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Dattashri Enterprises
18 Employees


S,No. 77/8, Kamthe Estates, Dangat Industrial Area, Shivne, Pune, Maharashtra 411023, India

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Business Summary

Manufacturers of wood preservatives, anti termite chemicals, construction chemicals, paint and rust removers

Business Description

Dattashri Enterprises has been recognized as having achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS). We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our organization. 

We have made tremendous advancements in the fields of wood preservation, chemicals, and building solutions in only the past 15 years. 

As a business whose primary focus is on the satisfaction of its customers, we take great pride in providing products and services of the highest possible quality to a varied clientele in India and beyond.

Our Forward Thinking and Industry Leadership:

Mr. Shrikrishna Kulkarni is a visionary leader who offers over three decades of considerable knowledge in the fields of wood, panel, and chemicals to Dattashri Enterprises. He is the driving force behind our trip, which is driven by our journey. The character and image of our organization owe a great deal to the skill and unyielding dedication to perfection that he has displayed throughout his career. We have not only been successful thanks to his leadership, but we have also regularly surpassed all expectations.

The Maintenance of Quality and Acknowledgment:

Our unwavering commitment to quality has been critical to our company's success. We take great pride in the fact that CRISIL has evaluated us as having outstanding performance; this is a testament to our commitment to achieving the highest possible standards. Because of this acknowledgment, our unshakable dedication to preserving the highest standards in each and every facet of our company's business operations has been strengthened.

Picture Source: Business Owners Profile - Dattashri Enterprises

Principal Functions of the Company:

Dattashri Enterprises is successful in a variety of business fields, each of which is distinguished by innovation, quality, and an approach that is centered on the consumer. Our primary lines of business are as follows:

1. Methods for the Preservation of Wood and the Elimination of Termites:

Termisolve and Termisolve BPRO in the first place.

Termisolve is a wood preservative that is considered to be of the highest caliber and is well-known in the industry. It protects wooden constructions from the devastation caused by termites. Because of its efficiency and dependability, our product has quickly become the product of choice for architects, home builders, and individual homeowners.

Termisolve BPRO is an improved formulation of the original Termisolve that provides increased termite resistance. This version takes the process of protecting wood to a higher level. Termisolve BPRO was developed to offer long-term protection, which helps to ensure that timber assets will be around for a long time.

2. Various Coatings for Wood:

Our vast selection of wood finishes is designed to satisfy a wide variety of aesthetic preferences and functional necessities. We provide a variety of wood finishes, ranging from the time-honored French polish to the modern 1K polyurethane wood finish and 2K melamine wood finish. These alternatives are available to fulfill the requirements of both traditional and modern design schemes.

3. Chemicals for Building and Construction:

Our Construction Chemicals branch was started because we realized there would be a surge in construction and infrastructure projects all over the world. The Mr. Expert line of construction chemicals that we offer is formulated to improve both the quality and the durability of the structures that are built. The following items are included in this extensive range:

  • Cement Admixtures are substances that are added to concrete in order to improve its qualities and make it more durable and resilient.
  • Compounds used for waterproofing are the best methods for preventing water from entering structures and safeguarding those structures from harm caused by water.
  • Elastomeric Exterior Wall Coatings: These coatings improve the beauty of exterior walls while also increasing their resistance to the elements.
  • Coatings that reduce heat absorption are called heat-reducing coatings, and their purpose is to make buildings more comfortable while also increasing their energy efficiency.
  • Chemicals for damp proofing are absolutely necessary in order to protect buildings against troubles that are caused by moisture, such as seepage and dampness.
  • Paint removers are products that provide effective methods for properly removing paint coatings without causing damage to the surfaces beneath the paint.
  • Masonry Water Repellents: These products are designed to repel water from entering masonry structures, hence maintaining the structures' structural soundness.

Clientele and gratitude for their business:

Because of our unwavering dedication to providing outstanding service, we have garnered the gratitude of a diverse group of customers. Some of our customers are:

  • Reputable Architects Reputable architects put their faith in our construction chemical solutions and wood preservation products for their various projects.
  • Builders: Builders rely on our goods to ensure the durability and quality of the projects they undertake in the building industry.
  • Educational Institutions Our solutions have found applications in educational institutions, guaranteeing that these institutions have infrastructure that is both secure and durable.
  • Interior Designers: Interior designers value the adaptability and aesthetic appeal of our wood finishes. Interior designers can choose from a variety of looks.
  • Departments of the Government Our clients in the departments of the government have entrusted us with projects that require quality, durability, and reliability.

Production and Establishment of Structures:

Our manufacturing facilities are among the most advanced in the industry; they feature cutting-edge technology and operate in accordance with the highest standards in the business. We make substantial investments in research and development so that we may continuously innovate and improve our goods. Our production facilities are positioned in such a way as to best meet the ever-increasing demand for our goods across all of India and in international markets.

The final word:

In conclusion, Dattashri Enterprises is more than simply a business; we have become a symbol of quality, innovation, and dependability in the domains of wood preservation, chemical solutions, and construction-related matters. Our journey, which started in 1997, has been characterized by steady expansion and a dogged commitment to reaching the highest possible standards.

We have proven that we are dedicated to quality assurance and the complete satisfaction of our clients by obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification. Our accomplishments are largely due to the direction provided by Mr. Shrikrishna Kulkarni, who possesses three decades' worth of knowledge in the field.

Our adaptability and commitment to catering to the specific requirements of each individual customer is highlighted by the vast variety of products that we provide under the Mr. Expert brand. These include a selection of wood finishes and construction chemicals, in addition to the wood protection solutions Termisolve and Termisolve BPRO.

The fact that major architects, builders, educational institutions, interior designers, and government departments are among our clientele attests to the trust and confidence that our customers have in our company.

Dattashri Enterprises is not merely a company; rather, it is a guarantee of excellence, longevity, and sustainability in all that it does. At the heart of our business is our unwavering dedication to environmentally responsible practices and our recognition of the important role we play in fostering a brighter, more sustainable future.

We would love for you to have a look at our products, which are of the highest quality, and see the difference that Dattashri Enterprises can make in the way that your projects turn out. Come work with us to construct a future in which high quality and responsible practices go hand in hand.

For more information, please call us on phone +919403340360 or visit us on our website here: Dattashri Enterprises

Products / Services


  • Wood preservatives
  • Anti termite chemicals
  • Construction chemicals
  • Paint and rust removers

Article About Business

Assessing the Capabilities of a Supplier Regarding Wood Preservatives, Chemicals, and Building Materials

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best vendor to place the order.


It is crucial to make a well-informed decision when picking a vendor for wood preservation, chemicals, and building solutions. This decision should be in alignment with the requirements and objectives of your project. When considering potential vendors in any of these three categories, the following points provide an outline of critical considerations to keep in mind.

I. The Expertise and Experience of the Vendor:

A. Proven Success Rate in the Preservation of Wood:

Evaluation of the Vendor's expertise Preserving Different Types of Wood You should evaluate the vendor's expertise preserving different types of wood, such as treated wood, hardwoods, and softwoods.

Success Stories: In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the provider, you should inquire about case studies or references relating to past wood preservation initiatives.

Ask the vendor whether they specialize in any particular wood preservation procedures, such as chemical treatments or pressure treatments, so you may take advantage of their expertise.

B. Knowledge and Experience with Chemicals:

Knowledge of Chemical Compositions and Their Impact on Wood Preservation, Construction, and Safety Determine the Vendor's Level of Understanding of Chemical Compositions and Their Impact on Wood Preservation, Construction, and Safety.

Chemical Formulations: Inquire about the vendor's capacity to create bespoke chemical solutions that are tailored to the specifications of your project.

Environmental Factors: Inquire about the supplier's dedication to developing chemical products that are both safe and kind to the environment.

C. Expertise in Construction-Related Problem-Solving:

Examine the vendor's Project Portfolio to ensure that they have successfully completed a variety of building projects, such as commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Determine whether or whether the supplier provides specialized building solutions, such as waterproofing, heat-resistant coatings, or elastomeric wall coatings. If they do, go to the next step.

Knowledge of the sector You should make sure that the vendor is familiar with the standards, laws, and developments that affect the building and construction sector.

II. Variety and Quality of the Products:

A. Products for the Preservation of Wood:

Methods of Preservation: Analyze the many different methods of wood preservation that are available, such as treatments to prevent rot and termite protection. Finishes should also be considered.

Chemical Efficiency: Analyze the quality and performance of the wood preservation chemicals or treatments that are supplied to you.

Ask about the predicted lifespan of the wood preservation products and their level of resistance to the effects of the surrounding environment. Durability is an important consideration.

B. Products Derived From Chemicals:

Product Range: Conduct an analysis of the whole scope of the supplier's chemical offerings, which should include admixtures, waterproofing chemicals, and coatings.

Performance It is important to inquire about the performance as well as the durability of the chemical items, particularly under difficult settings.

Compliance means making sure that the chemical products you sell are up to the standards set by the industry as well as any applicable regulations.

C. Construction Solutions, Inc. 

Solution Diversity: Take into consideration the various building solutions that are available, such as heat-reducing coatings, water repellents for masonry, and exterior wall coatings.

Assess the adaptability of these solutions to specific project requirements and environmental conditions, and take into account the range of possible outcomes.

Inquire about the predicted longevity and durability of the construction solutions, especially in high-stress regions. Longevity is an important consideration.

III. Certification and Assurance of Quality:

1. The Maintenance of Wood:

Certifications Check to see if the relevant authorities have deemed the wood preservation products sold by the seller to be effective and safe. Certifications are important.

Quality Control: In order to guarantee consistent outcomes, you should inquire about the vendor's quality control procedures during the wood treatment process.

2. The Chemicals We Use:

Check to See If the Chemical Products Meet Recognized Quality Standards and Certifications Learn whether or not the chemical products meet recognized quality standards and certifications, such as ISO certifications.

Safety Data: Make sure to ask for the safety data sheets (SDS) as well as information on how to properly handle, store, and dispose of chemicals.

3. Construction Solutions, Inc.:

Compliance: Check to see that the construction methods adhere to all of the relevant industry standards as well as local building codes.

Performance Testing: Make sure to ask about the performance testing that was done on the solutions under a variety of different circumstances.

IV. References from Previous Customers and Feedback:

1. The Maintenance of Wood:

Client Testimonials: In order to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction, you should request client testimonials or references from past wood preservation projects.

Online Reviews: Do some research into what other people have said about the wood preservation goods offered by the merchant online.

2. The Chemicals We Use:

Experiences of Customers: Communicate with customers who have utilized the chemical items sold by the seller and question about their experiences and the results they obtained.

Reputation Online Conduct research on the vendor's online reputation by reading testimonials and ratings provided on websites catered specifically to the relevant industry.

C. Construction Solutions, Inc.:

Client Feedback: To evaluate the vendor's performance and determine whether or not the client was satisfied with it, collect feedback from past customers who have used the vendor's building solutions.

web Presence: Investigate the web presence of the vendor for construction-related case studies, testimonials, or reviews linked to their products or services online.

Considerations Regarding the Cost and the Budget:

1. The Maintenance of Wood:

Transparency in Pricing: Make sure you get an itemized list of everything that goes into the price of wood preservation, including the labor, the treatment, and the chemicals.

Budget Alignment: Check to see if the pricing offered by the vendor is in line with the costs of long-term maintenance and the overall budget for the project.

2. The Chemicals We Use:

Analysis of Costs Conduct an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the chemical products offered by the vendor, taking into account aspects such as coverage, longevity, and performance.

Ask about potential discounts or pricing advantages for large orders in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

C. Construction Solutions, Inc.:

Allocation of Resources: When planning your project budget, be sure to set aside some money for building solutions and analyze potential vendors based on how cost-effective they are.

Assessing if the solutions supplied provide sufficient value in terms of durability and performance relative to their cost is one way to determine whether they offer value for money.

VI. Assistance and Assistance to Customers:

1. The Maintenance of Wood:

Customer Service: Assess the vendor's timeliness and accessibility for resolving issues, providing support, and answering questions.

Training: Make sure to find out if the provider provides any training or direction on the most effective methods for wood preservation.

2. The Chemicals We Use:

Evaluation of Technical Support and Guidance Conduct an evaluation of the availability of technical support and guidance for the application of chemical products and problem solving.

Find Out If the Vendor Offers Training Materials and Resources Find out if the vendor offers training materials and resources for the safe handling of chemicals.

C. Construction Solutions, Inc.:

Evaluation of Project support Conduct an analysis of the level of project support provided by the vendor, which may include on-site inspections or consultation.

Inquire about any warranties or guarantees that are related with the building solutions, as well as the terms of any warranties and guarantees.

VII. Considerations Regarding the Environment:

1. The Maintenance of Wood:

Options That Are Friendly to the Environment Do some research about the wood preservation techniques and chemicals that are offered by the vendor.

Practices on Sustainability You should inquire about the vendor's practices on sustainability, such as the responsible sourcing of resources.

2. The Chemicals We Use:

Impact on the Environment Conduct an analysis of the effects that the chemical products have on the surrounding environment, and look into possible greener substitutes.

Instructions for Disposal: Make a request for instructions for the correct way to dispose of chemical goods once they have been used.

C. Construction Solutions, Inc:

Check to see if the construction solutions offered by the vendor are in line with green building standards and whether or not they help to increased energy efficiency.

Inquire about the recyclability or reusability of the materials used in the construction solutions. Recyclability is an important consideration.

VIII. Capacity to Scale and Needs in the Future:

1. The Maintenance of Wood:

Scalability: Determine whether or not the provider can adapt to alterations in the project scope or a rise in the demand for wood preservation.

Future Projects: Evaluate whether the vendor's services are compatible with your organization's long-term requirements for wood preservation.

2. The Chemicals We Use:

Product Variety: Evaluate the range of chemical goods that the supplier offers to verify that they can fulfill the requirements of any future projects.

Product Development: Inquire about the vendor's plans for developing new products and coming up with innovative solutions in response to developments in the industry.

C. Construction Solutions, Inc.

Check to see if the construction solutions may be modified or extended to meet the needs of new or different projects in the future.

Assessing the flexibility of the vendor in meeting the ever-changing demands and trends in the construction industry is an important step.

The final word:

In conclusion, selecting a vendor for wood preservation, chemicals, and building solutions is a multi-step process that necessitates careful evaluation of experience, product quality, certification, client references, budget, support, environmental responsibility, and scalability. This is because each of these factors is interconnected with one another. Collectively, these considerations ensure that your project will be successful, that it will last, and that it will be in line with both your financial plan and your long-term objectives.

Keep in mind that each project is one of a kind, and the vendor that you select should be a partner who recognizes and satisfies your individual requirements, requirements, and preferences. You'll be able to make an educated choice that builds the groundwork for a productive and long-lasting endeavor if you give prospective vendors in these three areas the attention and scrutiny, they need during the selection process.

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