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Fruit Cove, FL 32259

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The idea for Gun Snot originated over dinner with two top US Rifle Olympians in 2004.

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Gun Snot - In 2004, while having dinner with two of the best US Rifle Olympians, the concept for Gun Snot was conceived. 

We addressed the straightforward question, "How can we assist the United States Olympic Shooting athletes in their preparations for the Olympics?" 

It was determined that there is a demand for a product that is ultra-premium and high-performance lubricant, and it must fulfill specific requirements. They were unaware that we had worked with the most capable individuals in the fields of aerospace and the military. Bingo!

To begin, there was a demand for a lubricant that would enable the smoothest possible trigger pulls while also maintaining a steady and precise action in rifles that were previously designed for Olympic competition. The innovative lubricating and protection system that is known as Gun Snot is comprised of seven different products. Gun Snot is an ultra-premium high-performance lubricant that was designed by a chemical engineer with decades of experience working with high performance lubricants (Gulfstream, NASA, Samsung, Texas Instruments, etc).

Gun Snot® products are part of one of the most comprehensive lines of lubricating goods that are currently on the market, and they can assist you in improving the functionality of your recreational gear over time. Gun Snot® is unique in that it is not a hydrocarbon, which is a type of substance that can convert into carbon and clog your firearm, whether it be a rifle, handgun, or another type of weapon. 

You may reduce the possibility that you will need to perform that deep clean again by giving it a thorough cleaning all the way down to the base metal and then applying gun snot. This will save you money because you won't have to degrease it as often.

Products / Services


  • Gun Snot® Aerosol (GS-A)
  • Gun Snot® Booger Buster (GS-BB)
  • Gun Snot® Liquid
  • Gun Snot® Paste (GS-P)
  • Gun Snot® Snot Rag
  • Gun Snot® Trigger Digger Applicators (GS-TDA)

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