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Tosska Technologies
Public Limited Company
Tosska Technologies


Suite 2512 Langham Place, Office Tower, 8 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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Need help with SQL query optimization? Connect with the experts at Tosska Technologies to get oracle sql query optimization techniques.

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Tosska Technologies Limited - SQL (Structured Query Language) isn’t just about writing queries but also about how it could be run efficiently.

Besides, SQL is a standard database query language of an industry that came into practice from the mid-1980s. This must not be confused or compared with other source products such as MySQL or commercial products such as Microsoft SQL. 

Most of the problems in SQL are either because of the poorly written SQL statement or due to well-written SQL against badly designed data models. If you start seeking SQL tuning for Oracle, you will find a myriad of books and a blog on the same may seem imperfect. However, we have brief some of the important tips that will surely result in beneficial in optimizing SQL performance.

Essential Tips for SQL Tuning for Oracle

When the system becomes unresponsive or runs slow, then you need to performance tune it. For accelerating the process, you need to follow these essential tips as described below-

    1. One of the most efficient ways for SQL tuning is to maintain an established performance baseline when the problem arises. You can have a clear understanding of the system capabilities and can set the performance targets only when you have figured out the peak usage period. You must continuously measure the existing performance of your system to find out how your database should be running in the future.
    2. AWR, which stands for Automatic Workload Repository is one of the most useful and powerful features of the Oracle database performance tuning. It processes, maintains, and processes performance statistics of the application. When you utilize AWR along with ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor), it will enhance the performance tuning abilities of the system and will also save time and money in the process. Mainly, ADDM renders an actionable insight on the information that has been collected by the AWR.
    3. While you would be tuning SQL for Oracle, you should have a full compilation of databases, operating systems, and application statistics from your system along with the AWR and ADDM. If you wish to stay on top, then you need to keep a regular track of the statistics and refine the process of how statistics are presented or collected. One can find the signs of issues in the performance within the data itself. Hence, you should never ignore the data that will serve as the deciding factor in tuning SQL performance at any cost.
    4. If the automatic diagnostic attribute of Oracle isn’t performing well for the problem that occurred, then you need to performance tune it manually. While inspecting the issue, make sure your CPU is being used properly. Investigating the CPU, you will come to know there’s any task that is non-database and yet consuming CPU that restricts the amount of shared CPU resources. Once it is clear, you can very easily take care of the performance issue and deliver clarity to the process of decision making.

Besides the above-described tips, the list goes on. In case, you find that you aren’t good at tuning Oracle database performance, you can also purchase products for SQL tuning for Oracle provided by many reputable companies.

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