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Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd.
Public Limited Company


No: 5, KIADB, Kumbalgodu,Phase 2 (On the Big Banyan Tree Road) Bangalore – 560074, Karnataka, India.
+9198442 03402

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Best Jaw crusher manufacturer in India Best Crushing Equipment Manufacturer in Bangalore

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Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. – Premier Crushing Equipment Manufacturer; Delivering Top-Notch and Dependable Crushing Solutions Aligned with Customer Requirements – Bangalore, India.

Welcome to Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd., your trusted partner in the world of crushing equipment and dry mix mortar plants. We are headquartered in the vibrant city of Bangalore, India, and are dedicated to revolutionizing the way industries approach material reduction and mortar manufacturing!!

Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. offers cutting-edge crushing solutions at the industry's most competitive prices per ton. A company that manufactures crushing equipment designs, develops, and manufactures machines that are used to reduce the size of various materials such as rocks, ores, minerals, and construction waste. These machines can be used to crush the material into smaller pieces. The city of Bangalore is home to PROMAN, a crushing equipment manufacturer. Jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, and various other specialized machines are among the various types of crushing equipment that are normally made available by the organization.
We provide customers with crushing equipment that is of a high quality, can be relied on, and is designed to satisfy their demands while also supporting sustainability and environmental responsibility. The city of Bangalore is home to PROMAN, a crushing equipment manufacturer. We make it a priority to pursue ongoing product and service innovation in order to keep pace with the dynamic requirements of the market.
The PROMAN Jaw Crusher was developed to handle even the hardest materials as input. The use of mortise and tenon joints in construction results in a sturdy and stiff frame assembly. The aforementioned points will go into further detail regarding it. Hydraulic jack facilities allow for the addition or removal of shims, and the PROMAN Jaw Crusher makes use of steel shims for setting adjustments and wear compensation. The aforementioned points will go into further detail regarding it.

PROMAN designs, manufactures, and supplies turnkey installations of DRY MIX MORTAR Plants (DMMP) to manufacture of dry mix mortar ranging from renders, plasters, cement glue/adhesive & screeds, technical mortars, repair, monolayer color to self-leveling compounds that conform to the entire palette of dry mix mortar products. These plants are used to produce dry mix mortar. Dry Mortar Plants are made available in India by Proman.

We are pleased to have you join us here at Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to being a reliable business partner for all of your crusher equipment and dry mix mortar plant needs. The bustling city of Bangalore, in the country of India, serves as the location of our company's headquarters, and our mission is to transform the way that companies approach the reduction of material and the production of mortar. In the center of India's most important technical hub, we have carved out a niche for ourselves as a preeminent manufacturer of crushing equipment by adhering doggedly to the principles of innovation, quality, and social and environmental responsibility.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss with you, in the context of this in-depth company profile, our history, our dedication to excellence, and our commitment to servicing our cherished patrons. Come explore the interesting world of Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. with us! Ltd., and learn how we have been able to deliver innovative crusher solutions and dry mix mortar plants on a continual basis to fulfill the requirements of a wide variety of sectors despite their constant state of change.

Proman Infrastructure

Proman Infrastructure: The Picture is Business Representational

Manufacturing Crushing Equipment is the Primary Focus of Our Company:

A Tradition of Pioneering Thought: When it comes to infrastructure services, Walia Proman Services Pvt. Ltd., we are extremely proud of the fact that we are one of the most innovative companies in the business that manufactures crushing equipment. Our adventure started with a dream of developing machines that can effectively reduce the size of a wide variety of materials, ranging from rocks and ores to minerals and rubbish from construction projects. Because of our dedication to innovation, we have been able to design, develop, and manufacture an extensive selection of cutting-edge crushing equipment that is notable for its dependability, efficiency, and long-term viability.

The Guarantee Given by PROMAN: We are well aware that the caliber and effectiveness of our offerings are directly responsible for the achievements of our patrons. As a result, we have established the PROMAN guarantee, which reflects our dedication to producing high-quality and dependable crushing equipment that not only satisfies but also surpasses the expectations of our esteemed customers. Our goods are created with the goals of lowering overall operational expenses, raising overall productivity, and lowering overall environmental impact.

Product Lineup That Is Rich In Variety:

We are a prominent producer of crusher equipment situated in Bangalore, and we provide a comprehensive selection of products that are built to meet a wide variety of requirements. The following products are included in our lineup:

Crushers with Jaws: Our PROMAN Jaw Crushers are designed to effortlessly crush even the hardest materials that are fed into them. These crushers use a construction style known as mortise and tenon, which results in a sturdy and stiff frame assembly. This building method guarantees the crushers' durability and lifetime. The following is a list of the distinguishing characteristics of our jaw crushers:

We are aware of the significance of precision in crushing applications, which is why we provide steel shims for setting adjustments. Our crushers are outfitted with steel shims as standard, which make it possible to make exact setting adjustments and account for wear, so guaranteeing that the machines operate at their full potential.

It has never been simpler to add or remove shims than it is with the hydraulic jack facilities. Because of the incorporation of hydraulic jack facilities into the design of our crushers, the procedure of adjustment and maintenance is greatly simplified.

Crushers That Use Impact: Our entire lineup of impact crushers was developed to provide high-performance crushing in a wide variety of settings and applications. These crushers are well-known for their dependable construction, great crushing capacity, and low requirements for routine maintenance. They are perfect for efficiently reducing materials ranging from medium to hard in consistency.

Crushers with Cones: The PROMAN Cone Crushers are designed to be the best in their class. They provide remarkable performance in secondary and tertiary crushing applications thanks to their cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge features. These crushers have a great degree of versatility and are able to process a wide variety of materials; as a result, they are a very significant tool in a variety of industries.

Specifically Tailored Equipment: In addition to the conventional crushing equipment that we offer, we also design and construct bespoke machines that are tailored to meet the requirements of individual industries. These machines are the product of our extensive knowledge of the processes involved in the reduction of material as well as our dedication to offering our customers individualized solutions to their problems.

Responsibility and Sustainability with Regards to the Environment:

The Environmental Responsibility That We Assume: When it comes to infrastructure services, Walia Proman Services Pvt. Ltd., we are very aware of the environmental difficulties that are currently being faced by people all over the world. As a result, we have incorporated principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility into the fundamental aspects of how we conduct business. Our products are living proof of our conviction that technological advancement and environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive concepts; we hold this view wholeheartedly.

Utilization of Resources in a Way That Is Efficient: Our crushing equipment is designed to make the most efficient use of available resources while reducing the amount of waste produced. We are able to assist our customers in lowering their carbon footprint and making a contribution toward a more sustainable future by improving the crushing procedure.

Materials Friendly to the Environment: When it comes to the building of our machines, we put a strong emphasis on the utilization of environmentally friendly components. This not only makes certain that our products will last for a long time and be reliable, but it also lessens the toll that they take on the environment.

Sustainability With the Customer in Mind: Our dedication to sustainable practices goes well beyond the items that we produce. In order to design solutions for our clients that are in line with the sustainability goals they have set, we collaborate closely with them. We support our customers in their efforts to become environmentally responsible, whether that involves lowering their overall energy consumption, increasing the efficiency with which they use materials, or putting in place recycling procedures.

Bringing About a Paradigm Shift in the Production of Mortar: In addition to our competence in the production of crushing equipment, Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. also specializes in the installation of concrete and asphalt pavement. Ltd. is pleased to offer installation services of DRY MIX MORTAR Plants (DMMP) on a turnkey basis. These facilities are built with the capability of producing a wide variety of dry mix mortar products to meet the varied requirements of the building industry. Renders, plasters, cement glue/adhesive, screeds, technical mortars, repair compounds, monolayer color products, and self-leveling compounds are all included in our DMMP solutions.

Accuracy in Each and Every Blend: The accuracy and effectiveness of our DMMP installations are two of their defining characteristics. We are aware that the quality of the mortar used in the construction sector plays an essential part, and as a result, our factories have been designed to produce mortar mixes of a consistent and high quality. The fact that our DMMP solutions are able to generate mortar products that are in accordance with a diverse range of standards makes them the solution of choice for building industry specialists.

Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Mortar Needs: When it comes to infrastructure services, Walia Proman Services Pvt. Ltd., we are aware that each construction project is one of a kind and that the requirements for mortar might fluctuate quite a bit. Because of this, we provide individualized mortar solutions that are catered to the particular requirements of each of our customers. We have the experience necessary to deliver anything you need, whether it be a high-strength technical mortar or a specialized color mortar.

Our Dedication to Achieving the Highest Standards:

Quality Control and Assurance: Our company was founded on the principle that quality must come first, and we spare no effort in ensuring that all of our goods and services are up to par with the most stringent criteria in our industry. The manufacturing procedures we use are subject to severe quality control measures and are closely monitored throughout the entire process. Before every piece of machinery leaves our facility, it is put through a battery of rigorous tests to ensure that it is reliable and will work as expected.

The Activities of Research and Development: At Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd., the pursuit of innovation is an ongoing process. Ltd. Our devoted Research and Development (R&D) staff works diligently to investigate new ways of doing things, including new technologies, materials, and processes. Because of our commitment to research and development, we are able to anticipate changes in the market, provide customers with innovative solutions, and adjust to the ever-evolving requirements of our clients.

Approach that Is Focused on the Customer: The satisfaction of our consumers is the primary focus of all that we do. We are quite proud of our customer-centric strategy, which entails learning the specific needs of each of our customers and providing them with solutions that go above and beyond their anticipations. To guarantee that our machinery and facilities continue to run efficiently, the knowledgeable members of our team are constantly prepared to offer their assistance in the form of technical support, guidance, and maintenance services.

A Wide Range of Industries Served:

The Development of Infrastructure: Our crushing equipment and DMMP systems play an important part in the fast-paced world of infrastructure development. We are able to meet the requirements of civil engineering projects, including the construction of roads and bridges, among other things. These essential initiatives will move forward more quickly and successfully with the assistance of our machines, which help break down even the toughest materials.

The Process of Mining and Quarrying: The mining and quarrying sector is dependent on sturdy and dependable crusher equipment, and many mining operations have put their faith in us as their supplier of choice. Our crushers are able to process a diverse array of ores and minerals with ease, ensuring that both the extraction and processing processes go smoothly.

Construction work: The quality of the mortar used in a building project can determine whether or not it is successful. Construction professionals that require consistency and precision in their mortar mixes frequently opt for our DMMP installations since they are the preferred choice. Our goods contribute to the successful completion of a wide variety of construction endeavors, ranging from residential to commercial to industrial complexes.

The Management of Waste and Recycling Efforts: In an era where protecting the environment is of the utmost importance, the crushing equipment that we provide is an essential component of both recycling and garbage management. We contribute to the reduction of the overall amount of waste produced by construction projects, as well as the transformation of that waste into resources that can be reused, which helps to promote a circular economy.

Our Team: The Driving Force:

Knowledge and a Commitment to Excellence: Without recognizing the committed and knowledgeable individuals that comprise the Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. team, our tale of success would be lacking a crucial piece of the puzzle. staff of the Ltd. Every day, the people who work in our engineering and design departments, as well as our technicians and support staff, offer their experience, their creativity, and an uncompromising dedication to their work.

Learning Without Stopping: We are aware that developments in technology and in industry trends take place on an ongoing basis. To ensure that our company remains at the forefront of the industry, we encourage our team members to engage in ongoing education and professional development. Our employees have access to ongoing training programs as well as the most recent tools and technology, which ensures that they are always prepared to take on the difficulties posed by an environment that is always shifting.

Assistance to Customers: Our dedication to our consumers extends far beyond simply delivering the products they order. We provide extensive customer support services, which include assistance with technical issues, maintenance, and the delivery of replacement parts. Our mission is to provide our customers with operations that run smoothly and with as little interruption as possible.

Our Imprint: From Bangalore and Further afield:

A Reputation Built in Bangalore: Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company. Ltd. is pleased to call Bangalore its place of residence. We owe a considerable amount of our expansion and success to the dynamic atmosphere of the city, as well as the technological advances and flourishing industrial ecosystem that it contains. Clients not only in Bangalore but also throughout the rest of India and even further afield are serviced from our headquarters, which is centrally positioned.

Presence both nationally and internationally: Despite the fact that Bangalore is where we got our start, we now have a presence all over the world. We have been able to successfully create a national as well as an international presence, and we serve customers located in a variety of geographic areas. We are happy to be a global participant in the crusher equipment and dry mix mortar plant business, which is a testament to the unwavering commitment to quality and excellence that we have maintained throughout our history.

Achievements and Commendations:

Honors bestowed by the Sector: The unyielding dedication that we have displayed toward quality and creativity has not gone unnoticed. Over the course of its history, Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. has received a great number of awards and recognitions from their peers in the business. These honors are evidence that we are committed to providing excellent service and meeting the needs of our patrons.

Care and Protection of the Environment: We have been given honors for our efforts to environmental stewardship in appreciation of the environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and projects that we have undertaken. We take a great deal of satisfaction in the fact that the sectors we work with will benefit from our efforts to make their futures greener and more sustainable.

Working Together to Achieve Success:

The development of Partnerships and Alliances: At Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd., collaboration has always been one of the most important factors contributing to the company's success. Ltd. We are aware of the significance of forming partnerships with organizations and institutions that share similar values in order to encourage innovative thinking and propel forward constructive change. Our working relationships extend to a diverse set of domains, ranging from research partnerships to membership in trade organisations.

Relationships with One's Suppliers: The cultivation of solid connections with our providers is one of our highest priorities. These connections are founded on trust, dependability, and respect for one another on both sides. Our dedication to providing our clients with items of the highest possible quality is made possible, in large part, by our suppliers.

Prospects for the Future:

A Perspective on the Future: As we look to the future, our vision has not changed; it is to maintain our position as the industry leader in terms of innovation, sustainability, and satisfaction of our customers. We intend to make investments in research and development in order to provide our clients with innovative solutions, while significantly decreasing our impact on the environment and extending our presence across the globe.

Trends in the Industry: Crushing equipment and dry mix mortar plant manufacturing are two industries that are on the cusp of significant technological leaps. We are dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of these trends, embracing emerging technology, and changing our goods and services to meet the ever-evolving requirements of our customers.

Come Alongside Us on This Adventure:

Get in Touch with Us: Whether you are a construction enthusiast interested in high-quality mortar products or a professional in the field seeking for dependable crusher equipment, Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. will accommodate your needs. Ltd. would be delighted to have you accompany us on this adventure. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about our offerings of products, services, and solutions. Follow us on social media to stay abreast of the most recent developments in our company's news, inventions, and insights into the industry.

The final word:

We are appreciative that you have taken the time to investigate Walia Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. We have established ourselves as a reliable business partner in the crusher equipment and dry mix mortar plant sectors of the market via our dedication to innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility. Our adventure will continue, and we are excited about the opportunity to serve you and make a contribution to the accomplishment of your initiatives.

Come work with us to make the world's industries more environmentally friendly and productive in the future. If we work together, we will be able to address the problems of the future by redefining crushing solutions and mortar manufacture.

For more information, please call us on phone +9198442 03402 or visit our website here: Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd

Products / Services


  • Vibratory Grizzly Feeder
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Cone Crusher
  • Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI)
  • Vertical Shaft Grinder (VSG)
  • Circular & Linear Motion Screen
  • Mechanical Vibro Feeder


Platform Enhanced Sections and Articles

Article by Siachen Editors to aid the customer in decision making

A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Vendors for Industrial Equipment: 

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


Choosing the right vendor for industrial equipment is a pivotal step in ensuring the success of your projects and operations. In industries such as mining, construction, and aggregate processing, the quality and reliability of equipment like Vibratory Grizzly Feeders, Jaw Crushers, Cone Crushers, Vertical Shaft Impactors (VSI), Vertical Shaft Grinders (VSG), Circular & Linear Motion Screens, and Mechanical Vibro Feeders can significantly impact your bottom line. To aid you in making an informed decision, this comprehensive guide delves into key considerations when evaluating potential vendors. Let's explore these crucial factors:

1. Vendor Reputation and Experience

1.1 Vendor Background and History

Before entering into any agreement with a vendor, it's essential to understand their background and history. Questions to consider include:

Company Background: Investigate the vendor's history, including the year of establishment, ownership changes, and any notable milestones.

Financial Stability: Assess the company's financial health and stability, as this can affect their ability to provide ongoing support and warranty services.

Ownership Structure: Determine if the vendor is part of a larger corporation or a standalone entity, as this can influence decision-making and available resources.

1.2 Client Testimonials and References

Seeking client testimonials and references can offer valuable insights into the vendor's performance and customer satisfaction. Here's what to do:

Request References: Ask the vendor for a list of references from clients who have purchased similar equipment. Reach out to these references to gain firsthand knowledge of their experiences.

Online Reviews: Search for online reviews or ratings of the vendor and their products. Websites like industry-specific forums or trusted review platforms can provide candid feedback.

1.3 Industry Reputation and Awards

A vendor's reputation within the industry can be a strong indicator of their reliability and quality. Consider the following:

Industry Standing: Research the vendor's standing within your industry. Are they considered a leader, a niche player, or a newcomer?

Awards and Recognitions: Awards and certifications from industry associations or organizations can demonstrate a commitment to excellence and adherence to best practices.

2. Product Quality and Specifications

Understanding the technical aspects and quality of the equipment is crucial for long-term satisfaction. Dive into the following subtopics:

2.1 Understanding Product Specifications

To make an informed decision, you need a clear understanding of the product specifications. Here's how to evaluate them:

Technical Data: Review technical data sheets and product manuals provided by the vendor. Pay attention to specifications like capacity, power requirements, and dimensions.

Comparative Analysis: Compare the vendor's product specifications with those of competitors to identify any significant advantages or disadvantages.

2.2 Materials and Manufacturing Processes

The materials used in manufacturing and the production processes can greatly impact product quality and longevity. Consider:

Material Quality: Inquire about the materials used for critical components. High-quality materials contribute to better performance and durability.

Manufacturing Standards: Ensure that the equipment is manufactured following industry-standard practices and quality control measures.

2.3 Compliance with Industry Standards

Equipment should comply with relevant industry standards and regulations to ensure safety and reliability. Check for:

Certifications: Confirm that the equipment carries necessary certifications and compliances, such as CE, ISO, or OSHA standards, depending on your industry and location.

Safety Features: Assess the presence of safety features like emergency stops, guards, and warning systems to protect operators.

3. Performance and Efficiency

The performance and efficiency of industrial equipment can have a significant impact on your operational costs and productivity. Let's explore this further:

3.1 Product Performance Metrics

To evaluate performance, consider the following factors:

Throughput: Determine the equipment's capacity in terms of material processing rate and whether it meets your production requirements.

Energy Efficiency: Assess the equipment's energy consumption and its impact on your operating costs and environmental footprint.

Maintenance Needs: Analyze the maintenance requirements and frequency to understand the equipment's uptime and downtime.

3.2 Efficiency and Energy Consumption

Efficiency is paramount in industrial settings, where minimizing waste and optimizing resources are critical. Evaluate:

Energy Efficiency: Look for equipment designs that minimize energy consumption through innovative technologies or intelligent control systems.

Resource Optimization: Consider how the equipment optimizes material usage and minimizes waste during the production process.

3.3 Customization and Adaptability

The ability to tailor equipment to your specific needs can enhance its value. Investigate:

Customization Options: Check if the vendor offers customization options to match the equipment precisely to your operational requirements.

Future-Proofing: Consider the equipment's adaptability to accommodate changes in your processes or production volumes over time.

4. Reliability and Durability

The longevity and reliability of industrial equipment directly impact your operational continuity. Examine the following subtopics:

4.1 Equipment Longevity

A longer lifespan reduces the frequency of replacements and associated costs. Ask about:

Durability: Inquire about the materials and design features that contribute to the equipment's durability.

Expected Lifespan: Request information on the expected lifespan of the equipment and any warranties or maintenance plans offered.

4.2 Maintenance and Support

Proactive maintenance and reliable support are essential to minimize downtime. Consider:

Maintenance Requirements: Understand the maintenance needs and costs associated with the equipment.

Support Services: Evaluate the vendor's availability for technical support, spare parts, and service agreements.

5. Cost Considerations

While cost is a significant factor, it should be weighed against other critical aspects of vendor evaluation. Explore these cost-related considerations:

5.1 Initial Purchase Cost

Price Comparison: Compare the initial purchase cost of the equipment with that of other vendors.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Consider the TCO, including maintenance, operating costs, and energy consumption, over the equipment's lifespan.

5.2 Financing and Payment Terms

Payment Options: Inquire about available financing options or payment terms that align with your budget and cash flow.

Leasing vs. Buying: Explore whether leasing the equipment is a more cost-effective option than an outright purchase.

5.3 Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI Analysis: Perform an ROI analysis to assess how quickly the equipment will generate returns through increased productivity or cost savings.

6. Environmental Impact and Sustainability

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, evaluating the environmental impact of equipment is essential. Consider these aspects:

6.1 Environmental Compliance

Emissions: Determine if the equipment complies with emission standards and contributes to reducing environmental impact.

Resource Efficiency: Assess how the equipment minimizes resource consumption and waste generation.

6.2 Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Materials: Inquire about the use of sustainable and recyclable materials in the equipment's construction.

Green Initiatives: Explore any green initiatives or sustainability efforts undertaken by the vendor.

7. Warranty and Service Agreements

Understanding the warranty and service agreements is crucial for ongoing support and maintenance. Delve into these considerations:

7.1 Warranty Coverage

Warranty Duration: Determine the duration of the warranty and what it covers, including parts and labor.

Extended Warranty Options: Check if extended warranty options are available for additional peace of mind.

7.2 Service and Support

Technical Support: Assess the availability of technical support, including response times and support channels.

Service Agreements: Inquire about service agreements and their terms, including preventive maintenance schedules.

8. Compatibility and Integration

Consider how the equipment fits into your existing infrastructure and processes:

8.1 Integration with Existing Systems

Compatibility: Ensure that the new equipment seamlessly integrates with your current systems and technologies.

Data Connectivity: Evaluate the ability to collect and analyze data from the equipment to improve operations.

8.2 Training and Knowledge Transfer

Training Programs: Inquire about training programs or resources offered by the vendor to ensure your team can operate the equipment effectively.

Knowledge Transfer: Discuss knowledge transfer to your staff for troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

9. Vendor Support and Responsiveness

The vendor's commitment to customer support is crucial. Investigate the following:

9.1 Response Time

Response Time: Assess the vendor's response time for inquiries, technical issues, or emergency support.

9.2 Spare Parts Availability

Spare Parts Inventory: Inquire about the availability of spare parts and their lead times to minimize downtime.

9.3 Customer Service

Customer Service Reputation: Research the vendor's reputation for customer service and their commitment to resolving customer concerns.

10. Vendor's Ethical and Social Responsibility

Understanding the vendor's stance on ethical and social responsibility is increasingly important. Consider:

10.1 Ethical Practices

Ethical Sourcing: Inquire about the vendor's commitment to ethical sourcing of materials and fair labor practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Evaluate the vendor's involvement in community and social initiatives.


Evaluating potential vendors for industrial equipment is a multifaceted process that requires careful consideration of numerous factors. By delving into the vendor's reputation, product quality, performance, reliability, cost considerations, and various other aspects, you can make informed decisions that lead to successful projects and long-term satisfaction. Remember that the right vendor isn't merely a supplier; they should be a trusted partner in your journey toward operational excellence.

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