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Sangrur, India, Malerkotla, India, Punjab region, India.

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We are a manufacturing company of Straw Reaper machines and super seeder machine.Our company is the best company in India

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Bew India - Innovators in Straw Reaper and Super Seeder Manufacturing; Setting New Standards in Straw Reaper and Super Seeder Manufacturing - Sangrur, India.

Welcome to BEW India, your trusted partner in the world of agriculture machinery. We are a proud manufacturing company based in Sangrur, India, dedicated to transforming the agricultural landscape through innovative technology and reliable equipment!!

We are a manufacturing company that specializes in the production of super seeder machines and Straw Reaper machines. We are the most successful business in all of India. This includes the production of new high-tech machines such as straw reapers, super seeders, and other similar devices, as well as their provision. The use of these equipment does assist farmers in accomplishing their agricultural goals.

Both the seed drill and the zero-till fertilizer come from us as the provider. After harvesting the paddy crop, the conventional practice of seeding wheat is an extremely challenging and expensive endeavor. Providing Zero Seed Drill Manufacturers in India for Agriculture at a price of approximately Rs 35000 per unit in the Indian state of Panjab. Find the price list for Seed Drill here as well. We are an agricultural machinery manufacturer and exporter in India. Some of the devices we produce are straw reapers, supper seeders, and zero seed drills.

This agriculture equipment includes a number of features, including a robust body, and it has two large tires that are padded for comfort. Our cultivating width of 1905 millimeters is sufficient, and the weight of our reaper is 460 kilograms. You have the ability to alter the costs of the Straw Reaper in India.

BEW India is the industry leader when it comes to the manufacturing of agricultural equipment in India. That company is also a supplier of machinery in addition to being an exporter. For instance, the manufacturers of super seeders in Punjab. The super seeder is widely utilized for planting many different kinds of seeds, including wheat, soybeans, and grass, amongst others. yoWe would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to BEW India, your reliable partner in the field of agricultural machinery. We are a manufacturing firm with a proud history in Sangrur, India, and we are committed to reshaping the agricultural landscape through the implementation of cutting-edge technology and dependable machinery. We have been at the forefront of the business for years, delivering innovative solutions that enable farmers to reach their agricultural goals in a manner that is both efficient and effective. This commitment to our farming community has kept us at the forefront of the industry.

At BEW India, we have an understanding of the difficulties that farmers not only in India but also elsewhere in the world face. It is necessary to enhance agricultural productivity while simultaneously limiting environmental effect because there is a growing population that has to be fed and there are limited resources. Our assortment of high-quality machinery, which includes Straw Reaper machines, Super Seeder machines, and Zero Seed Drills, has been intended to tackle these difficulties head-on in order to make farming more environmentally friendly, productive, and lucrative.

Our journey started with the dream of bringing about a revolution in Indian agriculture via the application of cutting-edge technology and superior engineering. Over the course of our company's history, one of our primary goals has been to design, manufacture, and supply cutting-edge farm equipment that is specifically adapted to meet the requirements of Indian farmers. Today, we stand as a tribute to our dedication and enthusiasm for agriculture, offering farmers with a complete range of equipment that gives them the ability to increase their yields and lower the amount of effort required to do so.

BEW India

Bew India: The Picture is Business Representational

These Are Our Goods:

Machines Used to Harvest Straw: Our dedication to bringing contemporary farming techniques to India is demonstrated by the Straw Reaper machines that we have developed. These devices, which are outfitted with cutting-edge technology, assist farmers in effectively managing agricultural leftovers and in increasing the overall productivity of their fields. The following is a list of some of the most important characteristics of our Straw Reaper machines:

Our Straw Reaper machines include a powerful body that is meant to endure the rigors of the field and ensures lifespan and reliability. This body is built with a sturdy and durable construction.

Large Tires: Our machines have two large tires that are softer than average, which contributes to their great traction and maneuverability, even when operating in difficult terrains.

Cultivating Width: We provide a considerable cultivating width of 1905 mm, which enables farmers to cover more territory in a shorter amount of time.

The weight of our Straw Reaper, which comes in at 460 kilograms, is optimal because it strikes the ideal combination between sturdiness and usability.

Adjustable Pricing: Because we are aware of the significance of cost-effectiveness for our farmers, we offer aggressive pricing in order to make our Straw Reaper products available to as many people as possible.

Our Straw Reaper machines provide the optimal answer for effectively managing crop waste and preparing the land for the following planting season. They not only save time and labor, but they also help to farming practices that are more environmentally friendly.

Super Seeder Machines and Equipment:

The use of Super Seeder machines has become essential to the operation of modern agricultural methods, and here at BEW India, we are extremely proud of our position as the industry leaders in the development and production of these machines. Our Super Seeder machines are built to plant a wide variety of seeds, including wheat, soybeans, and grass, with pinpoint accuracy and high levels of productivity. Listed below are some of the most notable features of our Super Seeder machines:

The ability of our Super Seeder machines to handle a wide variety of seeds makes them a versatile option for farmers that grow a variety of crops and have variable seed requirements.

Planting with Precise Accuracy: We have designed and developed our Super Seeder machines to ensure accurate seed planting, which in turn promotes optimal germination and crop uniformity.

Ease of Use: We place a high value on the satisfaction of our customers, and one of our primary goals is to ensure that our Super Seeder machines are intuitive and easy to operate for farmers with varying degrees of experience.

Superior Longevity: Our equipment is built to last, with sturdy construction and high-quality components that are able to survive the rigors of constant operation in the field.

The increased crop yields seen all over India are largely attributable to the contributions made by our Super Seeder equipment. They make it possible for farmers to optimize the effectiveness of their planting while also reducing the amount of waste, which ultimately results in increased revenues.

Zero Seed Drills (ZERO):

Farmers have always had a difficult time and financial burden when it came to the conventional seeding of wheat crops after rice harvesting. BEW India, on the other hand, was a pioneer in the invention of Zero Seed Drills, which offer a practical and cost-effective answer to this age-old problem. Concerning our Zero Seed Drills, the following information is required:

The groundbreaking idea behind our Zero Seed Drills is that they do away with the necessity for time-consuming and resource-intensive methods of wheat planting, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Affordability: Because we are aware of the financial challenges that farmers experience, we have set the price of our Zero Seed Drills at a level that is approximately equivalent to Rs 35,000. This makes them available to all.

More Accuracy: The use of these devices allows for more accuracy in the placing of the seeds, which in turn ensures that each seed is given the optimal circumstances for germination.

Efficient Use of Resources: Farmers can save a substantial amount of money by using Zero Seed Drills since they cut down on the amount of seed that is wasted and improve the efficiency with which fertilizers are used.

The process that farmers go through to plant wheat after harvesting paddy has been revolutionized thanks to our Zero Seed Drills. In this crucial area of agriculture, they have evolved into an indispensable instrument for boosting productivity while simultaneously cutting expenses.

Our Dedication to the Field of Agriculture:

BEW India is more than just a manufacturing company; rather, we see ourselves as a partner in the development of the agricultural sector in India. The provision of high-quality machinery is only one facet of our commitment to the agricultural community. It goes so far as to include providing farmers with extensive support, training, and after-sales services so that they can get the most out of the equipment we provide them.

Trade Outside and Inside: We have established ourselves not only as a major player in the home market, but also as a significant exporter and provider of agricultural machinery. Because of our excellent reputation for both quality and dependability, we have been able to extend our operations beyond the boundaries of India. We are quite proud of the fact that we are considered a major participant on a global scale in the agricultural machinery business.

Long-term viability: BEW India places a high priority on protecting the environment. We have a keen awareness of the environmental problems that are currently confronting the planet. Our dedication to the use of agricultural methods that are gentler on the environment is reflected in the cutting-edge technology that we build into our equipment. Our products are developed with the environment in mind, from making more efficient use of available resources to leaving a smaller carbon imprint.

The Activities of Research and Development: Our organization cannot survive without a steady stream of new ideas. We put a significant amount of money into research and development so that we may remain in the vanguard of technological breakthroughs in the agricultural sector. Our devoted team of engineers and researchers works tirelessly to improve and develop new features for our products in order to provide farmers with access to the most cutting-edge and effective machinery possible.

Our mission is straightforward but ambitious: to equip farmers all over India and the world with the resources they require to feed a burgeoning population in a way that is both environmentally responsible and financially lucrative. We feel that by offering state-of-the-art agricultural gear, we are making a positive contribution to the economic well-being of both our country and the agricultural community on a global scale.

The final word:

In summing up, the BEW India brand is revered throughout the agricultural machinery sector in India as a guiding light for innovation and superiority. We are more than just makers; we are also partners in the endeavors of farmers in India. Our Straw Reaper machines, Super Seeder machines, and Zero Seed Drills have become household names thanks to their reputation for efficacy, precision, and competitive pricing.

As we look to the future, we will not waver in our dedication to our aim of revolutionizing Indian agriculture through the application of innovative technologies and environmentally responsible farming methods. As we continue to build the way for a better and more successful future for Indian farmers, we would like to extend an invitation to you to go with us on this journey. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our products and services, including our Super Seeder machines that are built in the state of Punjab. If we work together, we can make the agricultural sector in India stronger for the future.

We are grateful that you have chosen Bew India to be your reliable partner in the agricultural industry. You can reach out to us.

For more information, please call us on phone +919872596155 or visit our website here: Bew India

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  • Mud Loader
  • Straw Reaper
  • Rotavator
  • Roto Drill
  • Happy Seeder
  • Paddy Straw Chopper
  • Laser Land Leveler

Article About Business

Key Considerations for Evaluating a Vendor for Agricultural Equipment: 

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


Selecting the right vendor for agricultural equipment is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and productivity of your farming operations. Whether you are in the market for mud loaders, straw reapers, rotavators, roto drills, happy seeders, paddy straw choppers, or laser land levelers, making an informed choice is essential. To aid your decision-making process, we have compiled a comprehensive guide outlining the key factors you should consider when evaluating a potential vendor for these agricultural products and services.

1. Reputation and Reliability

Vendor's Track Record

Evaluate the vendor's reputation within the agricultural industry. Research their history and track record in delivering quality products.

Look for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction with the vendor's equipment and services.

Reliability of Products

Inquire about the durability and reliability of the equipment they offer. High-quality equipment often has longer lifespans, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

2. Product Quality and Innovation

Product Quality

Examine the quality of the equipment. Check for certifications, standards compliance, and materials used in manufacturing.

Inquire about the manufacturing processes and quality control measures in place.


Assess the vendor's commitment to innovation. Are they continuously improving their products to meet evolving agricultural needs and challenges?

Inquire about any advanced features or technology incorporated into their equipment.

3. Range of Products

Product Range

Determine if the vendor offers a comprehensive range of agricultural equipment that aligns with your specific needs. A one-stop-shop can simplify procurement.

Customization Options

Check if the vendor provides customization options to tailor equipment to your unique requirements. Customization can improve efficiency and performance.

4. Pricing and Cost Transparency

Competitive Pricing

Request detailed pricing information for the equipment you need. Compare the vendor's prices with competitors to ensure competitiveness.

Cost Transparency

Ensure transparency in pricing, including any additional costs such as shipping, taxes, or maintenance agreements.

Inquire about financing options if needed.

5. Warranty and After-Sales Support


Evaluate the warranty offered on the equipment. A longer warranty period often indicates the vendor's confidence in the product's quality.

Understand the terms and conditions of the warranty, including coverage and duration.

After-Sales Support

Inquire about the vendor's after-sales support. Do they have a dedicated support team, and what is their response time?

Check if they offer training, maintenance, and spare parts availability.

6. Service Network and Accessibility

Service Network

Determine the geographical reach of the vendor's service network. A widespread network can ensure prompt service and repairs.

Local Representation

Consider whether the vendor has local representatives or dealers in your region. Local presence can facilitate easier communication and support.

7. Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Environmental Responsibility

Assess the vendor's commitment to sustainability. Are their products designed with eco-friendly features, and do they follow responsible manufacturing practices?

Energy Efficiency

Inquire about the energy efficiency of the equipment. Energy-efficient machinery can lead to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

8. User-Friendly Design

Ease of Use

Evaluate the user-friendliness of the equipment. Equipment that is easy to operate can reduce training requirements and improve efficiency.

Safety Features

Check for safety features integrated into the equipment design. Safety should be a top priority in agricultural machinery.

9. Availability and Lead Times

Lead Times

Discuss lead times for equipment delivery. Ensure that the vendor can meet your timelines, especially during peak farming seasons.


Inquire about stock availability. Some vendors may have limited stock or longer waiting periods.

10. References and Testimonials

Customer References

Request references from previous customers who have purchased similar equipment. Contact these references to gather insights into their experiences.

Case Studies

Ask for case studies or success stories related to their equipment. These can provide real-world examples of the equipment's performance.


Selecting the right vendor for agricultural equipment is a multi-faceted decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. By thoroughly evaluating potential vendors based on reputation, product quality, pricing, after-sales support, and other key considerations, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your farming goals and needs. Remember that the right vendor isn't just a supplier; they become a valuable partner in your agricultural journey.

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