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I Dallas Power Wash – Power washing for commercial and industrial properties – Frisco, Dallas, TX, US.
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5750 Genesis Ct.Ste 120
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At, we provide high quality power washing services for owners of commercial and industrial properties in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience, we deliver the highest quality power washing service in DFW. Power Washing uses very hot water under high pressure to remove hard to clean stains from outdoor surfaces. It is different from pressure washing which uses cold water, typically under less pressure. You may be tempted to pressure wash your own home, but the truth is it can be a costly, frustrating, and time-consuming endeavor. Most pressure washers cost $100 per day to rent. You will also have to travel to the rental location, stand in line, get the machine ready, clean the machine, refuel the machine, and return it by the deadline. Instead, contact Mr. Handyman, and we will arrive with the machine, as well as all of the other necessary equipment and detergents / degreasers, and expertly clean the area for you. The hot water is much better for cleaning outdoor surfaces because most things that cause stains have a chemical makeup that changes when heated. Grease, for instance, is much easier to clean at high temperature and becomes stubborn at temperatures below that at which it becomes liquid. Power washing is great from removing things like chewing gum from sidewalks, grease stains, oil stains, restaurant trash bin areas and often the path to the bin.

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