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Roar Drumming
Marketing manager
62 Employees
New delhi


C801, Plot 4, Sector 5, Dwarka, Delhi - 110075.

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Roar's djembe drum circle offers immediate sound treatment. We encourage cooperation among participants.

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Roar Drumming - Are you seeking for something out of the ordinary to help develop your sense of rhythm, your coordination, and your ability to listen? 

There is no better place to be than at Roar's Djembe Drum Circle!

"We offer a variety of drumming activities that are all-encompassing and immersive, such as drum circles for corporate events, community gatherings, and private parties. In addition, we offer drum tuition, lessons on the djembe, and lessons on the cajon, all of which include both traditional and contemporary playing techniques."

Good to see you! I would be pleased to supply you with an in-depth profile of Roar Drumming's company. As a business, we are deeply committed to the idea that listening to music may have a transforming effect on listeners' lives and a beneficial influence in general. Drumming circles centered around the djembe drum are our area of expertise, and our office is located at C801, Plot 4, Sector 5, Dwarka, Delhi - 110075.

At Roar Drumming, we are firm believers that music has the ability to mend, bring people together, and radically alter both individuals and communities. Our drumming circle offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the benefits of group therapy and the transformative power of music in a manner that is both enjoyable and compelling. We want to provide an environment that is welcoming and accepting of people of all ages and walks of life so that they can interact with one another via the shared experience of rhythm while learning, playing, and growing as individuals.

The instant sound treatment provided by our drum circle can assist in the alleviation of tension and anxiety, as well as in the general improvement of well-being. You will gain some of the benefits of group therapy and feel the transformative power of music as you play the djembe drum.

Roar Drumming
Kids Drum Circle:
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Participants in our drum circle are encouraged to work together, which helps to cultivate a sense of community and belonging with one another. Through the shared language of rhythm, you will develop your ability to both listen to people and communicate with them. In addition to that, you'll have a great time while you're doing it!

Transformative Power of Music:
So, if you want to experience the transformative power of music, come on down to Roar's Djembe Drum Circle and join us!

The djembe drum circle at Roar provides instantaneous treatment for sound. Participants are encouraged to work together wherever possible. Your sense of rhythm, your listening skills, and your coordination might all use some work. The djembe drum circle at Roar provides instantaneous treatment for sound. Participants are encouraged to work together wherever possible.

Advantages of Participating in a Drumming Circle provides an immediate sound treatment that can assist in the reduction of stress and anxiety as well as an improvement in overall well-being. According to a number of studies, playing the drums can help strengthen the immune system, lessen the perception of pain, and ease the signs and symptoms of sadness and anxiety. Focus, as well as memory and cognitive abilities, are all improved by drumming. The purpose of our drumming circle is to present participants with a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience that will assist them in developing their sense of rhythm as well as their listening and coordination skills.

Developing a Sense of Community at Roar Drumming, we place a significant focus on developing a sense of community among our participants and encouraging a sense of togetherness among them. People are able to form meaningful connections with one another in a setting that is both welcoming and risk-free thanks to the drumming circle we provide. We foster an atmosphere of mutual assistance and co-operation among the participants, so producing a setting in which everyone is made to feel supported and respected. Participating in our weekly drumming circle is a fantastic opportunity to get to know new people and forge meaningful bonds.

Our drumming circle welcomes participants of any age or degree of musical ability, and prior experience is not required to participate. You can strengthen your abilities with the assistance of our professional facilitators, who will lead you through the process step-by-step. Our drumming circle provides a one-of-a-kind chance for participants of all musical experience levels to develop their musical skills while also fostering meaningful connections with other people.

The Djembe Drum:
The heart of our drumming circle is the djembe drum, a traditional instrument from West Africa that has been played for countless years in the context of cultural and spiritual rituals across the continent. The djembe drum is famous for its strong sound, and through its beat, it is utilized to convey a variety of things, including feelings and stories. Participating in our drumming circle will not only help you improve your musical skills and technique, but it will also offer you with the chance to gain knowledge about the history and culture of the djembe drum.

Our facilitators are seasoned musicians and drummers who are enthusiastic about passing on their love of music to others and helping people discover the joys of making music. They are proficient in leading drumming circles and have a wide range of information regarding the djembe drum as well as other percussion instruments. The goal of our facilitators is to provide a welcoming environment that is free from danger and discrimination, one in which participants may relax and feel supported.

Workshops & Events:
In addition to our weekly drumming circles, we also provide events and workshops that provide participants with the opportunity to delve more deeply into the realm of drumming and percussion. The purpose of our seminars is to assist participants in developing their talents as well as their understanding of a variety of subjects, including technique, history, and culture. We also provide bespoke events for corporate team development, weddings, and other special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

At Roar Drumming, we are firm believers that music has the potential to affect positive change in both the lives of individuals and the communities in which they live. Participants can improve their sense of rhythm, coordination, and listening skills by taking part in our drumming circle, which offers a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience for participants. We are dedicated to the creation of a welcoming environment that welcomes individuals of all ages and walks of life to join together for the purpose of learning, playing, and making connections with one another through the shared experience of rhythm. 

Hence, if you want to witness the transformative power of music, please drum with us at Roar Drumming!

For more information, please call us on +91 9633741852 o visit our website: Roar Drumming

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  • Best drum circle classes
  • Performance
  • Drum circles for corporate events, community gatherings, and private parties.
  • Drum tuition
  • Lessons on the Djembe
  • Lessons on the Cajon, all of which include both traditional and contemporary playing techniques.

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