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Horme Hardware
50 Employees


1 Ubi Crescent Number One Building Singapore 408563.

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Horme Hardware is Singapore's Leading Online Hardware Store & DIY Shop

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Horme Hardware - (Online Store: - Leading Home Improvement & DIY Hardware Supplier; Extensive Assortment of Products Online, Going Beyond What Traditional Hardware Stores or DIY Shops Can Provide - Singapore.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Related to Home Improvement and Do-It-Yourself Hardware in Singapore, Horme Hardware!!

Horme Hardware is Singapore's largest provider of home improvement and do-it-yourself hardware. We look forward to serving you! We are proud to be able to offer an unrivalled assortment of products online, one that cannot be matched by conventional hardware stores or home improvement specialty shops due to our extensive selection of over 100,000 SKUs spread across 22 categories. At Horme Hardware, we are dedicated to meeting all of our clients' requirements for home improvement and do-it-yourself projects by offering them with an extensive inventory of high-quality tools, materials, and supplies.

Unrivalled Product Variety and the Convenience of Shopping Online:
Our broad collaboration with other business partners has allowed us to offer a comprehensive selection of products through our website, which distinguishes us from conventional hardware stores and home improvement centres. We are aware that each project is one of a kind, and because of this, our objective is to present you with a wide variety of options from which to chose. At Horme Hardware, you may discover everything you require to make your ideas a reality, regardless of whether you are an experienced expert or an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer.

Trade Centres Situated in Convenient Locations: Horme Hardware is conveniently placed throughout Singapore, with trade centres in Ubi, Changi, Buroh, and Woodlands. This allows the company to serve customers in all parts of the city-state. Among them, our Ubi branch stands out as the country's largest do-it-yourself (DIY) hardware store. Its retail footprint is an amazing 10,000 square feet, making it the largest of its kind in the country. Enter our Ubi store and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities. Here, you'll find a huge assortment of tools, equipment, and materials that have been meticulously picked to satisfy the requirements that are unique to you.

Authorised Provider for the Government as well as Other Industries: We at Horme Hardware are quite proud of the fact that GeBiz has granted us the status of an authorised government supplier. Our exceptional financial grade of S10 is shown in the categories of "Domestic Equipment & Supplies" and "Hardware & Tools" that are included in our permission. In addition to serving the engineering and construction industries, as well as the hospitality and facilities management industries, and end consumers, we also serve additional markets. Because of our unwavering dedication to quality and dependability, numerous Singaporean businesses regard us as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Assurance of a Commitment to Safety: At Horme Hardware, we place a high premium on ensuring the wellbeing of our customers. As evidence of our commitment to upholding the best possible safety standards throughout our business operations, we have been awarded the BizSafe Level 4 certification. This certification, which was granted to us as part of the WSH Council's BizSafe programme, verifies that we place a high priority on the health and safety of our business's partners, customers, and employees. When you purchase from Horme Hardware, you may have peace of mind knowing that the highest priority is placed on your personal security.

Horme Hardware

Horme Hardware: The picture is Business Representational

Introducing "Ingco by Horme," an Exceptional New Concept Store:
We are very pleased to present "Ingco by Horme," the very first concept store, which can be found at 345 Changi Road. This concept shop was developed in conjunction with Ingco Singapore, and it is maintained by our devoted Horme Changi Team, which operates in the immediate vicinity. Customers are provided with an amazing shopping experience and access to a wide variety of high-quality tools, equipment, and materials through the "Ingco by Horme" programme, which brings together the knowledge and experience of both Horme Hardware and Ingco.

Our Struggle and Unwavering Dedication:
Horme Hardware Pte Ltd is a new company that has emerged as a result of the reorganisation of Homely Hardware Pte Ltd, which was a well-known household brand. Although we have changed our name, our dedication to providing excellent service and exceeding the expectations of our clients has not altered. From our humble beginnings as a do-it-yourself hardware store, we have expanded over the years to become one of the most successful home improvement and do-it-yourself hardware stores in Singapore.

Every client and every undertaking is important to us here at Horme Hardware. Our hard-working, devoted professionals are enthusiastic about assisting you in accomplishing your do-it-yourself and home improvement objectives. We take great satisfaction in providing amazing service, knowledgeable guidance, and high-quality goods that live up to the industry's most stringent requirements for both performance and longevity.

Make Horme Hardware your go-to, reliable partner for any and all of your home improvement and do-it-yourself hardware requirements. Feel the difference it makes to have access to a product selection that is unmatched by anyone else, service that is second to none, and a team that is truly invested in your accomplishments. Horme Hardware is where you may make your dreams a reality by tapping into the countless opportunities it offers.

Innovative Approaches to Every Project Available: We at Horme Hardware recognise that each and every home improvement or do-it-yourself project presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, and we are here to assist you through each and every one of them. We provide cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to your particular requirements, so whether you are remodeling your kitchen, constructing a new deck, or getting creative with do-it-yourself projects, we can help. Our vast product selection includes a wide variety of categories, such as power tools, hand tools, electrical, plumbing, paints, gardening, and many more. No matter what requirements your project has, we have the equipment and materials that you need to complete the task in an efficient and effective manner.

You Can Rely on Its Quality: We are quite proud of the fact that we only sell products of the very highest quality to our clients. We put a lot of thought into picking our vendors and business partners so that we can guarantee that the products we sell are of the highest possible quality. We source products that are built to last, giving great performance and durability. These products come from reputable local producers as well as well-known international names. When you shop at Horme Hardware, you can have peace of mind knowing that the hardware and supplies you buy are of the highest possible quality and reliability.

Help and Direction from Knowledgeable Sources:
Particularly for novices, navigating the world of home repair and do-it-yourself projects might feel like an insurmountable challenge. Because of this, Horme Hardware is more than just a supplier; rather, we serve in the capacity of your reliable advisors. Our educated team of professionals is always ready to assist you, offering helpful advice, ideas, and recommendations to guide you towards making decisions that are informed by the information you have available. We are here to provide the assistance that you require, whether you have questions regarding the tool that is most suited for the task at hand or require direction on a particular project. We are dedicated to the development of long-term partnerships with each of our clients, and the achievement of your goals is the pinnacle of our ambition.

The Convenience and Simplicity of Shopping Online: In this day and age, we are aware of the significance of having something that is convenient and easily accessible. Because of this, we have put a lot of effort into providing our consumers with a streamlined experience when they shop with us online. From the convenience of your own home, you can look through our vast product catalogue on our user-friendly website, compare different available options, read customer reviews, and make well-informed purchasing selections. You can order the necessary tools and supplies with just a few clicks, and they will be sent to your door directly after they have been placed in your order. We are dedicated to making your buying experience stress-free and efficient so that you may save both time and effort.

A Loyal Companion for Commercial Enterprises: Not only is Horme Hardware the go-to option for private homes and aficionados of do-it-yourself projects, but the company is also a reliable business partner for companies operating in a variety of markets. Because we are an authorised supplier for the government sector through GeBiz, we are familiar with the specific requirements and standards that are associated with this sector. Because of the extensive product range that we offer as well as our dedication to both quality and service, we have become the supplier of choice for a wide variety of businesses including engineering firms, building organisations, hospitality places, and facilities management companies. To cater to the particular requirements of our corporate customers, we provide pricing that is highly competitive, individualised solutions, and time-saving delivery alternatives.

Participation in One's Community and Being Responsible to One's Community:
At Horme Hardware, we are strong believers in giving back to the community that has been there for us throughout this journey and helped us get where we are today. We make a concerted effort to make a constructive contribution to society by taking part in various CSR (corporate social responsibility) programmes. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world in a variety of ways, including our support of charitable organisations and our sponsorship of community events and projects. We are of the opinion that a prosperous company should make a positive impact on the overall health as well as the growth of the community it serves.

Constantly Improving and Introducing New Things: We are always striving to improve in order to meet the ever-evolving demands of our customers and maintain our position as the most successful home improvement and do-it-yourself hardware provider in Singapore. We make financial investments in research and development in order to discover new goods, technologies, and creative ideas that can make your projects better. To keep abreast of the most recent innovations in the area, our staff participates in a variety of professional events on a consistent basis, including expos, seminars, and training programmes. We assure that Horme Hardware will continue to be your go-to destination for all of your home renovation and do-it-yourself requirements by embracing innovation and continually upgrading our offerings.

Horme Hardware is more than just a provider of hardware; we are your committed partner in bringing to life the home renovation and do-it-yourself projects you have in mind. We are here to equip you with the skills and resources you need to be successful by providing you with access to our large product selection, the convenience of shopping online, expert guidance, and our commitment to both quality and service. Horme Hardware is your one-stop shop for all of your hardware and do-it-yourself requirements, regardless of whether you are a homeowner, an avid DIY enthusiast, or the owner of a business. Experience the difference that Horme Hardware can make in your life today by stopping by one of our trade centres, which are easily accessible, or by browsing our extensive online store. 

On your journey towards creativity, innovation, and transformation, allow us to be the reliable friend you can count on. Working together, we can improve the future one step at a time, one initiative at a time.

For more information, please call us on phone +6568408888 or visit our website: Horme Hardware

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  • One-stop hardware supplier for all your construction, electrical, gardening, housekeeping, plumbing and home DIY needs.

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