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15 Employees
Tamil Nadu


No 7/5A, Ground Floor, Rajambal Street, Dhandeeswaram Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nādu 600042, India.

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Industrial safety Training, Industrial safety Engineering training, fire and safety training, Nebosh IGC courses training, iosh managing safely course training

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Safety Professionals is a globally safety training institute with its headquarters in Chennai. It was founded by a group that included safety officers, safety engineers, and safety managers with the intention of assuring the best possible level of safety training across the board.

Our company, Safety Professionals Private Limited, is affiliated with BSS, an initiative that is supported by the government of India and the national development agency.

There is barely a 10 percent focus on classroom instruction in this institution's overall educational experience. Gain a thorough education in safety by working in the field alongside experienced professionals who have that education.

Health and safety training Institute in Chennai

NATIONAL GOVERNMENT APPROVED SAFETY COURSES IN CHENNAI | IOSH & Internal Auditor Course | Lead Auditor Course | Fire Fighting Training & 5 International Certificate | Best Safety Institute in India

Safety professionals

We are recognized as one of the most reputable training facilities in the city of Chennai, India, due to the high quality of the safety training that we provide. Chennai is located in India. Our journey began in 2003 with a group of safety managers who had the intention of disseminating information regarding safety to both members of the general public and professionals working in industrial settings. 

Our training programs have received the seal of approval from the national government in addition to the BSS and IOSH. Fire safety, industrial safety, offshore safety, oil and gas safety, hazardous materials safety are some of the other areas of safety that we address. The only thing that is required of a client is to choose the action that meets their needs in the most efficient manner possible. 

This is all that is necessary. More than 11,000 students have earned their diplomas with the assistance of our teaching, and we are extremely pleased of this accomplishment. The Diploma Safety Course that we provide receives a lot of positive feedback from students in Chennai, which is where our offices are situated. In order to provide superior service to our patrons, our business has recently expanded into new premises in the Ambattur and Chromepet areas. You can get in touch with us by filling out the contact form on our website, giving us a call, or writing us an email.

Training in safety is absolutely crucial in India because it provides individuals with the information and abilities required to identify potential safety concerns in the workplace and to take preventative measures against those dangers. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, which not only has the potential to improve the health and well-being of workers but also helps to safeguard businesses from the possibility of incurring legal responsibilities. In addition, this can help to improve the safety of the workplace. Because many firms in India make it a condition of employment for their employees that they complete safety training, individuals who take a safety course can also help them meet these requirements and boost their job prospects. 

Therefore, individuals can boost their chances of finding work by enrolling in a safety training course.

For more information and to take next steps, please call us on +91 95662 46778 / +91 95662 31038 or visit our website: Safety Professionals

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  • Diploma safety course in Chennai
  • Health and safety course in Chennai

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The significance of fire and safety training, industrial safety engineering training, and other types of safety training:

Written by Siachen Profile editors for Safety professionals business profile on 13-Dec-22.

Training in industrial safety is absolutely necessary in order to protect the health and safety of workers in industrial settings. Without the appropriate training, workers in potentially dangerous situations like factories and warehouses run the risk of suffering injuries or even losing their lives. Training in industrial safety engineering focuses on the design and implementation of procedures, systems, and equipment to ensure the safety of workers and to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. Workers receive instruction in the prevention and response to fires, as well as in the identification and avoidance of other potential dangers, as part of fire and safety training.

It is absolutely necessary for the efficient operation of any industrial plant to have a crew that is both trained and knowledgeable. Workers are better able to recognize potential dangers and take preventative measures when they have received enough training in safety procedures. Workers benefit from a better understanding of their obligations as well as the significance of adhering to safety protocols as a result of this.

Training in industrial safety engineering is significant because it enables businesses to design and execute processes and systems that reduce the likelihood of employees becoming injured or killed in the line of work. Engineers that specialize in industrial safety use their understanding of engineering principles, safety regulations, and risk management to detect and evaluate possible dangers, as well as to devise and put into practice efficient control methods.

Training in firefighting and other safety procedures is absolutely necessary for ensuring that staff are aware of how to both avoid and put out fires. In industrial settings, where fires can spread rapidly and inflict major damage in a short amount of time, catastrophic fires are always a possibility. Workers are taught how to recognize potential fire threats, how to use firefighting equipment, and how to evacuate the premises in the event that there is a fire via the course of proper fire and safety training.

In a nutshell, it is imperative that workers in industrial settings have training in industrial safety, industrial safety engineering, as well as fire and safety in order to guarantee their own safety and the protection of their coworkers. Workers benefit from these types of training because it enables them to recognize potential dangers, take preventative measures against those dangers, and respond appropriately in the event of an emergency. Companies may safeguard their employees, their facilities, and their bottom line by devoting resources to the provision of the aforementioned sorts of training.

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