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Deepak Sharma Art
Private Limited
Deepak Sharma


201, Royal Tulip Apartment, Bhuwana, Udaipur, (Raj)

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Deepak has been interested in Pichwai paintings; no wonder his adventurous and experimental nature has made him

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Deepak Sharma Art  - Known for his work in the field of Pichwai art and craft, Deepak Sharma is a well-known figure in the industry. 

Deepak's artwork expresses his artistic vision, which has been shaped by the genetic influences of his father, the artist Mr. Bapu Lal Sharma, who is also an artist. 

Mr. Bapu Lal Sharma is the author of a book on realistic art and craft, which is available for purchase.

Deepak was born on September 14, 1985, in the village of Paldi Katara, in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan. He grew up in a middle-class family in which he was surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings, which enabled him to gain extensive knowledge of art and craft. He has been working as a professional artist since he was a child. Deepak has left his mark on the world by creating some masterpieces that are one-of-a-kind and named after the culture and traditions of the state of Rajasthan. His wall paintings are inspired by the natural beauty of the City of Lakes and are exhibited throughout the city. Deepak is one of a very small number of painters who conducts research into the literature of traditional paintings before creating their own original work. Due to the fact that his wall paintings depict the era of those times, Deepak has grown up to be an artist of ancient times. He has created numerous masterpieces that are a testament to the natural beauty of Udaipur's surroundings.

Deepak Sharma Art

Krishna Gopasthami | Kamal Talai | Pichwai Painting


Despite the fact that Deepak is a master in a variety of segments of art and craft, his personal favorite subject, which he pursues with an inner passion, is the Pichwai art form. He has designed some outstanding pieces of work that have never before been seen. Deepak has created his own history of Pichwai art and craft, which he has documented. A valuable resource for the state of Mewar, he has also contributed some new frames to the section devoted to miniature paintings. The essence of Mewari style can be seen in these paintings. Seen in Mewar, his crafts have adorned the walls with various tales of Radha and Krishan, Raginis, Royal Processions, and the presence of Lord Ganesha. 

Thus, he provided consultation for a variety of interior projects as well as enhanced Mewari-style art and craft.

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  • Krishna Gopasthami | Kamal Talai | Pichwai Painting
  • Shiv Barat | Miniature Painting
  • Shrinath ji | Pichwai Painting

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