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Yozy Technologies LLP
Private Limited
11 Employees


No.31, Chinna Chetty Street, Woraiyur, Tiruchirappalli, TamilNadu-620003, India.

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An IT Service provider aiming to serve Professional, Friendly and Quality services to our customers

Business Description

Yozy Technologies LLP  - We specialize in creative, sustainable technology driven solutions, services and products 

Our goal is to offer our customers professional, friendly and quality IT services and to transform their businesses using niche digital and We provide technology-driven, creative, sustainable solutions, services, and products

YES (Yozy Enterprise Suite) is an Enterprise application designed to support multiple enterprise functions by automating end-to-end process from Lead Generation, Customer onboarding, Talent acquisition, Employee onboarding, Employee experience, Performance Management, Finance, IT Service Management, Separation and so on. Platforms provide flexibility to extend and adapt changes according to the needs of the customer/enterprise, completely customizable.

Yozy Technologies LLP

Solutions for the Enterprise:

With increasingly competitive and complex operations, as well as the convergence of cloud services, data science, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and automation have become commonplace in Enterprise Operations. We are your technology partners on your digital transformation journey, assisting and enabling you as well as your customers for the duration of the journey. Implementation and support for large-scale enterprises

In computing, cloud migration is the process of moving digital assets to a cloud-based infrastructure. These digital assets may include data, workloads, IT resources, or application software. Cloud migration is the process of migrating tools and data from old, legacy infrastructure or an on-premises* data center to a cloud Microservices infrastructure or environment.

Increasingly popular in the development world, microservices are being used by developers to build larger, more complex applications that can be better developed and managed as a collection of smaller services that work together to provide more extensive, application-wide functionality.

A cloud native strategy entails much more than simply signing up with a cloud service provider and using the cloud to host your existing applications. Design, implementation, deployment, and operation of your application are all impacted by this issue. Cloud migration is a term used to describe the process of moving tools and data from old, legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

E-commerce is a term that refers to electronic commerce.

In the context of e-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet, as well as the transfer of funds and data in order to complete these exchanges. Ecommerce is a term that is frequently used to refer to the online sale of tangible goods.
Big Data is a term that refers to a large amount of information.

Big Data is a term that refers to a large amount of information.

When it comes to big data, it refers to a collection of information that is both large in volume and growing exponentially over time. Because it is so large and complex, no traditional data management tools are capable of storing or processing it in an efficient manner. Big data is data, but it is data that is extremely large in size. It is a data set that is both large in size and complex in nature.

Employees can access their information from the mobile app and web portal on the go such as Leave, Attendance, On-Duty form, project/assignment, timesheet, salary structure, payslip, experience, skills, and knowledge on the go, adding to organizational efficiency for different functions such as Talent acquisition, talent management, employees, managers, executives, IT department, Pre-Sales, and Finance, along with a strong road map to build One-Enterprise-One-Platform (OEOP).

Two levels of quality assurance are implemented in all our projects/engagements to ensure quality at the business and coding layers. Therefore, it will be surely helpful for many enterprises for their digital transformation activities.

The product is designed for:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Office Associate
  • Project Manager
  • Executive
  • Sales Manager

Products / Services



DEVOZY helps to accelerate development 10X time faster than conventional!!


  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Implementation & Support
  • Application Development
  • Product Development
  • Cloud Migration
  • Microservices
  • Cloud Native
  • E Commerce
  • Big Data

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