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Online Metal 3D Printing Services in Bangalore, India
Private Limited
Manju Bhargava
Online Metal 3D Printing Services in Bangalore, India
Bangalore North
Corporate Office / Jalahalli - Plant 1 - Bangalore, INDIA Makali - Plant 2, INDIA Jigani - Plant 3, INDIA Harohalli - Plant 4, INDIA Philippines - Plant 5


Veer O Metals Pvt Ltd. Plot No. 124 &125, Part-1, Harohalli 1st Phase Industrial Area, Harohalli, Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagar District, Karnataka, India.

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Metal 3D Printing or Metal Additive manufacturing is an augmented cutting-edge technology

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Veer-O-Metals Pvt Ltd - A augmented cutting-edge technology called metal 3D printing (DMLS), also known as metal additive manufacturing, is a method of producing three-dimensional parts from a metal material layer by layer. 

3D printing technology for metals enables manufacturers to produce complex parts without being constrained by the design constraints imposed by traditional manufacturing methods. 

Rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping of complex end-use parts are enabled by the technology, which overcomes the limitations imposed by design constraints, traditional machine tools, and special tools. It also reduces the lead time in manufacturing cycles as well as the waste of raw materials.

Due to the use of simulation to improve the quality of the part manufactured, the risk of production failure is also minimized when using Metal 3D printing. This approach is well-suited for discrete manufacturing processes and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.

Veer O Metals has been at the forefront of the industry in embracing the most recent trends, with a core principal of innovation and enhanced technology as its guiding principles. We have expanded our cutting-edge manufacturing technology to include metal additive manufacturing (Metal 3D-Printing).

Veer O Metals Metal Additive Manufacturing empowers key stakeholders in the design, engineering, supply chain, and research and development functions with rapid prototyping of complex parts, on-demand tooling, and rapid manufacturing of thousands of parts in situations where traditional tooling is an expensive option, among other things. 

It shortens the time it takes for a product to reach the market and improves product performance through increased efficiency and count reduction. Metal 3D printing is available online.

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Metal 3D Printing (DMLS) or Metal Additive manufacturing is an augmented cutting-edge technology which produces three-dimensional parts layer by layer from a metal material. Metal 3D Printing technology makes it possible for manufacturers to produce complex parts without any design constraints of traditional manufacturing. The technology allows rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping of complex end-use parts by overcoming the design constraints, traditional machine tools and special tools. It also reduces the lead-time in manufacturing cycles and raw material wastage.


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