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Private Limited
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15725 SW Greystone Court, Suite 200 Beaverton.

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AdvancedBytez strives to create an inclusive environment that provides equal access to products and services for all users.

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Advancedbytez - Employs a human-centric approach that allows individuals to engage and hire those who have real-life experiences - Beaverton, United States.

AdvancedBytez, we are not just a business; we are a mission-driven organization on a journey to revolutionize the digital landscape!!

Every company that maintains a presence online needs to make its products and services easily accessible online. According to the World Health Organization, more than twenty percent of the world's population is affected by some kind of impairment. Despite this, many companies are still in the process of implementing accessibility features for their websites and online content. Including accessibility in each and every stage of website creation, including design, development, automated testing, and manual testing, as well as live monitoring. The technical expertise we possess here at AdvancedBytez is merely the beginning of something truly remarkable. People are able to access and interact with knowledge in the manner that best suits them because to the human-centric approach that our method takes. When the user has greater agency over their experience, they are more likely to remain engaged with your website. In order to test and develop the goods that you make use of, we engage people who have really lived through the events themselves.

Advanced Bytez is dedicated to ensuring that people of all abilities and disabilities are able to use the internet without restriction. We are a full-service web and document accessibility agency that assists businesses in transforming their online content into an environment that is accessible to everyone. We apply our knowledge and experience in web accessibility to design and develop accessible web layouts and products that are welcoming to people of all ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, and linguistic backgrounds. By developing tools and digital solutions that are accessible to people with disabilities and that help remove barriers to using the internet, we hope to fulfill our objective of empowering people with disabilities and driving good change.
We at AdvancedBytez are not simply a company; rather, we are a mission-driven organization that is on a path to alter the digital environment. When it comes to the accessibility of websites and documents, our headquarters in Beaverton, which is located in the United States, acts as a center for both innovation and inclusivity. We are very proud of our commitment to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, are able to access and interact with content that is found online in a seamless manner. This extensive company biography shows our commitment to digital accessibility, our one-of-a-kind approach that centers on the needs of humans, and the influence that we hope to have on the lives of millions of people all over the world.

The Importance of Being Able to Access Information Online:

Every aspect of our life, from our jobs to our free time, now involves the virtual world in some way. Because more than twenty percent of the world's population struggles with a handicap of some kind, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), ensuring that digital content is accessible to all users is of the utmost significance. However, there are a significant number of companies that are still striving toward the adoption of accessibility for their online content. It is at this point when AdvancedBytez comes into play.

From Concept to Real-Time Observation, That's Our Approach:

Our journey starts with an all-encompassing strategy for improving digital accessibility, which includes all aspects of the web development process. Accessibility is something that we at AdvancedBytez make a seamless part of the fabric of web development from the very beginning of the design process all the way through the very end of the live monitoring of websites and digital products. By doing so, we ensure that accessibility is not an afterthought but rather an essential part of the whole process being followed.

The Benefits of Approaches that Focus on People:

Our technical expertise is what serves as the basis for something far more significant; namely, our one-of-a-kind approach that is human-centric. We are firm believers that putting the user in charge of their experience on your website encourages them to remain there for longer, which eventually results in a more interesting and fulfilling time spent online. AdvancedBytez goes above and above by recruiting people who have genuine, first-hand experience with a variety of disabilities in order to test and create the solutions that customers like you use. Taking this approach makes certain that our solutions are not just accessible in theory, but that they are also adapted to the actual requirements and obstacles that are faced by those who have impairments.

Our Most Fundamental Principles:

1. Accessibility for Everyone: One of our key goals is to ensure that the internet is available to everyone. We support the idea of a digital world in which a person's ability or disability should not affect their access to the content that is available online.

2. Accessibility as a comprehensive-Service Agency: We are not just a web design agency; rather, we are an accessibility agency that offers a comprehensive range of services for both websites and documents. We believe it is important to provide organizations who are looking to build an all-inclusive online environment with a solution that is complete.

3. Expertise in Web Accessibility: Our staff has spent years working in the industry, which has allowed them to hone their talents to a high level of proficiency. Our company is an authority in the field of producing and developing accessible web designs and solutions that appeal to users of various genders, ages, cultural backgrounds, and language backgrounds.

4. Empowerment and Positive Change: The ultimate aim of our organization is to increase the level of independence of people who have impairments. Our goal is to tear down barriers to the internet and to enable positive change via the use of technologies and digital products that are accessible to everyone.


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The Services We Offer:

1. Consultation on Accessibility for the Web: We are aware that beginning the process of making a website more accessible can feel like an insurmountable task. That is why we provide businesses with specialized advice services so that they may navigate the process successfully. Our experts will analyze the present state of your digital landscape, make ideas that can be implemented, and assist you in developing a custom accessibility strategy.

2. Design and Development of Websites: Web design that is accessible to all users is at the core of what we do. Not only do the websites that our talented team of designers and developers produce look nice, but they also provide a consistent and enjoyable user experience for each and every visitor, regardless of their level of ability. We strictly comply to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and put in a lot of effort to ensure that everyone can participate in your online presence.

3. The accessibility of documents: In addition to site design, one of our specialties is facilitating the accessibility of your digital documents. Documents in various formats, such as PDF and Word, are included here. By ensuring that your material is accessible to all users and making your papers compatible with accessibility standards, we ensure that your content is available.

4. Evaluations of Accessibility: Our dedication to testing in real-world scenarios is one of the primary factors that set us apart from the competition. We make use of people with disabilities in our workforce to test websites and digital goods to ensure that they are accessible to users and meet their functional requirements. We stand out from the competition in the field of accessibility testing thanks to the human-centered approach we take.

5. Instruction in Accessibility Procedures: We believe that educating and enabling our customers with the knowledge and capabilities necessary to continually increase accessibility is the best way to serve them. Because our training programs cover the principles of accessibility, your staff will be able to take the reins in ensuring that the digital environment is more welcoming to people of all abilities.

Influence and Examples of Success:

Already, the progress we've made toward achieving digital accessibility is having a positive impact on the lives of a great number of different people. The ability of AdvancedBytez to completely transform businesses is demonstrated by the following success stories:

1. Making Educational Opportunities More Easily Accessible: We were approached by a prestigious educational institution, which presented us with the challenge of making their online courses available to all students, including those who have physical or mental limitations. We redesigned their e-learning platform using our experience, making it easier for students with visual, auditory, or movement impairments to access and interact with course materials. We also ensured that all students had equal opportunity to participate in the learning process. This goes to show how important it is to make educational opportunities available to as many people as possible. The institution reported a considerable rise in student satisfaction and academic achievement.

2. Improving the Accessibility of Digital Platforms for Electronic Commerce: Our services were requested by a market-leading e-commerce platform so that they could improve the usability of their website. They noticed a significant increase in online sales after they made the platform more accessible to users who have disabilities. The introduction of accessible capabilities within the product, such as keyboard navigation and compatibility with screen readers, enabled the corporation to tap into hitherto untapped sources of revenue.

3. Giving Government Websites More Authority: We worked in conjunction with various local government bodies to broaden the audience that might utilize the information on their websites. Everyone in the country now has access to critical information and services provided by the government thanks to our efforts to ensure compliance with accessibility requirements and undertake exhaustive testing. This ultimately resulted in a higher level of civic involvement within the community as well as a heightened sense of inclusivity.

The Commitment to Future Objectives:

We have a long way to go before we reach our goal of redefining digital accessibility. We are dedicated to the pursuit of perpetual research and development, maintaining our position at the cutting edge of technological advancement, and persistently exploring the limits of what is currently thought to be feasible. These are some of our long-term objectives:

1. Increasing Our Reach: We plan to increase our reach so that our services are available to a wider audience, which will include clients from other countries, so that our knowledge and experience in digital accessibility can have an effect on a worldwide scale.

2. Advocacy and Education: We are dedicated to educating people about the significance of digital accessibility and bringing attention to the issue. Our plans include promoting accessibility standards and offering educational tools to individuals and businesses alike.

3. Advancing Technological Development: We have faith in the ability of new technologies to improve people's lives. We will keep pushing the boundaries of innovation and come up with cutting-edge solutions to make digital content more accessible.

The final word:

In conclusion, AdvancedBytez is not just a business; rather, it is a movement devoted to making the internet a more welcoming place for people of all backgrounds. We are motivated by the conviction that having access to digital information is not a privilege, but rather an inherent component of human dignity. When it comes to the accessibility of websites and documents, our human-centric approach, testing in the real world, and dedication to innovation set us apart from the competition. Our past achievements are a demonstration of the transforming potential of accessibility, and our aims for the future are evidence of our unyielding dedication to being a force for good in the world. AdvancedBytez is here to assist you on your road toward digital accessibility, whether you are a company trying to improve your online presence, an educational institution aiming for inclusivity, or a government organization striving to serve all residents. Whether you fall into one of these categories, we can help you achieve your goals. Together, we can make the digital world a more welcoming place for people of all abilities and disabilities by ensuring that everyone has unhindered access to online content and the capacity to interact with it without difficulty. 

Join us in our mission to make the internet a place where everyone can feel welcome, since here at AdvancedBytez, we see a world in which digital accessibility is not merely an aspiration but a reality in the not too distant future.

For more information, please call us on phone +1-6474468010 or visit our website here: Advancedbytez

Products / Services


  • Web Accessibility Consultation
  • Web Design and Development
  • Document Accessibility
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Accessibility Training

Platform Enhanced Sections and Articles

Article by Siachen Editors to aid the customer in decision making

A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Potential Vendors for Web Accessibility Services:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


In an increasingly digital world, web accessibility is not just a best practice but a legal requirement in many regions. When seeking a vendor for web accessibility services, it's crucial to make an informed decision. To help customers make the right choice, we present a comprehensive guide to evaluating potential vendors offering services in web accessibility consultation, web design and development, document accessibility, accessibility testing, and accessibility training.

1. Web Accessibility Consultation:

Expertise and Experience:

Evaluate the vendor's expertise in web accessibility, looking for professionals who are well-versed in accessibility guidelines and standards such as WCAG.

Inquire about the vendor's experience in providing consultation to businesses similar to yours, and ask for references or case studies.

Tailored Solutions: Assess the vendor's ability to provide customized solutions that match your specific accessibility needs, taking into account your industry, user base, and existing digital assets.

Compliance Awareness: Ensure the vendor keeps up-to-date with accessibility laws and regulations in your region, and confirm their commitment to ensuring compliance with these standards.

Documentation and Reports: Inquire about the type of documentation and reporting the vendor offers. Comprehensive reports and clear documentation of their assessment and recommendations are vital.

2. Web Design and Development:

Portfolio and Showcase: Review the vendor's portfolio and assess their previous work in designing and developing accessible websites. Look for a diverse range of projects, both in terms of scale and industry.

Technology Stack: Evaluate the technology stack and tools the vendor uses for web development. Ensure that their tools and practices align with industry standards for accessibility.

User Testing: Ask about their user testing processes, including how they ensure that the websites they build are user-friendly for individuals with disabilities. Accessibility testing should be an integral part of the design and development process.

Post-Launch Support: Inquire about the vendor's post-launch support. A reliable vendor should offer ongoing maintenance and accessibility audits to ensure that the website remains accessible over time.

3. Document Accessibility:

Document Types: Determine the vendor's ability to make various document types accessible, including PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Conversion Services: Ask if the vendor provides document conversion services, ensuring that printed or non-accessible documents can be converted into accessible formats.

Compliance Verification: Verify that the vendor performs thorough compliance checks to ensure that accessible documents meet established standards.

Training and Guidelines: Evaluate whether the vendor offers guidance and training for your team on creating and maintaining accessible documents.

4. Accessibility Testing:

Comprehensive Testing: Ensure that the vendor conducts comprehensive accessibility testing covering all aspects of your digital assets, from websites to web applications and mobile apps.

Testing Tools: Inquire about the accessibility testing tools they use. The use of automated and manual testing tools is crucial for a thorough evaluation.

User-Centric Testing: Assess the vendor's approach to user-centric testing, which involves individuals with disabilities using the products to identify real-world usability issues.

Reporting and Remediation: Understand their process for reporting accessibility issues and their ability to provide remediation solutions.

5. Accessibility Training:

Curriculum and Materials: Review the training curriculum and materials to ensure they cover a wide range of accessibility topics and are up-to-date with the latest standards.

Training Formats: Inquire about the flexibility in training formats, such as in-person workshops, webinars, or e-learning modules, to accommodate your team's needs.

Trainer Qualifications: Assess the qualifications and experience of the trainers. They should have a deep understanding of accessibility and practical expertise.

Post-Training Support: Check if the vendor offers post-training support, including resources, Q&A sessions, or follow-up consultations to reinforce the knowledge gained.

General Considerations:

Compliance Guarantee: Ensure the vendor offers a compliance guarantee, assuring that their services will result in accessible digital assets that meet relevant standards.

Customer Reviews and References: Seek customer reviews and references from the vendor's previous clients to gain insights into their performance and reliability.

Pricing and Contract Terms: Examine the pricing structure and contract terms. Ensure there are no hidden costs and that the terms are favorable for your business.

Scalability and Future-Readiness: Discuss the vendor's ability to scale their services to meet your growing accessibility needs and their readiness to adapt to future standards and requirements.

Communication and Responsiveness: Evaluate their communication and responsiveness. Timely and clear communication is essential for a successful partnership.


Selecting the right vendor for web accessibility services is a critical decision for your business. Thoroughly evaluating potential vendors in web accessibility consultation, web design and development, document accessibility, accessibility testing, and accessibility training will ensure that you choose a partner who can help you achieve your accessibility goals and create an inclusive digital experience for all users.

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