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Jindal Steel and Power Limited
Public Limited Company
10000 Employees
New Delhi


12, Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110 066, INDIA.

About Business

Business Summary

JSPL, also known as Jindal Steel and Power Limited, is a well-known steel maker in India. The company has broad operations, including thermal power generating and coal mining, which positions it as a vital participant in both the energy and steel industries in India. JSPL is continuing to be a driving force in the nation's industrial expansion because to its well-established thermal power plant infrastructure and its coal mining operations.

Business Description

JSPL is an industrial behemoth that has a dominant influence in the steel, power, mining, and infrastructure sectors of the economy. We have a strong commitment to the principles of technological leadership and innovation. We run the largest sponge iron factory that is fueled by coal in the entire globe.

Today, JSPL possesses a product portfolio that is capable of catering to customers across the steel value chain. This portfolio includes the widest flat goods as well as a comprehensive range of long products. 

The rails that this company manufactures are the longest in the world, measuring 121 meters, and it is the first company in the nation to create large-size parallel flange beams.

The Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is a company that has become a symbol of industrial prowess and innovation in India. It is located in the middle of India's busy capital, New Delhi. Our journey has been marked by an unwavering dedication to quality, a leadership position in technological innovation, and an unwavering concentration on creating the future of the steel, power, mining, and infrastructure industries. As I walk you through the incredible history of JSPL, I want to extend an invitation to you to become a part of our team so that you can help us redefine industry standards and contribute to the development of the nation.

This is a brief introduction to Jindal Steel and Power Limited, also known as JSPL:

At JSPL, we are committed to fostering an environment that is open to progress and change. In the course of our work in the business world, we have persistently tried to push the limits of what is considered feasible in this sector by maintaining a firm faith in innovation. Since our founding in the early 2000s, we have expanded at a breakneck pace to become a multinational conglomerate with a widespread presence. Because of the breadth and depth of our operations, we have established ourselves as the preeminent power in each of the main industries.











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Our Core Competencies and Business Activities:


Steel is the material that supports contemporary civilization, and we at JSPL are proud to be at the forefront of steel manufacture. Steel is the backbone of modern civilisation. Our cutting-edge facilities are capable of producing a diverse range of steel goods in order to meet the requirements of the whole steel value chain.

Products That Are Both Narrow and Wide We provide our customers with a complete selection of steel products, ranging from the narrowest flat products to a wide variety of long products. Because we have such a diverse portfolio, we are able to satisfy the specific requirements of a variety of industries, including the construction, automotive, and infrastructure sectors.

JSPL is not only a pioneer in the steel business but also a record holder due to its production of the world's longest rails. We take great pride in the fact that our rails, which are an astonishing 121 meters in length, are the longest in the world. These rails are not only a demonstration of the superior engineering that we are capable of, but also of the dedication that we have to the expansion of global infrastructure.

Large-Size Parallel Flange Beams: 

In addition to this, we are the first firm in India to manufacture large-size parallel flange beams, and we are quite proud of this accomplishment. These beams are extremely important to the success of construction and infrastructure projects, and the fact that we are able to make them demonstrates that we are committed to expanding the boundaries of our production capabilities.

Power Generation of power is another essential part of our business that must not be overlooked. We are committed to offering environmentally friendly energy solutions that support the expansion of the country.

Mixture of Distinct Energies: 

We have made considerable investments in a wide variety of energy sources, such as thermal, hydro, and renewable energy. This varied strategy not only guarantees a steady supply of electricity but also falls in line with our commitment to the preservation of the natural environment.

Innovative Technologies: 

In order to improve energy efficiency and lower emissions, JSPL makes use of cutting-edge technologies. In a world that places a higher priority on environmental awareness, we are aware of the significance of producing energy in a way that does not harm the environment.


Mining is the cornerstone of our operations since it gives us access to the necessary raw materials that are required for the manufacture of steel and power.

Self-Sufficiency in Raw Materials: 

In order to guarantee a constant supply of raw materials, we have purposefully bought and developed mines in a strategic manner. This self-reliance not only improves the robustness of our supply chain, but it also enhances India's ability to protect its mineral resources.

Mining Methods That Are Friendly to the Environment:

JSPL is dedicated to using mining methods that are friendly to the environment. In every one of our mining operations, we make protecting the environment, getting involved in the local community, and taking care of our people a top priority.


Given that our organization plays a vital role in the expansion of India's infrastructure, we are well aware of the significance of laying solid groundwork in order to facilitate the development of the country as a whole.

Iconic Projects: 

From highways to bridges, JSPL has been an integral part of the development of some of India's most recognizable and important pieces of physical infrastructure. Our products have played an important role in the development of the transportation network across the country.

Innovation in Infrastructure:  

We are constantly on the lookout for novel approaches that can help us meet the ever-changing requirements of India's infrastructure sector. Our research and development efforts are directed at the creation of infrastructure components that are more robust, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

Our Dedication to the Promotion of Creative Problem-Solving and Technological Leadership:

The JSPL organization is built on a foundation of constant innovation. In the modern, fast changing world, we feel that technical leadership is not just a desirable aim but also an absolute requirement. Because of our unwavering dedication to technological advancement, we have climbed to the very pinnacle of the business world.

Research and Development: 

The centers that we have dedicated to research and development are hives of creative activity. They are staffed with some of the most intelligent people in the industry, and they are continually researching new materials, methods, and technologies in order to improve the products that we offer.

Collaborations in Technology:

We work closely with some of the most innovative companies in the world in order to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to developments in our sector. Because of these partnerships, we have access to the information and skills necessary to implement the most recent technological advances.

Practices That Are Sustainable:

Our dedication to innovation extends to the use of practices that are sustainable. We make investments in environmentally friendly technologies that reduce our impact on the environment while simultaneously increasing our operational effectiveness.

Our Accomplishments and Important Milestones:

JSPL has, over the course of its existence, accomplished a great number of milestones, each of which exemplifies our unyielding commitment to superiority and advancement.

Our footprint has been expanded outside India, and we have built a position in important foreign markets as a result of our global presence. Not only has this global access helped to increase our exports, but it has also established us as a prominent player on the international scene.

honors and Awards Due to the Company's Outstanding Contributions to the Industry, JSPL has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards. These acknowledgments highlight the significance of our dedication to quality and innovation.

Community Engagement: 

We are not only a manufacturing powerhouse; rather, we are a responsible member of the business community. The communities that are located in close proximity to our businesses have benefited from the work that we have done as part of our corporate social responsibility programs.

Stability in the Financial Sector: 

The fact that we have been able to perform so well financially is a credit to the strategic vision and careful management that we have. As a result of our regular delivery of solid financial results, our position within the industry has been further strengthened.

People are our most valuable resource:

At JSPL, we are well aware that our employees are our most valuable resource. Their commitment, skill, and enthusiasm are the primary elements that contribute to our accomplishments. We are dedicated to cultivating a culture that promotes innovation, diversity, and inclusiveness in all aspects of our organization.

Investing in the Training and Development of Our staff We make a significant investment in the training and development of our staff through various skill enhancement initiatives. This not only ensures that our staff have the most up-to-date knowledge of the sector, but it also strengthens our entire skills.

We believe that inclusivity is the key to unlocking creativity and innovation, and as such, we embrace diversity in all of its forms. In addition, we believe that diversity is an asset to our company. The cultural and regional variety of India is reflected in our workforce in a way that is rich and vibrant.

First and first, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of each and every one of our staff members. Our workplaces are among the safest in the business as a result of stringent safety standards as well as a culture that places an emphasis on safety coming first.

Our Imagination of What the Future Holds:

As we look to the future, our goal is quite clear: to maintain our position as industry leaders in terms of innovation, sustainability, and overall quality. Our goal is to strengthen our position as an industrial powerhouse while also making a significant contribution to India's economic development.

Technological Developments: 

We intend to maintain our position at the forefront of technological innovation by conducting research into developing trends such as Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, and automation in order to improve our business operations.


Our dedication to preserving the environment will only deepen in the coming years. We are committed to maintaining our investment in environmentally friendly practices and will continue to investigate new possibilities for lowering our overall carbon footprint.

Expansion on a Global Scale: 

We will continue to broaden our global footprint by exploring new avenues via which we can export our wares and contribute to the expansion of infrastructure in other countries.

Interaction with the Community: 

As we take on additional programs geared at the socio-economic development of local communities, our level of interaction with those communities will increase.

The final word:

JSPL is a beacon of what can be accomplished by a dogged dedication to quality, and it can be found right in the middle of New Delhi. We have made an indelible impact in a variety of different industries, from the construction of the world's longest rails to the development of environmentally friendly energy solutions. As we move on to the next part of our narrative, we will continue to let our dedication to innovation, leadership in technology advancement, and good corporate citizenship serve as our compass.

We would want to express our gratitude to our workers, partners, customers, and the communities that we serve as we extend an invitation to you to be a part of our journey. Together, we will make further progress toward the creation of a future that is brighter, more secure, and replete with possibilities.

For more information, please call us on phone +91-1126188340 or visit us on our website here: Jindal Steel and Power Limited

Detailed Business Description

Jindal Steel and Power Limited - Transforming Industries through Innovation and Excellence


Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is a renowned industrial powerhouse with a dominant influence in the steel, power, mining, and infrastructure sectors of the economy. Our commitment to technological leadership and innovation has set us apart in the industry. As the largest sponge iron factory fueled by coal globally, JSPL has a product portfolio catering to customers across the steel value chain, offering a wide range of flat and long products. Our manufacturing prowess is evident in producing the world's longest rails measuring 121 meters and pioneering the creation of large-size parallel flange beams.

About Business Sector

The steel, power, mining, and infrastructure sectors are essential pillars of economic development, serving diverse industries and contributing significantly to national growth. JSPL operates at the forefront of these sectors, meeting the increasing demand for high-quality steel products, sustainable power generation, efficient mining practices, and innovative infrastructure solutions. The latest trends in these sectors include technological advancements, sustainable practices, and global market expansion. The future prospects indicate continued growth driven by innovation and strategic investments.

Primary List of Products and Services

JSPL offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including a diverse selection of steel goods, long products, rails, large-size parallel flange beams, power generation solutions, energy mix options, sustainable mining practices, and infrastructure development projects. Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in each product and service we provide, ensuring customer satisfaction and industry excellence.

Company History & Founding

Founded in the early 2000s, Jindal Steel and Power Limited has grown rapidly to establish itself as a multinational conglomerate with a strong presence in the global market. Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of quality, technological innovation, and industry leadership. From humble beginnings to becoming a symbol of industrial prowess in India, JSPL has achieved major milestones and set new benchmarks in the steel, power, mining, and infrastructure sectors.

Unique Value Proposition

JSPL's unique value proposition lies in its commitment to technological leadership, innovation, and quality excellence. Setting itself apart from competitors, JSPL delivers superior products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations. By focusing on continuous improvement and sustainable practices, JSPL ensures long-term value creation for its stakeholders and contributes to the growth of the industries it serves.


At JSPL, trustworthiness is a core value that guides our interactions with partners, customers, and communities. Through a commitment to transparency, ethics, and reliability, JSPL has earned a reputation as a trustworthy partner, supplier, and solution provider. Our consistent adherence to high ethical standards and responsible business practices instills confidence in our stakeholders and reinforces our position as a reliable industry leader.

Management Team

The management team at Jindal Steel and Power Limited comprises exceptional individuals with diverse skills and extensive experience in the industry. Led by visionary leaders, the management team drives innovation, strategic decision-making, and operational excellence across the organization. With a focus on talent development and leadership, the team ensures JSPL's continued success and growth in a competitive business environment.

Unique Services We Offer

JSPL's unique services encompass a wide range of innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of customers in the steel, power, mining, and infrastructure sectors. From cutting-edge steel products to sustainable power generation methods, JSPL offers a distinct advantage through its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our services stand out for their reliability, efficiency, and contribution to industry advancement.

Foundations of Our Business Success

JSPL's business success is built on a foundation of exceptional customer service, where every interaction is aimed at exceeding customer expectations. Through personalized solutions, timely delivery, and continuous improvement, JSPL goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. By prioritizing customer needs and fostering long-term relationships, JSPL maintains its position as a trusted partner in the industry.

Our Innovation Strategy and Future Plans

Looking ahead, JSPL is committed to an innovation-driven strategy that focuses on technological advancements, sustainability, and market expansion. By investing in research and development, embracing new technologies, and setting ambitious goals, JSPL aims to lead the industry in innovation and quality. With a vision for the future that prioritizes growth, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, JSPL is poised to continue delivering exceptional products and services to its global clientele.


In conclusion, Jindal Steel and Power Limited stands out as an industry leader in steel, power, mining, and infrastructure sectors, driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence. With a rich history of achievements, a dedicated management team, and a focus on customer satisfaction, JSPL continues to transform industries and set new standards for quality and sustainability. Choosing JSPL means choosing superior products, innovative solutions, and a partner dedicated to driving progress and development in the global market.

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Products / Services

Products and Services Offered by Jindal Steel and Power Limited

Steel Products

Jindal Steel and Power Limited offers a wide range of steel products including TMT bars, structural steel, plates, and coils. These products are known for their high quality and strength, making them suitable for various industrial and construction applications.

Power Generation

The company is also involved in power generation through its thermal power plants. Jindal Steel and Power Limited utilizes advanced technology to produce electricity efficiently and sustainably, contributing to the energy needs of the nation.


In addition to steel and power, the company is engaged in mining activities to extract coal and iron ore. These raw materials are essential for the production of steel and power, and Jindal Steel and Power Limited ensures responsible and sustainable mining practices.

Infrastructure Development

Jindal Steel and Power Limited is actively involved in infrastructure development projects, including the construction of roads, bridges, and industrial facilities. The company's expertise in steel and power plays a crucial role in these projects, ensuring durability and efficiency.

Brief list of products:


Platform Enhanced Sections and Articles

Article by Siachen Editors to aid the customer in decision making

Key Considerations to Keep in Mind When Evaluating a Supplier of Steel and Metal Products

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best vendor to place the order.

When selecting a provider for steel and metal products, there are a number of essential aspects that must be taken into consideration. Making an educated choice is vital whether you are shopping for rails, parallel flange beams and columns, plates and coils, angles and channels, wire rods and round bars, fabricated sections, semi-finished products, or specialist items such as Speedfloor. The following is a list of important factors to take into account for each product category, which will assist you in selecting the appropriate vendor:

The rails:

Ensure that the supplier adheres to international quality standards for rail manufacturing, such as the standards established by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA). These requirements are an example of quality standards.

Product Variability:

Determine whether the vendor is able to deliver a variety of rail profiles and grades that are appropriate for a variety of uses, such as high-speed passenger rail or heavy freight rail.


Check to see whether the vendor provides any alternatives for customization, such as varying the length, the finish, or meeting any other specific criteria you may have for your rail project.


Verify that the rails have the appropriate certifications and that they are up to the standards set by the industry.

Beams and Columns with Parallel Flanges:

Analyze the breadth of the vendor's product offering, paying particular attention to the sizes, grades, and configurations of the various parallel flange beams and columns.

  1. Load-Bearing Capacity: When designing your project, be sure to take into account the load-bearing capacity of the beams and columns, as well as their structural integrity. This will guarantee that the beams and columns meet the requirements for your project.
  2. Control of Quality Make sure you ask the vendor about the quality control procedures they use throughout the manufacturing and testing processes.
  3. Delivery and Lead Times: It is important to evaluate the capability of the vendor to meet the delivery dates for your project, as delays might have an influence on construction timetables.

Platten und Rollen:

  1. Material Specifications: Investigate the various grades, widths, and thicknesses of the available materials, as well as the range of possible thicknesses.
  2. Surface Finish It is important to be sure that the vendor can provide the surface finish you require, whether you want it coated, hot-rolled, or cold-rolled.
  3. Tolerances: Inquire about the dimensional tolerances of plates and coils, as well as their flatness, because precision is essential for many different applications.
  4. Examine the packing methods used by the vendor to determine whether or not they adequately protect the product during shipping and storage.

Directions of Angles and Channels:

  1. Assess the capability of the supplier to provide angles and channels in a variety of sizes and profiles, taking into consideration the size range.
  2. Consider the materials' ability to resist corrosion, particularly if they are going to be used in applications that are exposed to the elements or in maritime environments.
  3. Check with the vendor to see if they offer a variety of surface finishing options and coatings that can increase the product's durability.
  4. Verify That the Products Have the necessary Certifications and Testing Reports You should make sure that the products have the necessary certifications and testing reports.

Rods made of Wire:

  1. Evaluation of Available Wire Rod Diameters and Tensile Strengths It is important to evaluate the range of available wire rod diameters and tensile strengths since these factors impact the acceptability of the material for particular applications.
  2. Surface Quality: In order to guarantee that the surface quality of the wire rods meets your manufacturing criteria, you should inspect them.
  3. Check the chemical composition of the wire rods to ensure that they meet the requirements for your project with regard to their chemical makeup.
  4. Packaging and Handling: When purchasing wire rods, it is important to consider how the vendor packages and manages the rods to ensure that they are not damaged and that they are easy to handle.

Bars that are Round:

  1. Size Range: Determine whether or not round bars of varying diameters and lengths are available in order to fulfill the requirements of your project.
  2. Material Grade: Check to see that the options available for both the material grade and the heat treatment are suitable for the needs of your application.
  3. Straightness and Surface quality It is important to evaluate the round bars' straightness as well as their surface quality, particularly if the bars are going to be used for precision machining.
  4. Testing and Inspection: Make sure to ask the vendor about the quality control systems they use, particularly the non-destructive testing methods they employ.

Sections that Have Been Fabricated:

  1. Check to see if the vendor provides fabrication services to manufacture portions that are tailored to the design and specifications of your project. This is part of the customization process.
  2. Welding and Joining: It is important to evaluate the quality of the welding and joining operations, as the structural integrity of manufactured parts is of the utmost importance.
  3. Quality Assurance: Make sure to ask about the quality assurance methods that are in place for fabricated items, including as inspections and certifications.
  4. Lead Times: When planning your project, you should think about how the lead times for the fabrication fit into the overall timetable.

Products That Are Only Partially Complete:

  1. Availability: Determine whether or not the needed sizes and quantities of semi-finished items such as billets, blooms, and slabs are available.
  2. The Quality of the Casting It is important to evaluate the quality of the casting as well as the production procedures in order to guarantee that the semi-finished goods fulfill your requirements.
  3. Material Traceability Check to see that the supplier provides documentation for material traceability so that quality control and accountability may be maintained.
  4. Pricing and Payment Terms: Assess how competitive the pricing is, as well as the terms of payment, for the semi-finished products.


  1. Product characteristics It is important that you have a thorough understanding of the Speedfloor system's product characteristics, which include the panel sizes, the load-bearing capability, and the fire resistance.
  2. Support During Installation: Inquire with the vendor about the support they offer during the installation process. This should include any necessary technical help and training.
  3. Verify that the Speedfloor system conforms with all applicable safety standards and building requirements before proceeding with any testing or certifications.
  4. Warranty and Maintenance: When installing Speedfloor, you should take into consideration the warranty coverage and the maintenance requirements.

General Considerations Applicable to Each and Every Product:

  1. Pricing and Expenses Requesting thorough pricing information, including any additional expenses for customization, packaging, or delivery, is an important step toward maintaining open communication.
  2. Reputation of the Supplier Conduct research on the vendor's reputation, gathering information such as customer reviews, references, and previous projects.
  3. Quality Assurance: Check to see if the provider has established and adheres to stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure that their products are reliable and consistent.
  4. Evaluating the Reliability of the Supplier's Supply Chain You should evaluate the reliability of the supplier's supply chain, including the procurement of raw materials and production capacity.
  5. Environmental Compliance: Enquire about the vendor's commitment to environmental sustainability and ensure they are adhering to all standards.
  6. After-Sales Support: Prior to making a purchase, it is important to investigate the after-sales support options that are available from the vendor. These options may include maintenance and warranty services, as well as technical assistance.
  7. Delivery and Logistics: Talk about the different delivery choices, lead times, and logistics involved to ensure that the products will arrive on time at your construction site.
  8. Communication and Collaboration: Determine the vendor's capacity for communication as well as their readiness to work on the requirements that are unique to the project.
  9. Relationship Over the Long Term Take into consideration the possibility of forming a long-term collaboration with the supplier in order to meet your continuing project and procurement requirements.


When choosing a supplier for steel and metal items, you'll be able to make an educated decision if you give these aspects of each product category considerable consideration and assess them objectively. Keep in mind that the right vendor will not only help to the success of your projects as well as your overall business objectives, but they will also supply excellent items.

Evaluation of Vendors for Steel Products and Services


When evaluating vendors for rails, factors to consider include quality of the steel, compliance with industry standards, pricing, delivery times, and customer service.


For parallel flange beams & columns, look for vendors that offer a wide range of sizes and grades, have a good track record of on-time delivery, and provide technical support.


Consider the thickness and width options available, the quality of the steel, certifications and accreditations held by the vendor, and their ability to provide customization.


When evaluating vendors for angles & channels, factors to consider include the finish of the steel, dimensional accuracy, pricing competitiveness, and the vendor's reputation in the industry.


Look for vendors that offer a wide range of diameters and grades, have a strong quality control process, provide technical data sheets, and have a reliable supply chain.


Consider the surface finish, straightness, chemical composition, and mechanical properties of the round bars offered by vendors, as well as their ability to meet specific requirements.


Evaluate vendors based on their fabrication capabilities, experience in working with steel, adherence to design specifications, and quality assurance processes.


Look for vendors that offer semi-finished products in various forms, have a track record of consistency in quality, and can provide material certifications and traceability.


Consider the design flexibility, load-carrying capacity, installation ease, and long-term durability of the Speedfloor systems offered by vendors, as well as their customer support services.

Article on latest trends and developments in this type of business

Latest Trends and Developments in the Steel, Power, Mining, and Infrastructure Industry

Steel Industry

JSPL is a leader in the steel industry, offering a wide range of products to cater to various sectors including construction, automotive, and infrastructure. The company holds the record for manufacturing the world's longest rails at 121 meters and is the first in India to produce large-size parallel flange beams.

Power Generation

JSPL is committed to providing environmentally friendly energy solutions through investments in thermal, hydro, and renewable energy sources. The company uses innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, aligning with global environmental standards.

Mining Operations

JSPL's mining operations play a crucial role in ensuring a steady supply of raw materials for steel and power production. The company focuses on self-sufficiency in raw materials and employs environmentally friendly mining methods to protect the environment and support local communities.

Infrastructure Development

As a key player in India's infrastructure development, JSPL contributes to iconic projects such as highways and bridges. The company emphasizes innovation in infrastructure, aiming to create components that are durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Technological Leadership

JSPL's dedication to technological advancement is evident in its research and development efforts, collaborations with innovative companies, and sustainable practices. The company aims to stay ahead of industry trends such as Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, and automation to enhance business operations.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, JSPL plans to maintain its position as an industry leader by focusing on technological developments, sustainability, global expansion, and community engagement. The company is committed to creating a brighter and more secure future by embracing innovation, quality, and corporate citizenship.


JSPL's influence in the steel, power, mining, and infrastructure sectors is a testament to its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. The company's achievements, awards, and community engagement initiatives highlight its dedication to quality and corporate responsibility. As JSPL continues to lead the way in industry advancements, it invites stakeholders to join in shaping a future that is filled with possibilities and progress.

A List of Five Leading and Popular Peer Companies in the Sector

Top Steel and Power Companies in, India.

Jindal Steel and Power Limited, based in Delhi, India, is a prominent player in the steel, power, mining, and infrastructure sectors. It manufactures a broad range of steel products, including hot and cold laminated steel coils, coated sheet metal, girders, public transport rails, and special sections. Additionally, the company is involved in mining exploration, primarily for iron, and also engages in electricity production and exploration and production of oil and gas​ (MarketScreener)​.

Here are five companies in the same sector, with similar services and products in India:

  1. Tata Steel Ltd - Mumbai, India

    • Tata Steel, headquartered in Mumbai, is one of the world's leading steel producers, offering a wide range of steel products and services. The company is known for its significant operations in steelmaking in India and other parts of the world. It has been recognized for its innovation in steel production and commitment to sustainability.
    • Website: Tata Steel
  2. JSW Steel Ltd - Mumbai, India

    • JSW Steel, based in Mumbai, is a major steel producer in India with a strong presence in the global steel market. It manufactures a diverse range of steel products, including flat and long steel products that are used across various industries. The company emphasizes sustainable practices and has invested in cutting-edge technology to enhance its production efficiency.
    • Website: JSW Steel
  3. Essar Steel India Ltd - Mumbai, India

    • Essar Steel, located in Mumbai, is a fully integrated flat steel manufacturer, producing steel slabs, hot rolled coil, and pipes. The company serves clients in sectors like automotive, construction, and engineering. It's known for its extensive distribution network and commitment to quality and innovation.
    • Website: Essar Steel
  4. Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) - New Delhi, India

    • SAIL is a public sector enterprise headquartered in New Delhi and one of the largest steel producers in India. The company manufactures a wide range of steel products and is known for its comprehensive product portfolio that caters to various industrial requirements. SAIL is also committed to adopting sustainable practices in its operations.
    • Website: SAIL
  5. Bhushan Steel Ltd (Tata Steel BSL) - New Delhi, India

    • Bhushan Steel, now part of Tata Steel and known as Tata Steel BSL, operates out of New Delhi. It is one of India's prominent steel producing companies, offering products like cold rolled close annealed coils & sheets, galvanized sheets, and high tensile steel strips. The company focuses on innovative manufacturing techniques and product quality.
    • Website: Tata Steel BSL

These companies are well-established in India's steel sector, similar in size and operations to Jindal Steel and Power Limited, and are known for their technological advancements, comprehensive product ranges, and commitment to sustainability and quality in steel production.

Last five profiles from the category:

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