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Ziyyara Edutech
Educational Institution


A-39, 1st floor I- Area, Ramnath Goenka Marg, Block A, Sector 4, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Ziyyara's online tuition provider for Class 11 is here to help.

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Ziyyara Edutech - Premier Online Tutoring Service; Optimal Methods to Elevate your Educational Journey – Noida, India.

Welcome to Ziyyara, your trusted partner in the pursuit of academic excellence. We are a leading online tuition provider for Class 11 students, dedicated to offering a personalized and flexible learning experience that empowers students to grasp complex concepts, excel in their studies, and achieve their academic goals!!

Online Class 11 tuition from Ziyyara is available if you're a student looking for efficient strategies to improve your educational experience. With the rise in popularity of Class 11 online tutoring websites. We cater to the special requirements of Class 11 pupils and offer them a flexible and individualized learning environment. Our 11th grade online tuition is made to make it easier for pupils to understand difficult ideas and do well in school.

Our online instructors are extremely knowledgeable and skilled, and they have a thorough understanding of the Class 11 curriculum. They are dedicated to giving each student individualized attention while supporting them in achieving their academic objectives. Our tutors are here to assist you whether you need assistance with a particular subject or want to enhance your overall performance.

Our 11th grade online tuition is made to make it easier for pupils to understand difficult ideas and do well in school.has an in-depth knowledge of the class eleven curriculum. They are dedicated to giving each student individualized attention while supporting them in achieving their academic objectives. Our tutors are here to assist you whether you need assistance with a particular subject or want to enhance your overall performance. The Class 11 online tutoring service from Ziyyara is available to assist. With the rise in popularity of Class 11 online tutoring websites.

Why go with us:

Greetings from Ziyyara, your dependable ally in the quest for academic greatness. We are a top online tuition service for kids in Class 11, committed to providing a specialized and adaptable learning environment that enables students to understand difficult ideas, do well in class, and meet their academic objectives. We are dedicated to producing exceptional outcomes and ensuring parental peace of mind with a staff of highly certified and experienced instructors that have a thorough understanding of the Class 11 curriculum.

What We Do: We at Ziyyara are dedicated to changing how students learn because we are enthusiastic about education. As students advance to Class 11, the academic environment changes, topics become more complex, and the importance of individualized guidance increases. We have adjusted our online tutoring services to match the particular requirements of Class 11 pupils in light of this.

Our Goal: Our goal is to give Class 11 students access to a comprehensive online learning environment that fosters their curiosity, encourages them to ask questions, and instills a strong love of learning in addition to assisting them in receiving top test and exam scores. We think that education is more than just learning information; it's also about comprehending the why and how of every idea.


Ziyyara Edutech: The Picture is Business Representational

Why Decide on Ziyyara?

Improved Test & Exam Scores: We are aware of the stress Class 11 students experience as they get ready for board exams and competitive exams. Our thorough online education program aims to improve students' subject understanding and improve test and exam performance. Students can greatly raise their grades and raise their chances of earning top ranks with our assistance.

Parents' Peace of Mind: As parents, you place a high importance on your child's education. You may rest easy knowing that your child is receiving a top-notch education from qualified teachers thanks to Ziyyara. To keep you updated on your child's academic progress, we offer frequent progress reports and open channels of communication.

Freedom to Ask Questions: In a traditional classroom, students may hold back on asking questions out of concern for feedback or because of time restrictions. We encourage students to raise questions openly at Ziyyara. Our online platform offers a welcoming and encouraging setting where students can ask questions about any subject, ensuring a complete knowledge of the material.

Our Strategy for Online Education:

At Ziyyara, we think that effective online education goes beyond merely simulating the in-person learning environment online. Our strategy for providing online instruction is founded on the following ideas:

We are aware that each student is different and has a different set of learning needs. Our tutors adapt their teaching strategies to fit the learning preferences and pace of each student. This individualized approach makes sure that students get the assistance they require to succeed.

Experienced instructors: Our team of instructors is made up of highly qualified, seasoned teachers who are authorities in their fields. They are qualified to offer students thorough counsel because they have a thorough understanding of the Class 11 curriculum.

Interactive Sessions: Our online classes are fun and interactive. To make learning engaging and enjoyable, we integrate cutting-edge technology and tools. Students actively engage in debates, pose inquiries, and work together with their classmates to further their understanding of the subject.

Flexible Scheduling: We are aware that Class 11 students frequently have demanding schedules filled with a variety of obligations. We provide flexible scheduling alternatives as a result, taking into account their availability. We make sure that students can access our tuition services whenever it is most convenient for them, whether it is in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening.

Topics We Cover:

For Class 11 pupils, Ziyyara provides thorough online instruction in a variety of areas, such as:

Science includes biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, and Math are all related to commerce.
Humanities include political science, geography, history, sociology, and psychology.

Our tutors' in-depth coaching in these areas helps students establish a solid foundation and achieve success in their chosen disciplines because they are subject-matter experts.

Our Obsession with Excellence: The pursuit of educational excellence is a priority at Ziyyara. Our goal is to equip Class 11 students with the information and abilities necessary for both academic and personal success. We pride ourselves on having a positive influence on our students' educational experiences and gauge our success by their accomplishments.

Message Us: If you have any inquiries about our online tuition services for Class 11 students, we are available to help. Contact us at any time for further information, enrollment details, or to talk about your child's particular educational needs.


We at Ziyyara offer more than simply Class 11 students online tuition. We are committed to assisting students in achieving their academic objectives, raising their test and exam results, and creating a lifelong love of learning. We are your partners in education. We stand out as a dependable option for parents and students alike because of our dedication to excellence, our qualified tutors, and our individualized approach. 

Join us on this fascinating educational adventure, and together we'll help your child achieve academic success to the fullest extent possible.

For more information, please call us on phone +919654271931 or visit our website here: Ziyyara Edutech

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  • 1-1 Classes

  • Customised Learning

  • 30 min. free demo class

Article About Business

A Comprehensive Guide for Customers to Evaluating to Customized Learning Services:

Written for the client guidance by Siachen editors to help the potential customers of this business in evaluating and zeroing down on the best provider to place the order.


Choosing the right educational service can be a crucial decision, especially when it comes to one-on-one classes with customized learning. The success of your learning journey largely depends on the service you select. To aid your decision-making process, this article will outline the essential factors to consider when evaluating a service offering 1-1 classes with customized learning. Additionally, we'll explore the significance of a 30-minute free demo class in making an informed choice.

1: Qualifications and Expertise Subtopics:

1.1 Instructor Credentials:

Evaluate the qualifications and certifications of the instructors.

Ensure they have expertise in the subject matter you intend to study.

1.2 Experience:

Check the instructor's experience in teaching one-on-one classes.

Look for reviews or testimonials from previous students.

1.3 Specializations:

Determine if the service offers instructors who specialize in your area of interest.

Specialized instructors can provide tailored guidance.

2: Curriculum and Customization Subtopics:

2.1 Customization Options:

Assess the degree of customization available.

Determine if the service can adapt to your specific learning needs.

2.2 Learning Goals:

Discuss your learning goals with the service provider.

Ensure they can create a personalized curriculum to meet your objectives.

2.3 Progress Tracking:

Inquire about methods for tracking your progress.

A service that monitors your development can adjust the curriculum accordingly.

3: Learning Resources Subtopics:

3.1 Study Materials:

Explore the availability and quality of study materials.

Ensure they align with your learning style and preferences.

3.2 Technological Tools:

Determine if the service uses innovative tools or technology to enhance your learning experience.

Examples include interactive platforms, virtual labs, or simulations.

4: Scheduling and Flexibility Subtopics:

4.1 Class Scheduling:

Check the flexibility of class scheduling.

Ensure it aligns with your availability and time zone.

4.2 Rescheduling Policy:

Understand the service's policy on rescheduling classes.

Emergencies and unexpected events can disrupt your schedule.

5: Pricing and Payment Options:

5.1 Cost Structure:

Review the pricing structure, including hourly rates or package deals.

Compare it to your budget and the value you expect to receive.

5.2 Payment Options:

Determine the available payment methods.

Check if there are any hidden fees or additional costs.

6. 30-Minute Free Demo Class Subtopics:

6.1 Significance:

Understand the importance of a free demo class.

It allows you to experience the teaching style and assess compatibility.

6.2 What to Look For:

During the demo class, pay attention to the instructor's communication skills, teaching methods, and ability to address your questions.

6.3 Ask Questions:

Use the demo class as an opportunity to ask questions about the curriculum, customization, and instructor.


Selecting a service for one-on-one classes with customized learning is a significant decision that can shape your educational journey. By considering the factors discussed in this guide, such as instructor qualifications, curriculum customization, learning resources, scheduling, pricing, and the importance of a free demo class, you can make an informed choice. Remember that your education is an investment, and choosing the right service can greatly impact your success and satisfaction. Take your time to evaluate and choose wisely to ensure a fruitful learning experience.

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