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Johnson Marble & Quartz
Private Limited
500 Employees


Windsor, 7th Floor, CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098, India.

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Johnson Marble & Quartz is a one-stop destination for industry-grade engineered stone of all sizes and scales.

Business Description

Johnson Marble & Quartz - An Innovative Producer of Premium Engineered Marble and Quartz Solid Surfaces; Presenting the Cutting-Edge Assortment of Opulent Slabs -  Mumbai, India.

Welcome to Johnson Marble & Quartz, where we take great pride in being a pioneering manufacturer of world-class engineered marble and quartz hard surfaces!!


Worktops in kitchens and baths, fireplace surrounds, and bathroom vanities are just some of the many places where engineered stone may be used. There are countless other applications for engineered stone as well. Additionally, engineered stone is suitable for a wide variety of additional applications. Johnson Marble & Quartz has solidified its position as the industry leader in the distribution of high-quality engineered stone during the course of a number of years' worth of hard work and dedication. The uses of engineered stone are virtually limitless, and the aforementioned examples are just some of the many possibilities. We have one of the most magnificent selections of engineered stone slabs that can be discovered anyplace in India or the rest of the world. This is because we import our materials directly from around the world. Slabs of manufactured stone sourced from all over the world can be found in our inventory. Customers from all over the world have complimented our one-of-a-kind engineered stone slabs on the exceptional quality they possess, which is unmatched in the industry.

The appearance of man-made stone, which is also known as engineered stone, is extremely similar to the appearance of natural stone. In fact, the two types of stone are virtually indistinguishable. The only difference between the two is that manufactured stone will typically have a pattern and color that are more continuous throughout its entirety, but natural stone will not. This is the only difference between the two. That is the only distinction that can be made between the two. Stone that was dug up from the earth will have a wide range of variations in terms of the patterns, tones, and colors that it displays. These differences can be distinguished throughout the stone's overall look. Because quartz and engineered marble are produced in an environment that is controlled, the surface of each marble slab will have an appearance that is very identical to that of that of one another, with only very tiny variances possible at most. This is because quartz and engineered marble are composed of the same material. The business Johnson Marble & Quartz is credited with being the first to implement the usage of engineered stone, and the surfaces produced by the company are designed to make regular living feel more like a luxurious vacation. We are committed to enhancing the overall quality of life experiences for everyone, and one of the ways we do this is by giving our customers a bewildering variety of options in terms of designs, patterns, and colors to choose from.

The position that Johnson Marble & Quartz enjoys as an industry pioneer and as a maker of engineered marble and quartz hard surfaces that are of world-class standard is one that the company takes great pride in, and it is one that the company takes great delight in. Johnson Marble & Quartz cherishes this position. The cutting-edge line of luxury slabs and other surfaces that are manufactured from engineered stone is something that we are ecstatic to share with you today, and we do it with a great deal of joy. These goods have been developed to be as innovative and forward-thinking as is humanly possible. Stones and surfaces offered by our company can be purchased in a broad variety of thicknesses, finishes, colors, and sizes, which enables them to be customized to meet the demands of individual clients. Because of this, there is more leeway for creativity in the production process. Our company has been honored with the Esteemed Superbrand Award for the past three years in a row, which is evidence that our current series of accomplishments is not an unusual incidence.

We would like to take advantage of this occasion to extend a cordial greeting to you and to introduce ourselves as a company. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as representatives of Johnson Marble & Quartz, a well-known manufacturer of engineered marble and quartz hard surfaces that meet or exceed the criteria for world-class excellence. The administrative headquarters of our organization may be found in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, which can be found in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is located in India. Our major goal is to build an original array of high-end slabs and surfaces that are fabricated from engineered stone materials of the best possible quality. This will allow us to fulfill our primary purpose. What differentiates us from the competition and puts us in a position of supremacy is the unwavering commitment we have, through the creation of our goods, to boosting both the aesthetic appeal and the utility of living spaces.

Information Relating to the Manufacturing and Business Sectors of the Economy:

Acquiring a Knowledge of the Commercial Market Acquiring a Knowledge of the Commercial Market is One of the Most significant Components of What We Do One of the most significant aspects of what we do is the creation of high-quality engineered stone products that are adaptable for employment in a wide variety of contexts. We are involved in a number of different industries, and this is one of them. Our efforts and activities are mostly focused on this subfield of the business world at this time. This industry serves both individuals and organizations that are concerned with the overall level of quality as well as the aesthetic appeal of the spaces that they occupy, and it does so in a variety of settings. Additionally, those who are concerned about the level of quality and aesthetic appeal of the areas that they occupy are catered to by this sector of the economy. The attraction of natural stone can sometimes be found in engineered stone, which also offers the benefit of having a pattern and color that are consistent throughout the material. In addition, engineered stone can sometimes be made to look like genuine stone. In addition, man-made stone may often be created to seem exactly like real stone.

In recent years, the disciplines of interior design and that of building construction have both come to place a larger focus on the usage of engineered stone as a result of the flexibility and durability of this material. This is due to the fact that engineered stone can be used in a variety of applications and that it is very long-lasting. This is owing to the adaptability of engineered stone, which allows it to be utilized in a wide number of applications, as well as the extreme durability of the material. This product makes it feasible to obtain natural stone at a lower cost while yet keeping the same level of aesthetic appeal that comes with the use of real stone. This is made possible by maintaining the same level of aesthetic appeal that comes with the use of natural stone. This industry is special from others since it is able to reproduce the aesthetic appeal of natural stone while, at the same time, decreasing the amount of individual differences that occur naturally in the material. This capacity is what provides this industry the advantage it needs to successfully compete in the market, and it's all because to you.

Recent developments and future prospects: On the current market, there is a growing tendency toward sustainability and eco-friendliness in the production of engineered stone. This tendency is good news for future prospects. It is anticipated that this pattern will carry on for the foreseeable future. We are in a position to acquire this knowledge for ourselves and can do so right now. This is a promising omen regarding the direction that the market will head in the years to come, and it demonstrates that the industry is on the right track. The sector of the economy that we are a part of is one that has great prospects for the future as a result of the growing number of customers who are looking for new solutions that combine esthetic appeal, practicality, and care for the environment. These possibilities are one of the reasons why we made the decision to get involved in this industry.

The product and service listing in a catalogue that is regarded as being the most important of all of the listings in that catalogue:

The following is a list of the manufactured stone products that we at Johnson Marble & Quartz are professionals in supplying, and each of these manufactured stone products is of the best possible quality:

Kitchen Countertops


Bathroom Vanities


Wall Cladding


Customized Designs

Johnson Marble & Quartz

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A Concise Synopsis of the History of the Company, Beginning with Its Founding:

Since we started out on this path, our objective has been to reimagine what it means to combine elegance with functionality in interior design, and we have made significant progress toward attaining that objective. Since its inception, which was spearheaded by a group of enthusiastic experts, our company has experienced incredible growth and accomplished a large number of significant milestones since it first began operations. Our business has always been directed by a dedicated and talented team of professionals since the day it was founded. This has been the case ever since we first opened for business. It has never been any different. We have never stopped pushing ourselves to reach the highest possible standards of quality and originality in the work that we perform ever from the very beginning of our company until it became the dominant player in the market of its industry. This has been the case from the time that our company began until it became the dominant player in the market for its industry.

An Unparalleled and Highly Profitable Opportunity to Offer to One's Clientele:

The ongoing attention of Johnson Marble & Quartz to delivering products to consumers that are of the best possible quality is the single most important feature that differentiates the firm from its competitors in the market. This focus has helped Johnson Marble & Quartz become an industry leader. The items listed below will be made available to you:

Exceptional Quality: Our products are renowned for their consistent quality and aesthetics.

Unmatched Variety: Our extensive range of designs, patterns, colors, and sizes cater to diverse tastes.

Craftsmanship: Each piece is a work of art, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

Sustainability: We prioritize eco-friendly production processes, aligning with modern values.

Both the company's Executive Committee and its Board of Directors will be in attendance:

Talking to the members of our wonderful management team, each of whom has a great deal of experience as well as a high degree of knowledge in the field of engineered stone, is the best way to acquire additional information about our company and its operations. If you were to take the time to find out more about us, it would mean the absolute world to both of us. They are the driving factors behind the success of our company, which helps to ensure that we will continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers at all times. In addition, they help to ensure that we will continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our competitors. Both their leadership and their ability to see the big picture contributed to the accomplishments of our business.

Ensuring Compliance with the Requirements of the Regulations While Providing an Online Defense for the Corporation:

For our company's operations to run smoothly, it is essential that we continue to uphold the confidentiality of any private information that may come into our possession. We have taken precautions against both external and internal dangers by putting in place a comprehensive information security program, which covers both our technology assets and our physical space. These safeguards have been implemented in order to protect our organization. In order to shield ourselves from any potential damage, certain preventative measures have been put into place. Because we took all of these safety measures, we have successfully protected ourselves from the dangers that come from both within and without our organization. Because we are committed to protecting the data that our customers provide to us, which provides them with the peace of mind necessary to entrust us with their sensitive information, our customers are able to entrust us with their information.

Products Specially Crafted to Fit Your Requirements Precisely and Completely:

In addition to the extensive range of high-quality products that we stock, we also offer a broad range of specialized services that are completely unique to our company. For the purpose of making this information more easily understandable, these services can be categorized as follows:

Customization: Tailoring our products to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Design Consultation: Assisting clients in selecting the perfect engineered stone for their spaces.

Nationwide Delivery: Ensuring that our products reach customers across India.

Installation Support: Offering expert guidance during the installation process.

The Cornerstones That Will Ensure the Persistence of Our Organization's Prosperity in the Years to Come:

The unwavering commitment that we have to ensuring the entire pleasure of each and every one of our customers serves as the foundation around which our company is constructed. We spare no effort in ensuring that our customers are not merely pleased with the level of service they have received from us, but rather ecstatic with the level of satisfaction they have achieved as a direct result of working with us. This is our goal, and we will not rest until we have accomplished it. We are dedicated to not only meeting, but also exceeding, the expectations of our customers, and this begins with the very first questions they ask and goes all the way through the help they receive after the product has been installed. Our customers can rest assured that we will not only meet, but also exceed, their expectations.

Our attempts to be innovative, as well as the goals we have set for the long term and the strategies we have devised to achieve them:

Continuous innovation was the foundation upon which our business was established, and it remains an essential part of how we conduct business today. As we look to the future, we have made it a top priority to break new ground in terms of the achievements that can be realized through the use of engineered stone. In other words, we want to pave the way for new possibilities. The broadening of the range of products that we are able to provide for our customers, the promotion of environmentally responsible business methods, and the maintenance of our position as a forerunner in the evolving tendencies of our sector are the three primary objectives that we have set for ourselves as a company. We foresee a future in which the consumption of our goods will continue to raise the level of living of people not just in India, but also in other regions of the world. This is something that we believe will take place in the not-too-distant future.

Maintaining a level of awareness regarding the most recent developments and trends in the industry:

We make certain that we are able to preserve our position as the market leader that we have earned up to this point by keeping a careful eye on the most recent innovations and trends in the world of engineered stone and by keeping a tight check on these developments and trends. In doing so, we ensure that we are able to keep our position as the market leader that we have earned. We are able to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge and cutting-edge solutions that are now available to them because we make it a priority to stay current with the most recent advances in our field.

The Progress made in Growing and Broadening the Scope of the Business:

During the period of time that our company has been in operation, we have witnessed tremendous growth in terms of both its status in the industry and the degree to which it satisfies the expectations of the customer base that it serves. This growth has been a direct result of the hard work and dedication of our employees. This expansion is a direct outcome of our company's drive to offering the finest level of service that is feasible, which has directly contributed to our success. As a direct result of the priority that we place on things such as quality, design, and conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner, we have been able to broaden our customer base and offer our services to a more diverse range of clients. This has allowed us to broaden our customer base and offer our services to a more diverse variety of customers.

Warning to Those Who Are Our Customers: 

When looking for a reputable business in our sector, we always advise our customers to take the following aspects of their search into mind when doing so: 

Quality: When you are making your purchase, you should take into consideration the longevity of the product as well as how consistent its quality will be over the course of its whole existence.

Personalization: Determine whether the firm offers solutions that are uniquely built to satisfy the needs that you define and check to see if these solutions are available. If the company does offer such solutions, determine if they are personalized to meet your needs. Personalization is an option to consider if the firm in question provides such options.

Sustainability: Choose companies that make protecting the environment a top priority in the day-to-day operations of their companies and strive to conduct their work in a manner that causes the least amount of harm possible to the natural world.

Customer Service: Another aspect of the work of delivering customer service is determining the kind of assistance and support that can be provided to customers and evaluating that information.

Transparency: If you are going to do business with a certain company, you should search for a company that is reliable and honest in the way that it runs its operations in order to protect your interests. The term "transparency" is used to allude to this concept.


In a word, Johnson Marble & Quartz exemplifies what it takes to be a market leader in the field of engineered stone and serves as an excellent model for other businesses to follow. In addition, Johnson Marble & Quartz serves as an inspiration for those who work in the industry. In addition, Johnson Marble & Quartz serves as an excellent illustration of the characteristics and behaviors that contribute to commercial success. Our products are not just slabs; rather, they are the pinnacle of luxury and excel not only in terms of handmade but also in terms of environmental responsibility. We take great pride in both of these aspects of our work. We are quite pleased with the fact that they do not cause any damage to the natural world in any way. Our clients are motivated to collaborate with us on the projects they are working on as a result of the commitment we have made to providing our customers with exceptional products and service. We are able to supply you with the best finest, which is something that your places justly require because they are so deserving of it. 

We are able to do this because your places are so deserving of it.

For more information, please call us on phone +918451057484 or visit our website here:Johnson Marble & Quartz

Products / Services


  • Flooring
  • Wall Cladding
  • Pillar Cladding
  • Counter Tops
  • Vanity Tops
  • Treads & Risers

Platform Enhanced Sections and Articles

Article by Siachen Editors to aid the customer in decision making

A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating a Potential Vendor for Premium Engineered Marble and Quartz Solid Surfaces:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


Selecting the right vendor for your flooring, wall cladding, pillar cladding, countertops, vanity tops, treads, and risers is a significant decision that can impact the aesthetics, functionality, and longevity of your project. To ensure you make an informed choice, here are essential points to consider when evaluating a potential vendor.

Product Quality:

Materials Used:

Evaluate the materials used in their products. Are they of high quality and suitable for the intended purpose?

Check if they offer a variety of materials, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Assess the level of craftsmanship in the vendor's products. Are they well-crafted and free from defects?

Request samples or visit their showroom to examine the quality up close.

Customization Options:

Tailoring to Your Needs:

Inquire about the vendor's ability to customize products to fit your project's specific requirements.

Determine if they offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from.

Design Assistance:

Ask if the vendor provides design consultation services to help you make informed decisions on design and material choices.

Pricing and Value:

Transparent Pricing:

Ensure the vendor provides clear and transparent pricing information.

Compare their prices with competitors to gauge their competitiveness.

Value for Money:

Consider the overall value of their products. Are you getting quality that justifies the price?

Look for package deals or discounts that may provide cost savings.

Reputation and Reviews:

Online Reviews:

Research the vendor's online presence and read customer reviews.

Pay attention to feedback related to product quality, customer service, and delivery times.


Request references from the vendor and reach out to past clients for feedback.

Inquire about their experience in dealing with the vendor.

Lead Times and Delivery:

Lead Times:

Understand the lead times for production and delivery. Are they able to meet your project's timeline?

Inquire about their inventory and ability to handle rush orders, if necessary.

Shipping and Handling:

Discuss shipping and handling procedures. Ensure they have a reliable system in place to prevent damage during transit.

Confirm if they offer installation services or recommend trusted installers.

Customer Service:


Evaluate the vendor's communication efficiency. Are they responsive to inquiries and concerns?

Verify their accessibility through multiple communication channels.

Problem Resolution:

Inquire about their approach to problem resolution in case issues arise during or after the project.

Assess their willingness to provide solutions and address any challenges.

Warranty and After-Sales Support:

Warranty Terms:

Review the vendor's warranty terms. Ensure they offer a reasonable warranty period.

Clarify what is covered under the warranty and what conditions apply.

After-Sales Support:

Discuss their after-sales support, including maintenance guidelines and assistance in case of damages or defects.

Ensure they have a responsive customer support team.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices:

Environmental Impact:

Inquire about the vendor's commitment to environmental sustainability. Do they use eco-friendly materials and practices?

Verify if they have any certifications or endorsements related to sustainability.

Ethical Sourcing:

Assess the vendor's ethical sourcing practices. Are they committed to fair labor practices and responsible sourcing of materials?

Confirm if they have any certifications related to ethical business conduct.


In conclusion, selecting the right vendor for your flooring, wall cladding, pillar cladding, countertops, vanity tops, treads, and risers involves careful consideration of various factors. By thoroughly evaluating these points, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your project's goals and ensures a successful outcome.

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