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Bond Hair Bar
Emily Wyant
10 Employees
San Mateo, CA
San Francisco


211 De Anza Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94402, United States.
650 376-3582

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Emily Wyant is a world-renowned hair expert, educator, speaker, author, TV & Radio personality.

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Bond Hair Bar - What different kinds of hair extensions are offered at beauty parlors?

Today's beauty clinics stock a wide variety of different kinds of hair extensions to choose from. 

A hairstylist who specializes in hair extensions can help you locate the extension that will fit you best. There is a one in ten chance that you will find a stylist that works with one or two distinct procedures, making it difficult to find the approach that is most suited to your particular hair type. You can have thin, medium, or thick hair strands, and then there's your density, which is the number of hairs per square inch. Finally, you have your elasticity, which refers to how strong your hair is before it reaches its breaking point. There are many different varieties of hair, and each one is distinguished by its density, density, and elasticity. The next issue is whether or not your scalp is oily, dry, or somewhere in between. 

As you can see, the possible permutations are essentially limitless. Some could argue that because tape extensions are so simple to install, the majority of hairstylists that dabble in hair extensions simply offer them as an option to their clients. When it comes to someone who is as knowledgeable as I am, I am aware that there are four distinct approaches of applying tape-in hair extensions. When working with a client who has less density, you may choose to add additional hair to their head so that they have greater strength to hold the hair extensions and avoid breaking. 

You can apply the top first for the more dense strong cuticle and all around thick hair, taking only what the tape will grab giving a nice fit for this type of hair, you can single side them to make them less heavy and more wispy, and finally, you can apply them slightly off our 90 degree alignment to allow the hair to either fall forward for layered feathery look or to go back easier for layered look. When we apply bottom to top, we sandwich them together, and this allows you to grab more hair. A specialist is the only one who would know that there are approximately five distinct varieties of tape in hair extensions to boot. This is because he or she has done the homework for you to have a comfortable head of hair extensions that not only works for your lifestyle but also works for the future and health of your hair.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Bond Hair Bar, San Mateo, California's finest destination for premium hair extensions. At Bond Hair Bar, our area of expertise is in offering our esteemed customers with hair extension services that are of the highest possible quality and are customized to match the specific requirements and aims of each individual customer. We are proud to be able to provide a diverse selection of hair extension techniques because to our staff of highly trained stylists and our dedication to providing excellent service. We also take great satisfaction in ensuring that each of our customers leaves our salon feeling beautiful and confident in themselves.

Bond Hair Bar Pic1
Bond Hair Bar - Picture is Business Representational.

Our Mission:
At Bond Hair Bar, our goal is to give people confidence by enhancing the natural beauty they already possess via the skillful application of hair extensions. since of this, we work hard to instill a sense of self-assurance and glitz in every one of our customers since we believe that it is a right that should be extended to everyone. We are committed to offering extraordinary services, utilizing only products of the highest possible quality, and producing exceptional outcomes that go above and beyond our customers' expectations. We hope to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients that are founded on trust and dependability by combining our enthusiasm for hair with a primary focus on the complete happiness of our clients.

Our salon provides a calm and inviting atmosphere for guests to relax in as they enjoy in a transforming hair extension experience. We are conveniently located at 211 De Anza Blvd in the center of San Mateo, and our address is 211. Our luxurious salon space is meant to create a soothing atmosphere that is the perfect complement to our high-quality services, and our convenient location guarantees that guests will have no trouble getting there.

The Bond Hair Bar Personalized Service Experience:
When you go through the doors at Bond Hair Bar, you can anticipate having a one-of-a-kind experience with hair extensions that is customized to meet your unique requirements and whims. Our team of skilled stylists will take the time to get to know your intended look, as well as your hair type and lifestyle, in order to develop a personalized strategy that will produce the kind of results you will adore. We are dedicated to the creation of seamless, natural-looking extensions that blend in perfectly with your own hair using our extensive knowledge of the many different ways for applying hair extensions as well as our keen eye for detail.

Techniques for Hair Extensions:
We provide a wide array of hair extension techniques in order to accommodate a wide variety of hair kinds, densities, and styling preferences. Our highly trained stylists will assist you in determining the approach that is best suited to meet your individual requirements, regardless of whether you are looking to add length, volume, or both to your hair. 

Bond Hair Bar Pic2
Bond Hair Bar - Picture is Business Representational.

The following is a list of some of the outstanding hair extension methods that are offered at Bond Hair Bar:

Extensions That Are Taped In:
When it comes to adding length and volume to your hair, one of the most well-liked techniques is to use tape-in extensions. Because our experts are so well-versed in four distinct methods for placing tape-in extensions, we are able to adjust the placement of the extensions according to your particular hair type and the result that you want to achieve. We are able to create a custom look that is tailored to your tastes by strategically placing the extensions from the bottom up, sandwiching them together, or applying them slightly off the 90-degree alignment. This enables us to create a layered, feathery appearance or the convenience of a ponytail, depending on which you prefer.

Fusion Extensions:
Fusion extensions are a wonderful choice for individuals who are looking for a solution that will last for a longer period of time. Our hairstylists will carefully connect individual strands of hair extensions to your natural hair using high-quality keratin bonds. This will ensure that the extensions blend in completely with your natural hair. Fusion extensions give your hair a natural look and feel, and they can last for several months if they are properly maintained. This gives you the opportunity to have gorgeous, long locks without having to make any sacrifices.

Extensions for the Micro Link:
Micro link extensions, which can also be referred to as micro bead or micro loop extensions, provide a versatile and durable option for adding hair length and volume to the hair. To complete this technique, you will need to use very little beads to secure individual strands of hair to your existing mane. To achieve a seamless blend that is not only safe but also pleasant, our professional stylists will carefully select the ideal bead size and hair extensions to match your natural hair. This will result in a seamless look. When maintained correctly, micro link extensions can provide the appearance of thicker, longer hair for several months.

Extensions That Clip In:
Clip-in extensions are an excellent option for those looking for a momentary change in their hairstyle or the liberty to quickly experiment with different looks. We have a wide variety of clip-in extensions that are of the highest quality and are manufactured entirely of human hair. Our hairstylists will walk you through the process of picking the ideal color, length, and texture for your clip-in extensions, guaranteeing that they will blend in perfectly with your natural hair and give you a beautiful finish. Clip-in extensions allow you to easily acquire the required length, volume, or highlights without the commitment of permanent extensions. This makes clip-in extensions a great alternative to permanent extensions.

Extensions of the Weave:
Weave extensions, which are also known as sew-in extensions, are a method that is both safe and durable for the purpose of adding length and volume to one's hair. Our skilled stylists will braid your natural hair carefully and then sew extensions into the braids, resulting in a seamless and natural-looking end product. The adaptability of weave extensions, combined with the fact that they can be styled in a variety of different ways, gives you the opportunity to try out a variety of different hairstyles without compromising the health of your original hair.

Bond Hair Bar Pic3
Bond Hair Bar - Picture is Business Representational.

Professional Hairstylists:
At Bond Hair Bar, we are exceptionally proud of our team of skilled stylists, all of whom have received extensive education and training in the fine art of applying hair extensions. Because our stylists have considerable knowledge and experience in a variety of hair extension methods, they are able to create individualized solutions that are tailored to match the specific requirements of each individual client. They ensure that you receive the finest level of service and competence possible by remaining current with the newest developments, both in terms of trends and techniques, in the industry. Our hairstylists have a deep love for what they do, and they are committed to using the transformational potential of hair extensions to bring out your inherent beauty while boosting their own skills.

Products of an Exceptional Quality:
To get the best possible results and protect the health of your natural hair, we only use products of the highest possible quality, as this is our firm belief. At Bond Hair Bar, we work with reliable vendors who share our dedication to providing exceptional services and products. We ensure that you will receive extensions of the greatest quality by sourcing extensions made from human hair that are obtained in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner. Our premium products go through stringent quality inspections to ensure that they are not contaminated with potentially hazardous substances and that they retain their natural shine and consistency.

Approach that Is Focused on the Customer:
At Bond Hair Bar, the satisfaction of our customers is the primary focus of all of our activities. We work hard to cultivate an atmosphere that is kind and inviting, one in which you can freely discuss the things that are important to you and do not inhibit you from doing so. Our stylists will take the time to listen to your requirements, evaluate your hair type, and offer expert advice in order to guarantee that you will get the results that you have envisioned. Throughout the entire process of getting hair extensions, our team is committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied by answering any questions you may have, addressing any concerns you may have, and maintaining open communication since we believe in this value.

Instruction as well as Advisory Services:
We are aware that it might be difficult to select the most appropriate method for adding hair extensions, particularly with the wide variety of choices that are currently accessible. Because of this, we provide in-depth consultations so that you can be educated and assisted in making decisions based on accurate information. During the consultation, our experienced stylists will evaluate your hair type, talk with you about the appearance you are going for, and suggest the method of adding hair extensions that will give you the best results. We are committed to being as open and honest as possible about the services and goods that we offer because we feel that education is the key to giving our customers the confidence, they need to make the best decisions for themselves.

Preventative measures and follow-up care:
At Bond Hair Bar, we are committed to assisting you in taking care of your hair extensions so that they continue to look healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. To ensure that your extensions continue to look lustrous and are maintained in the best possible condition, our hairstylists will offer you with individualized aftercare instructions and make product recommendations. We provide maintenance sessions so that any questions or concerns can be answered, any necessary adjustments can be made to the extensions, and we can make sure that they continue to appear natural and blend in perfectly with your own hair. Our team is always accessible to offer continuous assistance and guidance in order to guarantee that you are happy with the hair extensions that you purchased.

At Bond Hair Bar, we believe that every individual deserves to feel confident and beautiful, and it is our objective to provide you with a transforming hair extension experience that exceeds your expectations. We believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in themselves. We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving the hair of your dreams by providing you with a staff of expert stylists, a varied selection of hair extension methods, and a commitment to using goods of the highest possible quality. 

Come to our salon in San Mateo and allow us to help elevate the inherent beauty that you already possess. You may rely on Bond Hair Bar to reinvent your hair extensions using their skills and unique sense of fashion.

For more information, please call us on 650 376-3582 or visit our website: Bond Hair Bar

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