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Paint & Roll Services
Private Limited
Ryan Field


92 Ewart St, NSW 2203, Australia.
0406 597 977

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Paint and roll services is one of the best painting service provider in Sydney.

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Paint and Roll Services - Your Trusted Collaborator for Exquisite Painting Solutions; Licensed House and Industrial Painters who Embody a Profound Sense of Pride in their Work and Find Joy in Witnessing the Final Result - Newtown, Australia

With 10 years of experience in the painting industry, we are a team of licensed house and industrial painters in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, dedicated to delivering outstanding results and exceeding customer expectations!!

We are licensed home and industrial painters in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, who take a great deal of pleasure in their work and genuinely enjoy the satisfaction of fulfilling the wishes of our clients with the end result of our labour. Every person who works at Paint and Roll Services is an extremely competent broker who has a great deal of expertise working with the tools and equipment that will be utilised in the course of providing services to you. We guarantee that work will always begin at the exact time and date that was mentioned. You can put your faith in our group. We have a great deal of respect for our customers' investments as well as their personal possessions. Our painting services are unparalleled in the industry. Despite this, we also provide our services in the commercial painting sector. In addition, we offer services in the residential painting sector.

Nevertheless, this is not the whole of our offerings. We offer the most professional painting services for roofs. We provide the greatest Heritage painting services in the hopes that it will increase the value of your treasured area even further. If we work together, we can provide you with the highest-quality Strata work as well as Special Painting Finishing services, both of which will help you realise a productive outcome. On the other hand, we can provide you with solutions for residences. We are committed to the idea that our House Painting services in Dulwich Hill, Sydney will contribute positively to both the aesthetic value you place the utmost importance on and the quality of life you lead.

Paint and Roll Services
Paint and Roll Services - The Picture is Business Representational

Paint and Roll Services can be found at 92 Ewart Street, NSW 2203, Australia. We look forward to serving you. We are a team of licensed home and industrial painters in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, with ten years of experience in the painting industry. We are committed to producing great results and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We take a great deal of pride in our work and get a lot of satisfaction out of bringing our clients' ideas to life. Every member of the team here at Paint and Roll Services possesses a high level of education and experience, which enables us to provide you with painting services that make use of the most advanced materials and methods.

Painting Services for Private Residences:
Painting Your Home with Expertise: In the Sydney neighbourhood of Dulwich Hill, our company is known for offering painting services of the highest possible calibre. We are here to assist you with revitalising the exterior of your property as well as making significant changes to the interior of your home. We are aware of the significance of designing a lovely living place that is a perfect reflection of your individual taste and character. We guarantee a faultless finish and a result that you will be pleased with by paying painstaking attention to every detail.

Painting of Private Residences by a Qualified Professional: At Paint and Roll Services, it is our mission to improve the aesthetic appeal of your residential home in any way we can. We are able to manage jobs of any scale, from simply painting individual rooms to completely remodeling a whole home, as we have the skills and expertise to do so. Our talented painters work with paints of the highest quality and apply various techniques in order to produce a finished product that is both long-lasting and visually attractive.

Services for the Commercial Painting Industry:
Commercial Painting Solutions: We provide complete commercial painting services in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, that are adapted to meet the specific requirements of a wide variety of enterprises. Our group is aware of the significance of upholding a hospitable and professional atmosphere, not only for the benefit of our staff but also of our clients. No matter if it's an office building, a retail store, or a hospitality facility, we provide painting solutions of the highest calibre that improve the aesthetics and raise the profile of your brand.

Excellence in Roofing Painting: Beyond walls and interiors, we also have extensive competence in. In order to preserve the value of your investment and improve its overall appeal, we offer specialised roof painting services. We can help your roof last longer by coating it in a material that is both robust and resistant to the elements, while also giving it a newer and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Expertise in the Painting of Heritage:
It takes a deft hand to maintain the architectural integrity of heritage buildings while retaining their allure. Because our staff possesses the knowledge and experience necessary for historical painting, we can guarantee that the one-of-a-kind qualities and architectural elements of these structures will be treated with the utmost care and precision.

Workarounds for Strata Problems: We are familiar with the particular needs that strata properties entail. Our strata work services are designed to meet the requirements that property managers, residents, and strata committees have. We provide great painting solutions that increase the desirability and value of strata buildings by managing projects effectively, paying close attention to the smallest of details, and according to all of the applicable rules.

Paint Jobs with Special Finishes:
Our specialised painting finishes will take your room to the next level. We provide a diverse selection of alternatives, ranging from textured finishes to ornamental approaches, with the goal of elevating the level of sophistication, depth, and visual interest of your walls.

At Paint and Roll Services, we are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standard of performance in every facet of our work. Throughout the entirety of the painting process, we make open communication, transparency, and providing outstanding customer service our top priorities. Our mission is to provide our customers with a pleasant and stress-free experience while simultaneously generating great outcomes that go above and beyond their expectations.

To summarise, Paint and Roll Services is the reliable partner you can count on for all of your painting requirements in the Dulwich Hill area of Sydney. We guarantee great painting solutions that enhance the beauty and value of your home or commercial property because of our highly qualified crew, use of quality products, and attention to client satisfaction. 

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to talk about your painting job and allow us to bring your vision to life by utilizing our knowledge and enthusiasm.

For more information, please call us on 0406 597 977 or visit our website: Paint and Roll Services

Products / Services


  • Commercial Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Strata Work
  • Heritage Painting
  • Roof Painting
  • Special Painting Finishing

Article About Business

Assessing the Capabilities of Different Painting Service Providers:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best vendor to place the order.

It is of the utmost importance to make the correct decision when picking a vendor for painting services because this choice has a direct impact on the overall quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of the painted area. When conducting a full evaluation of potential suppliers, it is necessary to take a number of criteria into consideration, including those that are both general and particular to the kind of painting service that is being sought. The following detailed advice is provided for the purpose of assisting consumers in making well-informed choices.

1. Painting for Commercial Purposes

1.1. Know-How and Years of Experience

Years in Business: Businesses that have been around for longer are likely to have a more successful track record.
past Projects: Determine the level of difficulty and scope of any past commercial projects that the vendor has successfully completed.

1.2. The Components Employed

The quality of the paint that was used should be up to par with the requirements set by the commercial industry.
Longevity It is important for paint to be able to tolerate a lot of foot activity and wear.

1.3. Estimating Costs and Charging Fees

A Detailed Breakdown The estimate should include an itemized list of all expenditures, including those for labor, supplies, and any other supplementary fees.
Regarding the level of competition, contrast the offered price with the going rate in the market and the offerings of other sellers.

1.4.1 The ability to adapt.

Painting done after business hours ensures that customers and employees are disturbed as little as possible.
Custom Solutions are services that are adapted to meet the specific requirements of business venues.

1.5. Procedures for Ensured Safety

Training for Safety Ensure that the workforce has received training on how to safely handle commercial tools and height equipment.
Insurance: Sufficient protection against financial loss in the event of an accident or damage.

2. Painting in Private Residences

2.1. Assurance of Quality, Number

Work that needs to be done before painting includes giving the surface a thorough cleaning, sanding, and priming.
Look for providers who can guarantee a finish that is even, drip-free, and smooth all the way to the conclusion.

2.2. Components/Materials

Paints that are safe for the environment are especially crucial to use in homes where there are children or pets.

2.3. Timing and planning come in at number

Regarding promptness, residential projects typically have more stringent deadlines.
Ensure that the vendor will clean up the area after the completion of the project.

2.4. Opinions and Suggestions of Others

Request the contact information of prior customers who live in the area as local references.
Examine the feedback provided by customers on various web platforms, specifically online review sites.

3. Construction of Strata

3.1. Capacity to Grow

Larger crew sizes are necessary to ensure timely completion of projects involving many units.

3.2. Compliance with the Regulations

Make sure you paint in accordance with any municipal or building-specific requirements, as required by any applicable bylaws.

3.3. Being Consistent

To ensure uniformity, the paint finish on each and every unit should be the same.
The ability to match colors between distinct units or buildings is referred to as color matching.

4. An Important Historic Painting

4.1. The Practice of Specializing

Training in history: Painters should receive training in the techniques used to preserve history.
Review the vendor's portfolio to learn about the past legacy projects they've worked on.

4.2. Components, Methods, and Procedures

Historically Accurate Paints refers to the application of paints and colors that are appropriate for the time period of the structure.
Techniques of restoration are the skills necessary to remove old paint without causing damage to the underlying structures.

4.3. Authorizations and Licenses

Heritage Clearance: Make certain that the vendor is aware of how to apply for any essential permits relating to heritage.

5. Painting of the Roof

5.1. Protection against the Elements

Use of paints that are able to survive adverse environmental conditions to ensure quality.
Protective Coatings are additional coatings that offer protection from moisture and ultraviolet light.

5.2. Protection

Utilization of safety gear such as helmets, harnesses, and other important pieces of protective equipment.
Instruction: Having the appropriate training is essential for working at elevated levels.

5.3. Guarantees and Warranties

Longevity is the assurance that the color will not fade, peel, or chip too quickly.

6. Unique Surface Coating for Painting

6.1. Expertise and Areas of Specialization

Painters who have received training in specialist finishes such as faux, murals, and the like.
Review the past work with a particular finish in your portfolio.

6.2. Components and Equipment

Utilization of high-grade materials for unique finishes in accordance with quality standards.
Specialized Tools are tools that have been customized for specific finishes.

6.3. Time and Financial Commitment

Timeline: Certain special finishes may require more time; make sure you have a clear understanding of the timeframe.
Pricing: It is important to have a thorough understanding of the pricing structure for specialist work, since the cost may be significantly greater than for conventional painting.

In conclusion, conducting an in-depth analysis that covers all of these aspects will be of great assistance in selecting a provider that meets the needs, financial constraints, and quality standards of the project. Always put quality, safety, and competence ahead of cost, bearing in mind that going with the least expensive alternative isn't always the smartest choice. Spending the time to investigate and evaluate different vendors may result in a more satisfying outcome as well as a beautiful and long-lasting paint job.

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