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Private Limited
Dr. Anoop Gupta
Director/Senior Infertility Consultant
New Delhi


23, Todar Mal Lane, Bengali Market, Opp. Nathu's Sweets, Near Mandi House Metro Station, ZIP -110001

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Dr. Anoop Gupta, affiliated with Delhi IVF, provides the finest fertility solutions to the patients.

Business Description

Dr. Anoop Gupta’s fertility clinic has been providing the fertility solutions for a long time now.

This clinic makes use of the most advanced medical technologies and tools to provide specialized treatments to the couples who are not able to conceive due to the infertility problems. The clinic has successfully provided infertility solutions to both men and women of various age groups including advanced age groups.

Dr. Anoop Gupta’s team consists of the most educated and experienced doctors. Their support staff, nurses, and lab assistants also come with lots of expertise and experience. Their laboratory is equipped with the modern equipment. Their experience and dedication has enabled them to deliver countless successful results.

The clinic provides diagnosis for all types of treatments using ART technologies and endoscopy. After the diagnosis, the proper treatment is suggested to the patients. They have the comprehensive list of the treatments available, including surrogacy, IVF, egg donation and embryo donation, sperm freezing, egg freezing, stem cell therapy, endoscopic treatments, and more.

Delhi IVF, which has been pioneer in this field for more than two decades. Delhi IVF has been able to help thousands of couples become parents. They have been able to treat most complicated infertility problems.

Products / Services


IVF: Dr. Anoop Gupta’s ART clinic is one of the best providers of the Assisted Reproductive Technology in the country. We have the most advanced medical equipment and the most skilled doctors to provide the best IVF services. The clinic has provided innumerable successful results by mixing the eggs and sperms manually. Visit the website for more details:

Infertility: Dr. Anoop Gupta’s clinic provides astounding treatments for the infertility in both men and women. A number of couples in Delhi and across India are affected by infertility and are looking for the positive treatments. This IVF clinic provides full range of infertility treatments and ART procedures. The couples can now enjoy the pleasures of being parents.

Surrogacy: Dr Anoop Gupta’s IVF clinic is the right place if you are looking to become parents by the way of surrogacy. They have the modern technology and medical expertise to successfully place the embryo in the womb of another woman.

Oocyte Donation: Dr Anoop Gupta’s clinic is associated with Delhi IVF, which has been one of the pioneers of IVF technologies in India. The clinic has the highly effective egg donation system for egg donor & IVF egg donation procedure with the right storage system. They have successfully provided fertility solutions to a number of women who are not able to produce fertile eggs. The clinic has planted embryos successfully innumerable times.

Embryo Adoption: Dr. Anoop Gupta’s Clinic is the leader in the Embryo Adoption and Donation in Delhi. The clinic makes sure that all the egg donation and adoption is kept completely anonymous. We have the most expert and experienced doctors who take care of the entire procedure very effectively. We use the most advanced tools and technologies for this purpose and deliver desirable results.

Assisted Hatching: Dr. Anoop Gupta’s clinic uses the most advanced laser technologies for the Embryo Hatching process. This helps in providing the fastest, safest, and most consistent solution to the patients. This procedure is known to enhance the chances of the growth of the embryo considerably. This is why it is being chosen by many couples who have not been able to conceive for a while.

PCOS: The clinic of Dr. Anoop Gupta provides the most effective treatments for the ovulation disorders. PCOS, also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, is one of the major causes of this disorder. We use laparoscopy and vaginal ultrasound scan technology to examine the ovary directly for diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis, the proper treatment is provided to women who are experiencing difficulty in conceiving.

Acupuncture: The clinic of Dr. Anoop Gupta makes use of the ancient Chinese treatment called acupuncture to enhance the chances of conception. Acupuncture has proven itself useful in the treatment of infertility alongside IVF. It also helps the women maintain their pregnancy once they have conceived. With our acupuncture treatment the fertility hormones are regulated and release of beta endorphins increases.

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