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KC Overseas Education


Plot No. 10/2, I.T. Park, Opp. V.N.I.T, Behind Infotech Tower, Parsodi, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India- 440022

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In the various parts of India, our dedicated team of study abroad and visa consultants is here to provide expert student counseling and guidance. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we help aspiring students turn their dreams of studying abroad into reality. Let us be your trusted partners on your educational journey.

Business Description

KC Overseas Education - Nagpur, India-based KC overseas is recognized as the country's preeminent provider of assistance with visa applications and studies abroad. We are here to assist you in realizing your goal of obtaining an education in a foreign country.

The founders of Krishna Consultants came together with the intention of achieving a single objective, which was to broaden participation in worldwide educational opportunities. We had a humble beginning, but our dogged persistence and unwavering dedication to our goal quickly catapulted us to fame.

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Our goal at Krishna Consultants is quite clear: we want to serve as the illuminating beacon on your path toward obtaining an education in another country. We are aware that the decision to pursue further education in another country is a momentous one in a person's life, one that is rife with anticipation, hopes, and a certain degree of difficulty. This is where we come in as your trusted partners, mentors, and facilitators to ensure that the decisions you make are well informed and in line with the objectives you have set for your career.

The Way We See It:

Our mission is to serve as a conduit for educational opportunities between students from India and the world's leading academic institutions. We foresee a future in which all students, regardless of where they come from or what they've done in their lives, will have access to education of the highest caliber and the chance to expand their horizons. With this goal in mind, we have been steadily expanding our service offerings to accommodate a wide variety of countries. As a result, the dream of receiving an education abroad has become a reality for a large number of students.

KC Overseas Education
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The Services We Offer:

We take tremendous satisfaction in the fact that we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services that cover every facet of studying in a foreign country. Krishna Consultants is your one-stop shop for all of your needs relating to your education abroad, including choosing the appropriate program and university, obtaining the necessary visas, and participating in pre-departure orientations.

1. Selection of the Country:

The United Kingdom (UK), sometimes written as GB
The United States of America, abbreviated as "USA"
Australie (Australia)
New Zealand (
Irlanda, Italia, and Dubai
Cyprus The Malay Peninsula
Spain (country)
Poland Germany Lithuania
The French nation
Singapore (Singapore)
The Swedish nation
Switzerland (Swiss)
Country of Latvia
Africa, South

Our Journey:

The beginning of our journey may be traced back to New Delhi, India, the location of our very first office. Since then, we have experienced meteoric expansion, which has allowed us to broaden our presence across the nation. We are pleased to say that we currently welcome students from every region of India. Our history is one of steadfast commitment, unyielding tenacity, and an unrelenting drive toward excellence.

Expansion as well as Acknowledgment:

We initially started with a single office in India but have now expanded to many locations across the country. Our achievements have not gone unnoticed, and we have been acknowledged for the significant contributions that we have made to the field of education consultancy by a variety of educational institutions as well as government authorities.

Establishing Credibility:

Trust and honesty have guided our steps throughout this journey. Because of the long-lasting ties we've developed with students and their families, they've put their faith in us to help them realize their goals. Today, we are delighted to have been a part of the triumphant endings of the lives of thousands of kids who have achieved their goals of attending a school in another country.

Our Team:

Our accomplishments are due, in large part, to the hard work of a group of committed professionals who are enthusiastic about the field of education and remain unwavering in their dedication to assisting kids. Our team is comprised of members from a wide variety of backgrounds, each of whom provides a substantial amount of expertise and experience in their respective fields.

Professional Consultants:

Our highly trained counselors are the pillars around which our organization is built. They have an in-depth understanding of the complexities that are involved in international education systems and are current on all of the most recent developments. Throughout the entirety of your journey, it is their job to not only direct you in the right direction but also to encourage and inspire you.

Experts in Visas:

The process of obtaining a visa can be challenging, but not when you have the assistance of our visa specialists at your side. They are knowledgeable with the procedures for applying for visas in a variety of countries and will walk you through each stage of the process to ensure a streamlined and trouble-free trip.

Helping Hands Personnel:

Our support staff will see to it that all of the administrative components of the application procedure for your position are taken care of in a timely manner. They are available to offer you the essential support in a variety of areas, ranging from documentation to logistics.

The Specifics of Our Offerings:

1. Guidance and Counseling in Education:

We offer individualized guidance to assist you in selecting the appropriate program of study as well as the university that best fits your educational history, interests, and professional goals.

2. Choosing an Academic Institution:

We aid you in selecting institutions that are in line with your objectives and interests by utilizing a comprehensive database that contains information on universities all around the world.

3. Assistance with the Application:

We walk you through the entirety of the application process and assist you with accurately completing all of the required paperwork, including forms, essays, and other documentation.

4. Studying for the Examination:

It is absolutely necessary to study for standardized examinations. We provide customized coaching for a variety of standardized tests, including the GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL.

5. Assistance with Scholarships:

Your dreams should not be stifled because of financial considerations. Our seasoned professionals will assist you in investigating potential funding sources for your education, such as scholarships.

6. Instructions for Visas:

Understanding the many documentation and requirements for obtaining a visa might be difficult. Our visa specialists offer vital advice to guarantee that an application for a visa is granted successfully.

7. Assistance Prior to Departure:

The process of relocating to a new nation is not always easy. We will provide you with pre-departure orientations in order to get you ready for living in another country.

8. Assistance with Living Arrangements:

It is crucial to locate lodging that is suitable. We provide assistance in navigating the available lodging options, so assuring a pleasant stay.

What We Have Accomplished:

Through the years, Krishna Consultants has been awarded a number of awards and accomplishments that highlight our commitment to quality and our function as a reliable consultant for students who are interested in studying in another country.

Certification from the ISO:

We are pleased to announce that we have earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is a validation of our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in the education consulting industry.

Acknowledged by Preeminent Educational Institutions:

The fact that many of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world acknowledge Krishna Consultants as an authorized agent demonstrates both our legitimacy and our dependability.

Testimonials from Students:

The examples of achievement set by our former students speak loudly about the level of commitment we have displayed. A substantial number of our graduates have not only been academically successful but have also made important contributions to the fields in which they were trained.

What Makes Krishna Consultants the Best Option:

You may be wondering, with the abundance of education consultants accessible, what sets Krishna Consultants apart from the competition. The following are some of the most compelling arguments that students and parents give for selecting us:

1. Knowledge or skill:

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the educational systems in a variety of countries and are experienced with the procedures for applying for admission and visas in those places.

2. Services that are All-Inclusive:

We provide services that cover everything from beginning to end, which means you won't have to work with any other companies; this will make your trip much simpler.

3. A Tactic Tailored to the Individual:

We are of the opinion that there is no "one size fits all." Our counselors offer individualized direction that is crafted to meet the specific requirements of your goals and objectives.

4. International Connection:

Because of the large network of university partners and affiliates that we maintain, we are able to provide you with access to a diverse selection of opportunities.

5. Ethical Business Procedures:

We are committed to upholding high ethical standards at all times, conducting ourselves in an open and honest manner in all of our dealings.

6. Continuous Support:

After you have been accepted, our assistance will not stop. Throughout the entirety of your educational journey, we are here to offer continuing assistance.

Our Dedication to Maintaining High Standards:

At Krishna Consultants, quality is not merely a fad; rather, it is ingrained in the culture. From counseling through paperwork and beyond, we are dedicated to always operating at the greatest possible level of quality control in all aspect of our business. Our commitment to quality is evidenced not just by our achievement of ISO certification but also by the positive feedback we receive from our graduates.

Our Moral and Legal Obligation to Society:

We are committed to giving back to the community and are involved in a wide range of different community service projects. We are aware of the power that education possesses to alter people's lives, and as a result, we work hard to ensure that students from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to educational opportunities.

Scholarship and Fellowship Programs:

Scholarship programs have been established by Krishna Consultants to provide financial assistance to meritorious students who do not have the ability financially to continue higher education in another country. We are dedicated to cultivating talent regardless of the limits imposed by the economy because we think that talent is not constrained by monetary considerations.

Workshops for Instructional Purposes:

We provide advise on opportunities for international study by holding educational workshops in schools and colleges across the country. Students will leave these workshops with a greater understanding of professional opportunities and education opportunities available on a global scale.

Approach that Is Focused on the Customer:

The contentment of our customers is of the utmost importance to us in everything that we do. We are really proud of the fact that the strategy we follow, which focuses on the needs of our customers, has enabled us to earn the confidence of tens of thousands of students and parents. Your comments and recommendations are important to us, and we will always work hard to tailor our offerings to better meet your requirements.

Presence Around the World:

The geographical scope of Krishna Consultants is not constrained in any way. Students come to us from all around India, despite the fact that our headquarters are located in Nagpur, which is in the state of Maharashtra. Due to the extensive nature of our internet presence, you will have access to all of our services regardless of where you are located in the world.

The Prospects for the Company Krishna Consultants:

When we go into the future: we anticipate a time when there will be even more options to give students greater agency and to make an international education available to everyone. We are dedicated to the following:

Increasing the Number of Students: We Reach Our mission is to increase the number of students we serve across India and beyond so that every prospective international student can make use of our services.

Improving Our Services: In order to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of both students and their parents, we are committed to enhancing and expanding the range of services that we provide.

Embracing Technology and Innovation: to Achieve Excellence In order to deliver solutions that are even more effective and efficient, we will embrace technology and innovation.
Global Partnerships: In order to provide our customers with a wider variety of opportunities, we will work to form strategic alliances with educational establishments all over the world.

The Final Word:

Education, in the opinion of those of us here at Krishna Consultants, is the most important factor in shaping a more favorable future.

We are committed to assisting you in achieving all of your academic goals and turning your aspiration of attending school in another country into a reality. Come along with us, and let's start this life-altering journey together as a group.

For more information, please call us on phone +91-712-2222061 or visit us on our website here: KC Overseas Education

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  • Counselling
  • Test Preparation
  • Course, Country & University Selection
  • Applications & Admission
  • Scholarships
  • Internship
  • Education Loan
  • Visa Processing
  • Allied Services

Article About Business

A Step-by-Step Guide to Assessing the Competence of an Educational Service Provider:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best vendor to place the order.


When it comes to choosing a provider for educational services, it is imperative to make an educated decision as soon as possible. You want to make sure that you choose the ideal partner for your educational journey, regardless of whether you are looking for counseling, exam preparation, course selection, admission aid, scholarships, internship possibilities, education loans, visa processing, or allied services. In this instruction manual, we will go through the most important factors that you need to take into consideration when selecting a provider for these services.

1. Consulting and Therapy Services:

Expertise Required of Counselors:

Conduct an investigation on the credentials and years of expertise held by the counselors. Are they familiar with the numerous study abroad locations, universities, and classes that are available?

Advice Tailored to Your Specific Needs:

Does the provider offer individualized counseling sessions to help you better understand your objectives, interests, and previous educational experience?

Record of Performance:

Conduct research about the history of the vendor. Have they been successful in assisting pupils in accomplishing the educational goals that they set for themselves?

2. Studying for Examinations:

Courses That Are Available:

What kinds of courses for exam preparation does the provider have available? Are they catered to particular examinations such as the GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL, among others?

The Standard of the Instructors:

Evaluate the instructors based on their credentials and level of experience. Do they have a track record of assisting students in achieving high levels of success?

Materials for Research:

Make sure you ask about the study materials that will be provided. Is the information provided in it exhaustive and current?

3. Choose your major, your country, and your university:

Alternatives Available:

Does the provider offer advice on a diverse selection of programs, nations, and educational institutions, providing you a number of different possibilities from which to pick?

Consistency with Objectives:

Check to see if the schools and programs that have been suggested to you are a good fit for your academic and professional goals.

Aspects Relating to Accreditation and Rankings:

Conduct research into the universities suggested by the vendor to determine their levels of accreditation and global standing.

4. The Application Process and Acceptance:

Support for the Application Process:

Does the provider support you throughout the entirety of the application procedure, such as with the completion of forms and the preparation of required documents?

Date limits and necessary conditions:

Are you familiar with the application deadlines and the specific qualifications that are needed for each university?

Monitoring of Applications:

Does the provider offer a mechanism that allows you to monitor the progress of your application?

5. Grants and scholarships:

Opportunities for Academic Scholarships:

Ask the vendor about any scholarships they might be able to assist you in applying for. Are there any prospects for scholarships based on academic achievement, merit, or financial need?

Qualifications Required to Apply:

Get familiar with the requirements needed to qualify for scholarships. Are you qualified to get one of the scholarships that the provider suggests?

Assistance with Applications:

Does the provider offer assistance in the process of putting together scholarship applications, essays, and letters of recommendation?

6. Potential Placements for Internships:

Networks for Internship Positions:

Does the provider have any partnerships or networks with other businesses or organizations that could provide international students with internship opportunities?

Support for Internships:

Determine the level of assistance that is offered, such as the creation of a CV, the practice of interview questions, and the finding of internship opportunities.

Duration and Monthly Allowance:

Make sure you find out how long internships typically last as well as whether or not they are compensated for.

7. Financial Aid for Higher Education:

Loan Alternatives:

Does the provider make available details on the various educational loan choices and financial institutions that make loans available to overseas students?

Advice on Filling Out the Loan Application:

Are you walked through the process of applying for a loan, including the necessary papers and the qualifying requirements?

Rates of Interest and the Conditions of Repayment:

It is important to have a solid understanding of the various aspects of student loans, including the interest rates, payback terms, and grace periods.

8. The Processing of Visas:

Types of Visa:

Check to see if the provider offers assistance with the various kinds of visas, such as student visas, work permits, and visas for dependents.

Assistance with Documentation:

Does the provider offer assistance in assembling and precisely preparing the necessary paperwork for the visa?

Preparation for the Visa Interview:

Check to see whether the provider offers any assistance in getting ready for the visa interview, such as practice interviews or preparation classes.

9. Comprised of Allied Services:

Help with Arrangements for Accommodations:

Does the provider offer assistance in locating acceptable housing alternatives in the location where you plan to complete your studies?

Getting Acquainted Before You Go:

Inquire with the provider about whether or not they provide pre-departure orientations that will help you get ready for living in a different nation.

Transportation and Health Coverage:

Verify that the provider gives aid in making travel preparations as well as in acquiring health or travel insurance.

10. Critiquing and Citing Other Works:

Testimonials from Happy Customers:

Look for success stories and testimonials from previous customers to get an idea of the track record of the business.

List of References:

Make sure you check the vendor's references with other customers who have used their services in the past.

Evaluations Posted Online:

Investigate the vendor's standing by reading testimonials and ratings posted on third-party websites, such as Google or Trustpilot, or on social media.

The final word:

The education services vendor that you choose to work with should be viewed as a critical decision because it has the potential to greatly affect both your academic and career future. In order to make a decision that is well-informed, you need to carefully assess possible vendors based on a wide range of important criteria.

The highlighted points in this comprehensive guide serve as a roadmap for your process of evaluating potential vendors. These points cover everything from counseling and test preparation to the selection of courses, countries, and universities, as well as assistance with applications, scholarships, internships, education loans, visa processing, and allied services.

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