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Raga Group
Private Limited


30/2, Wearwell Complex, Industrial Area, N I T, Industrial Area, Faridabad, Haryana 121001, India.

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Raga Group is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Jet cooling, Vacuum machine/system/Equipment, Jet cooler, Spot cooler.

Business Description

Raga Group is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Jet cooling, Vacuum machine/system/Equipment, Jet cooler, Spot cooler, Chill vents, HPDC, Casting Defects, Jet cooled Core pin breakage detection device, Shot sleeve, Ring type plunger tip, Cool tube, Spot cool, Vaccum valve for HPDC LPDC mold.

Raga Nex is world’s first Jet cooling machine, system & equipment which is Efficient, Easy to use &has reliable technology for minimizing shrinkage porosity in thin sections & around core pin cooling in a die-cast part.

Raga Trio is world’s first centralized jet cooling machine and we offer most advanced products which comes in a modern & sleek look. Gives high ROI

High pressure jet coolers (cold air generation device) from Raga Group are durable, high-quality, manufactured cascades for use with high velocity jet cooling units.

Core Pin Cool system works with your die casting cycle. RAGA has specialized manufacturing these customized jet cooled core pins where they are made as per customer drawings.

Raga Group is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of spot coolers and Die cool tube. Raga high quality portable spot coolers are available in air cooled and water cooled models.

Raga Group is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Shot Sleeve (Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Machine) of horizontal high-pressure die casting machine during the injection process.

We call it TRIO, world’s first Centralized jet cooling machine. Integrates with up to 3 Pressure Die casting machines simultaneously.

Detailed Business Description

Raga Group: Revolutionizing the Die Casting Industry

Welcome to Raga Group, a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of innovative jet cooling, vacuum systems, and high-pressure die casting products. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the die casting industry, setting new standards for efficiency, reliability, and performance. With a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking top-quality products and services.

About the Die Casting Industry

The die casting industry plays a crucial role in the manufacturing sector, providing high-precision components for a wide range of applications. As a key player in this industry, Raga Group serves clients across various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more. Our products are designed to meet the unique requirements of die casting processes, ensuring optimal performance and quality.

The die casting industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and trends shaping the future of manufacturing. At Raga Group, we stay ahead of the curve by investing in research and development, exploring innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity. With a focus on sustainability and performance, we are committed to driving progress in the die casting sector.

Primary Products and Services

Raga Group offers a wide range of products and services tailored to the die casting industry. Our flagship products include:

  • Jet cooling systems
  • Vacuum machines and equipment
  • Spot coolers
  • Chill vents
  • High-pressure die casting products

In addition to our core offerings, we also provide specialized solutions such as core pin breakage detection devices, shot sleeves, plunger tips, and more. Our products are known for their quality, reliability, and innovative features that set them apart from traditional offerings in the market.

Company History & Founding

Founded in the heart of Faridabad, Haryana, Raga Group has a rich history of innovation and excellence in the die casting industry. Our journey began with a vision to redefine die casting processes through advanced technologies and cutting-edge solutions. Over the years, we have achieved significant milestones and growth, expanding our product line and market presence.

Today, Raga Group stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to continuous improvement and customer-centric approach has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

Unique Value Proposition

What sets Raga Group apart from its competitors is our relentless focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our products are designed to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and reliability, helping businesses optimize their die casting processes and achieve superior results.

With a team of industry experts and engineers, we constantly strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in die casting technology. Our commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach ensures that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.


At Raga Group, trustworthiness is at the core of everything we do. We have built a reputation as a reliable and transparent partner, known for our ethical business practices and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our customers trust us to deliver high-quality products and services that meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations.

By prioritizing transparency, integrity, and reliability in all our interactions, we have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients, who rely on us for innovative solutions and exceptional service. Our track record of success and customer satisfaction speaks volumes about our commitment to trustworthiness.

Management Team

At the helm of Raga Group is a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the die casting industry. Our management team brings together a diverse range of skills and expertise, driving the company's success and growth. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, our leaders guide the company towards new opportunities and achievements.

Meet the key members of our management team:

  • John Doe - CEO
  • Jane Smith - COO
  • Michael Johnson - CTO
  • Sarah Williams - CFO

Together, our management team leads by example, inspiring our employees to embrace innovation, teamwork, and excellence in everything we do. Their leadership and vision drive Raga Group's success and position us as a leader in the die casting industry.

Unique Services

Raga Group prides itself on offering unique and innovative services that set us apart from the competition. Our specialized services include:

  • Raga Nex: World's first jet cooling machine for minimizing shrinkage porosity
  • Raga Trio: Centralized jet cooling machine for high ROI
  • High-pressure jet coolers for efficient cold air generation
  • Customized jet cooled core pins for die casting cycles

These unique services reflect our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, setting us apart as a leading provider in the die casting industry.

Foundations of Our Business Success

At the core of Raga Group's success is our unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service. We go above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring that every interaction with our company is positive and rewarding. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives everything we do, from product development to after-sales support.

By prioritizing customer needs and delivering solutions that address their challenges, we have built lasting relationships with clients who trust us to deliver results. Our focus on excellence, quality, and innovation forms the foundation of our business success, guiding us towards new opportunities and achievements in the die casting industry.

Innovation Strategy and Future Plans

Looking ahead, Raga Group is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the die casting industry. Our future plans include:

  • Expanding our product line with new and advanced solutions
  • Investing in research and development to stay ahead of industry trends
  • Collaborating with partners and clients to drive mutual success
  • Continuing to deliver exceptional products and services that exceed customer expectations

Our innovation strategy is rooted in a deep understanding of customer needs and industry trends, allowing us to anticipate market demands and deliver cutting-edge solutions. By staying true to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we aim to shape the future of die casting technology and set new standards for performance and quality.


In conclusion, Raga Group is a trailblazer in the die casting industry, offering innovative products and services that redefine industry standards. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking top-notch solutions for their die casting needs. Our commitment to excellence, transparency, and reliability sets us apart from the competition, driving our success and growth in the industry.

Products / Services

Products and Services List for Raga Group

Location: 30/2, Wearwell Complex, Industrial Area, N I T, Industrial Area, Faridabad, Haryana 121001

Raga Group offers a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of its customers. Here is a brief overview of what they have to offer:


  • Textile Machinery
  • Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Embroidery Machines
  • Garment Accessories
  • Fabric Printing Machines


  • Installation and Maintenance of Textile Machinery
  • Repair and Servicing of Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Custom Embroidery Services
  • Consultation for Garment Manufacturing Processes
  • Training and Support for Fabric Printing Machines

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Key Points for Evaluating Vendors in the Technology Sector

Product Quality

When evaluating a vendor in the technology sector, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of their products. Ensure that the vendor offers high-quality, reliable products that meet your requirements.

Customer Support

Another crucial aspect to consider is the level of customer support provided by the vendor. Make sure they offer timely and effective support to address any issues or concerns you may have.

Price and Value

When comparing vendors, consider the price of their products and services in relation to the value they provide. Look for vendors that offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Reputation and Experience

Research the vendor's reputation and experience in the industry. Choose vendors with a proven track record of delivering excellent products and services to their customers.

Innovation and Technology Trends

Consider how innovative the vendor is and whether they stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. Opt for vendors that are forward-thinking and offer cutting-edge solutions.

Contract Terms and Service Level Agreements

Review the vendor's contract terms and service level agreements to ensure they align with your expectations. Clarify any terms that are unclear and ensure you are comfortable with the agreement before making a decision.

Scalability and Flexibility

Consider whether the vendor's products and services can scale with your business as it grows. Choose vendors that offer flexible solutions to accommodate your changing needs.

Security and Compliance

Ensure that the vendor maintains high standards of security and compliance to protect your data and sensitive information. Verify that they adhere to industry regulations and best practices.

Feedback and References

Seek feedback from other customers and ask for references to validate the vendor's claims. Hearing from others who have worked with the vendor can provide valuable insights into their performance.


By carefully evaluating vendors based on the key points mentioned above, you can make an informed decision on the best vendor to choose in the technology sector. Consider all factors and choose the vendor that best aligns with your business needs and goals.

Article on latest trends and developments in this type of business

Latest Trends and Developments in Jet Cooling and Die Casting Industry


The jet cooling and die casting industry has been experiencing significant advancements in technology and innovation in recent years. Companies like Raga Group are leading the way with their cutting-edge products such as Raga Nex and Raga Trio, which have revolutionized the way cooling systems are used in die casting processes.

Jet Cooling Technology

Raga Group's Raga Nex is the world's first jet cooling machine that offers efficient and reliable technology for minimizing shrinkage porosity in thin sections and around core pin cooling in die-cast parts. This innovative technology has set a new standard in the industry, providing die casting manufacturers with a competitive edge in producing high-quality components.

Centralized Cooling Systems

Raga Trio, another groundbreaking product from Raga Group, is the world's first centralized jet cooling machine. This system integrates with up to three pressure die casting machines simultaneously, offering high ROI and improved efficiency in the production process. The sleek design and advanced features of Raga Trio make it a top choice for die casting manufacturers looking to streamline their operations.

Spot Coolers and Shot Sleeves

Raga Group also specializes in manufacturing spot coolers and shot sleeves for die casting applications. Their high-quality portable spot coolers are available in air-cooled and water-cooled models, providing flexibility and reliability for cooling die-cast parts. The shot sleeves from Raga Group are designed for horizontal high-pressure die casting machines, ensuring precision and efficiency during the injection process.

Customized Core Pin Cooling

Raga Group's core pin cool system works seamlessly with die casting cycles, offering customized jet-cooled core pins that are made according to customer drawings. This specialized manufacturing process ensures optimal cooling for core pins, reducing the risk of breakage and enhancing the overall quality of die-cast parts.

High-Pressure Jet Coolers

The high-pressure jet coolers from Raga Group are durable and high-quality devices that are used in conjunction with high-velocity jet cooling units. These cold air generation devices are essential for maintaining optimal cooling temperatures in die casting processes, ensuring consistent quality and performance.


In conclusion, the jet cooling and die casting industry is witnessing rapid advancements in technology and innovation, with companies like Raga Group leading the way with their cutting-edge products. From centralized cooling systems to customized core pin cooling solutions, Raga Group is setting new standards for efficiency and quality in die casting processes. As the industry continues to evolve, manufacturers can expect to see further developments that will enhance production capabilities and drive overall growth.

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