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Ralph Martindale & Company Limited
Metropolitan Borough of Walsall
West Midlands


Crocodile House, Strawberry Lane, Willenhall, WV13 3RS, United Kingdom.
+44 (0) 1902 826826

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Ralph Martindale is the leading manufacturer of world class agricultural and gardening tools

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Ralph Martindale Group of companies - Producing and marketing hand tools that are used in agriculture, hardware, construction, and horticulture, Willenhall WV13 3RS, United Kingdom

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you from Ralph Martindale & Company Limited, a reputable name in the hand tool industry with a long and illustrious history dating back to 1874. We have a long history of creating and distributing high-quality hand Tools for a variety of industries, including horticulture, construction, agriculture, and hardware, and we are quite proud of both our heritage and our ability in doing so. We are the ones that continue to establish the benchmark of quality in this industry, and we do so as a part of the Martindale Group, which also encompasses the Chillington Tool Company Limited.

A Long and Illustrious History in the Hand tool Industry:
Together, the companies of Martindale and Chillington make up what is known as the Martindale Group, and they have more than 140 years of experience in the production and distribution of hand tools. Our tools, in particular the well-known "Crocodile" brand, have garnered worldwide recognition as the pinnacle of quality and have been relied upon by successive generations of farmers and ordinary users all over the world.

Ralph Martindale Group of Companies
Martindale Group: The picture is sourced from Profile owner's website.

The Martindale Group: A Legacy of Excellence:
We offer a comprehensive selection of hand tools under the well-known brand name "Crocodile" as well as other recognised brands in order to cater to the numerous requirements posed by our clientele. Since it was initially registered in England in 1876, the "Crocodile" trademark has become almost synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and long-lasting materials. Because our trademarks are officially registered in 97 countries across the world, we are able to demonstrate that we are dedicated to upholding high standards and preserving the integrity of our brand. Customers should be aware that dishonest counterfeiters routinely seek to imitate the marks and labels that we use, therefore we advise customers to avoid purchasing fake goods. Only firms who are part of the Martindale Group are permitted to use our trademarks.

Upholding High Standards and Protecting Our Trademarks:
At the Martindale Group, we place the utmost importance on quality. Every one of our goods is constructed to the standards set forth by ISO 9001, ISO 9002, or ISO 9000-2015, and they all come with a promise of superior quality. The lifespan and durability of our "Crocodile" tools is ensured by the use of high-quality carbon steel in their construction. Because our goods are built to endure longer than those of competing brands, we take great satisfaction in being able to offer our clients the best possible value for the money they spend with us.

Committed to Superior Quality and Enduring Durability: We have created a global network to better service consumers all over the world, and our corporate headquarters are based in the United Kingdom. In addition, we have key presences in Asia and West Africa. This enables us to satisfy the needs of the current market as well as the market in the future, ensuring that the "Crocodile" brand will continue to provide exceptional product quality and complete satisfaction to its customers.

Since we began in the hand tool business more than a century ago, we have built a reputation on a commitment to excellence, workmanship, and complete satisfaction for our customers.

We are committed to continuous innovation and adaptation to the ever-changing demands of our clients, and we always make it our goal to produce hand tools of the highest quality that both meet and surpass their expectations.

Crocodile House, Strawberry Lane, Willenhall WV13 3RS, United Kingdom is the location of this business. For inquiries, please contact us at +44 (0) 1902 826826. Alternatively, please visit our website: Ralph Martindale Group of companies

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  • Agricultural Hand Tools
  • Industrial and Construction tools
  • Gardening Tools
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