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Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy


2901 Desoto Street Monroe, LA 71201, United States.

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Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy is a training center for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling and Kickboxing enthusiasts.

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Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy - Bridging the Gap to Elite Competitions for Individuals and Families; Exceptional Self-Defense Training and World-Class Competition Prospects for Individuals - Monroe, United States.

At Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy, we are dedicated to providing top-notch self-defense training and world-class competition opportunities for individuals of all ages!!

The Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy is a training facility located in Monroe, Louisiana. It provides children, teenagers, and adults located throughout the state of Louisiana with training in effective self-defense techniques and access to world-class competitions. We provide a variety of services, some of which include Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, wrestling, kickboxing, and other forms of kids martial arts. Additionally, we provide our customers with the option of private sessions. We provide a well-structured curriculum, a sanitary training environment, and an atmosphere that will unquestionably foster the growth of your self-confidence and self-awareness. 

He started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2005 and eventually earned the title of brown belt through the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association and the Mosey Martial Arts Academy. Joseph has participated in national competitions such as NAGA, Pan Ams, and AGF, where he has been awarded a number of medals. In addition to this, he has guided over a dozen adults and children to podium finishes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu events that they have participated in under his tutelage. We have your best interests in mind whether you plan to enter the world of martial arts in order to get into better condition, drop a few pounds, learn how to fight, defend yourself, or compete in competitions. Whether you want to learn how to fight, defend yourself, learn how to fight, or participate in tournaments, we can help. We provide a well-structured curriculum, a sanitary training environment, and an atmosphere that will unquestionably foster the growth of your self-confidence and self-awareness. Members are entitled to unlimited training and do not need to sign a contract or agree to a set payment schedule in order to become a member. So, tell me, what exactly are you anticipating? 

Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy
Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy - The Picture is Business Representational

Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy is pleased to have you join us here at its location at 2901 DeSoto Street in Monroe, Louisiana, 71201, in the United States. At Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy, we are committed to giving individuals of any age with top-notch self-defense training as well as opportunity to compete at a level that is on par with the best in the world. We provide our students with a wide variety of services, as well as skilled teachers, in the hopes of empowering them and assisting them in achieving their objectives within the context of a setting that is both safe and encouraging.

Our Mission and Values:
Through training in martial arts, we hope to encourage personal development along with increased self-confidence and awareness of one's own capabilities here at Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy. We hold the belief that training in martial arts is more than just a means of improving one's physical fitness and learning effective self-defense strategies; rather, it is a journey that shapes one's character, teaches discipline, and fosters resilience. We are dedicated to establishing a community that is supportive and welcoming, one in which students are able to flourish and realize their full potential.

Training Program That Covers Everything:
We strive to meet the varied requirements and interests of our students by providing a broad spectrum of martial arts styles for them to choose from. Some of our programmes are as follows:

Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling, ground fighting, and submission grips. In our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, you will learn all of these techniques. Because of its emphasis on leverage and technique, this martial art can serve as an efficient method of self-defense for people of varying ages, sizes, and physical abilities.

Classes in Judo can help you develop your skills in throwing and grappling with an opponent. Judo is a martial art that emphasizes balance, timing, and control, and it has been shown to have positive effects on both the body and the mind.

Through the use of our wrestling training, you will be able to improve your takedown skills, agility, and overall athleticism. Our classes are designed to help wrestlers of all skill levels, from those just starting out to those with years of experience, develop their technique and compete at a better level.

Kickboxing is a great way to enhance your striking skills while also getting your heart rate up and getting your blood circulating. This high-intensity workout incorporates punches, kicks, and knee strikes, which not only provides an excellent aerobic workout but also helps develop self-defense skills.

Kids Martial Arts: We offer specialized program in martial arts for children, with a focus on character development, discipline, and respect. These programs are part of our Kids Martial Arts division. Kids can gain self-defense skills in a friendly and secure setting at our program, where they can also work on improving their confidence.

Private Meetings and Personalised Instruction: In addition to our group program, we also offer individualized private sessions, which are catered to the specific requirements and objectives of each client. Our knowledgeable teachers are available to provide you with individualized teaching, specialized training, or additional help at every stage of the learning process, depending on your preferences and needs. Private lessons with us provide a more individualized approach to training, which can help you advance more quickly in the martial arts.

Competitors with Experienced Instructors and a Proven Track Record:
At Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy, we are extremely proud of the team of highly competent and experienced instructors that we have assembled. Our training programmes benefit from the abundance of knowledge and experience brought to them by our instructors, who are directed by Joseph, who holds a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association and Mosey Martial Arts Academy. Joseph has competed on a national level in illustrious competitions such as the NAGA, Pan Ams, and AGF, where he has been awarded a number of medals. Because of his extensive coaching experience, a large number of adults and children have been able to place in the top three of Brazilian jiu-jitsu events.

A Cutting-Edge, State-of-the-Art Training Centre:
Our training facility is kept in immaculate condition at all times and was specifically constructed to create a sanitary and risk-free atmosphere for our trainees. We put the health and safety of our members first and make sure that the facilities where they exercise and the equipment they use are in pristine shape at all times. Our facility is large, well-equipped, and comfortably furnished, providing adequate room for training as well as an environment conducive to learning and personal development.

Alternative Membership Packages Available:
We are aware that the time commitments and scheduling requirements of each person are different. For this reason, we provide a range of membership packages that are adaptable to suit a variety of lifestyles. Members at Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy get access to unlimited instruction, and there are no commitment requirements for long-term contracts. We offer payment plans that are on a month-to-month basis, giving you the flexibility to complete your workouts whenever it is most convenient for you.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to become a member of Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy if you are prepared to begin on an exciting journey in martial arts, improve your health, learn self-defense, or compete in tournaments. At every stage of the journey, you will have the support of our well-organized programmes, our enthusiastic professors, and our warm and friendly community. Don't put it off any longer; sign up for classes at Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy today and take the first step towards achieving your objectives in the martial arts. Our helpful staff is eager to be of assistance to you and will gladly answer any queries that you might have. 

Now is the time to begin your training in martial arts so that you can reap the many benefits that this endeavor has the potential to bring into your life.

For more information, please call us on phone 318-855-0456 or visit our website here: Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy

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  • Kid’s Martial Arts
  • Teen’s Martial Arts
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Wrestling
  • Kickboxing
  • Judo

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