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An amazing Android application which helps a user to make the pre-captured 'Video Clips' more attractive by adding three stunning stamps: 1) Signature Stamp (Text) 2) Timestamp (Date and Time) 3) Location Stamp (GPS)

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✎ Lets Pen down every astonishing feature which will enrich your videography enticingly

• Accessible Video selection from your Gallery
• Custom or Original option for Date and Timestamp.
• Changeable font formats
• Stamp size (++) or (--) is adjustable
• Stamp position is changeable
• Selection of stamp color with background relevancy.
• Easily “Add or Edit” Text for Signature stamp
• Location can be customized in GPS Geotag stamp
• Add Geotag on Video in the form of Latitude and Longitude
• Preview before finalizing stamp

➺ As photographs are our captured pictures, likewise videos are our moving pictures. Therefore Video Stamper is particularly developed to induce every clip blooming with decorative stamps.

The best part about Video timestamp app is that it will crown all your clips in such a stunning way, that no one will resist giving them an applause.

♕ All the services are outlined below:

✹ Date and Time Stamp

Lock all your moments with date and time stamp and make them enduring. Adding an accurate timestamp to your videos will easily make you relive all those past moments plus will make all your videotapes approachable, whether you use it formally or casually.

For eg; A stamped clip of Birthday party will look more elegant in comparison with a roughed up video in which characters are dancing here and there!

In addition, You can even customize your own Date and Time tag and insert it on the video-film to mark up any past events.

➺ Perfectly used for:
Stamping Happy Memories, Evidence Tracking, Event Tracking

✹ Signature Stamp

Visuals are the fastest mode to convey a message in short span of time. Adding few bunch of words to video as a signature will quickly shape up your clips and design them stunningly.

Using Signature stamp, you can not only write text on video but you can also create as well as customize your own digital signature easily.

Furthermore, you can even take your video a level up with trademark and copyright stamp to make it look like a legitimate pro.

➺ Perfectly used for:
Promotional Videos, Video Copyright, Trademark Watermark, To Write on Videos, Video Security

✹ GPS Geotagging Stamp

Smack your wanderlust fantasies with a GPS stamp on your video clips using Video Stamper app. It will precisely add a Geotag all your videos easily and quickly.All you need is to switch ON your phone’s GPS to fetch your current location and it will be added instantly.

Moreover, you can even customize your location tag to add on your GPS video if your Android handset’s direction locater cannot reach you.

- Video Stamper app can be labeled as a perfect GPS video camera simply because of its Geotagging features and functionalities!

➺ Perfectly used for:
Travel Journals, Geotagging, Showcasing Adventures

✔ Add Text and Timestamp to Videos is an expert video clip editor android application to lead your video standout of the crowd and even more to treasure moments spent now and forever.

The Cherry on a cake is you can use all the above stamps together in a single video. So boost up your smartphone and download Video Stamper now to enchant all your video clips!

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