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Etelligens Technologies
Private Limited
120 Employees
India and Jamaica.


651.N Broad ST., Suite 201, Middletown DE 19709, United States.

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Etelligens Technologies is a software product development company based in USA and established in 2014.

Business Description

Etelligens Technologies - Cutting-Edge Software Development Firm; Comprehensive Software Project Hub Providing Full-Spectrum Business and Technology Consultancy – Middletown, United States.

Welcome to Etelligens Technologies, a trailblazing software development company with a relentless commitment to delivering innovative solutions!!


Etelligens is a software development business that is at the forefront of its industry and is known for its dependable mobile and web development that results in the delivery of unique solutions. It was established in 2014 and has its headquarters in the United States of America. It also has offices in India, Canada, and Jamaica, giving it a global reach.

Etelligens has developed into an all-inclusive-software-project buying destination that provides end-to-end Business and Technology Consultation as a result of their unceasing pursuit of adopting newer technologies and innovations. This is due to the fact that their drive for these things is irrepressible.

You will have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of their trained specialists, who employ the most up-to-date technologies, techniques, and strategies to create creative solutions for mobile and web app development, Blockchain technology, digital product development, and a great deal more. Etelligens has developed into an all-inclusive-software-project buying destination that provides end-to-end Business and Technology Consultation as a result of their unceasing pursuit of adopting newer technologies and innovations. This is due to the fact that their drive for these things is irrepressible.

You will have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of their trained specialists, who employ the most up-to-date technologies, techniques, and strategies to create creative solutions for mobile and web app development, Blockchain technology, digital product development, and a great deal more. Etelligens is a software development business that is at the forefront of its industry and is known for its dependable mobile and web development that results in the delivery of unique solutions. It was established in 2014 and has its headquarters in the United States of America. It also has offices in India, Canada, and Jamaica, giving it a global reach.

Get the opportunity to leverage the skills of their certified professionals who utilise the latest tools, methodologies, and strategies to deliver ingenious solutions for mobile and web apps, Blockchain, and digital product development. Welcome to Etelligens Technologies, an industry-leading software development company with an unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions. When we first set out in 2014 with the goal of revolutionising the software development landscape, that was the beginning of our adventure. Our company was founded in the United States of America, but we have since expanded our reach by opening offices in India, Canada, and Jamaica. This ensures that we have a global presence to better serve our customers.

At Etelligens, we are quite proud of the fact that we are much more than merely a software development firm. We are a one-stop destination for end-to-end Business and Technology Consultation, and we offer a wide range of services to accommodate the various requirements that are posed by our customers. In order to provide imaginative solutions across a variety of fields, such as mobile and web app development, Blockchain technology, and digital product development, our team of qualified professionals makes use of the most recent technologies, processes, and tactics.

Etelligens Technologies

Etelligens Technologies: The Picture is Business Representational

About the Business Sector:

Acquiring Knowledge of the Software Development Industry: The software development industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving sector that plays a crucial role in the modern corporate landscape. This industry is characterised by its constant state of change. It involves the production of software programs, platforms, and systems that enable everything from mobile apps to major business solutions. These can be used in any industry.

The Sector's Particular Importance and Characteristics: There is no possible way to overestimate the significance of the software development industry. In the modern digital age, software serves as the essential foundation for almost every sector of the economy. It enables organisations to simplify their operations, improve the experiences they provide for their customers, and maintain their competitive edge in markets that are undergoing rapid change.

This industry is distinguished from others by the rapid pace of its evolution. Because new technologies appear at such a quick rate, software development companies have little choice but to be on the cutting edge of innovation if they want to remain competitive. This necessitates a commitment to lifelong education as well as a flexible mindset, which are the defining characteristics of Etelligens Technologies.

Current tendencies as well as projections for the future:

In the field of software development, it is essential to be one step ahead of the competition. The following are some of the most recent trends:

AI-driven apps are altering industries by automating processes and giving important insights. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two related concepts. The technology known as blockchain is undergoing a major security and transparency overhaul, which could have implications beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies.
Computing on the cloud: Because of their scalability and flexibility, cloud-based solutions are quickly becoming the solution of choice for enterprises. The sector has a bright future ahead of it as there is an increased demand for individualised software solutions across all business sectors. The necessity for forward-thinking software development companies such as Etelligens is only going to increase as more and more businesses continue to digitalize their business processes.

Services we offer: 

At Etelligens Technologies, we provide our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of goods and services that are specifically designed to meet the wide variety of requirements they have. The following is a list of our key services:

Development for Mobile Devices and the Web: Because of our expertise in mobile and web development, we can guarantee that not only is your online presence effective, but that it is also interesting. We develop applications that are responsive, user-friendly, and that resonate with the demographics of your target audience.

Applications of Blockchain Technology: The distributed ledger technology has the potential to revolutionise various industries by providing a more trustworthy and open system for managing data. We design solutions based on blockchain technology that improve various business processes' levels of trustworthiness and security.

Design and Development of Digital Products: In this day and age, it is more important than ever to develop cutting-edge goods with the end customer in mind. Our company specialises in the production of digital products and offers businesses assistance in bringing their product ideas to fruition and releasing profitable digital products.

Consulting in Business and Information Technology: Our comprehensive consulting services include company strategy, as well as the planning and implementation of technological solutions. We work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure that the technological efforts they undertake are in line with the goals they have set for their businesses.

History of the Company and When It Was Founded:

The Beginnings of the Etelligens Technologies Corporation: Our journey started in 2014 when a group of forward-thinking businesspeople who had a common interest in cutting-edge technology and new product development got together. Our goal was to establish a business that would not just offer software solutions but would also serve as a driving force behind constructive change in the sector.

Development and Major Turning Points: Etelligens has reached a number of key milestones throughout the course of its history, each of which reflects the company's progress and influence within the sector. The following are some of our most remarkable accomplishments:

Developing a Stronger Global Presence: We have broadened our scope of operations by opening offices in India, Canada, and Jamaica, which has enabled us to better serve customers all over the world.

Certified Professionals: Every member of our team is a certified professional who contributes a wealth of experience and knowledge to the projects they work on.

Clientele from a Wide Variety of Industries serviced: We have successfully serviced clients from a wide variety of industries, which has allowed us to establish a portfolio of projects from a wide variety of disciplines.

Our path has been characterised by unceasing growth, inventiveness, and an unwavering dedication to superior performance. We are ecstatic about how far we have come as a team, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting new challenges that are still to come.

Distinctive Selling Proposition:

Our persistent commitment to innovation as well as the fulfilment of our customers' needs is what sets Etelligens Technologies apart from our rival companies. The following are components of our one-of-a-kind value proposition:

We don't just follow trends; rather, we create them with our innovative solutions. Because our staff stays on the cutting edge of technological advancement, we can guarantee that the solutions we provide are both innovative and future-proof.
Approach Centred on the Customer: We put our customers' requirements first and collaborate closely with them to provide individualised solutions that are in line with their objectives.

Reach Across the Globe: Because we have a presence in a number of countries, we are able to provide our customers with the benefit of both global expertise and local understanding.

Providing Even Greater Value: When it comes to providing value to our customers, we at Etelligens always go the additional mile. Our dedication to excellence extends to each and every project that we take on, making it possible for us to provide our customers with the results they want in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Integrity and reliability:

Establishing Credibility and Openness to Others: The foundation of our company is built on the pillar of trust. By being open and honest in all of our dealings with one another, we have built a solid reputation as a reliable business associate. Our customers put their faith in us to give truthful evaluations, reasonable time estimates, and reasonable costs.

Dedication to Ethical Conduct: At Etelligens Technologies, ethical behaviour is not up for discussion under any circumstances. Because we conduct our business in accordance with the greatest ethical standards, we can guarantee that our customers will have complete faith in our abilities.

Trustworthiness: Our reputation is built on our dependability. We take great satisfaction in keeping our word, not missing any deadlines, and going above and above the expectations of our customers. Our track record of dependability is evidence of our commitment to performing at the highest possible level.

Compliance with Regulations and the Defence of the Corporation Online:

Making the Protection of Information a Top Priority: Information security is of the utmost importance in this day and age of digital technology. At Etelligens Technologies, we recognise the significance of this obligation and act accordingly. The rigorous information security programme that we have in place is intended to defend our technological assets as well as our physical space from any kind of malicious attack, whether it comes from the outside or from within.

Precautions to Take for Cybersecurity: To ensure the safety of the data and systems belonging to our customers, we make use of sophisticated cybersecurity protections such as encryption, access controls, and routine vulnerability assessments.

The Observance of Regulations: We comply with any and all applicable industry legislation and standards, which enables us to ensure that the data and information pertaining to our customers are managed in accordance with the highest possible security and privacy standards.

Specialised Assistance That We Can Provide:

Beyond the Scope of Regular Services: The manner in which we provide our services is one of the aspects that sets us apart from the competition. Our one-of-a-kind services include the following:

Customised Approaches: We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to problem solving. A unique viewpoint is brought to each project, which ultimately yields individualised recommendations for how to proceed.

Innovation Workshops: We facilitate innovation workshops for the purpose of ideation and brainstorming with our clients in order to encourage creative thinking and the development of new concepts.

Devoted Support: Our commitment to our customers does not end with the delivery of the completed project. We offer continuous assistance in order to guarantee that our solutions will continue to be successful.
The Cornerstones of Our Resounding Commercial Success:

Outstanding Provision of Services to Customers: Our achievements have been made possible by providing remarkable service to our clients. We are well aware that the happiness of our customers is of the utmost importance, and as a result, we make every effort to go above and beyond their requirements.

Going Beyond the Call of Duty: Our desire to go the extra mile is what separates us from the competition. We always make an effort to go above and beyond for our customers, whether it's adhering to stringent deadlines, offering additional support, or fulfilling special requests made by our customers.

Our Future Plans, as well as Our Innovation Strategy:

A Prospective View of the Future: At Etelligens Technologies, we have a distinct picture of what the future holds in store for us. The following are the core tenets of our innovation strategy:

Continuous Education: We place a high priority on the professional growth of our staff and devote resources to this purpose in order to guarantee that they are always abreast of emerging technologies and fashions.

Initiatives in R&D: We are actively engaged in research and development in order to push the limits of technology and develop ground-breaking solutions.

Strategic Partnerships: Working together with established business figures and pioneers in the field of technology to propel innovation and ensure one's place at the forefront of their field.

Long-Term Objectives: Our objectives for the foreseeable future include broadening the range of services we provide, strengthening our footprint across the globe, and assuming a leadership position in the advancement of technological innovation.

Maintaining Awareness of the Most Recent Events and Developments:

In the field of software development, it is absolutely necessary to maintain a level of awareness regarding the most recent advancements and fashions. The following are some examples of current trends in our industry:

Low-Code creation is a trend that streamlines the process of app creation, making it more approachable to users from all walks of life.

Integration of IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at a rapid rate, which is opening up new doors for the field of software development.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): These technologies are increasing popularity, which is opening up new options for inventive application development.

We remain dedicated to keeping up with current developments and incorporating them into our solutions so that we may provide products and services that are at the cutting edge of the industry.

Development of a Business: Since we first got started, we have experienced incredible expansion. We have broadened the scope of our activities, broadened the types of customers we serve, and continuously strengthened the technical skills we offer. Our achievements are evidence that we are dedicated to both innovation and excellence in everything we do.

Advice to the Purchasers:

The success of any undertaking is directly proportional to the care with which the software development partner is chosen. When it comes to selecting the most reputable firm, product, or service available on the market for software development, the following criteria should be taken into consideration:

Reputation: When looking for a firm to do business with, try to find one that has a solid reputation for providing high-quality solutions and outstanding customer service.

Expertise: Check to see if the organisation has a team that is both talented and experienced, and that they are able to meet the needs of your project.

Choose a partner who is transparent in their communication, price, and project management when looking for a business collaborator.

Innovation: Make sure the organisation you choose is one that is open to new ideas and maintains abreast of the newest available technology and fashions.

References: In order to evaluate the level of the company's previous success, don't be afraid to ask for references or case studies. In addition, take into consideration the following aspects in order to stay out of any difficulty in the software development industry:

The term "scope creep" refers to the gradual expansion of a project's parameters without the project manager's knowledge.

Data Security: Be certain that the partner you choose places a high priority on data security and complies with all applicable industry requirements.

Legal Agreements: To safeguard your interests and clarify the conditions of the project, you need have a contract that has been carefully designed and in place.

The final word:

In summing up, the software development industry is significantly better off with Etelligens Technologies leading the way in terms of innovation and quality. We stand apart from the competition thanks to our unwavering dedication to producing innovative solutions, our dedication to ethical business practises, and our great customer service.

When you work with Etelligens, you get a partner that not only lives up to but also beyond the standards you set for them. We want to take you along on our journey of success and innovation, and we hope you'll accept our invitation. Choose the path that is most beneficial to you, and let Etelligens Technologies serve as your reliable technological partner. 

Your digital goals can become a reality with our help, as we will work together to define the future of technology and make your digital dreams a reality.

For more information, please call us on phone +14107778508 or visit our website here: Etelligens Technologies

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  • Application Consulting
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  • BPM Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation

UI/UX Intuitive:

  • Creative Design
  • Mobile and Web Design
  • Ul Wireframe Design

Custom Applications:

  • Mobile App Development
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  • Server Support
  • Software as a Service
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  • Mobile App Testing
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SALESFORCE Development:

Article About Business

A Comprehensive Guide for Evaluating Potential Vendors for Software Development Services:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.



When it comes to choosing the right vendor for your consulting, UI/UX, custom app development, support services, testing, or Salesforce needs, making an informed decision is paramount. The vendor you select can significantly impact the success of your projects and the satisfaction of your stakeholders. To aid your decision-making process, we've compiled this comprehensive guide that covers key considerations and factors for evaluating potential vendors.

1. Consulting Services:

1.1 Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Before selecting a consulting vendor, assess their expertise and industry knowledge. Look for:

Relevant Experience: Does the vendor have experience in your industry or niche?

Track Record: What successful projects have they completed for similar clients?

Industry Certifications: Are their consultants certified in relevant areas?

1.2 Problem-Solving Approach

Evaluate how the vendor approaches problem-solving:

Custom Solutions: Are they capable of providing tailored solutions to address your specific challenges?

Analytical Skills: Do they have the ability to analyze complex issues and offer effective strategies?

1.3 Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are vital:

Communication Style: Is their communication clear, timely, and transparent?

Collaboration Tools: Do they use collaborative tools that align with your organization's preferences?

1.4 References and Testimonials

Request references and read client testimonials to gauge satisfaction levels:

Client Feedback: What do previous clients have to say about their services?

Case Studies: Are there documented case studies showcasing their successful projects?

2. UI and UX Services:

2.1 Design Portfolio

Assess the vendor's design portfolio:

Aesthetic Appeal: Do their designs align with your brand aesthetics?

User-Centric Approach: Are their designs user-friendly and focused on enhancing the user experience?

2.2 User Testing and Feedback

Inquire about their user testing and feedback process:

Usability Testing: How do they ensure that the UI/UX meets user needs?

Iterative Design: Are they open to making improvements based on user feedback?

2.3 Cross-Platform Compatibility

Check if their designs are compatible across various platforms and devices:

Responsive Design: Do they create designs that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes?

Browser Compatibility: Are their designs tested for compatibility with major browsers?

3. Custom App Development:

3.1 Technical Expertise

Evaluate the vendor's technical skills:

Technology Stack: Do they have expertise in the programming languages and frameworks relevant to your project?

Scalability: Can they build apps that can scale with your business needs?

3.2 Project Management

Assess their project management capabilities:

Timelines: Can they provide realistic project timelines?

Communication Channels: How do they keep clients informed of project progress?

3.3 Maintenance and Updates

Consider long-term support:

App Maintenance: Do they offer ongoing maintenance and updates for your custom app?

Scalability: Are they equipped to handle the growth and evolving needs of your app?

4. Support Services:

4.1 Support Models

Understand their support models:

24/7 Support: Do they offer round-the-clock support for critical issues?

Response Times: What are their typical response times for support requests?

4.2 Training and Documentation

Assess the resources they provide for user training and documentation:

User Manuals: Are comprehensive user manuals or guides available?

Training Programs: Do they offer training sessions for your team?

4.3 Client Support Portal

Check if they have a dedicated client support portal:

Ticketing System: Is there an efficient system for submitting and tracking support requests?

Knowledge Base: Do they maintain a knowledge base for self-help?

5. Testing Services:

5.1 Testing Methodologies

Examine their testing methodologies:

Manual and Automated Testing: Do they employ a mix of manual and automated testing for comprehensive coverage?

Regression Testing: How do they handle regression testing to ensure new updates don't break existing functionality?

5.2 Quality Assurance

Assess their commitment to quality assurance:

Bug Tracking: How do they track and prioritize bugs and issues?

Testing Environments: Do they have a controlled testing environment that mimics the production environment?

5.3 Security Testing

Inquire about their security testing practices:

Vulnerability Assessment: How do they identify and address security vulnerabilities?

Compliance: Are they well-versed in industry-specific security compliance standards?

6. Salesforce Services:

6.1 Salesforce Expertise

Evaluate their Salesforce capabilities:

Certifications: Are their consultants Salesforce-certified?

Experience: Have they successfully implemented Salesforce solutions for similar organizations?

6.2 Customization and Integration

Assess their ability to customize and integrate Salesforce with your existing systems:

Custom Solutions: Can they tailor Salesforce to meet your unique business requirements?

Integration Expertise: Do they have experience integrating Salesforce with other applications?

6.3 Data Migration and Training

Consider their data migration and training services:

Data Migration: How do they handle migrating your existing data to Salesforce?

User Training: Do they offer comprehensive training programs for your Salesforce users?


Selecting the right vendor for consulting, UI/UX, custom app development, support services, testing, or Salesforce implementation is a critical decision that can impact your organization's success. By considering the factors outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your specific needs, goals, and expectations. Remember that a thorough evaluation process will not only help you select the right vendor but also contribute to the overall success of your projects and initiatives.

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