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Atlas Recruitment Solutions
James Reed
8 Employees


67/66 Hunter St, Sydney, Australia.
(02) 8319 4819

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At Atlas Recruitment Solutions, we are dedicated to helping passionate and qualified medical professionals find the right fit.

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Atlas Recruitment Solutions is available to help in any way they can. 

We are here for you. We have decades of combined expertise, making them the most successful recruitment agency in the market. 

Our business specializes in making it easier for licensed medical professionals working in South Africa to immigrate to Australia. These candidates must be based in South Africa. Each of our specialists is extraordinarily well-versed in the process of completing the regulatory standards, and they will make certain that physicians and nurses who are interested in relocating are registered with the appropriate boards. This service is offered to those who are interested in moving to a new location. We conduct interviews with job seekers who are actively looking for employment as well as firms that are already in the process of recruiting new employees so that we can be certain that we find the best applicant for each open position.

Atlas Recruitment Solutions

Because of our many years of experience, many medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, consultants, healthcare administrators, and medical researchers, have expressed their gratitude to us for our assistance in locating suitable employment opportunities in Australia. In order to find a healthcare organization that provides a position that is suitable for an individual, we will first outline that person's wants, desires, and conditions in order to locate such an organization. In addition, we make certain that the people we suggest for employment at businesses not only meet the requirements that have been set but also contribute significantly to the overall worth of the organization for which they will be working. We have all of the essential resources to guarantee that the service we provide will be of the highest quality because of our wide network database as well as the positive professional ties we have with a range of different businesses.

At Atlas Recruitment Solutions, we are immensely proud of the painstaking attention to detail and steadfast commitment to providing outstanding service to our customers. This has earned us a reputation for being an industry leader. We are aware that an employer is only as good as the people he chooses to work for him, and as a result, our ultimate goal is to connect qualified candidates with reputable and forward-thinking medical companies. This is because we know that an employer is only as good as the people, he chooses to work for him. A high standard of living, a powerful economic infrastructure, and the opportunity to achieve a healthy work-life balance are just some of the many fantastic advantages that may be enjoyed in Australia. The country also offers a wide range of other wonderful opportunities. Our experts make use of a hybrid strategy that draws inspiration from both traditional and up-to-date research methodologies during the process of searching for the most eligible applicants and opportunities. 

Whether you are a healthcare institution looking to fill open jobs with new candidates or a medical professional interested in coming to Australia from another country, we are here to assist you in any way we can. As part of our purpose at Workable, it is our goal to simplify the steps involved in locating employment and getting recruited for open positions.

For more information, please visit your website: Atlas Recruitment Solutions

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Recruiting for Specialist Positions

  • Doctors
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Medical Research Coordinator
  • Tele Health Consultants
  • Medical Administration

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