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Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic
Dr Nitin Kumar Rai
New Delhi


Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic, D-169/53, D block, Sector 50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India.

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Aaradhya Neuro & Gynae Clinic is a Neurology and Gynecology specialized multi clinic, based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Business Description

Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic - Dr. Nitin Kumar Rai is a neurologist who has earned a high level of expertise and recognition over the course of his many years of service to the medical community. 

He is well-known for his outstanding abilities, profound knowledge, and unwavering commitment to providing excellent treatment to his patients. 

Dr. Nitin Kumar Rai attended one of the most prestigious medical institutions in India to earn his medical degree. He then went on to finish his residency and fellowship in neurology at one of the most prestigious hospitals in India.

The address of the clinic is D-169/53, D block, Sector 50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India. Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic


Patients from all around the region can receive comprehensive neurological and gynecological care at the Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic, which is a cutting-edge medical facility located in the center of Noida. We endeavor to provide the highest possible levels of care and treatment that is individualized to fit the specific requirements of each individual patient by employing a staff of devoted and highly experienced medical professionals that is directed by Dr. Nitin Kumar Rai. Because our medical facility is outfitted with cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment equipment, we are able to provide patients suffering from a wide variety of neurological and gynecological diseases with the highest level of care that is currently available.

Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic

Our Medical Services:

Services Relating to Neurology:

The Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic, which is led by the highly qualified Dr. Nitin Kumar Rai, offers patients suffering from a wide variety of neurological conditions access to a comprehensive range of neurological services. These services include everything from diagnostic testing and preventative care to innovative treatments and therapies. 

Our neurology services include:

  • Complete neurological evaluations
  • Studies of nerve conduction and electromyography (EMG) are examples of these.
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) (EEG)
  • Medications for the treatment of headache and migraine problems
  • Epilepsy and other seizure diseases, and their treatments
  • Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders: treatment and management
    Disorders of the neuromuscular system as well as peripheral neuropathies
  • Multiple sclerosis and other diseases that affect the myelin sheath are examples.
  • Treatment and preventative measures for stroke
  • Problems with thinking and remembering.
  • Sleep disorders

Services Relating to Gynecology:

The Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic provides a comprehensive selection of gynecological services that are tailored to meet the specific medical requirements of women at every stage of their lives. Care that is both sympathetic and individualized is provided by our skilled gynecologists, who also make use of the most recent developments in medical technology to assure patients' utmost health and happiness. Among our other gynecological services, we offer:

  • Gynecological checkups and screenings should be done on a regular basis.
  • Screening for cervical cancer using Pap smears and other procedures.
  • Advice on family planning and contraceptive services
  • Treatment of menstrual diseases
  • Endometriosis, both in terms of diagnosis and treatment
    Treatment of patients diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Diagnostic testing and treatment for infertility
  • Care during pregnancy and after the baby is born is also provided.
  • Menopause management
  • Gynecologic surgery, including procedures including a minimally invasive incision.
  • The treatment of gynecological infections and other disorders spread through sexual contact.
  • Conditions affecting the pelvic floor and urine incontinence.

Why Should You Choose Our Neurology and Gynecology Clinic?

Expert Medical Team:

Dr. Nitin Kumar Rai is an extremely well-respected and competent neurologist who has a long-standing commitment to providing excellent care for his patients. He is the one in charge of the Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic. He is assisted in his work by a group of highly qualified gynecologists, nurses, and other support staff members, all of whom work for the shared objective of delivering great medical care to the patients they treat.

Technologies of the Future for Diagnosis and Treatment:

We are able to provide comprehensive care for a wide variety of neurological and gynecological diseases because to the cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment that we have at our clinic. Our patients are able to benefit from the most recent developments in medical technology and treatment alternatives, ranging from cutting-edge imaging techniques to minimally invasive surgical treatments.

Customized Medical Treatment for Each Patient:

We are aware that each patient is one of a kind, and as a result, we make it a priority to deliver individualized medical care that is catered to the patient's particular requirements and preferences. Our group of trained medical professionals takes the time to carefully listen to the concerns of each patient, developing a treatment strategy that is tailored to the patient's specific needs in order to achieve their desired outcomes in terms of health.

Location That Is Both Convenient and Easily Accessible:

Patients from all over the city are able to visit the Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic since it is conveniently located in the heart of the activity that is Sector 50 of Noida. Our clinic provides a hassle-free and stress-free healthcare experience for each and every one of our patients by providing parking facilities and a public transportation network that is well-connected.

Approach that is considered Comprehensive Care:

At the Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic, we believe in taking a holistic approach to patient care. This means that in addition to managing the patient's physical symptoms, we also address the emotional and psychological facets of their disease. Throughout a patient's entire course of treatment, our team of medical professionals from a variety of specialties will work together to ensure that they receive compassionate, all-encompassing care.

Education of Patients and Empowerment of Patients:

We are dedicated to empowering our patients by giving them with the information and resources they require to make educated decisions regarding their own health, and this is one of the ways in which we do this. Individuals are better able to take an active role in managing their own health and well-being when they have a better understanding of their diseases and the treatment options available to them thanks to the patient education that we provide.

Maintenance of Treatment:

At Aaradhya Brain and Gynae Clinic, we place a high priority on continuity of care. We do this by cultivating long-lasting connections with our patients and provide continuous support throughout the patients' journeys through the healthcare system. Our team is committed to ensuring that our patients receive the greatest quality care at all times, beginning with routine checkups and preventive care and extending all the way through specialist treatment and follow-up care.

Dedication to Achieving Excellence:

We are committed to providing the highest possible level of professional and ethical medical care at all times. Because the members of our team of medical specialists are dedicated to lifelong education and to keeping up with the most recent developments in the fields of neurology and gynecology, we can guarantee that our patients will receive the very best care and treatment available.


Patients from all around the region can seek treatment at the Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic in Noida. This prestigious medical center is known for providing patients with a full spectrum of neurological and gynecological services. 

Our practice is committed to giving each patient with care that is individualized, compassionate, and draws on the most recent developments and innovations in the field of medicine. 

This effort is overseen by the illustrious Dr. Nitin Kumar Rai. Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic is here to provide you with assistance on your journey toward maximum health and well-being, regardless of whether you are looking for specialist neurological care or complete gynecological services. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to book up an appointment and benefit from the extraordinary attention that makes us stand out.

For more information, please call on +91-930-5313492 or visit our website: Aaradhya Neuro and Gynae Clinic

Products / Services


Neuro Services
Headache (Migrane)
Brain Stroke (Paralysis)
Sleep Disorders
Movement Disorders
Parkinsons Disease
Dementia (Alzheimer's Disease)
Neck and Back Pain
Neuropathy & Neuromuscular Disorder

Gynaecology Services:
Pregnancy Check Ups
Antenatal Services
Delivery - Normal/Caesarean Section
Gyane Problem - PCOD, Adenomyosis,
High Risk Pregnancy
Gynaecological Cancer
Infertility - IUI/IVF/ICSI
Gynae Surgeries
Family Planning
Cosmetic Gynaecology
Menopausal related Conditions

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