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Unit no L1 - 01, Lower Ground Floor, Next Galleria Mall, Punjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500041.

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Envi - Your Ultimate Haven For All Things Beauty And Self-care, Where You Can Immerse Yourself In A World Of Transformation And Rejuvenation - Hyderabad, India.

Envi Salon, we open our doors to you, not merely as a salon but as a sanctuary of beauty and wellness!!

You are cordially invited to enter a world of change and renewal at Envi Salon, a haven dedicated to the pursuit of both beauty and wellbeing. Our salon, which is conveniently located in the middle of the city, is the best place for you to go to take care of yourself and all of your beauty needs. Our dedication to bringing out the most in your natural beauty may best be seen in the Hair services that we provide. Because our talented stylists are masters in the art of cutting, coloring, and styling, we guarantee that you will leave our salon with the right look that is a great match for your individuality and way of life. At Envi Salon, we are firm believers in the transformative potential of glowing skin and body. You will feel pampered and able to see the natural glow of your skin after receiving one of the many skincare treatments or body therapies that we provide. We provide a holistic approach to beauty and relaxation, which includes anything from facials to body washes.

Hands and feet treatments are the epitome of sheer indulgence and pampering. The manicures and pedicures we offer are more than just routines for personal maintenance; they are adventures that will leave your hands and feet feeling reinvigorated and renewed. There is no limit to the creative potential that can be found in our nail studio. By providing a comprehensive range of nail designs and treatments, our skilled nail technicians will transform your nails into beautiful works of art. Our makeup experts will work their magic to accentuate your features, making you feel like a star whether you're going out for a beautiful night on the town or attending a particular event. Dressing and bridal treatments are also available at Envi Salon, making it a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs. The experts in charge of bridal services at our company will see to it that your big day is nothing short of ideal, from the makeup to the outfits. Step into Envi Salon, and allow us to assist you in becoming more beautiful, self-assured, and expressive of who you are as an individual. Discover the Envi difference for yourself today. When you walk through the doors of Envi Salon, you'll find that we welcome you not only as a salon but also as a haven of beauty and wellbeing. In the heart of Hyderabad, India, our purpose is to extend an invitation to you to participate in a world where you can undergo transformation and feel renewal. We count it a great honor to serve as your one-stop shop for anything and everything related to personal grooming and attractiveness.

A Dedication to Improving the Existing Natural Charm:

The Art of Hair Services: Creating the Ideal Appearance:

Our adventure starts with your hair, the crowning splendor that embodies your one-of-a-kind personality and sense of style. Our talented stylists at Envi Salon are not only professionals; they are also artists that construct hair with precision, passion, and artistry. Our mission is to bring out the natural beauty that you already possess, and we achieve this by providing a comprehensive range of hair services that include cutting, coloring, and style. We customize our services to meet the requirements of each unique client, so whether you want a modern and hip haircut, a magnificent new hair color, or a stylish and sophisticated style, we can help.

Creating Glowing Skin and a Healthy Body:


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An Integrative Approach to Beauty That Includes Skincare and Body Therapies:

We hold the belief that beauty extends well beyond the surface; rather, it is an experience that encompasses the whole person, body and soul. The Envi Salon provides a wide variety of skincare treatments as well as body therapies that are intended to soothe you and bring out the natural glow in your skin. You are certain to leave our salon feeling not just attractive but also revitalized as a result of the comprehensive approach to beauty and relaxation that is provided by our highly trained therapists and estheticians. Our commitment to assisting you in becoming the greatest possible version of yourself is shown in the wide range of stimulating facials and calming body scrubs that we provide. These therapies, along with the rest of our skincare and body treatments, will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and radiant.

Indulgence is the Highest Form of Luxury:

Treatments for the hands and feet involve more than just grooming.:

A visit to Envi Salon is more than simply a necessary step in the grooming process; it is an adventure that will leave your hands and feet feeling renewed and refreshed. Our treatments for the hands and feet provide a feeling of pleasure, a brief reprieve from the tedium of daily life, and an air of refined luxury. Your manicures and pedicures, which are performed by highly trained professionals, will not only look beautiful but will also provide you with a profound sense of relaxation and a sense of renewed vitality.

Where Creativity Takes Root And Grows Nail Studio:

There is no limit to the creative potential that can be found in our nail studio. The skilled nail technicians at our salon are real artists who can transform your nails into beautiful pieces of art. Our extensive selection of nail services may accommodate any of your whims, whether you're seeking for designs that are timeless and refined or patterns that are daring and colorful. Your nails can become a canvas for artistic masterpieces to be painted on at our manicure studio, which is a place where self-expression and creativity come together.

The Enchantment of Cosmetics:

Makeup Artists: Bringing Out Your Hidden Shining Star:

Our makeup experts will work their magic to enhance your features for special occasions or glamorous nights out, making you feel like the star of the show in the process. We are aware that makeup is not simply about improving a person's appearance; rather, it is about improving one's self-confidence and bringing out their inner glow. Our makeup artists have the expertise to bring your vision to reality, whether you want a delicate and natural appearance or a transformation that is bold and spectacular.

Services for Dressing and the Bride that Aim for Perfection on Your Big Day:

Envi Salon is not just your average beauty parlor; in addition to our standard salon treatments, we also offer Dressing and Bridal services. Your one-of-a-kind occasion demands nothing less than absolute perfection, and the bridal professionals at our company are here to make sure you get it. We take care of every detail to ensure that your special day will go down in the annals of history, from the application of cosmetics that brings out your inherent charm to the selection of clothing and accessories that reflect your individuality.

The final word:

Not only do we provide treatments here at Envi Salon, but we also provide experiences. We want to be your partners in your journey to beauty, confidence, and self-expression, so we invite you to step inside our salon and allow us to be those partners. Our promise is to help you look and feel your absolute best, to cultivate both the inner and the exterior beauty that you already possess, and to give a setting in which you can directly experience the Envi difference. Even though the outside world is always changing, the Envi Salon experience has not changed much throughout the years. We are not just a hair salon; rather, we are a destination for self-care, a place where beauty and wellness come together to create an oasis of change and refreshment for our clients. 

Come in to Envi Salon today and allow us to become a part of your story as you go on the path to being the most beautiful and self-assured version of yourself.

For more information, please call us on phone +91-8069270015 or visit our website here: Envi

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  • Hair Services: Crafting the Perfect Look
  • Skincare and Body Therapies: A Holistic Approach to Beauty
  • Hands & Feet Treatments: More Than Grooming
  • Nail Studio: Where Creativity Blossoms
  • Makeup Artists: Unveiling Your Inner Star
  • Dressing & Bridal Services: Perfection on Your Special Day

Article About Business

A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Potential Vendors for Hair and Beauty Services:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


When it comes to selecting a vendor for hair and beauty services, it's essential to make an informed decision. The right vendor can transform your personal style, enhance your natural beauty, and make your special occasions truly memorable. To help you in this process, we've compiled a comprehensive guide with a focus on various services like Hair Services, Skincare and Body Therapies, Hands & Feet Treatments, Nail Studio, Makeup Artists, and Dressing & Bridal Services. Evaluating these aspects will assist you in choosing the perfect vendor to meet your needs and expectations.

1. Hair Services: Crafting the Perfect Look:

Expertise and Experience: Evaluate the vendor's expertise and experience in hair cutting, coloring, and styling. Check for certifications and the skill level of their stylists.

Product Quality: Inquire about the products and brands they use for hair treatments. Ensure they use high-quality and reputable brands.

Customization: Assess the vendor's ability to customize services to your unique preferences and lifestyle.

Client Reviews: Read client reviews and testimonials to gauge the vendor's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Pricing and Packages: Compare pricing and packages to ensure they align with your budget and expectations.

Consultation: Evaluate the vendor's consultation process to determine if they take the time to understand your needs and provide professional recommendations.

2. Skincare and Body Therapies: A Holistic Approach to Beauty:

Range of Services: Assess the variety of skincare and body therapies offered by the vendor, such as facials, body scrubs, and massages.

Qualifications: Verify the qualifications and certifications of the therapists or estheticians providing these services.

Products and Ingredients: Check the products and ingredients used in skincare treatments, ensuring they are suitable for your skin type and preferences.

Hygiene and Sanitation: Observe the cleanliness and sanitation standards followed by the vendor, as hygiene is paramount in skincare services.

Client Before-and-After: Request before-and-after photos of previous clients to gauge the effectiveness of their treatments.

Customized Treatment Plans: Determine if the vendor offers personalized skincare plans tailored to your specific needs.

3. Hands & Feet Treatments: More Than Grooming:

Manicure and Pedicure Range: Explore the variety of manicure and pedicure treatments available, from basic grooming to luxurious experiences.

Technician Expertise: Assess the skills and training of the technicians performing these services.

Sanitization and Cleanliness: Inspect the salon's hygiene and sanitation practices, especially for nail treatments.

Pricing Structure: Compare the pricing structure and packages for hands and feet treatments.

Client Satisfaction: Read customer reviews to understand the satisfaction levels of past clients.

Additional Services: Inquire about additional services, such as nail art and extensions, to see if they align with your preferences.

4. Nail Studio: Where Creativity Blossoms:

Nail Art Portfolio: Review the vendor's portfolio of nail art designs and assess their creativity and artistry.

Hygiene and Safety: Ensure the studio maintains strict hygiene and safety protocols, especially for nail extensions and enhancements.

Technician Skill Level: Inquire about the expertise and training of nail technicians.

Product Quality: Check the brands and quality of nail products used in the studio.

Customization: Evaluate the vendor's ability to create custom nail art and designs to match your style and preferences.

Maintenance and Durability: Discuss the longevity and maintenance requirements of nail treatments.

5. Makeup Artists: Unveiling Your Inner Star:

Portfolio: Review the makeup artist's portfolio to assess their style and versatility.

Client Testimonials: Seek testimonials from past clients to gauge satisfaction levels and the artist's professionalism.

Makeup Brands: Inquire about the makeup brands and products used, ensuring they are high-quality and suited to your skin type.

Trial Session: Consider a trial makeup session to assess the artist's skills and your comfort level with the chosen look.

Rates and Packages: Compare pricing and packages to ensure they align with your budget for various occasions.

Understanding Your Vision: Assess the artist's ability to understand and execute your vision for different events, from natural looks to dramatic transformations.

6. Dressing & Bridal Services: Perfection on Your Special Day:

Range of Services: Explore the vendor's offerings, from outfit styling to bridal makeup, and assess their ability to provide a comprehensive package.

Bridal Expertise: Verify the vendor's experience and expertise in bridal services, as weddings require a unique skill set.

Customization: Discuss the extent to which the vendor can customize bridal looks and outfits to match your vision.

Outfit Selection: Evaluate the range of outfits and styles available for dressing and bridal services.

Reputation: Check for reviews and testimonials specifically related to bridal services to understand their track record.

Scheduling and Coordination: Assess their ability to handle multiple services on your special day and their punctuality.


Evaluating a potential vendor for hair and beauty services is a crucial step in ensuring that you receive the quality and experience you desire. By considering these points under each service category, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences, budget, and expectations. Always prioritize your personal comfort, hygiene, and satisfaction when choosing a vendor, as these aspects are paramount in the world of beauty and wellness.

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