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Private Limited
50 Employees


1a Nansen Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B11 4DR, UK.

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Alhijaz Tours team has the experience and it provides the most reliable and economical Umrah packages.

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The team at Alhijaz Tours has the necessary knowledge, and it offers the Umrah packages that are both dependable and affordable. 

We are able to accommodate a wide variety of needs, including those relating to price and length of stay, thanks to the extensive variety of Umrah packages that we offer. 


All of the umrah packages that are provided by Alhijaz Tours are customized so that they may cater to the particular needs of each individual customer. We have the most qualified resources and staff available to fulfill any of your requirements. By the use of our unparalleled umrah packages, we will ensure that your pilgrimage to Mecca is one that you will never forget. All of our affordable Umrah packages come with round-trip plane tickets, and we have a variety of hotels, ranging from four to five stars, that are located within easy walking distance of Haramain Shirafain. In addition to that, we will provide you with air-conditioned transportation for all of your traveling needs as part of the service. Except for when hajj is in season, our affordable packages for the pilgrimage to Umrah are available at any time of the year. 

As one of the most highly regarded providers of umrah services and umrah packages in the United Kingdom, our days are consistently full of activity. The goal of the team at Alhijaz Tours is to offer umrah packages that are as adaptable and versatile as they possibly may be. We have a profound comprehension that each person has their own unique set of aspirations and predicaments pertaining to their finances. As a result, we are able to tailor our affordable Umrah packages to accommodate a wide range of financial constraints and time commitments. Haramayn Ltd. also gives you the ability to select the hotel that best meets your needs from among the many options we have in our inventory of hotels and other types of lodgings. Our Umrah packages offer amazing services across the board for people living in the UK. Because we offer umrah packages, the Muslim community puts their faith in us.

Assalamu Alaikum, I am happy to tell you about our company, which is called Alhijaz Tours. We are a leading provider of umrah services in the United Kingdom and have our headquarters in Sparkhill, which is located in Birmingham. Because of our team's extensive experience and industry knowledge, we are able to present our customers with the most dependable and cost-effective umrah solutions. We provide a diverse selection of Umrah packages, each of which can be customized to match the particular requirements of our customers, as part of our commitment to satisfying all of their travel needs.

Our Mission:
Our goal at Alhijaz Tours is to present our customers with the very finest umrah packages that are not only within their price range but also provide them with the very best experience that is humanly feasible. We are well aware of the significance of this sacred journey, and as a result, we take extraordinary measures to guarantee that our customers have an experience that is both memorable and fruitful. Our staff is committed to offering a specialized service that is tailored to the particular requirements of each and every client.

Our Services:
We provide a diverse selection of umrah packages that are adaptable to a variety of spending limits as well as time commitments. Every one of our vacation packages comes complete with round-trip airfare and lodging at a four- or five-star hotel that is conveniently placed within easy walking distance to Haramain Shirafain. In addition, we offer transportation that is air-conditioned to accommodate any travel needs you may have. Except for when people are traveling to do the hajj, our affordable umrah packages are available at any time of the year.

The Ability to Customize Your Order:
We at Alhijaz Tours are aware that every customer is a unique individual with their own set of priorities and budgetary constraints. Because of this, we provide affordable Umrah packages that may accommodate a variety of spending limits and time commitments. We feel that the best way to serve our customers is to tailor each of our packages to their individual requirements as much as possible. In addition, we provide you with the ability to select from among the many different hotel rooms that are at your disposal, the one that best meets your needs and expectations.

Services of Outstanding Note:
The high level of service that we provide for our customers is something that gives us a lot of pride. Our Umrah packages offer amazing services across the board for people living in the UK. We go to great lengths to make sure that our customers are comfortable throughout their whole trip and that all of their requirements are satisfied. To ensure that your trip is as smooth and trouble-free as possible, the members of our staff are standing by to provide assistance whenever you may need it.

Recognized as Reliable by the Muslim Community:
We have earned the respect of the Muslim community as a result of the high caliber of services that we provide and our unwavering dedication to ensuring that each of our customers has an umrah that is both meaningful and unforgettable. We are aware of the significance of this sacred journey, and as a result, we pay close attention to detail to guarantee that every step of the trip is well-organized and carried out correctly.

Why Should You Go with Alhijaz Tours?
There are a variety of advantages that come along with selecting Alhijaz Tours as your umrah service provider. To begin, our team possesses a wealth of knowledge in the organization of umrah packages and is committed to delivering individualized assistance that is tailored to the requirements of each specific individual. Second, we provide a diverse selection of umrah packages that are adaptable to a variety of spending limits and travel times. Finally, we make it a point to ensure that our customers have a pleasant and trouble-free experience throughout their travels with us. Fourthly, thanks to the high caliber of services that we provide, we have earned the respect of the Muslim community.

In conclusion, Alhijaz Tours is committed to giving our customers the best possible experience by delivering the finest available umrah packages. These packages will not only be reasonable, but they will also provide the greatest possible experience. We take great pleasure in the quality of the services that we provide and, in our dedication, to ensuring that our customers have an umrah experience that is both rewarding and unforgettable. We have earned the respect of the Muslim community, and members of our staff will be happy to provide assistance to you at any point along your journey. 

We encourage you to select Alhijaz Tours as the provider of your umrah services, and we guarantee that we will make your trip an experience you will never forget.

For more information, please call +44-121-7772522 or visit our website: Alhijaz Tours

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Pioneer tour operation in United Kingdom to offer Hajj and Umrah services from United Kingdom.

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