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Harry Jesse Son and Co Ltd


Wholesale Fish Market, Prescot Road Old Swan, Liverpool, Merseyside, L13 3AS, UK.
0151 228 5968

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We provide a wide selection of fresh seafood, frozen items, and shellfish from our extensive range.

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Harry Jesse Son and Co Ltd - Reputable and Established Provider of Fresh Fish & Seafood with Extensive Expertise; Supplying Both Trade and the General Public- Liverpool, London

Your Reliable Source for Quality Fresh Fish and Seafood Here at Harry Jesse Son & Co. Ltd., We Wish You a Warm Welcome!!

At Harry Jesse Son & Co. Ltd., we are very proud of the fact that we are a family-owned company, which is now in its third generation, and that we have a lengthy history that dates all the way back to 1942. We had our beginnings in the Great Charlotte Street area of Liverpool but have subsequently moved into the structures that were housed the abattoir. We have built a solid reputation in the industry as a reliable distributor of fresh seafood, frozen goods, and shellfish thanks to the competent direction of Stan Jesse and, more recently, his son Nick Jesse. We have a wide variety of items available for purchase, and we serve a wide variety of sectors thanks to our dedication to quality and our robust network of suppliers located all over the world. We serve the Northwest and North Wales regions, maintaining the highest possible levels of excellence and freshness throughout all of the sectors in which we operate, including wholesale, retail, catering, and fish frying. In addition, we are pleased to announce that we have increased the scope of our services and will now be offering retail home delivery to better serve the general population.

Harry Jesse Son and Co Ltd
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The beginnings of Harry Jesse Son & Co. Ltd. may be traced back to 1942, when the company began conducting business in Liverpool's Great Charlotte Street at the very first Wholesale Fish Market. In those early days, inward deliveries were made by horse and cart from the local rail network, bringing fresh fish from all over the country. These fish were brought in by the local rail network. Stan Jesse, Harry's son, managed the day-to-day operations of the business for the better part of 25 years when it was located in our temporary location on Prescot Road. Under his leadership, the business flourished. We moved our operations to the historic abattoir buildings when the company continued to expand, and they are the same structures in which we are engaged in commerce to this day. Nick Jesse, who represents the third generation of our family to head the business, has 25 years of expertise and the accumulated wisdom that has been handed down from generation to generation. Because we are dedicated to providing high-quality services and putting the needs of our customers first, we have maintained a significant presence in this market and earned a solid reputation.

The Scope of Our Offerings:
When you shop with Harry Jesse Son & Co. Ltd., you may choose from a vast variety of fresh seafood, frozen goods, and shellfish that has been painstakingly obtained through our global network of suppliers. Because we are aware of how important it is to provide our clients with products of the greatest possible quality, our staff works hard to ensure that only the most recent and highest-quality seafood makes its way onto our shelves. If you are looking for fish, crabs, mollusks, or any other kind of seafood delights, we have a wide variety of options available to fulfil your requirements. The wholesale market, the retail market, the catering industry, and fish fryers are only some of the markets that our product line serves. We have spent years in the field gaining knowledge, and as a result, we have compiled a variety of items that cater to the requirements and preferences of our most discriminating clients. Not only do we take great delight in providing seafood of the highest possible quality, but we also take great pride in providing our customers with the knowledge and skills they need to make well-informed decisions.

Services Related to Distribution:
Our distribution services extend all the way up to North Wales and encompass the Northwest region, so we can guarantee that our items will reach our valued customers as quickly and effectively as possible. We place a premium on promptness and dependability in our service thanks to our well-established logistics network and hard-working crew. We are here to meet your requirements for seafood, regardless of whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, fish and chip shop, or any other type of food-related business. Our dedication to excellence is not limited to the quality of the products we sell; rather, it encompasses the expertise and effectiveness of the distribution services we provide as well. We are aware that time is of the utmost in the food industry, and as a result, we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers by ensuring that their deliveries go off without a hitch.

Retail Delivery to Your Home:
We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers, and as a result, we have expanded our offerings to include retail home delivery. We are fully aware of the importance of convenience, which is why we are committed to delivering only the freshest seafood to your front door. You may browse our product variety, place your order, and have it delivered to your home all through our user-friendly online platform, where you can also place your order. Our retail home delivery service ensures that you have access to all of our finest items without ever having to leave the convenience of your own home, regardless of whether you are preparing an elaborate meal or simply want to indulge in the freshest seafood. Discover what it's like to taste perfection with Harry Jesse Son & Co Ltd, conveniently located right outside your door.

Our Values:
At Harry Jesse Son & Co. Ltd., our core principles serve as the basis for our company and provide direction for how we conduct business on a daily basis. 

These ideals describe who we are as a people as well as how we should behave ourselves:

Quality: Quality is very important to us, and we make it a point to offer our customers only fresh fish and seafood of the very best possible quality. We go to great lengths to ensure that the items we sell are of the highest possible quality in terms of flavour, sustainability, and freshness.

Reliability: In the fast-paced food industry, we fully comprehend the significance of providing service that is reliable. Our clients depend on us to deliver their orders on schedule, maintain a constant quality, and provide great customer care.

Integrity: We are committed to conducting our company in an honest, open, and equitable manner. The establishment of confidence with both our clients and our business associates is one of our highest priorities.

Satisfying Our consumers: The happiness of our consumers is the primary focus of all that we do. We provide individualised service, experienced advice, and a streamlined shopping experience in an effort to go above and beyond the customers' expectations.

Innovation: Innovation is something that is important to us, and we make sure to keep up with the latest market trends and technological advances. We are always looking into new ways to enhance the quality of our products, services, and business processes in order to provide superior support for our patrons.

Community: Because we are a family-owned business with long roots in the neighbourhood, we place a high priority on the relationships we have cultivated over the course of our history here. We are proud to say that our contributions to the development and prosperity of the communities we serve have been actively supported by our organisation.

The name Harry Jesse Son & Co Ltd is synonymous with reliability in the provision of premium fresh fish and seafood. We continue to be a key participant in the seafood sector thanks to our long history, our dedication to excellence, and our enthusiasm for providing outstanding service to our clients. We are here to suit your requirements, whether you are an organisation in search of dependable wholesale supply or an individual looking for the highest quality seafood for your own kitchen. Feel the flavour, enjoy the freshness, and benefit from the skill that can only be provided by Harry Jesse Son & Co Ltd. Check out our storefront on Charlotte Street in Liverpool, or browse our online marketplace for retail goods that can be delivered to your home. 

Come along with us on this excursion into the world of cuisine and allow us to enchant you with the flavours of the sea.

For more information, please call us on phone 0151 228 5968 or visit our website: Harry Jesse Son and Co Ltd

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