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Limited Liability Partnership
Jahubar Hameed
Abu Dhabi


Shop No: R61-4881, Souk Al Marfa, Deira Islands, Dubai, UAE.

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KIBS PRO GARMENTS TRADIN FZCO - Lungies, Kerchiefs, Vests and Briefs

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KIBS PRO GARMENTS TRADING FZCO (KIBS) creates and provides 100% authentic handlooms items and continues to utilise the traditional Indian hand loom methods for the production of its top line of lungies and hand kerchiefs. 

Power looms are used to manufacture Lungies of a lower quality. In addition, KIBS is home to cutting-edge hosiery and knitting equipment, which are used to produce vests, briefs, and a variety of other range of products for men, women, and children of worldwide quality.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the company employs dyes and chemicals that are safe for the environment and do not cause irritation. Also, the company packages its products in biodegradable material. The business performs a thorough treatment of the effluent produced by all of its bleaching and dying operations, which ultimately results in the recycling and reuse of resources wherever it is practical to do so.

When it comes to providing its Clients with KIBS products of the highest possible quality, the Business spares no effort and pulls out all the stops. The company has a Quality Policy that is very well outlined. The production process adheres to all of the criteria and regulations that have been defined. These standards and norms, which are bolstered by efficient supervision, ensure that quality is maintained without compromise at every stage, beginning with the procurement of raw materials and continuing through the manufacturing and delivery of final products.

Because of the high caliber of its offerings, the Company has been able to gradually expand its presence in the export market during the course of its existence. As a result, around thirty percent of the Company's products are now sold in international markets. At the moment, the countries of the GCC, Sri Lanka, and Singapore are our primary markets. At the moment, the Business maintains its Overseas Branches in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Dubai in UAE. Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait are all represented by the company's agents.

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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to KIBS Pro Garments Trade FZCO, a reputable clothing manufacturing and trading firm situated in Dubai. We are elated to be a part of the KIBS Group of Businesses, which has been in operation for more than 60 years in India under the auspices of its parent company, Mohamad Idris Brothers Pvt. Ltd. We are also happy to be a part of the KIBS Group of Companies. We have become one of the most trusted names in the business as a direct result of our dedication to offering items of the highest possible quality.

Authentic handlooms are our specialty here at KIBS, where we specialize in making handloom goods utilizing processes that are indigenous to Indian handlooms. We also make use of cutting-edge knitting and hosiery machines in order to manufacture men's and women's and children's vests, briefs, and other items that are of the highest possible quality. Because we place such a strong emphasis on providing excellent service and being kind to the environment, we have become known as one of the most reputable and morally sound producers of clothing.

The history of the KIBS Group of Businesses can be traced back to 1960, when Mr. Mohamad Idris established the company in Chennai, India, with a small group of skilled artisans as his initial workforce. The company has gone through substantial expansion throughout the course of its history, and it is currently one of the most successful garment makers and exporters in India.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the wider Middle East area saw an increasing need for high-quality garments in 2008, which led to the founding of KIBS Pro Garments Trading FZCO. This business was founded in order to meet this demand. We have become one of the most successful garment trading enterprises in the area thanks in large part to the fact that we place a strong emphasis on both the quality of our products and the happiness of our clients.

Unique Value Proposition:
Here at KIBS, we take a lot of pleasure in the fact that we are dedicated to providing our clients with items of the greatest possible quality. We guarantee that each and every product is 100% genuine and one of a kind by using handlooming techniques that have been used for centuries. During the production process, we only use colors and chemicals that are safe for the environment and will not cause irritation to our consumers. This ensures that our goods are safe for both the environment and our customers.

Our commitment to quality can be seen in each and every stage of the manufacturing process, beginning with the sourcing of raw materials and continuing through the creation of the finished product and its distribution. In addition, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing remarkable service to our customers.

Goods and Services:
KIBS is known for its expertise in manufacturing a varied selection of high-quality apparel for males, females, and young children. In addition to products such as vests, briefs, and other hosiery items that are manufactured utilizing cutting-edge machinery, our product line also includes items such as handkerchiefs and lungies that are woven on traditional handlooms in India.

To guarantee the sturdiness and longevity of our products, we will never resort to employing components or techniques that aren't of the greatest possible quality in the manufacturing process. In addition, we provide the option of customisation so that we may cater to the specific requirements of each individual customer.

Here at KIBS, we are well aware that trust is an indispensable component of every successful professional partnership. Because of this, we have established the foundation of our company on the principles of honesty, integrity, and dependability. Because of our dedication to these principles, we have established a solid reputation as a reliable business partner, supplier, and provider of solutions.

We use only eco-friendly colors and chemicals that won't irritate your skin, and we have stringent quality control standards that we follow at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our thorough effluent treatment procedure guarantees that our production processes are environmentally sustainable, and we make it a point to reduce the amount of negative impact that our operations have on the surrounding ecosystem whenever possible.

Our management team:
Our management team consists of seasoned experts who are dedicated to providing the greatest possible product quality as well as exceptional customer service. Our management team is committed to delivering the best possible products to our customers. Experts in the fields of production, marketing, and finance make up our team, and they collaborate to ensure that our goods adhere to the most stringent quality and dependability standards possible.

Customer Service Here at KIBS, we are firm believers that providing outstanding customer service is essential to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clientele. We are dedicated to going beyond the call of duty in order to meet and exceed expectations.

At KIBS Pro Garments Trading FZCO, we are dedicated to continuing our mission of supplying authentic handlooms items of the highest quality, and we are also devoted to developing and increasing our product selection in order to better accommodate the ever-changing requirements of our clientele. Maintaining our basic values of quality, authenticity, and sustainability while focusing on growth, expansion, and diversity is where our attention is currently directed.

We intend to continue investing in our production procedures as well as our technology in order to guarantee that we will continue to be at the forefront of both quality and innovation. Our objective is to broaden the range of goods and services that we offer while simultaneously ensuring that we uphold our commitment to environmentally sustainable business methods and ethical standards in all that we do.

We are also interested in broadening our international presence by investigating untapped markets and forming cooperative alliances with influential participants in the sector. To further establish ourselves as a trusted partner and supplier to customers all over the world is one of our primary goals, and we intend to do so while upholding our dedication to transparency, integrity, and dependability.

At KIBS Pro Garments Trade FZCO, we are very proud of the reputation that we have earned as a market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of handlooms items of the highest possible quality. Our dedication to quality, authenticity, and environmental responsibility helps us stand out from our rivals in the industry and has enabled us to cultivate a base of devoted customers located all over the world.

We are continually working to improve both the quality of our products and the quality of the services we provide because we are driven by a passion for excellence and a dedication to innovation. Because we have a management team that is not only talented but also experienced, because we are dedicated to conducting our business in an ethical manner, and because we place a strong emphasis on the happiness of our customers, we are confident in our ability to continue providing our clients with exceptional goods and services for many years to come.

You are cordially invited to put the KIBS difference to the test for yourself and discover for yourself why we are the consumers' top choice all over the world. We are grateful that you are considering us to be your preferred business partner.

Please call us on +971-50-3479927 for more information or visit our website KIBS PRO GARMENTS TRADING FZCO (KIBS) for more information.

Products / Services


  • Lungies - Handloom and power loom
  • Kerchiefs
  • Vests & Briefs
  • Arabic Gatra

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