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Safe Zone Storage Services


7 B St, Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai, UAE.

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We’re working tirelessly to bring our vision of secure self-storage to Dubai, with great customer service.

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The Best Storage Option in Dubai, Safe Zone Storage Services, is Here for You.

Safe Zone Storage Services is a company that is owned and operated in the United Kingdom, and it has its headquarters in the 7 B Street - Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

The company's mission is to provide the bustling city of Dubai with modern, convenient, and secure self-storage solutions. We strive relentlessly to give great customer care and tailor-made storage solutions for everyone, from students with too many books to e-commerce entrepreneurs managing inventory. Our company was founded on the concept that self-storage should be easy and stress-free.

Because the protection of your belongings is our highest priority, each of our storage facilities and warehouses is equipped with a comprehensive CCTV network that is connected directly to the Dubai Police Department as well as a security service that is available around the clock. For all of your personal and commercial storage needs in Dubai, Safe Zone Storage Services is the place to go. We offer packages at prices that are more than affordable, we have an excellent reputation, and we have flexible short- and long-term contracts.

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Our Extensive Offerings Include the Following:

Individualized Space-Saving Strategies

Safe Zone Storage Services provides a wide variety of personal storage solutions that are designed to meet a wide variety of moving and storage scenarios, including but not limited to downsizing, decluttering, and temporary relocation. Because our storage units are clean, secure, and climate-controlled, as well as available in a variety of sizes, you can be confident that you will have the ideal room to store your items without having to worry about them.

Storage Options for Commercial and Industrial Organizations

We offer specialized storage solutions to commercial and industrial clients that are customised to satisfy the requirements that are unique to their respective enterprises. No matter if you need to keep valuable documents, valuable office equipment, or extra merchandise, our facilities are the best option for all of your company's storage needs because they are both secure and immediately accessible.

Storage Solutions for Online Businesses

Safe Zone Storage Services is a valued partner for e-commerce businesses, and as such, they understand the specific issues that come with maintaining inventory and fulfilling orders. Your e-commerce business will run smoothly and effectively thanks to our versatile storage solutions and skilled logistics support. This will allow you to focus on expanding your brand and boosting your sales rather than worrying about the logistics of running your business.

Services of Packaging and Protecting Items

At Safe Zone Storage Services, we think that providing full storage solutions, which include expert packing and safety for your valuables, is the best way to serve our customers' storage needs. To guarantee that your belongings are well-packaged and secured while in storage, our knowledgeable staff uses high-quality materials, such as sturdy 5-ply boxes, packaging bubble wrap, and polystyrene chips. These materials include: We take the time and care to avoid causing expensive damages like as scuff marks on tables, shattered lamps, and damaged flat-screen televisions.

Flexible Contract Options

Since we are aware that the storage requirements of our customers may evolve over time, we provide them with a variety of customizable contract alternatives, including both short- and long-term leases. Because of this flexibility, you are able to customize your storage plan to meet the precise requirements you have, ensuring that you only pay for the amount of space and services that you actually use.

Why Should You Use the Services of Secure Zone Storage?

Customers in Dubai and the rest of the UAE trust Safe Zone Storage Services to meet their storage requirements for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Our state-of-the-art facilities are created with your convenience in mind, giving easy access, climate-controlled units, and security monitoring that is available 24 hours a day to guarantee that your valuables are kept safe at all times.

Service to Customers That Is Above and Beyond: Our dedication to providing customers with service that is above and beyond sets us apart from other storage providers. We put in a lot of effort to get to know our customers so that we can meet all of their unique storage requirements and go above and beyond their expectations.

Priced to Compete: Each of our storage solutions is priced to compete in the industry, and as a result, they strike the ideal mix between reasonable cost and exceptional value. We are committed to giving you with excellent return on the money you put in our storage services.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected and safe at Safe Zone Storage Services because to the modern security measures that we have in place, including as surveillance cameras that are on around the clock and direct connections to the Dubai Police Department.

Professional Packing and Protection: Our expert packing and protection services ensure that your possessions are well-cared for while they are stored, hence reducing the likelihood that they will become damaged while they are in our possession. We utilize only packing materials and methods of the greatest possible quality to protect your belongings, providing you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your goods are in good hands.

Flexibility: We provide our customers a range of flexible contract choices to accommodate their ever-evolving storage demands. This gives you the ability to select the storage solutions that are tailored to meet your specific requirements in the most effective manner. Safe Zone Storage Services can accommodate your needs, whether you require storage for a short period of time for personal belongings or long-term solutions for corporate or industrial applications.

Storage Solutions Customized to Your Needs Because we are aware that each customer has particular storage requirements, we provide individualized storage solutions that may be adjusted to meet a variety of specifications. Our storage solutions are tailored to match your individual requirements, from personal storage units to e-commerce inventory management systems and everything in between.


Customers in Dubai who are looking for self-storage options that are at the same time contemporary, convenient, and safe should go no further than Safe Zone Storage Services. We attempt to make the process of self-storage simple and stress-free for all customers by maintaining a dedication to providing great customer service, maintaining reasonable pricing, and offering a variety of customizable contract options. You can trust Safe Zone Storage Services to provide the ideal self-storage solution for your requirements, regardless of whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, or the owner of a business. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss the storage needs you have and to learn more about the ways in which we can assist you in living a life that is less cluttered and more organized.

Please call us on +971-56-1678754 or visit our website Safe Zone Storage Services for more information.

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Highlights of our services:

  • Climate/Temperature Controlled
  • Modern Facility
  • 24/7 Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Good Pricing
  • Moving & Packing

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