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Fire Forex Pvt Ltd
Private Limited
New Delhi


H Block, Suite-51, Connaught Cir, Block H, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India.

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Fire Forex Is Leading Currency Exchange Agent in Delhi & Kolkata Providing The Services for Years.

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Fire Forex Pvt Ltd - Premier Forex Exchange Solutions Provider; Unwavering 100% Service Delivery Track Record Guarantees Dependable and Effective Transactions – New Delhi, India.

Welcome to Fireforex, your trusted partner for all your forex exchange needs. We are a leading forex exchange service provider headquartered in the vibrant cities of New Delhi and Kolkata, India!!

In the cities of Delhi and Kolkata, India, Fireforex is recognized as the premier foreign exchange service provider. We have years of experience and offer a variety of options pertaining to foreign exchange, such as buying and selling currency, receiving overseas remittances, and using forex cards. Our one hundred percent experience in service delivery ensures that all transactions will be reliable and effective.

We are a relatively new FFMC. With a physical presence in 2 key cities and a full suite of digital solutions to serve our customers' needs, we currently have over 27 team members who are serving thousands of customers and clients across Delhi and Kolkata. Our executive team is made up of seasoned and trustworthy industry professionals who have worked in the foreign exchange, allied services, and remittance fields respectively.

We appreciate the enthusiasm that comes with planning a trip, and we think that one of the most important parts of the experience is acquiring some of the local currency. Nevertheless, purchasing foreign currency in a foreign nation can be difficult. This is where we come in; we offer trustworthy services for exchanging currencies in order to create a pleasant and trouble-free experience for our customers who are traveling internationally. Pick Fireforex for all of your foreign exchange requirements.

Our company is comprised of four primary branches: corporate, retail forex services (B2C), wholesale forex services (B2B), bespoke travel insurance for leisure travelers and students, and abroad education remittance. This multifaceted oWe are happy to have you here at Fireforex, your reliable partner for all of your foreign currency need. We are a renowned provider of foreign exchange services, and our headquarters are located in the bustling cities of New Delhi and Kolkata in the country of India. Because of our many years of experience in the market, we have solidified our reputation as a dependable and effective provider of solutions pertaining to currency exchange. Fireforex is here to make managing your foreign exchange requirements easier, whether you're organizing a trip abroad, doing commercial operations, or looking into educational opportunities in another country.

Fire Forex

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Before we begin:

At Fireforex, we are incredibly proud of our status as one of India's most reputable Forex Money Changers (FFMCs). Our adventure started with a mission to provide individuals, organizations, and institutions with foreign exchange services that are easily accessible and require little to no fuss. We started out as a small firm, but over the years we've expanded into a dynamic business with a workforce of over 27 dedicated individuals. Our presence in both Delhi and Kolkata, where we have developed physical locations, enables us to conduct business throughout both of those cities. In addition, we provide our customers with a broad portfolio of digital solutions in order to meet their ever-evolving requirements.

Our Team:

Our accomplishments are directly attributable to the aggregate knowledge and unwavering dedication of our team members. We are aware that providing forex services requires an in-depth knowledge of global financial markets, an awareness of current currency movements, and an exceptional level of customer care. Our executive team is made up of seasoned experts who have worked in the remittance, associated services, and foreign exchange industries for a combined total of decades of industry experience. Because of our vast store of information, we are able to make well-informed decisions, provide insightful advice, and continuously provide services of the highest quality.

At Fireforex, our dedication to providing excellent customer service is unyielding. We are aware of the joy and anticipation that accompany the process of making travel arrangements. Getting your hands on some of the country's currency ought to be a simple and uncomplicated process, in our opinion. Unhappily, purchasing foreign currency in a foreign place can frequently be difficult due to the presence of hidden fees and poor conversion rates. Here is where Fireforex comes in to offer you a solution that is dependable as well as convenient to use.

The Services We Offer:

Fireforex is organized into four primary segments, each of which is designed to cater to a distinct set of client requirements:

Corporate Services: We are familiar with the intricacies involved in conducting business on an international scale. Our corporate services branch provides organizations with individualized forex solutions, assisting these companies in navigating the complexities of foreign exchange in order to facilitate more seamless global operations.

Retail Forex Services (B2C): Designed specifically with the individual traveler in mind, our retail forex services aim to make the foreign exchange aspect of your trip as stress-free as possible. We provide you with access to the local money you require when traveling the world by providing you with access to affordable exchange rates for buying and selling foreign currency.

Wholesale Forex (B2B): We are delighted to have earned the reputation as a reliable forex partner for a large number of enterprises and institutions. Our wholesale foreign exchange services cater to the specific needs of bulk foreign currency exchange, giving time and money saving solutions that are designed to facilitate international trade and financial dealings.

Customized Travel Insurance and Overseas Education Remittance: When traveling to a foreign country, your safety and security should be your top priority. In order to give you the most comprehensive support possible, we create individualized travel insurance options that guard you while you are on the road. In addition, the overseas education remittance services that we provide assist students and their families in managing tuition fees and living expenses while the students are studying outside of the country.

We are aware of the significance of ease of access and convenience now that we live in the information age. We have come up with a variety of digital solutions in order to make the shopping experience better for our clients. You may access our services, monitor live exchange rates, and conduct transactions from the convenience of your own home or while you are on the road thanks to our website and mobile application, which are both very easy to use. Because it is a digital platform, Fireforex is constantly accessible to you through it and is prepared to fulfill your currency trading requirements in a prompt and effective manner.

The Ways That We:

At Fireforex, our core principles shape both who we are as a company and the way we go about doing business.

Dependability is one of our highest priorities since we value the faith that our clients invest in us. Because we are so committed to dependability, we can guarantee that each and every transaction will be carried out with precision and correctness.

Approach Centered on the Customer: We are committed to providing excellent service to each and every one of our clients. Our focus on the customer helps us provide services that go above and beyond their requirements and meet any special requirements that may arise.

Transparency is something that we uphold in every single one of our dealings. When it comes to developing long-term relationships, we feel that transparent communication and fair pricing are essential components.

Innovation: Keeping up with the rapid changes that are occurring in the financial industry requires us to be open to new ideas. We are constantly looking at new ways of using technology and business tactics to improve the quality of our offerings.

Our Dedication to Meeting All Requirements:

We are committed to being a responsible provider of financial services, and as such, we comply with all regulatory obligations imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and any other applicable authorities. In order to guarantee the safety and honesty of our business dealings, we place a high priority on adhering to the criteria established by Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

We are able to assist consumers and clients from all different walks of life because to our wide network, which extends all the way from Delhi to Kolkata. Fireforex is here to meet all of your foreign exchange needs, regardless of whether you are an avid traveler, the owner of a business, or a student with plans to attend school outside of the country. We take great delight in being able to assist you with the smooth completion of your financial transactions and in being a part of your journey.

Our Advantage over the Competition:

What differentiates Fireforex from its rivals is the company's consistent dedication to providing excellent service, ensuring complete satisfaction for its clients, and pursuing ongoing progress. The following is a list of some of the primary reasons why we have an advantage over our competitors:

Leadership With Experience Our company's management team has decades of combined experience working in the foreign exchange and money transfer industries. Their knowledge and strategic insight are the driving forces behind our accomplishments.

Approach Centered on the Customer: We put the demands of our customers first and go above and beyond to give individualized solutions that are tailored to their specific necessities.

Wide Spectrum of clients Served: Our ability to serve a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from individuals to organizations and institutions, is made possible by the comprehensive service portfolio that we maintain.

Convenience in Digital Form: Our user-friendly digital platform means that consumers may use our services whenever it is most convenient for them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We deliver value to our customers by offering exchange rates that are competitive in the market and by keeping our fees to a minimum.

At Fireforex, we could not be more thrilled about what lies ahead. We have plans to expand our presence to additional locations across India, which will make our products and services available to an even larger number of people. Our digital solutions will continue to be improved, and we will work hard to make sure that customers can access our services in a safe and streamlined manner. In addition, as part of our strategy to expand our presence across the globe, we want to investigate potential new markets in other countries.

The final word:

In a nutshell, Fireforex provides the answer to all of your problems relating to currency exchange in a one convenient location. We are positioned to continue our journey as a top provider of foreign exchange services in India because to our highly experienced team, varied range of service options, commitment to excellence, and dedication to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Fireforex is here to help you simplify your foreign exchange transactions, making them more dependable, smooth, and trouble-free. Whether you are a student, a business owner, or a traveler, we can assist you. We would like to express our gratitude for the fact that you are considering Fireforex to be your reliable partner in the field of foreign exchange. 

We are excited to be of service to you and to share in your journey toward achieving your financial goals. Having a variety of offerings allows us to serve a diverse range of customers.

For more information, please call us on phone +918860704632 or visit our website here: Fire Forex Pvt Ltd

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Article by Siachen Editors to aid the customer in decision making

A Comprehensive Guide for Customers to Evaluating a Vendor for Forex, Education Remittance, and Related Services: 

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


Making informed decisions when choosing a vendor for forex exchange, education remittance, and related services is crucial. Whether you're a seasoned traveler, a student studying abroad, or a business professional, selecting the right vendor can significantly impact your financial transactions and overall experience. In this guide, we'll explore the key points that customers should consider when evaluating potential vendors for the following services:

Forex Exchange Services

Exchange Rates: Assess the vendor's exchange rates for buying and selling foreign currency. Compare these rates with those offered by competitors to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Service Fees: Inquire about any service fees or commissions charged by the vendor. Transparent pricing is essential to avoid unexpected costs.

Availability of Currencies: Ensure that the vendor offers a wide range of currencies to accommodate your travel or business needs.

Delivery Options: Check if the vendor provides convenient delivery options, such as doorstep delivery or airport pickup, to suit your preferences.

Online Platform: Evaluate the vendor's online platform for ease of use, real-time exchange rate information, and the ability to place orders securely.

Forex Card Services

Card Types: Investigate the types of forex cards offered, such as travel cards or multi-currency cards. Choose the one that aligns with your travel or financial requirements.

Loading and Reloading: Assess the convenience of loading and reloading funds onto the forex card. Look for user-friendly options, such as mobile apps or online portals.

Fees and Charges: Understand the fees associated with forex cards, including issuance fees, ATM withdrawal charges, and currency conversion fees.

Security Features: Ensure that the card comes with robust security features like chip and PIN technology to safeguard your funds.

Emergency Assistance: Check if the vendor provides 24/7 customer support and emergency card replacement services in case of loss or theft.

Education Remittance Services

Exchange Rates: Similar to forex exchange services, consider the exchange rates offered for education remittance. Favor vendors with competitive rates.

Transfer Speed: Evaluate the speed at which funds are transferred to the educational institution abroad. Prompt transfers can impact enrollment and tuition payment deadlines.

Transfer Options: Determine the flexibility of transfer options, including online transfers, wire transfers, or bank drafts.

Support for Documentation: Ensure that the vendor assists with the required documentation for international education payments, such as the foreign exchange declaration.

Customer Reviews: Research customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the vendor's track record in education remittance.

Send Money Abroad Services

Transfer Fees: Compare the transfer fees charged by different vendors. Some may offer fee waivers or discounts for specific transfer amounts.

Exchange Rate Lock-In: Inquire if the vendor provides the option to lock in exchange rates for future transfers, protecting you from currency fluctuations.

Recipient Options: Check if the vendor allows transfers to individuals, businesses, or educational institutions in foreign countries.

Transfer Speed: Consider the urgency of your transfers and select a vendor that offers options for both speedy and cost-effective transfers.

Security Measures: Ensure that the vendor employs stringent security measures to safeguard your money during the transfer process.

Travel Insurance Services

Coverage: Review the extent of coverage offered by the travel insurance policy. It should include medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and baggage loss or theft.

Policy Exclusions: Understand the exclusions and limitations of the insurance policy. Familiarize yourself with scenarios that may not be covered.

Claim Process: Inquire about the ease and efficiency of the claim process. A hassle-free claims experience is vital during emergencies.

Additional Benefits: Explore additional benefits such as coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, adventure sports, or rental car protection.

Customer Support: Assess the availability and responsiveness of the insurance provider's customer support in case you need assistance while traveling.

Value Added Services

Currency Conversion Tools: Look for vendors that offer currency conversion calculators or mobile apps to help you track exchange rates and convert currency easily.

Travel Assistance: Some vendors may provide travel-related services such as hotel bookings, flight reservations, or visa assistance. Evaluate these offerings for added convenience.

Educational Resources: If you're a student or a first-time traveler, consider vendors that offer educational resources, guides, or seminars on managing finances while abroad.

Loyalty Programs: Check if the vendor offers loyalty programs or rewards for repeat customers, which can provide long-term benefits.


In conclusion, the selection of a vendor for forex exchange, education remittance, travel insurance, and related services should be a well-informed decision. Take the time to research, compare, and evaluate vendors based on the specific criteria mentioned above. By doing so, you can ensure that your financial transactions are secure, cost-effective, and tailored to your unique needs, ultimately enhancing your overall experience as a customer.

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