurring patterns and tendencies.

Gradebook: The program should be equipped with an in-built gradebook, which enables instructors to conveniently record and monitor the grades and progress of their students.

The Parent/Student Portal is a feature that should grant access to crucial information for both children and their parents, such as their grades, attendance, and future events.

Management of Class Schedules and Calendars: The software should make it possible to create and maintain class schedules and calendars, in addition to being able to manage events and activities.

Tools for Communication: The software should come equipped with a variety of communication tools that can help teachers, students, and parents communicate more effectively with one another.

Reporting and Analytical Capabilities: The software should be able to provide a number of reports and analytics to assist school administrators in tracking and monitoring the development and performance of their students.

Security and Privacy: Given the sensitive nature of information pertaining to students, the software in question ought to have powerful security and privacy measures in order to protect this data. These features should be designed to safeguard the information.

In general, a good school management software should be easy to use, comprehensive, and give a variety of tools and functions to assist in making the administration of a school more efficient and successful.

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