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Fix It Auto Glass Dubai
Limited Liability Company
15 Employees


Warehouse no. 2, 18th St Near LA Patisserie. Al Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai, the leading auto glass repair and replacement service provider in Dubai.

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Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai - Top Auto Glass Restoration and Substitution Service Provider; A Crew of Proficient Technicians is Outfitted with Cutting-Edge Tools and Technology to Deliver High-Quality Services – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Welcome to Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai, your premier destination for all your auto glass repair and replacement needs in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates!!

Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai is the industry leader when it comes to providing services for the repair and replacement of auto glass in Dubai. In order to provide premium services, such as windshield repair, windshield replacement, car glass repair, and more, our team of highly trained experts is outfitted with cutting-edge tools and technology. These enable us to repair windshields, replace windshields, and repair car glass. We are dedicated to meeting all of your auto glass requirements in a timely and dependable manner and we have built our reputation as a reputable company in this sector. We are able to assist you with any level of repair you require, from a simple fix to an entire replacement. We are your one-stop shop in Dubai for all of your auto glass needs because of our rapid turnaround time, our affordable prices, and the great customer service we provide. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to set up an appointment.

Professional auto glass repair and replacement services are provided by IT Auto Glass Dubai, a business with headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are experts in delivering services of the highest caliber for all kinds of vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vans. The company has a staff of highly qualified and experienced specialists who are trained to make use of the most up-to-date equipment and methods in order to repair or replace broken auto glass in a prompt and effective manner.

IT Auto Glass Dubai provides an extensive selection of services, such as windshield repair and replacement, side mirror repair and replacement, rearview mirror repair and replacement, power window repair, and many more. They only utilize materials of the highest quality to ensure that the strength, durability, and longevity of any auto glass that is fixed or replaced by them. The business also provides a mobile service, through which technicians will travel to your area in order to make any necessary adjustments or replacements there and then.

Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our customers and thank you in advance for choosing us as your go-to location for all of your auto glass repair and replacement requirements in the exciting city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am pleased to tell you about our organization, which goes by the name Fix IT Auto Glass, and to tell you about our history, services, and dedication to providing exceptional quality. At Fix IT car Glass Dubai, we are more than just a business; we are a team of devoted specialists who are passionate about delivering top-notch car glass solutions to our loyal customers. We take pride in the fact that we have been serving the Dubai community for more than a decade.

Fi IT auto glass

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Before we begin:

Our objective at Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai is crystal clear and unwavering: to deliver auto glass repair and replacement services in Dubai that are of the best possible quality. We are dedicated to ensuring that your car is both safe and functional, in addition to having an appealing appearance, and we do this by utilizing premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and skilled craftsmanship. Your well-being when you're out on the road is our number one concern.

We foresee a future in Dubai in which every car owner is able to drive their vehicle with the knowledge that any and all of their auto glass requirements will be handled with the finest precision and expertise. We want to be the unchallenged leader in the auto glass sector in Dubai and worldwide by constantly innovating new technologies, providing exceptional service, and focusing on the needs of our customers.

Our History:

The Tale of Fix It Auto Glass and Its Beginnings: Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai was established due to the founders' love of cars and their dedication to providing outstanding customer service. With the hustling streets and cutting-edge skyscrapers of Dubai serving as a backdrop, we embarked on a journey with the goal of being the auto glass repair and replacement service provider of choice in the city.

Our company was started because our founder, a seasoned car enthusiast and technician, saw a need in Dubai for a dependable auto glass solution that focuses on the needs of the consumer. With this goal in mind, we set out on a journey to establish a business that not only repairs auto glass but also restores the faith and confidence that car owners have in their vehicles.

The Professionals on Our Staff: Our committed team of specialists who are both highly competent and experienced is what separates Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai from the other businesses in the industry. Because our professionals are the most important part of our company, we take a lot of pleasure in the level of skill they possess. They are subjected to intensive training and ensure that they are always current on the most recent developments in the processes of auto glass repair and replacement. Our mechanics are not merely employees; rather, they are skilled craftsmen who approach each vehicle with the same level of care and attention as if it were their very own.

Our Dedication to Maintaining High Standards:

At Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai, we prioritize quality in each and every one of our services and products. We are aware that the auto glass in your car plays an important role in both the structural integrity of your vehicle and your safety while you are driving. For this reason, in all of our repair and replacement procedures, we adhere to the most severe industry standards possible and only work with components of the best possible quality.

You can put your trust in us to provide a solution that is not only effective but also sturdy and long-lasting, whether the problem at hand is a minor chip in your windshield or the replacement of all the glass in your vehicle. We believe that the job should be done correctly the very first time and every time after that.

The Services We Offer:

Repairs to the Windshield: Your car's windshield is more than just a piece of glass; it's an essential component of the vehicle's overall safety system. It is possible for even slight chips and cracks to jeopardize its integrity, which might put you and your passengers in danger. We at Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai specialize in windshield repair, which not only improves the clarity of your view but also guarantees that the glass retains its integrity as a structural component.

Alteration of the Windshield: We provide professional windshield replacement services in the event that the damage to your windshield is irreparable or if the crack interferes with your ability to see out of the vehicle. In order to ensure both your safety and complete happiness, we only work with manufacturers that produce windshields of the highest possible quality and that meet or surpass industry standards.

Fixing the Side Mirrors: Your lane changes and parking will be more safer if you have side mirrors installed. The highly trained professionals in our repair shop can quickly fix any damage to the side mirrors, restoring your full view while you are behind the wheel.

Repair on the Rearview Mirror: It is essential for both your safety and your convenience to have a rearview mirror that works properly. In the event that your rearview mirror is broken or has become disconnected, we are able to fix it in a timely manner, restoring your ability to safely operate your vehicle.

Repair for Power Windows: When they don't work properly, power windows are a modern convenience, but a cause of annoyance when they don't work properly. Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai provides power window repair services to restore the smooth operation of your windows once they have become damaged.

Mobile Telephone Service: We are aware that your time is valuable, and we also recognize that it may not always be practical for you to bring your vehicle to our repair shop. Because of this, we provide a mobile service, through which our experienced experts are able to travel to your location and carry out any necessary repairs or replacements while they are there. We will be there to assist you as quickly as possible, no matter where you are—at home, at work, or even on the side of the road.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai?

Quick Attendance In Case of Need: We at Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai are aware that problems with auto glass can sometimes be an emergency. A chipped windshield or shattered side mirror might throw a wrench into your day-to-day activities. Because of this, we take great satisfaction in our extremely fast turnaround times. We are dedicated to handling your vehicle glass issues in a timely and effective manner so that you may regain your confidence and get back out on the road as soon as possible.

Pricing that is competitive: All vehicle owners should be able to have access to auto glass services of a sufficient quality. We are able to provide affordable prices without lowering the standards of either the materials we use or the craftsmanship we provide. In the face of limited financial resources, we think that safety should never be sacrificed in any way.

Outstanding Provision of Service to Customers: In addition to auto glass repair and replacement, our commitment to excellence encompasses a wider range of services. At every stage of your journey with us, we are committed to providing you with the highest possible level of customer care. You can anticipate professionalism, courtesy, and a distinctly individual encounter from the minute you get in touch with us to the moment we hand you the finished product.

Technology That Is At The Cutting Edge: The car glass business is continuously advancing, and we make it a priority to stay on the cutting edge of these innovations. We ensure that our services are not only effective but also efficient by making investments in cutting-edge equipment and technology in order to achieve this goal. Because of our dedication to innovation, we are able to meet the requirements you have for auto glass in the most effective and efficient manner.

Methods that are gentler on the environment: Because we are concerned about the environment, we work hard to reduce the impact that we have on it. When we replace auto glass, we make sure that the old glass is recycled and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Our passion to a sustainable future is reflected in our commitment to earth-friendly policies and procedures.

Our Customer Base:

Persons Who Own Their Own Vehicles: Fix It Auto Glass Dubai is ready to assist you with any auto glass needs you may have, regardless of the size or power of the vehicle you drive. We are aware that your vehicle is an important component of your life, and as a result, we are dedicated to maintaining its fitness for the road and keeping it safe.

Services for Fleets: It is of the utmost importance for companies that operate with a fleet of vehicles to ensure that each vehicle's security and integrity are preserved. Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai provides individualized fleet services to maintain your vehicles in optimum condition, so ensuring the well-being of your drivers and the efficacy of your business.

Companies That Provide Insurance: We have excellent relationships with insurance companies in order to make it easy for their policyholders to obtain seamless auto glass repairs and replacements. Because of our extensive experience in the field of insurance claims, we are able to simplify the process and ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience.

Retail Outlets and Automotive Service Centers: Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai is the auto glass company that dealerships and service centers trust for all of their requirements. We are aware of how essential quality and accuracy are to the preservation of the reputation of car brands, and we work hard to meet the requirements outlined by our customers.

Participation in the Community:

Returning the Favor: We firmly feel that it is our responsibility to give something back to the community that has helped us along the way. Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai participates in a variety of philanthropic activities, such as sponsoring programs that promote road safety and offering free auto glass repair services to those who are in need.

Promotion of Safe Driving Practices: As people who are passionate about improving road safety, we take an active part in awareness campaigns and work together with local authorities to provide information about safe driving practices. We believe that education and prevention are the two most important factors in lowering the number of accidents that occur on the roads.

We would like to extend to you an invitation to see the difference that Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai can make for yourself. We are here to give you with the auto glass services in Dubai that are of the finest quality, regardless of whether you have a little fracture in your windshield or need to replace all of the glass in your vehicle.

The final word:

We at Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai are not only in the business of repairing auto glass; rather, we are in the business of establishing trust, making sure our customers are secure, and improving the overall quality of their time spent behind the wheel. We are excited to have the opportunity to earn your trust as the go-to car glass specialists in Dubai, India, and we look forward to working with you. I would want to express my gratitude for the time you've spent learning about Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai. We are here to assist you with any and all of your auto glass requirements and to ensure that you remain safe while driving. 

Get in touch with us right away, and together we can make sure the glass in your vehicle is in pristine condition, just as it must be.

For more information, please call us on phone +971561890192 or visit our website here: Fix IT Auto Glass Dubai

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  • Front Windscreen Replacement
  • Rear Windscreen Replacement
  • Car Window Tinting Dubai
  • Auto Glass Repair
  • Windshield Repair

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Article by Siachen Editors to aid the customer in decision making

A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating a Vendor for Automotive Glass Services: 

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


When it comes to ensuring the safety and aesthetics of your vehicle, the quality of your automotive glass services matters significantly. Whether you need front windscreen replacement, rear windscreen replacement, car window tinting, auto glass repair, or windshield repair in Dubai, choosing the right vendor is crucial. This comprehensive guide will help customers evaluate potential vendors to make informed decisions and select the best service provider for their automotive glass needs.

Front Windscreen Replacement:

1. Reputation and Experience

Vendor's Reputation: Start by researching the vendor's reputation in the automotive glass industry. Look for reviews, ratings, and testimonials from previous customers.

Years in Business: Consider the vendor's experience. A long-standing company often signifies reliability and expertise.

2. Certification and Licensing

Certifications: Ensure that the vendor and their technicians are certified by relevant authorities or industry associations.

Licensing: Verify that the vendor holds the necessary licenses to operate legally in Dubai.

3. Quality of Glass and Materials

Glass Quality: Inquire about the types and brands of glass they use. High-quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass is preferred for front windscreen replacement.

Adhesives and Sealants: Ask about the adhesives and sealants used for the installation to ensure durability and safety.

4. Warranty and Guarantees

Warranty Coverage: Understand the terms of the warranty offered for the front windscreen replacement. A reputable vendor should provide warranties against defects and workmanship.

Guarantees: Inquire about any additional guarantees or assurances of customer satisfaction.

5. Insurance Handling

Insurance Assistance: If you're making an insurance claim, ask if the vendor has experience working with insurance companies and if they can assist with the process.

Rear Windscreen Replacement:

1. Service Timeliness

Turnaround Time: Inquire about the time it takes for rear windscreen replacement. Timely service minimizes downtime for your vehicle.

Appointment Scheduling: Check the availability of appointments and if they offer emergency services.

2. Technician Qualifications

Expertise: Ensure that the technicians are experienced and skilled in rear windscreen replacement.

Training: Ask about ongoing training and certifications to stay updated with the latest technologies.

3. Customization Options

Tinting Choices: If you desire tinted rear windows, discuss the available options in terms of tint darkness and materials.

Design and Style: Inquire if they offer customization in terms of design or styling features.

4. Environmental Considerations

Eco-friendly Practices: Check if the vendor follows eco-friendly practices, such as recycling old glass and materials.

Compliance: Ensure they comply with environmental regulations regarding glass disposal.

Car Window Tinting Dubai:

1. Film Quality

Tint Film Brands: Inquire about the brands of tint film they offer. High-quality films provide better UV protection and heat reduction.

UV Protection: Ask about the level of UV protection provided by the tint films.

2. Legal Compliance

Tinting Regulations: Understand the local regulations regarding window tint darkness and compliance. Ensure the vendor follows these regulations.

Legal Documentation: Ask for documentation that proves the tinting is within legal limits.

3. Heat and Glare Reduction

Heat Rejection: Inquire about the percentage of heat reduction the tint films can provide.

Glare Reduction: Discuss how effective the tint is in reducing glare, especially in the intense Dubai sunlight.

4. Longevity and Maintenance

Durability: Find out about the expected lifespan of the tint films and whether they offer any maintenance services.

Warranty: Check if there is a warranty on the tint film and its installation.

Auto Glass Repair:

1. Diagnostic Abilities

Assessment: Ask how the vendor assesses the extent of auto glass damage.

Recommendations: Seek their recommendations on repair versus replacement based on the damage severity.

2. Repair Techniques

Repair Methods: Inquire about the repair techniques used, such as resin injection for cracks and chips.

Quality Control: Ensure that the repairs meet industry standards for safety and aesthetics.

3. Cost and Pricing

Quotation: Request a detailed quote that includes all costs, such as labor, materials, and taxes.

Competitive Pricing: Compare the pricing with other vendors to ensure it is reasonable and competitive.

4. Customer Feedback

References: Ask for references or case studies of previous auto glass repair work they have done.

Customer Satisfaction: Read reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction levels.

Windshield Repair:

1. Convenience

Mobile Services: Check if the vendor offers mobile windshield repair services for added convenience.

Location: Consider the location of the repair facility and whether it's easily accessible.

2. Safety Measures

Safety Protocols: Inquire about the safety measures in place during windshield repair, including protective gear and procedures.

Cleanliness: Ensure that the repair area is clean and free from potential contaminants.

3. Technology and Equipment

Technology Utilization: Ask about the use of modern equipment and technology for windshield repairs, such as laser-guided alignment systems.

Accuracy: Discuss how they ensure precise alignment and sealing during the repair process.

4. Customer Support

Communication: Evaluate the vendor's communication and responsiveness to inquiries or concerns.

Post-Repair Support: Inquire about post-repair support in case any issues arise after the service.


In conclusion, when evaluating a vendor for automotive glass services in Dubai, consider aspects such as reputation, experience, certifications, glass quality, warranties, and legal compliance. Additionally, assess factors like service timeliness, customization options, and environmental responsibility. By carefully evaluating these criteria for each specific service – front windscreen replacement, rear windscreen replacement, car window tinting, auto glass repair, and windshield repair – customers can make informed decisions and choose a vendor that meets their automotive glass needs effectively and safely.

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