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Alliance Environmental Group
Los Angeles


777 North Georgia Ave, Azusa, CA, United States.
+1 877-858-6220

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Asbestos Removal, Mold Remediation, Lead Paint Removal, Asbestos Total Loss Inventory, Demolition, Site Clearing, Infection Control

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Alliance Environmental Group - Premier Environmental and Indoor Air Quality Solutions; Trusted Licensed and Insured Contractor for Removal and Remediation Processes - Azusa, United States.

As co-founders of Alliance Environmental Group, we welcome you to an extensive journey through our legacy of over a century in the field of environmental services!!

Environmental - Asbestos Abatement & Demolition | Commercial Indoor Air Quality - HVAC Duct & System Cleaning | Construction - Insulation Removal & Replacement | Restoration (AZ, OR & WA) - Emergency Water Mitigation in AZ, OR & WA | & Other Related Services.

Alliance Environmental Group is the licensed and insured contractor of choice in the United States for removal and cleanup operations. The company maintains business registrations in the states of California, Washington, Nevada, and Arizona. During the more than a century that we have been in business, we have collaborated with a variety of organisations, including local and state police departments, insurance companies, and government agencies. In addition to working with medical facilities, we also collaborate with commercial facilities, nautical facilities, flat and property management firms. Asbestos removal, asbestos abatement, mould remediation, and lead paint removal are some of the environmental services that we offer. 

All of our professionals are outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) and undergo routine physical examinations. We have a crew that is exceptionally qualified to perform heavy demolition, hard demolition, and soft demolition, and the demolition equipment that we employ is cutting-edge and is inspected on a routine basis. As part of the site clearing process, we remove garden and construction debris, as well as dirt, and then we salvage and recycle objects that are still in usable condition. 

Our AirTek Indoor Air Solutions business is equipped to manage any conceivable kind of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system found in commercial and residential buildings. Power washing, cleaning of air ducts, cleaning of dryer vents, cleaning of kitchen exhaust hoods, as well as repairs and replacements of air ducts are all services that we offer. Through the use of our ECU4 product line, we also provide infection control services for healthcare facilities. The mould, bacteria, drywood termites, bed bugs, and mites that may be present in a structure can be eradicated with the help of our team heat services, which include both structural pasteurisation and high heat. In addition, we hold a Trauma Scene Practitioners Licence, which allows us to handle the cleanup of trauma scenes, comply with the Department of Health Services for the cleanup of methamphetamine labs, and handle the cleanup of hoarding situations. 

Alliance Environmental

Alliance Environmental: The Picture is Business Representational

As the co-founders of Alliance Environmental Group, we would like to invite you to join us on an in-depth excursion through our heritage, which spans more than a century in the industry of environmental services. It is a journey that requires devotion, skill, and a commitment to protecting our communities and the environment in which we live. From our humble beginnings to becoming a name that is trusted throughout the United States, we have evolved into a diverse organisation that specialises in a wide array of services, ranging from asbestos abatement and mould remediation to trauma cleaning and HVAC solutions. Our journey has taken us from our origins as a small business to becoming a name that is trusted throughout the United States. As representatives of Alliance Environmental Group, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our company's history, our core values, and the diverse array of services that we offer.

History & Development:

Alliance Environmental Group was established more than a century ago with the goal of addressing the critical environmental concerns that were prevalent at the time. What was once a community-based endeavour has now expanded into a transcontinental business with operations spanning multiple states, including Arizona, California, Nevada, and Washington. This journey, which has been distinguished by persistent effort and steadfast commitment, has led to the establishment of our name as a known one in the sector.

Expertise That Cannot Be Rivalled: Our knowledge and experience are unrivalled when it comes to finding answers to problems related to the environment. We have become the go-to choice for licenced and insured removal and remediation methods as a result of our core team's in-depth expertise of many facets of environmental management. This has allowed us to become the industry standard. Because our team possesses specialised experience in the areas of lead paint removal, asbestos removal, mould remediation, and asbestos abatement, we are able to ensure that each project is managed with the highest possible degree of precision and caution.

Customers & Prioritizing Health and Safety:

We have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients throughout the course of our history. Some of these clients include state and municipal police departments, insurance companies, and government agencies. Other clients have included hospitals, commercial facilities, flat and property management firms, and maritime facilities. Our adaptability and dedication to giving individualised answers to one-of-a-kind problems are highlighted by the fact that we are able to serve such a diverse group of customers.

At Alliance Environmental Group, we place a high priority on both health and safety. In order to safeguard our technicians' health and safety, we provide them with personal protective equipment (PPE) and conduct routine wellness examinations on them. This commitment to safety extends to each and every project that we take on, from the removal of asbestos to the cleanup of trauma scenes. It is not enough to just meet the requirements set forth by the regulatory bodies; we also need to ensure that our employees, our customers, and the general public live in a secure environment.

Excellence in Deconstruction:

Our expertise is not limited to merely removing and remediating hazardous materials. We have mastered the art of controlled deconstruction thanks to our highly skilled crew that specialises in heavy demolition, hard demolition, and gentle demolition. Not only does our cutting-edge demolition gear undergo routine inspections, but it is also operated by highly trained personnel who are familiar with the intricacies of conducting an effective and risk-free demolition.

Clearing of the Site in a Responsible Manner: Because we are committed to practising environmentally responsible management, the scope of our site clearing services extends much beyond the simple removal of debris. We make every effort to recycle and repurpose as much of the site as possible, whether it be yard garbage, salvageable objects, or materials from construction projects. This helps us leave less of an impact on the environment while we get the site ready for the next stage.

Indoor air solutions provided by AirTek:

The quality of the air that is contained within a building is one of the most important aspects in determining how healthy its inhabitants will be. Our AirTek Indoor Air Solutions division is committed to improving the performance of HVAC systems in both commercial and residential properties. We improve the quality of the air inside of buildings by performing services such as air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, power washing, and air duct repairs and replacements. This allows us to create healthier settings.

Innovative Methods for the Control of Infection: Our dedication to health extends even further with our ECU4 product line, which was developed specifically for the purpose of infection control in medical facilities. This product line exemplifies both our innovative spirit and our unwavering commitment to the development of surroundings that are less hazardous for both the people receiving medical care and the professionals who provide it.

Services Provided by Team Heat:

Our structural pasteurisation and high-temperature treatments may eradicate mould, bacteria, drywood termites, bed bugs, and mites by harnessing the power of heat. These services are offered by our company, Team Heat Services. This forward-thinking strategy reflects our drive to investigate cutting-edge approaches to finding efficient solutions to environmental problems.

Hoarding and Trauma After the Cleanup is Done: We are aware that there are specific circumstances that call for a higher level of sensitivity and knowledge than what is often offered by cleanup services. Because we hold a Trauma Scene Practitioners Licence, we are able to handle the cleanup of trauma scenes with compassion while maintaining our professionalism. In addition, we comply with the Department of Health Services for the cleanup of methamphetamine labs and provide hoarding cleanup services, aiding individuals and families who are dealing with difficult circumstances.

An Insight at What the Future Holds:

Our journey has been one of continuous change, which has been propelled by our dedication to superiority, innovation, and responsible stewardship of the environment. As we move forward, we anticipate maintaining our current level of growth, conducting research into emerging technologies, and increasing the scope of our operations in order to have a constructive effect on a worldwide scale.

We encourage you to get in contact with us if you are interested in finding environmental solutions that put an emphasis on experience, safety, and innovation. Feel free to get in touch with our hardworking staff at the following address: 704 Zion Z1, Near the Avalon Hotel, Sindhu Bhavan Marg, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, India. 

At Alliance Environmental Group, we are not simply a provider of services; rather, we are your partners in the process of making surroundings that are cleaner, safer, and healthier for today's generation as well as those that will come after us.

For more information, please call us on phone +1 877-858-6220 or visit our website here: Alliance Environmental Group

Products / Services


Asbestos Abatement & Demolition
Lead Abatement
Mold Remediation
Biohazard Remediation & Decontamination
Heat Treatment
Contents (Total Loss Inventory)

Commercial Indoor Air Quality
HVAC Duct & System Cleaning
HVAC Maintenance & Repair
HVAC Replacement & Installation
Infection Control
Fire Life Safety

Insulation Removal & Replacement
Demolition & Site Clearing

Restoration (AZ, OR & WA)
Emergency Water Mitigation in AZ, OR & WA
Reconstruction in AZ, OR & WA
Contents (Total Loss Inventory)

Article About Business

A Comprehensive Guide for Evaluating Potential Vendors for Indoor Air Quality Services:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.



Selecting the right vendor for products or services is a critical decision that can significantly impact a customer's business operations and bottom line. Whether you're in need of environmental services, indoor air quality solutions, construction services, or restoration expertise, a thorough evaluation process is essential to ensure a successful partnership. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the key factors to consider when assessing potential vendors in the domains of Environmental, Indoor Air Quality, Construction, and Restoration.

Environmental Services:

Regulatory Knowledge: Evaluate the vendor's understanding of local, national, and international environmental regulations relevant to your industry.

Certifications: Check for certifications such as ISO 14001, demonstrating a commitment to environmental management practices.

Resource Management and Sustainability:

Resource Efficiency: Inquire about the vendor's approach to resource management and waste reduction, which can reflect positively on your own sustainability goals.

Green Practices: Assess their adoption of eco-friendly technologies and practices to minimize environmental impact.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions:

Diagnostic Capability: Assess the vendor's ability to identify indoor air quality issues through advanced testing and diagnostics.

Air Filtration Expertise: Inquire about their knowledge of air filtration systems and their capability to recommend the most suitable solutions.

Timely Responses: Consider the vendor's track record in responding promptly to urgent indoor air quality concerns.

24/7 Availability: If required, prioritize vendors who offer round-the-clock emergency services.

Construction Services: 

Experience and Portfolio: Review the vendor's past construction projects to gauge their experience and competency in handling projects similar to yours.

Project Management Approach: Understand their project management methodologies to ensure efficient timelines and budget adherence.

Craftsmanship: Assess the quality of materials used and the attention to detail in their completed projects.

References and Reviews: Reach out to previous clients and read reviews to gauge satisfaction levels with their work.

Safety Protocols: Inquire about their safety procedures to ensure a secure working environment for their team and your premises.

Insurance Coverage: Confirm their insurance coverage, which safeguards both parties from potential liabilities.

Restoration Expertise: 

Restoration Techniques: Understand the vendor's expertise in different restoration techniques, whether it's water damage, fire restoration, or historic preservation.

Industry Knowledge: Gauge their understanding of materials and methods relevant to your restoration needs.

Restoration Timeframes: Discuss their estimated restoration timelines and ascertain if they align with your expectations.

Flexibility: In case of unforeseen challenges, assess their ability to adapt and adjust the restoration plan without compromising quality.

Project Documentation: Enquire about their documentation practices, including progress reports, photo logs, and final reports.

Communication Channels: Effective communication is crucial; evaluate their responsiveness and accessibility for updates and inquiries.


Selecting the right vendor involves a diligent evaluation process that spans various critical aspects of their services. By considering the factors outlined in this guide, customers can make informed decisions that align with their needs, objectives, and long-term business success. Whether it's environmental services, indoor air quality solutions, construction projects, or restoration endeavors, a thorough assessment will pave the way for a successful and mutually beneficial vendor-client partnership.

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